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Sitting in my office, one side focused on writing, the other captivated by a “60-Minute” episode on AI, it became clear: AI like ChatGPT is here to stay.

While concerns exist, the episode highlighted the potential pitfalls and the enormous opportunities this technology offers.

For entrepreneurs and anyone drowning in content creation ChatGPT is “The next big Thing”!

With its advanced language model, AI can transform how we oversee lengthy articles and intricate sentence structures.

YES, AI makes mistakes, but it also saves hours of writing time.

Our article will show you how to use ChatGPT to rewrite text”, produce error-free content, and sneak under the AI detector radar.

We’ll even share our secret pre-prompting technique that minimizes iterations and saves you even more time.

You’ll want to bookmark this because these pre-prompts are a time-saving must-have for any marketer who writes using ChatGPT.

Let’s get started…

How to Use ChatGPT to Rewrite Text & Pass AI Detectors

What is Text Optimization?


Text optimization deals with making your content as powerful and exciting as possible.

Say you have a business website. Your primary goal is to attract, retain, and motivate potential clients to a desired outcome.

That is where ChatGPT can help. Chat can take your core ideas and put them together so masterfully, that it becomes more than a job well done it can WOW your potential customers.

Text optimization involves these techniques:

  • Clarity: Ensuring your message is clear and easy to understand.
  • Engagement: Using interesting and relatable language to keep readers hooked.
  • SEO: Include keywords so search engines like Google can easily find and rank your content higher.
  • Readability: Breaking up text with headings, bullet points, and short paragraphs to make it easy to read.
  • Relevance: Make sure your content addresses the needs and interests of your target audience.

Text optimization makes content maximize impact and effectiveness, for readers and search engines.

“Human-like text significantly improves reader engagement.” – Forbes

Picture this: you’re a content creator struggling to make your blog post unique. ChatGPT can rephrase your text, making it both compelling and authentic.

Think of it as your “personal editor”, enhancing your text’s quality.

Joe Pulizzi: “The secret to good AI content lies in the prompt. Well-defined prompts ensure the AI produces content that’s relevant and highly engaging.” – Joe Pulizzi, Founder of Content Marketing Institute

chatgpt screenshot of prompt. what is text optimization. read more at

Mastering Best Practices for ChatGPT

Want the best results with ChatGPT? Follow these steps:

  1. Use Clear, Specific Prompts: Instead of “rewrite this paragraph,” try “rewrite this paragraph to emphasize the urgency of climate change.”
  2. Maintain Original Meaning: Keep the core information intact while enhancing clarity. For example, simplify technical documents about AI technology with a prompt like, “Simplify this explanation of how neural networks work without losing detail.”

These practices ensure your content stays accurate and engaging.

The Importance of Best Practices

Mastering best practices is crucial for getting the most out of ChatGPT. Using precise and detailed prompts can significantly improve the quality of the output.

 On the other hand, poor practices, such as vague or overly broad prompts, can lead to confusion or irrelevant responses. This is why understanding and applying best practices is essential.

For example, a marketing team at a small e-commerce company struggles with generating engaging product descriptions. Initially, they used generic prompts and received bland, uninspiring content.

After learning to write specific prompts, such as “Rewrite this product description to highlight its eco-friendly features and appeal to environmentally conscious buyers,” their content quality improved dramatically.

As a result, their product page views and conversions increased by 30%.

Case Study: HubSpot’s Success with Prompt Optimization

HubSpot, a well-known marketing, sales, and service software company, experienced significant improvements by refining its prompt-writing techniques.

HubSpot stated, “The power of a well-crafted prompt can’t be overstated. It’s the difference between generic content and impactful messaging.”

As expected, adjusting these prompts increased customer satisfaction and engagement.

