How to Do Search Engine Optimization

how do search engine optimization work

Search Engine Optimization, what is it, and how does it work?

🤔🤔🤔Addedly you may also be wondering why SEO is important for your business or if SEO marketing is all that it’s cracked up to be, you’re not alone.

Yes, it’s all that and a bag of chips, however, unfortunately, there are a few bad marketers who try gaming the system and teach others the same, that’s bad news! …BECAUSE…..

Google doesn’t play and will eventually penalize your website.




Before throwing your hands up in defeat, thinking that only 16 year old’s can learn SEO techniques, that’s the furthest from the truth.🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️


In this post, we’ll take the mystic out of SEO optimization.  Search engine optimization isn’t as difficult as you may think~ I guarantee after reading this article you’ll have sufficient knowledge to accurately 💹improve your on-page SEO, which can Increase your Google rankings!


Ready to learn how to get your site Ranked on Google 1st page?…🛠⛏⚒


Let’s Dive IN!!!!



why seo is important for business



What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)


Firstly, what is a search engine?

A search engine is a software system designed to identify search queries within a database that can be retrieved or activated by a root word called a keyword. 


The word optimization means an act, process, or methodology of making, in this case, a system as perfect as possible.


Hence search engine optimization is the process to retrieve a search query or keyword from a worldwide database that’s designed to retrieve a match of queries or requests as closely as possible. 


Starting with the most critical step First!!!


 How Do I Find Keywords?


the #1 position on Google gets approximately 32% of all clicks (Backlinko) Click To Tweet


This is a great question that is often overlooked. I’ll use an example that I learned from my friend “the profit”.


how seo can help your business


The easiest way to find keywords is to cheat. Look on the paper of the smartest person in the class.  (do you watch the Profit, multi-billionaire Marcus Lemonis, he’s a business extraordinaire) 



If you want to sell grocery items, visit your local grocer, and browse the alias to see which items they sell.


Tip, the products on the bottom shelves are slow sellers. The items at eye level, are top sellers.


Chances are if you can’t find the items you are considering selling, then there’s a very high probability those items won’t sell.


Or not without spending a fortune trying to educate your potential customers on why they should buy it. 

From your research now you have a list of keywords to research.

Hence if your desired product isn’t in stores, and there aren’t a lot of searches, chances are it will be a low performer.


On to…

Service-Based Businesses…


Visit your competitor’s Website…

…Browse your competitor’s website, reviews, and comments.

Investigate their resources, are their visitors raving or complaining about their services or products?  Your goal is to discover their high relevant keywords. Which keywords bring in the most traffic? Study your competition.


***Pro Tip:  If you own a restaurant and your competitor customers love the food but hate the service. Then your goal should be to match the food and 10x your customer service! 


even more

Check online and perform a Google Keyword Search to determine if there is a high demand for your product or service. 


can seo help your business


Keys to Remember:

  • Choose low-competitive but high-relevant keywords
  • Know your user’s search intent (learn search intent here)

  • Spy on your competition to see which keywords they ranking for
  • “Google” search your keywords to see who your competitor’s website and chosen keywords

****Keep in mind, avoid competing against high authority sites. In cases like that choose a related keyword.


FREE Keyword Tools



Here’s a list of Free keyword Tools, I’ve used….  I’ve tried  them all!


Keywords Everywhere
Google Keyword planner



Learn as much as possible about your customers.


Try to identify exactly what your clients are asking and the semantics, I.e. used cars as opposed to pre-owned, or certificate cars.

You always want to speak your customers’ language. 



Let’s talk about On-Page SEO….


You get this right and you’re 75% there:


But first, check to see if your site is Google indexed.


Google Search Console , SEO


Step #1. Go to the Google search bar.

Step#2. Type in your URL   Site:


how to use Google console  


If your site shows up that indicates that your website is indexed. 


Additionally, it will show all listed pages.

Now, that you know you’re listed, let’s move on.


OH, before that if you’re not listed, you can manually request indexing.

Start Here…

Step #1. Go to: Google Search Console

Step #2.  Click on Start Now

Step #3.  At the Top click on “search any URL” and type in your URL.

Step #4. Click on request indexing; Google will manually index your site.


how to find your website on Google



What is on-page SEO?


… “on-page” is a hint. On-page SEO is a methodical practice of setting up any elements on your website pages to elevate Google search rankings.


On-Page SEO Consist of:

  •         Meta Tags
  •         URL
  •         Alt-Tags
  •         Reduced Page speed
  •         Images and Files
  • High-Quality Relevant Content
  • H1 Tags


Key Elements to On-Page SEO


 Meta Tags:  Consist of title tags, description details, and keywords.


