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Search Engine Optimization 101, what is it?… and what role does it play with my website potentially reaching the top page on Google? The short answer…Everything!  Want to know why, because a properly optimized website is respected and given love by Google. Google wants to rank your site if you represent them well. As a result, Google will reward you BIG Time! With higher page rankings. 

More specific you will receive more exposure to your information. Here are stats of encouragement. A high percentage of all online searches begins with a search engine search mainly Google, at 75%. Also, 90% of all searchers know exactly what they are looking for. Lastly, the #1 result in Google gets approximately 32% of all clicks (Backlinko)

So if you’re still wondering how important is it to optimize your website… it’s Critical. Although it is vital, that doesn’t mean it has to be hard. Nor do you have to be an SEO ninja to get in the game. In fact, this post is a great starting place. Without a doubt, this article will help demystify the stigma of search marketing. 

How Important is Search Engine Optimization?

Hi, I’m P.Y.Opens in a new tab. Let’s talk about SEO- (Search engine optimization). If you’re like most entrepreneurs, you’re busy with your head buried in your business. Unfortunately, with very little time to look up to see what’s going on around you. How do I know? I’m just like you. A business owner with 40 yearsOpens in a new tab. of experience in 5 different industries

My first introduction to SEO was in 2007.  Before then you may as well have been speaking Greek. Honestly, (telling my age now) I can remember when I didn’t want a computer. Thank God for my hubby. (Don’t tell him I said that”) 


Rewind years earlier, I started in the online marketing arena helping small business ownersOpens in a new tab. optimized their websites. This service meant managing and link-building services to boost their Google rankings.  Preferably, to the first page of google 1-3 positions. The money pages! The good news, not only did their rankings improve, they increased in record time.

Throughout my short stint as an SEO strategist, I maintained a 100% success rate. All clients’ website’s landed on Google’s first page with multiple keywords within weeks!

Now that was back in the day. However, from my understanding, it was easier.  Nevertheless, the fundamentals are the same today, it just takes longer.

Here’s my point, if a little naive lady that didn’t even want a computer can teach herself SEO without any prior experience…. then surely, I can help you grasp a working knowledge. If only enough to help you hire the right person/agency. Or to gain enough knowledge to formulate relevant questions to ask your web designer, it’s a win-win. 

Ok let’s get started, I promised you a 5-minute read. 

What is Search Engine Optimization? (SEO)

Let’s back up; firstly, what is a search engine? A search engine is a software system designed to identify search queries within a database that can be retrieved or activated by a root word called a keyword. 

seo the missing piece of the puzzle

The word optimization means an act, process, or methodology of making, in this case, a system as perfect as possible. Hence search engine optimization is the process to retrieve a search query or keyword from a worldwide database that’s designed to retrieve a match of queries or requests as closely as possible. 

1. Can You Do SEO Yourself?

A better question, do you want to? All things can be learned but SEO is time-consuming as HECK! Allow me to share my mentor’s advice; ” Do the things you love, Outsource everything else! 

2. How Do I Find Keywords?

This is a great question that is often overlooked. I’ll use an example that I learned from my friend “the profit”. The easiest way to find keywords is to cheat. Look on the paper of the smartest person in the class.  (do you watch the Profit, multi-billionaire Marcus Lemonis,Opens in a new tab. he’s a business extraordinaire) 

Example: If you want to sell grocery items, visit your local grocer, browse the alias to see which items they sell. Tip, the products on the bottom shelves are the slow seller. The items at eye level, are top sellers.

Chances are if you can’t find the items you are considering selling, then there’s a very high probability those items won’t sell. Or not without spending a fortune trying to educate your potential customers why they should buy it. 

Next, read your competitor’s website, their reviews, and comments. Investigate if others are raving or complaining about your competitor’s services and products. Lastly, check online perform a Google KeywordOpens in a new tab. Search to determine if there is a high demand for your product or service. 

 Learn as much as possible about your customers. Try to identify exactly what your clients are asking and the semantics, I.e. used cars as opposed to pre-owned, or certificate cars. You always want to speak your customers’ language. 

3. Is SEO Free?

Yes, it’s Free if you optimized your own site. Of course, if you hire a consultant, it will cost. If you have more time than money, you may want to invest your time. However, if you can afford it I recommend outsourcing… it will save killer time and heartache. 

4. What is Better SEO or Digital Marketing?

One is not better than the other, just slower. SEOOpens in a new tab. is what is referred to as organic traffic. The goal is to optimize your website as perfectly as possible. Therefore when your keyword is searched your website shows up on the first page. This process can take months or years. That depends on the competitiveness of your keyword. As an illustration: let’s say your keyword is “Dog Food”.  Chances are you will never rank 1st page for “Dog Food”.

 Digital marketingOpens in a new tab. is a smorgasbord of online marketing strategies.  Such as social media,Opens in a new tab. video marketing, push notifications,Opens in a new tab. MMS, and more. 

5. What are SEO Tools?

SEOOpens in a new tab. tools are software, websites, and other aids that can help you optimize your webpage. Such as Google Keyword Planner,Opens in a new tab. a tool used to search for relevant keywords; Ubersuggest to check the competitiveness of your selected keywords. Knowing this helps to determine whether you should try to rank with a chosen keyword, or should you choose another keyword. Google consoleOpens in a new tab. is another tool, it’s used to check to see if your website has been indexed by Google.Opens in a new tab. 