 Ann Smarty: “Mastering prompt writing is crucial for AI-driven content. It directs the AI to focus on what matters, resulting in clear, actionable, and compelling content.” – Ann Smarty, Community and Brand Manager at Internet Marketing Ninjas

Actionable Insights for Writing Better Prompts

how to write a detail prompt; screenshot from ChatGPt 4

To learn how to write the best content with ChatGPT, consider the following actionable insights:

  1. Be Specific: Talk clear and direct to Chat. Tell it exactly what you want. For example, instead of saying, “Write about marketing,” say, “Write about how online marketing can increase our revenue.”
  2. Provide Context: Give the AI sufficient background information to generate relevant content. For example, “Explain how our new feature integrates with existing software to enhance workflow efficiency.”
  3. Use Examples: Show the AI what you mean by providing examples. For instance, “Rewrite this introduction to sound more enthusiastic, similar to this: ‘Get ready to revolutionize your work with our cutting-edge software!'”
  4. Refine and Iterate: Test and tweak your prompts based on Chat’s output. Keep tweaking your prompt until you get your desired result.

These best practices will help improve your content engagement, better resonate with your audience, and improve your overall business.

Pre-Prompting Technique

Here’s what I promised earlier—this is my secret ingredient for working seamlessly with ChatGPT. My pre-prompting technique will revolutionize your content creation process.

Analysis of the Pre-Prompt

Prompt: “I would like you to function as my writing assistant. I’m going to start our session by providing you with an outline. Please respond that you received it and then wait for further instructions.”

12 Pre-Prompts to Try

Add these elements to your prompt.

  1. Clear Role Definition:
  2. Explanation: By specifying that ChatGPT will act as a “writing assistant,” the pre-prompt establishes the role and sets the tone for the interaction.
  3. Benefit: This clarity helps the AI understand its function and responsibilities, ensuring that responses are aligned with the user’s expectations.
  4. Structured Communication:
  5. Explanation: Start with a pre-prompt, this outlines the session structure and prepares the AI to wait for further instructions.
  6. Benefit: This structured approach ensures that the AI will wait for the user’s next input, promoting a step-by-step interaction that can be more controlled and productive.
  7. Confirmation Request:
  8. Explanation: This is simple but effective. Ask the artificial intelligence to acknowledge receipt of the outline, this helps to create a feedback loop.
  9. Benefit: This verification process confirms the AI has captured the information correctly before continuing, reducing errors, misunderstandings, and wasted time.
  10. Engagement and Focus:
  11. Explanation: By directly addressing the AI and providing clear instructions, the pre-prompt engages the AI’s focus on the task at hand.
  12. Benefit: This engagement leads to more relevant and exact responses, as the AI is “primed” to follow the user’s lead closely.

Benefits of the Pre-Prompt

  1. Enhanced control: The user runs the session, while the AI is guided in executing a carefully structured sequence of operations.
  • Increased Accuracy: It enables the AI to understand and follow the specific instructions of the user through the confirmation of receipt of the outline, leading to more accurate outcomes.
  • Efficiency: Structured communication streamlines the interaction, making the process more efficient and reducing the likelihood of off-topic or irrelevant responses.
  • Clear Expectations: Defining roles and steps from the outset sets clear expectations for the AI, resulting in a more productive and focused writing session.

In summary

Starting with a well-defined pre-prompt is an excellent strategy to ensure effective collaboration with ChatGPT. It sets the stage for structured, controlled, and efficient interaction, ultimately leading to high-quality content creation.

markmind-infographic - explaing how to bypass ai detectable content

Creating Human-Like Text: The Secret Sauce

Forbes found that human-like text significantly improves reader engagement.

For example:

  • Original: “The company’s revenue increased by 20%.”
  • Rewritten: “The company saw a stunning 20% surge in revenue!”

This approach not only conveys the information but also excites the reader.

Overcoming Common Rewriting Challenges

Rewriting can be tricky. Maintaining the original message and managing complex sentences are common hurdles.

 Picture this: you have a lengthy article filled with intricate details about search engines. ChatGPT can simplify these ideas into bite-sized pieces without losing their essence.

For instance:

  • Original: “Search engines use complex algorithms to index web pages.”
  • Rewritten: “Search engines use advanced systems to catalog web pages.”

“According to -McKinsey: AI can increase productivity by up to 40%.”

Enhancing Writing Style and Tone with ChatGPT

ChatGPT isn’t just for rewriting; it refines your writing style and tone. Whether you need a formal tone for a report or a conversational tone for a blog post, ChatGPT can adapt.