URL Should Be:

  •         Descriptive, short, and simple
  •         Avoid pronouns and articles
  •         Drop common words such as the, and, but, etc.
  •         Don’t include spaces, use hyphens



My primary URL is short, descriptive, and simple


My page URL the primary + search-engine-optimization

Short, descriptive, and simple.


Compress all files and images:

To ensure quick page speed loading time, compress files and images.

Reducing file sizes helps to comply with Google’s mobile-first indexing. Basically, what that means is that Google now scores your site based on your mobile version as opposed to the desktop.


You can test your mobile speed here:

Google mobile-friendly test


Use to reduce image size



A free plugin (WordPress site) to reduce files size




Alt tags are metadata that describe the images.

This is used for search engines and for the visually impaired.

Most platforms make it easy to insert alt-tags


Ex.  Within the WordPress platform you can easily click on the edit button on the images.


High Relevant Website Content:


When writing SEO content, sprinkle your keyword (s) throughout the page. Concentrate on including your keyword (s) and semantic keywords 3-4 times within the first paragraph or two. Be sure to add related or semantic keywords in the remainder of the post.


search engine optimization for business


H1 Tags:

H1 tags are the HTML code used to signal to Google the page title.

Ex <H1> How to Improve Pageviews </H1>


H1 HTML tells google it’s the title. There should only be one H1 tag per post.


Be sure to scroll down the page to the FAQs


 Is SEO Free?


Yes, it’s Free…

if you optimized your own site. Of course, if you hire a consultant, it will cost. If you have more time than money, you may want to invest your time. However, if you can afford it I recommend outsourcing… it will save killer time and heartache. 


what is search engine optimization


Why Small Businesses Must Have a Business Website:


A small business website is a permanent business asset, with an enormous upside.


The cost is minuscule compared to the immense benefits.


That’s not all…



According to the almighty Google retailers without an online presence lost over 2B in sales last year.


Truthfully, you’re losing money by NOT having a website.



Although a website is vital…


 The flip side is that it’s just “NOT” any beautifully designed site will suffice, unfortunately.


Your competitive edge is birth in the planning stages.



As an example, choosing an ineffective, non-relatable URL could cost you up to 45% of lost traffic! Your site must be strategically planned.


Addedly, an ugly, junkie, appalling website can severely damage your business reputation. The key is planning and knowing the essential elements to make your site profitable.


Uncover the key elements to build a strong online presence,


What is Better SEO or Digital Marketing?


One is not better than the other, just slower. SEO is what is referred to as organic traffic.

The goal is to optimize your website as perfectly as possible. Therefore when your keyword is searched your website shows up on the first page.


This process can take months or years. That depends on the competitiveness of your keyword. As an illustration: let’s say your keyword is “Dog Food”. 


Chances are you will never rank 1st page for “Dog Food”. Click To Tweet


 The term digital marketing is a smorgasbord of online marketing mediums.  Such as social media, video marketing, push notifications, MMS, and others.


 What is SEO Tools?

SEO tools are software, websites, and other aids that can help you optimize your webpage.

Such as Google Keyword Planner, a tool used to search for relevant keywords; Ubersuggest to check the competitiveness of your selected keywords

seo tools for smallbusiness

Knowing this helps to determine whether you should try to rank with a chosen keyword, or should you choose another keyword.

Google console is another tool, it’s used to check to see if Google has indexed your website and more.


 How Long Does it Take For SEO to Work?


There isn’t a set answer. It depends on the keyword. Using the dog food example…if you are determined to try to rank for dog food. 


I hope you are patient because it could take a while.  I suggest not holding your breath. Why? Because there are what Google calls authority sites.


Long story short, these websites are established and trusted with millions of backlinks, pages, and all the other goodies that Google likes!

Google respects and favors these sites. Google deems the authority site’s content to be the most relevant thus ranking them highly.


 Lastly, they are well-established and grounded and it would be almost impossible to out-rank them.


(unless Google changes its ranking methodology….


stranger things have been known to happen!)


So, an alternative to the above scenario would be to find a related keyword that isn’t as competitive. Usually something more specific or what is called a long-tail keyword, such as, “dog food for diabetic dogs”.


90% of all searchers know exactly what they are looking for. Click To Tweet


But to answer your question how long will it take;  it depends on your keywords from 30-90 days to 30 years…. SERIOUSLY!!!


