Million-dollar brands and Fortune 500 companies used “guest posting sites” as a secret weapon to rank for high-search keywords and rake in millions. I even used to cringe at the sound of guest posts.

Furthermore, I’ve read and listened to countless videos that touted to forget outdated methods of growing your business, specifically guest posting.

Here’s why dismissing guest posting is a mistake. While scouting for free, high-domain authority platforms for guest posts can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack, the payoff is monumental.

The numbers speak for themselves: 89% of marketers use guest posting for its effectiveness. Studies show guest blogging can increase organic traffic, command a broader audience, and generate leads.

Dive into our curated list of High-Authority Guest Posting Sites and watch your Site take🚀 Flight!

How Can Guest Posting Sites Benefit You?

benefits of guest posting

“Are guest posting sites truly worth the hype?” Absolutely! But Why? Blame a handful of “sly foxes” who stirred up trouble with Google initially. They’re the reason why Google made authority a key ranking factor.

If you’re another marketer who’s trying to avoid guest posting, who can blame them? Especially those flying solo. The hardest part about guest posting is trying to identify sites that accept guest posts.

But imagine if there was a shortcut to discovering top domain authority guest posting sites, saving you precious time. Well, you’re in luck!

Guest posting holds the key whether you’re aiming to boost your online presence or dominate SEO.” From guest blogging opportunities to accepting guest posts, the possibilities are endless.

This effective link-building strategy can increase your visibility in Google search results, helping you join the ranks of those who are profiting from their presence on Google.

Listed are top-notch guest posting sites; explore these guest posting opportunities to elevate your online presence and expand your reach, efficiently!

Now, let’s delve deeper into why guest posting is a crucial strategy for your business success.

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Business Guest Posting Sites:

Who doesn’t appreciate a good deal? When it comes to guest posting for business purposes, uncovering guest posting platforms that offer free guest post submissions can be a real game-changer.

For instance, recent industry surveys indicate that a whopping 87% of marketers consider guest posting as their top-performing SEO tactic. Contributing guest posts as a guest writer instantly boosts your credibility in the field.

Whether you’re a startup small business owner or an industry pro, the benefits remain consistent. Guest blogging platforms not only highlight your expertise but also harness real connections with fellow professionals while generating high-quality link-building for your blog post.

And the cherry on top? No hidden charges or upfront expenses to worry about.”

Ready to get started? Dive into our handpicked selection below:

 Best Guest Post Websites

 1.    YFS Magazine | DR: 74 | Ahrefs Rank: 94,143

2.    StartupBros Blog |DR: 68 | Ahrefs Rank: 159,721

3.    SmallBizClub | DR: 66| Ahrefs Rank: 165,14

4.    EZ Rankings | DR: 67 | Ahrefs Rank: 148,055

5.    RankWatch Blog | DR: 74 | Ahrefs Rank: 63,940

6.   Serpstat Blog | DR: 79 | Ahrefs Rank: 16,352

7.   SitePoint | DR: 88 | Ahrefs Rank: 2,782

8.   Read Write | DR: 84 | Ahrefs Rank: 6,5643

9.  PragProg | DR: 81| Ahrefs Rank: 11,711

10. iTechCode |DR: 58 | Ahrefs Rank: 338,691

11. | DR: 78|Ahrefs Rank: 16,65

12. |DR: 92 | Ahrefs Rank: 461

13. Business Review | DR: 93 | Ahrefs Rank: 342

 Social Media Marketing Write for Us

how to promote social media guest posting

 Surprisingly, many marketers once questioned the staying power of social media platforms. Yet, recent studies indicate that businesses experience an average 32% increase in engagement when employing social media.

This demonstrates the power of capitalizing on existing communities to reach new audiences.

So, how can you replicate this effect without needing millions of followers yourself?  Enter O.P.F. or Other People’s Fans. Like the mortgage industry’s OPM (Other People’s Money), it’s about nurturing existing resources for your benefit.

But where do guest bloggers fit into this equation?

The answer lies in guest posting opportunities.  By exploring guest blogging platforms with “write for us” prompts, you gain access to established blogs and websites with a target audience. By contributing quality content to these platforms, you can:

  • Amplify your online presence:  Reach a wider audience beyond your channels.
  • Engage with a diverse audience: Connect with new demographics and interests.
  • Drive website traffic: Attract visitors back to your site through strategic links.
  • Build key connections:  Nurture relationships with other industry professionals.

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to expand your reach, establish your authority, and unlock the power of O.P.F. as a guest writer.

Social Media Marketing Write for Us

  1. Socialnomics |DR: 74| Ahrefs Rank: 59,365
  2. Social Media Explorer |DR: 77 | Ahrefs Rank: 30,483
  3. Agorapulse |DR: 79 | Ahrefs Rank: 3,829
  4. CoSchedule Blog |DR: 86| Ahrefs Rank: 3,836
  5. Social Media Strategies Summit |DR:69 | Ahrefs Rank: 153,106
  6. Social Media Revolver |DR: 59 | Ahrefs Rank: 282,769
free guest posting

 Free Guest Posting Sites – Write for Us

The online landscape shifts like desert sands, but guest posting remains solid.