Example: If your content targets a younger audience, prompt ChatGPT with, “Rewrite this text to sound more casual and fun.” The resulting text will be engaging and perfectly suited to your audience.

Let loose Your Creativity with ChatGPT

If you’re like me, who’ve been writing content for a few decades; then you know how challenging it can be. Right?  Below is an example of how ChatGPT can help.

Example: Writing a story about a mysterious product? Prompt ChatGPT with, “Describe the product in a way that feels eerie and captivating.” You’ll get a vivid description that hooks your readers from the start.

Leveraging AI Technology in Text Rewriting

AI technology revolutionizes text rewriting. ChatGPT uses AI to improve your writing, making your content shine.

McKinsey reported that artificial intelligence can increase productivity by 40%, making it a must-use for marketers.

Example: Need to rewrite a technical document about AI algorithms? Prompt ChatGPT with, “Rewrite this technical document to make it more accessible to non-experts.” The text will keep the original information but will be easier to understand.

“ChatGPT is an unparalleled tool in the world of text optimization.” – TechCrunch

Ensuring Originality: Passing Plagiarism Detectors

Ensuring originality is crucial. Although Chat touts creating plagiarism-free content, you still want to do your due diligence.  

You can use free plagiarism detectors to verify the originality of the rewritten content, giving you peace of mind.

Here are two:

  • Grammarly
  • Quetext

Example: Have a paragraph that needs rewriting? Prompt ChatGPT with, “Rewrite this paragraph to ensure it passes plagiarism checks.” The output will be fresh and unique, meeting high standards of originality.

Tips for Using ChatGPT Efficiently

Maximize ChatGPT’s potential with these efficiency tips:

  • Best Prompts: Use specific prompts. Instead of “rewrite this text,” try “rewrite “this text” to make it more engaging for a young audience.”
  • Practice and Explore: The more you use ChatGPT, the more intuitive it becomes. Practice with different prompts to master its capabilities.

Ultimate Article Writing Prompt

Here’s another one of my secret weapons: When I started using this prompt template, it cut my iteration time in half.

Our ultimate prompt template will streamline your content creation, drastically reducing the number of iterations, and ensuring top-notch results with ChatGPT.

 Save, bookmark, and share this invaluable resource with your community to maximize your writing potential!


Please use the outline provided to write a 1500-word article. Exclude the introduction and conclusion; I will write those separately.

Follow the outline closely and ensure clear, logical transitions between ideas. When explaining difficult points, provide examples or use phrases like “for instance.”

  • Use short, punchy sentences and concise language.
  • Start sentences with power words where possible.
  • Avoid starting sentences with “by” or using “and also” in the same sentence.
  • Be specific and direct.
  • Include more “I” than “he,” “she,” etc.
  • Follow Grammarly rules.
  • Use numbers and bullets for lists.
  • Empathize with the reader’s thoughts without being overt.
  • Highlight counterintuitive insights.

Your writing should feel friendly and warm. Keep it short and simple, with everyday language and contractions. Ask questions, use metaphors, and mix in alliteration and parallel structure to keep things interesting.

Make your words come alive with vivid details and emotional touches. Sprinkle keywords naturally. Use bold and italics to highlight important points. Include formulas, examples, and real-life stories.


lady and bot both thinking with hands on face. about writing AI detector free content

Reflecting on what we’ve shared, I hope you found these insights on how to use ChatGPT to rewrite text helpful and inspiring.

We’ve discussed how precise prompts can streamline your content creation, cutting down on iterations and enhancing the quality of your output.

  • Clear, specific prompts
  • Maintaining original meaning
  • Human-like text
  • Efficiency tips
  • Practical examples

These techniques have saved me 50% of my writing time, allowing me to focus more on strategy and creativity.

Do you have a special prompt formula, or do you plan to use ours on how to use ChatGPT to rewrite text? 

Share your thoughts and comments below. Remember to bookmark this content for future reference.

 Let’s continue optimizing and elevating our content creation processes with the help of ChatGPT.

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