 Can You Do SEO Yourself?

A better question, do you want to? All things can be learned but SEO is time-consuming as HECK! Allow me to share my mentor’s advice; ” Do the things you love, Outsource everything else! 


How do You do SEO for a website?

First, conduct the best keyword research possible. The more you can learn about your target market the better you can serve them. Speak your customer’s language and find their sweet spot. What are their pains, complaints, or desires? Address them within your messages. 

search engine optimization google


How Important is  SEO for Site Navigation

The best websites are those that are intuitive. You shouldn’t need a manual to find what you’re looking for on a website.

One of my husband’s physiologies; don’t make it hard for me to spend my money!

A few other pointers:

  • Be engaging
  • Study your analytics
  • Don’t be afraid of change
  • Fix what’s not working
  • Keep your website simple
  • Make it easy to read


 How Do I Optimize my Website for Google Search?

Remember what optimize means.

That being said, try setting up your page to best match the search query. If you follow these key pointers we covered, you’ll do fine.

Once it’s complete Google will perform their search engine magic (algorithms) to find the most relevant content for each search query …hopefully it’s yours!


80% of online searches begin with a search engine search mainly Google, at 75%. Click To Tweet


  Is SEO Dead?

Organic search has been a part of the internet search results for a long time. Google controls search and their lips are sealed.

No one really knows for sure how to optimize their site. Past success doesn’t equal future success, but success does leaves clues. 


 Improve your Google rankings

sales, and leads
Fill in the form below

FREE 25-point SEO

website checklist Review





 How Much Can You Expect to Spend on Search Engine Optimization Services?

search engine optimization tools and techniques

 If you are hiring a top-level company to execute a local campaign, expect to pay $700-1900+ per month, give or take. Nationals or international campaigns can easily run thousands or 10’s of thousand or more.


Keep in mind, comparatively a 30-90 second commercial during the Super Bowl Game, costs millions! 

Check Business Funding Options here🔽

Business Lines of Credit

 Can You Pay Google for SEO?

Regardless of Google’s money grunting persona…. There is nothing that indicates that you can pay for search engine optimization services.

The entire process of SEO is to produce natural or organic traffic, which some people call real traffic.


This is the traffic you can’t buy, you have to earn, at least for now! 


 What are the Best SEO Practices?

The best SEO practices consist of practical, keyword research, and strategic planning.

Keyword research is critical, everything else can be perfect but if you choose too competitive keywords you can Potentially Never Rank.

That means your webpage will never appear organically on the first page of Google.


Your option will be paid ads. 💰

Even with that, you need skills.  Proper Keyword research is Vital! 

Listed are More SEO Pointers.

  • Proper keyword research
  • Incorporate internal linking within your site
  • Use correct content formatting
  • Include short descriptions within Alt tags and resize all images
  • Include appropriate keyword density, no keyword stuffing.


Create Engaging Title Tags: Try making your title as relevant as possible. Avoid bait and switch, promising one thing and giving them something else. Maintain a congruent message.

The subject line/title of each page should be content-specific.

Give your readers what you promised in the title!


Internal linking

Include internal linking, this is like connecting the dots. Link relevant content to related pages within your site.

Gain external links…

what is seo and how it work


…this is how Google gauges your authority. Google wants to know what others are saying about you.


Are they linking to your site? Try to reach out to authority sites for link juice. Or offer such great content others will naturally find you and want to link to your content!


Alt Tags and Images

What are Alt tags? An alt tag is a short description that tells visually impaired readers what your image is about. They can’t see the photo (s) but they can read how you explain it. Moreover, make certain your images are properly sized.


The second most important component of images is relevancy and size. Too large image sizes will kill your speed, which will cause your website to load slowly. Hence your visitors will bounce,  (move on to the next site)!


search engine optimization for business

 SEO Content Writing

This can be challenging. When writing content, you must serve two masters. Your visitors and Google. Which is most important?


… Both. So, when you’re SEO content writing, you should naturally sprinkle your keywords throughout your content. If your content is relevant and closely matches the search term, you won’t have to intentionally place keywords, it will happen naturally. 


What is Local SEO?

 Local SEO is also referred to as (search engine optimization)

 is the process of optimizing off-page and on-page tactics

 to assist your web pages to rank higher in the search results SERPs (search engine results pages).


However, to help you get a better understanding of local

SEO let’s break down the term optimization.

The word optimization is a process, or methodology

 of making, in this case, a system as perfect as possible.

Therefore, search engine optimization is the process 

to retrieve the most optimized search result.