Elevate your domain authority, ignite site traffic, and expand your digital footprint by becoming a guest author.

 Forget hefty link-building costs! Guest blogging unlocks an affordable path to online prominence. Imagine – 126% more leads just by having an active blog (HubSpot)!

Dive into this guest blogging goldmine, release its potential, and watch your business flourish.

In the scope of blogging, consistency, and visual appeal are vital for success.

guest posting infographic

Here’s the Guest Posting Roadmap:

1. Explore guest post websites: Search for “write for us” prompts tailored to your niche. Aim for high-traffic, domain-authority sites.

2. Craft quality guest posts: Understand guest posting guidelines and deliver unique content aligned with the target audience.

3. Optimize for reach:  Implement on-page optimization with relevant keywords and interlink naturally to your site.

4. Promote your guest posts: Leverage social media platforms and your blog to amplify your reach.

5. Track and analyze: Use tools like Google Analytics to understand the impact of your guest blogging efforts and refine your strategy.

  1. DeskTime |DR: 72 | Ahrefs Rank: 64,631
  2. Taggbox|DR: 75 | Ahrefs Rank: 38,220
  3. |DR: 77 | Ahrefs Rank: 22,484
  4. SurveySparrow|DR: 76| Ahrefs Rank: 28,787
  5. Omniconvert blog |DR: 76 | Ahrefs Rank: 29,491
  6. Chatter Buzz |DR: 47 | Ahrefs Rank: 863,000
  7. Make a Living Writing |DR: 70 | Ahrefs Rank: 98,154
  8. Adzooma|DR:71 | Ahrefs Rank: 76,090
  9. Mention|DR: 83 | Ahrefs Rank: 6,583
  10. HubSpot Blog |DR: 93 | Ahrefs Rank: 197
  11. WebEngage |DR: 71 | Ahrefs Rank: 79,489
  12. NetHunt |DR: 69 | Ahrefs Rank: 107,024
  13. Cloudways |DR: 89 | Ahrefs Rank: 2,037

Best Guest “Blogging” Sites

General Business & Marketing:

  1. Content Marketing Institute: ( – Leading authority on content marketing, accepting expert contributions on various business and marketing topics. (Guest Posting Sites Guide:
  2. MarketingProfs: ( – Renowned marketing resource, featuring insights from industry leaders. (Guest Posting sites Criteria:
  3. Social Media Examiner: ( – Dedicated to all things social media, offering valuable guidance and case studies. (Guest Posting Sites Standards:
  4. Marketing Land: ( – Comprehensive marketing news and insights platform, covering various verticals within the industry. (Guest Posting Sites Process:
  5. Entrepreneur: – Inspiring stories and actionable advice for entrepreneurs and business owners. (Guest Posting Sites Rules:

SEO & Digital Marketing:

SEO marketing for small business
  1. Search Engine Journal: ( – You already mentioned this one, and rightfully so! Leading SEO and digital marketing resource with a strong website development section. (Guest Post Process:
  2. Moz: ( – Trusted provider of search engine optimization tools and insights, accepting guest blog writers on SEO, content marketing, and link building. (Guest Post Workflow:
  3. SEMrush: ( – Comprehensive SEO and marketing platform, featuring expert-driven content and guest contributions. (Guest Post Criteria:
  4. Backlinko: ( – Brian Dean’s renowned SEO blog, known for in-depth guides and actionable takeaways. (Guest Posting Sites Rules:
  5. Ahrefs: ( – Leading SEO tool offering valuable blog content and accepting guest posts on SEO, marketing, and web analytics. (Guest Post Guidelines:
guest posts

Content Marketing & Social Media:

  1. BuzzSumo: ( – Platform for discovering and analyzing trending content, featuring insightful guest posts on content marketing and social media. (Guest Post Rules:
  2. Copyblogger: ( – Renowned resource for effective copywriting and content marketing strategies, welcoming guest contributions. (Guest Post Rules:
  3. Social Media Today: ( – Dedicated platform for all things social media, offering news, insights, and opportunities for guest posting. (Guest Post Process:
  4. Content Marketing Academy: ( – Educational platform providing content marketing courses and accepting guest posts on relevant topics. (Guest Post Formatting:
  5. Sprout Social: ( – Social media management platform, featuring a blog with expert-driven content and opportunities for guest contributions. (Guest Post Guide:
link building

Web Development Write for Us

Passionate about web development and eager to share your knowledge? Dive into our curated list of guest posting websites specifically designed for web development fans. Connect with like-minded developers, secure high-quality backlinks, and boost your online presence to gain new leads.

A guest posting platform is more than a collection of other people’s blog pages. These platforms offer a rock-solid foundation for your digital marketing journey.

By becoming a guest author, you’ll:

Elevate your credibility: Showcase your expertise and establish yourself as an authority in the website-building community.

Ignite website traffic: Attract a targeted audience and drive valued visitors to your own blog or website.