6. How Long Does it Take For SEO to Work?

There isn’t a set answer. It depends on the keywordOpens in a new tab.. Using the dog food example…if you are determined to try to rank for dog food.  I hope you are patient because it could take a while.  I suggest not holding your breath. Why? Because there are what Google calls authority sites. Long story short, these websites are established and trusted with millions of backlinks, pages, and all the other goodies that Google likes! Google respect and favor these sites. Google deems the authority site’s content to be the most relevant thus rank them highly.

 Lastly, they are well-established, grounded and it would be almost impossible to out-rank them. (unless Google changes their ranking methodology…. stranger things have been known to happen!)

So, an alternative to the above scenario would be to find a related keyword that is not as competitive. Usually something more specific or what is called a long-tail keyword, such as, “dog food for diabetic dogs”.

But to answer your question how long will it take;  it depends on your keywords from 30-90 days to 30 years…. SERIOUSLY!!!

seo , dog with glasses on

7. How do You do SEO for a website?

First, conduct the best keyword researcOpens in a new tab.h possible. The more you can learn regarding your target marketOpens in a new tab. the better you can serve them. Speak your customer’s language and find their sweet spot. What are their pains, complaints, or desires? Address them within your messages. 


How Important is  Site Navigation

The best websites are those that are intuitive. You shouldn’t need a manual to find what you’re looking for on a website. One of my husband’s physiologies; don’t make it hard for me to spend my money! A few other pointers: be engaging, study your analytics, don’t be afraid to change what’s not working, and keep your website simple and easy to read.

8. How Do I Optimize my Website for Google Search?

Remember what optimize means. Try setting up your page to best match the search query. If you follow these key pointers we covered, you’ll do fine. Once it’s completed Google will do their search engine magic (algorithms) to find the most relevant content for each search query …hopefully it’s yours!

9.  Is SEO Dead?

Organic search has been a part of the internet search results for a long time. Google controls search and their lips are sealed. No one really knows for sure how to optimize their site. Past success doesn’t equal future success, but success does leaves clues. 

10. How Much Can You Expect to Spend on Search Engine Optimization Services?

money to pay for seo search services

 If you are hiring a top-level company to execute a local campaign, expect to pay $7-900+ per month, give or take. Nationals or international campaigns can easily run thousands or 10’s of thousand or more. Keep in mind, comparatively a 30-90 second commercial during the Super Bowl Game, costs millions! 

11. Can You Pay Google for SEO?

Regardless of Google’s money grunting persona…. There is nothing that indicates that you can pay for search engine optimization services.Opens in a new tab. The entire process of SEO is to produce natural or organic traffic. Which some people call real traffic. This is the traffic you can’t buy, you have to earn, at least for now! 

12. What are the Best SEO Practices?

Some of the best SEO practices consist of effective, though, and targeted keyword research.Opens in a new tab. Keyword research is critical, everything else can be perfect but if you choose too competitive keywords you can Potentially Never Rank. That means your webpage will never appear organically on the first page of Google. Your option will be paid ads.  Even with that, you need skills.  Proper Keyword research is Vital! 

Listed are More SEO Pointers.

  • Proper keyword research
  • Incorporate internal linking within your site
  • Use correct content formatting
  • Include short descriptions within Alt tags and resize all images
  • Include appropriate keyword density, no keyword stuffing.

Create Engaging Title Tags: Try making your title as relevant as possible. Avoid bait and switch, promising one thing and give them something else. Maintain a congruent message. The title of each page should be content-specific. Give your readers what you promised in the title!

Internal linking

Include internal linking, this is like connecting the dots. Link relevant content to related pages within your site. Gain external links… this is how Google gauges your authority. Google wants to know what others are saying about you. Are they linking to your site? Try to reach out to authority sites for link juice. Or offer such great content others will naturally find you and want to link to your content!


note pad printed on it; headline, traffic, keyword research,user experience, product and ad info.


Alt Tags and Images

What are Alt tags? An alt tag is a short description that tells visually impaired readers what your image is about. They can’t see the photo (s) but they can read how you explain it. Moreover, make certain your images are properly sized. The second most important component of images is relevancy and size. Too large image sizes will kill your speed, which will cause your website to load slow. Hence your visitors will bounce,  (move on to the next site)!

13. SEO Content Writing

This can be challenging. When writing content, you must serve two masters. Your visitors and Google. Which is most important? … Both. So, when you’re SEO content writingOpens in a new tab. you should sprinkle your keywords throughout your content naturally. If your content is relevant and closely matches the search term, you won’t have to intentionally place keywords, it will happen naturally. 


SEO -Search Engine Optimization, is very important to gain organic traffic. What is organic traffic? It’s the traffic that comes from visitors that search for a specific keyword I.e… Vegetarian pizza… Georgetown DC, if your website content is worded correctly (relevant) then you stand a good chance of being seen first. Keep in mind ranking takes time, skills, and patience if you lack any of the three, you lose. 


Deborah Pretty

Hi Everyone! I hope that the article you read today will be used as another building block to further grow your small business empire. was solely designed to help you reach your business goals, quickly and more efficiently!

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