Why is Email Marketing Still Killer after Years of Use

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Email marketing campaigns may be classified as an old-timer in this modern digital marketing world.  Nevertheless, email marketing is still a Deadly Assassin that remains supreme to all other forms of online marketing.


Certainly, I’m not suggesting there aren’t new kids on the block…. (You GET IT, New Kids, on the Block….) 😊 , sure, there are other newer methods that pack a punch or that can grab your audience’s attention, such as the Gazillion social media networks, live chat, and more. But NOTHING LIKE  your Good Old Fashion Targeted Email Marketing Campaigns!

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To add fuel to the fire check this out: there are over 4B email users. For that reason, is why email marketing remains unmatched. Not to mention that for every $1 spent, $51.00 is EARNED!!!!…

…which is WHY EVERY Top marketer, including Neil Patel, has a slot in their marketing closet for email marketing Campaigns, and You Should TOO!


Despite the increase of social media, people use email more than any other platform. With email marketing a higher percentage of people are present, with social you’re hollering hoping someone will hear YOU…. ADELE…SOMEONE… ANYONE!!!


Data shows that most people are on email—and the number increases every year.


Addedly, like the old saying, goes, God bless a child that has their own.

Indeed, with email marketing, you own your database.  No social media funny business, like algorithm changes, which often happens just as you start to build momentum.

In essence, if you’re serious about building an online presence email marketing is More critical than Ever~

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There’s one major challenge—most people haven’t learned how to do it correctly.  (How many emails a day do you overlook that arrive in your email inbox?)


‘Jump in’ as we guide you through the jungle of email marketing so that you’ll come out smelling like roses that your subscribers will LOVE!!!


What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is the action of sending advertising messages to large groups of people at once. All designed to generate sales, collect leads, or boost brand awareness.



Here are a few Emails House Rules

  •       Respect your subscriber’s inbox. Don’t abuse it with sale promotions and daily handouts.
  •       Provide a way to easily release your subscribers, meaning allow them to gracefully unsubscribe.
  •       As many of us were taught as kids, use your manners, be kind and considerate.


 Key pointers to remember:

Everyone is inundated with interruptions, “I got the greatest spill”, everybody’s baby is pretty to them, try to be unique.

Frankly, when a visitor forks over their email address there are inviting you in. Please don’t come over and make yourself at home.

No, don’t take OFF your shoes, or pick your teeth at the dinner table, that’s rude.

Surely, you’ll more likely get dumped, FAST!




tips for an effective email marketing campaign

How Does Email Marketing Work?



Well, we’ve already established that Email marketing is one of the topmost-cost efficient marketing strategies on Planet Earth.

And if that’s not enough, this monstrous opportunity can all be automated with a click of a button. BooYah!!!!

…. Ideally, achieving effective email marketing campaigns- will require three crucial elements:

  1. An Email List

This may sound obvious,

…but this is the first step, you will need a list of raving fans.

We also call this list a database, which are those visitors who raised their hands and expressed interest in receiving your marketing communications.



There are many strategies you can use to build your email list. One of the most popular is to create a lead magnet. (Also called an offer)

Frankly, this can be anything of value. Surely, something that would interest your target audience, such as discounts, free shipping, an eBook, free report, in exchange for their email addresses. “Read more about how to create a lead magnet here”



  1. An Email Service Provider

One of the most exciting elements of the email marketing system is an email service provider (ESP). Why is this exciting, because it involves software that does most of the heavy lifting for you?

As an example, it manages your email list, offers pre-made design templates, and most of all, it can automate the entire process.


Choosing the right ESP can even personalize your visitors which can increase your conversion, opt-in, and sales.

Here are two: Convertkit, free for your first 1000 subscribers; and Active Campaign also has a Free trial.




  1. Distinctly Defined your Objectives

Email marketing can be used to achieve many business goals. For example, you can use it to:


  •         Engage and Retain customers
  •         Boost brand awareness
  •         Attract and Create Leads
  •         Keep Customers Connected
  •         Drive Sales



We covered the most basic steps to accomplish an effective email marketing campaign.

Sure, there are ways to optimize each of those steps. However, the above information is enough to get you started…

building your email marketing campaigns. Be sure to check out our other articles to learn more about email marketing strategies,




Will you start an email marketing campaign to help grow your business?  Or do you not have enough info to get started?

If you still have questions, check out the Related Articles links below.


Email Marketing campaigns are consistently compared to social media. If you ever wanted to execute the best marketing strategies that will future-proof our business, this is it.


In fact, most ESPs have done all the heavy lifting for us. We only need to establish our goals. Significantly to remember, according to research, email marketing has a $1 -$51 ROI.





  •       Email Marketing has one of the highest ROIs of $51 to $1
  •       It’s the most cost-effective method to advertise
  •       Most ESP is very affordable, many are (FREE up to 1000- subs)


  •       The entire process can be automated
  •       It’s easy to start


Now it’s time to hear from you.  If you found this information useful, Please Share it

If you have any questions, ask in the comments section now!


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