Expand your digital footprint: Increase your online visibility and reach a wider audience across the web.

Forget about buying expensive backlinks! Guest blogging offers an affordable path to online dominance. Just imagine 126% more leads just by having an active blog and publishing guest posts (according to HubSpot!). Dive into this guest blogging goldmine and watch your business flourish.

digital marketing for small business
  1. SitePoint|DR: 89| Ahrefs Rank: 2,785
  2. Read Write |DR: 85Ahrefs Rank: 6,567
  3. PragProg | DR: 83| Ahrefs Rank: 11,717
  4. iTechCode | DR: 57| Ahrefs Rank: 338,692
  5. TechLila |DR:48 | Ahrefs Rank: 877,673
  6. Colocation America DR: 67| Ahrefs Rank: 127,673
  7. All Tech Buzz |DR: 64 | Ahrefs Rank: 178,982
  8. |DR: 77 | Ahrefs Rank: 28,836
  9. Analytics India Magazine |DR: 75 | Ahrefs Rank: 31,835
  10. SoftwareWorld |DR: 75 | Ahrefs Rank: 49,113
  11. ProProfs |DR: 81 | Ahrefs Rank: 10,889
  12. Neptune Blog |DR: 58 | Ahrefs Rank: 296,267
  13. iMocha |DR: 51 | Ahrefs Rank: 632,614
  14. Freshdesk |DR: 91 | Ahrefs Rank: 508
  15. Analytics Insight |DR: 79 | Ahrefs Rank: 21,776
  16. Mobisoft Infotech |DR: 63 | Ahrefs Rank: 233,973
  17. CompleteConnection |DR: 48 | Ahrefs Rank: 780,282
  18. Technology Networks |DR: 75 | Ahrefs Rank: 26,760
  19. Chanty |DR:76 | Ahrefs Rank: 36,073
  20. Jungleworks |DR: 67 | Ahrefs Rank: 109,495
  21. PAT RESEARCH |DR: 67 | Ahrefs Rank: 142,132
  22. The Next Tech |DR: 55 | Ahrefs Rank: 390,250
blogging write

Guest Posting Checklist

Mastering the Guest Post Submission Guidelines:

Guest posting unlocks incredible potential, but preparation is key. This checklist ensures your guest blogging journey thrives:

 Submit Guest Posts

Target & Research:

  • Find high-quality “guest articles websites” aligned with your target market.
  • Thoroughly read their “guest post guidelines” and target audience.

Craft & Optimize:

  • Create high-quality content that exceeds expectations.
  • Find traffic-generating keywords” for discoverability.

Promote & Connect:

  • Incorporate social media networks to amplify your reach.
  • Build genuine relationships with “blog owners” for long-term benefits.

Analyze & Improve:

  • Track site traffic and engagement generated by your “guest posts.”
  • Refine your strategy based on data to achieve ultimate “guest posting success.”

Remember, consistent effort and quality content pave the way for a flourishing guest blogging journey!

FAQ Questions about the “Write for Us posting sites:

Does guest posting still work?

Without a doubt! Guest posting remains a key strategy for driving web traffic, building domain authority, and establishing yourself as an expert in your field.

By sharing your knowledge and insights on relevant websites, you can connect with new audiences, attract potential clients, and boost your online presence.

2. What is guest posting?

Guest posting involves writing and submitting articles to other websites (often referred to as “guest post websites” or “guest blogging sites”).

These articles act as “guest blogs” showcasing your passion or industry knowledge and allowing you to reach a wider audience beyond your own blog.

3. How do I find free guest posting sites?

Several methods can help you discover free guest posting opportunities:

  • Search for “write for us” prompts: Many websites have dedicated “write for us” sections listing topics they accept guest posts on. Use Google search strings and relevant keywords related to your niche to find suitable sites.
  • Utilize tools like Google Keyword Planner: Find traffic-generating keywords related to your expertise and search for blogs discussing those topics. They might be open to guest bloggers.
  • Explore online communities and forums: Many online communities and forums offer dedicated sections for guest writing. Connect with other guest blogger members and find relevant guest post opportunities.
  • Leverage social media: Follow businesses and influencers in your niche on social media. Look for posts that accept guest posts or inquire directly through messages.


Guest posting is a vital method for website owners to drive blog traffic.

 Using high-authority guest posting sites across various niches like business SEO, social media, and website development can expand your reach and engage diverse audiences.

 Our curated list serves as a helpful resource for finding platforms that align with your goals.

Writing a successful guest post, optimizing for search engines, and promoting your content are essential steps for maximizing the impact of your guest blogging strategies. With dedication and strategic planning, guest posting can yield significant benefits, including increased traffic, enhanced visibility, and improved rankings.

Start your guest posting initiative today! Remember, consistency, smart writing tips, and a dash of creativity are keys to a successful guest post. Boost your brand with guest posting start your guest posting voyage today!

Comment below if you want a more detailed guide on how to write guest posts and how to effectively submit guest posts to boost your brand and organic traffic


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