That query or keyword is searched from a worldwide database.

Next, once you input your search term Google

bots retrieve either an exact match or the next best match option. 

Now that we understand the definition of 

search engine optimization or SEO next we add a local identifier. 

Once you add the identifier that feeds the search engine more specific information. IE Pizza in Queens New York.


This SEO content strategy is a winning formula. Would you rather compete with millions of pizzerias that cover the entire state or the hundreds in Queens?


Long story short, it’s easier for you the small business owner to rank locally.

Local rankings are important to SEO mainly because it specific. It tells the search engine the exact location of the search. Hence less competition.

Here are a few benefits:


  • Specifically Attracts local customers
  • Improve Local SEO Rankings
  • Establishes your business as an industry expert source
  • Easily connect with local customers.
  • Establishes your business as an industry expert source
  • Easily connect with local customers.


List a few Examples of Web-Page SEO


Off-page SEO is any activities done outside your website, to improve your Google page rankings and or backlinks.


A few examples of web-page SEO

Online Directories

Sign up and claim as many directories as possible. This will enhance your backlinking efforts

Guest Author Posting

Writing articles for other more established websites will give your site a boost. Additionally, it


gives you perceived authority. Their readers don’t know you and will instantly deem you an expert.


Enter into Website Awards Contest

Nominate your website for any and every award you qualify for. This gives your name and site prestige, and people love winners.

Moreover, you can display the award badges on your site.


what seo means


Grab Your “FREE” 25-point checklist below! 



Avoid wasting time, losing business, and loss of income.

Uncover the secrets to constructing an aesthetically pleasing website

that can generate leads, traffic, and sales!



What is technical SEO

Technical SEO is any activities done on the functionality of your website, to improve your Google page rankings and core vitals.

A few examples of Technical SEO

Optimizing Images

Since Google has up the ante on mobile indexing, speed is king. And images are one of the main culprits.

Resizing your images is vital to increase page and website speed, hence Google rankings!


Fix Broken Links Guest 

Broken links give your website visitors a bad experience. Again, Mr. Google doesn’t play that, Google’s trying to do everything in its power to ensure a great UX.

To fix broken links try this website, it’s free and easy…Siteliner

Redirect 404 Error Pages

To reiterate Google hates inefficiencies. Hence when a visitor hits an error page that makes them look bad. And we all know how vain Google is 😜.


Plus, your visitor is likely to bounce, which can hurt your rankings. Using siteliner will help with that as well!


search engine optimization pdf


What is the One Can’t-Miss Element of SEO?

The very thing you should do is check your keywords. What do I mean by that?

During your business development stage or website development stage did you choose the most relevant, but highly probable keyword you could rank for?


Because if you chose incorrect or too competitive keywords, in some cases you will NEVER get on the first page of Google.

As an example: if you sell dog food and your keyword is dog food, what do you think your chances of ranking would be? Google search and look at the competition. Some of those site owners have thousands or more of backlinks… and you have none, yet!

I can’t stress strongly enough, the importance of getting this first step RIGHT!!!!… NOTHING ELSE WILL MATTER IF THAT’S NOT RIGHT…. BUT THAT’S JUST FOR SEO!!!!



My first introduction to SEO was in 2007. 

Before then you may as well have been speaking Greek. Honestly, (telling my age now) I can remember when I didn’t want a computer.

💜💜Thank God for my hubby. (Don’t tell him I said that


Back in 2007, I had a short stint as an SEO strategist and maintained a 100% success rate.


All clients’ website’s landed on Google’s first page with multiple keywords within weeks!


(It didn’t take as long back then).


Nevertheless, the fundamentals are the same today, it just takes longer.


Here’s my point,…

if a little naive lady that didn’t even want a computer can teach herself SEO without any prior experience….👀

…then surely, I can help you grasp a working knowledge.




So if you’re still wondering how important is it to SEO optimize your website… it’s Critical. Although it is essential, that doesn’t mean it has to be difficult.

Nor do you have to be an SEO ninja to get in the game.


SEO -Search Engine Optimization, is also imperative to gain organic traffic.

What is organic traffic? It’s the traffic that comes from visitors that search for a specific keyword I.e… Vegetarian pizza… Georgetown DC, if your website content is worded correctly (relevant) then you stand a good chance of being seen first.


Keep in mind ranking takes time, skills, and patience if you lack any of the three, you lose. 

👉Now it’s your turn.

We hope you learn what you came for.

👀❓❓Which of the pointers helped you the most?

Please leave your comments below now.

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