What is Push Notifications and Has It Played Out

What is push notifications? Push notifications are a non-pushy strategy that drives customer engagement, stabilizes customer retention, and boosts revenue. Push notifications are short automated messages sent by an app to the desired user. These users are people that downloaded your app and are interested in your product or service. They are potential customers that raised their hands to say Yes, I’m open to more information or ready to purchase your product or service.

Push Notification Usages, Benefits, and Facts

Push notification is another digital marketing strategy you can get super excited about, for several reasons which we will discuss shortly. Big businesses have had tremendous success using push notifications for years. Finally, today small business owners grab the baton and are running with it!

As you continue to read, we will discuss the advantages and benefits of using push notifications. Explained in more detail: What are push notifications, the strategies behind them, and how you can use them to push sales through the roof. Or at least grow your business exponentially.

 We also discuss 3 critical types of notifications, the best times to send messages, and what not to do. Lastly, addressed is why small businesses can’t afford to ignore the income potential from incorporating push notifications into their marketing channel.

Let’s Get Started:

Short Electronic Messages Ie. Push Notifications

More about push notifications; they are short electronic messages sent through an advertiser’s app to a potential customer. Push notifications are automated therefore can reach the prospective customer’s device any time of the day or night and anywhere.

How is Push Notification Different From a Text Message?

In short, my non-techy answer: a push notification is a short message that was sent in response to an invite from a mobile user. This is a huge mobile advantage because users are bombarded with a pop-up- alert and other mobile distractions…” push messaging are welcoming guests”.

 A Few Other Advantages of Push Notification;

finger pushing button
  • Messages received are read within 7-48 seconds.  
  • Messages are responded to as a direct request.  
  • And services are normally free.

In Contrast to push notification is text messaging, listed are a few differences; it requires a data plan which is added to your mobile cost. The end-user response time is up to 3-minutes. And text messages are often referred to as distraction marketing.

This doesn’t suggest that there’s no market for text messages or that the two services are mutually exclusive. Text messaging is good for activities such as sending important appointments and follow updates, meeting reminders and business transition, thank you reply, and more.

A few added features of push notifications:

  • Your push notification message can be sync to your Facebook and Twitter account for a simultaneous marketing blast.
  • You can schedule times in which you prefer your messages to be delivered.
  • You can choose which devices you want to trigger, such as only an Android or iPhone.
  • It’s an easier way to send offers and promotions via URL links.
  • It’s quick, easy, and simultaneous

The Notorious E-commerce Push Message Strategy

E-commerce businesses have made a name for themselves when it comes to push notifications. They are notorious for pushing messages to their clients during or immediately after a customer has visited their site. Funny, I’ve experienced it in the past but was unaware of the terminology and marketing technique.

“Recently, while shopping online I left the website leaving my shopping cart full. The company kindly pushed a notification to notify me that I left the site without purchasing the items that were in my cart. I had got distracted which is the reason why I didn’t finish my purchase.”

Businesses across the board are reporting staggering increases just from using that one technique. A friendly reminder, basically, “don’t leave without spending your money”.

 Push Notification Popular usage:

  • Easily engage existing customers.
  • Can be used to grow traffic
  • A great strategy for customer retention
  • A cost-effective way to send new content
  • The simplest way to send targeted messages

3 Types of Notifications

Transactional Notifications

We’ve all experienced this type of notification and welcome their messages. That is transactional notifications that are used to notify users of events, such as an expected package arrival time, flight delays, and others. 

System Notifications

If you’ve downloaded any company’s app you’re in their database. Hence, you will receive system notifications such as specials and updates.

User Notifications

We receive user notifications often from friends and family members via social media networks. While sitting at my desk I receive user Notifications from Facebook constantly. Little messages pop up in the corner of my computer screen.

 Entrepreneurs Push Notifications Do’s and Don’ts


  • Personalized messages can increase the push notification response rate by as much as 800%.
  • Target your users by delivering messages based on factors such as location, demographics, and age.
  • Send a message at your target market’s peak time, while on the go and near your place of business.
  • Include emojis when appropriate, tests show 81% lift in open rates and a 363% lift in revenue.
  • Do test the best times to push notifications to your target market.


  •  Never ignore the new users…send welcome messages immediately.
  • Never send generic messages which can be offensive and/or inappropriate.
  • Space out your messages but not too much time in between.
  • Never promote new app features through push notifications.
  • Reframe from sending a message at inopportune times

 3 Push Notifications Companies Listed in No Special Order

What is push Notifications Benefits

  • Keep users engaged
  • Builds customer relationship
  • Induce trust
  • Enhance customer loyalty
  • A straightforward way to out-market your competition
  • Use geolocation tracking when users are mobile
  • Push messaging at the optimal time




Push notification is another digital marketing strategy you can add to your marketing mix. To recap a few stand-out pointers. With push notifications, your customers choose you by raising their hand yelling I’m interested in your product or service. Push messaging can be automated and integrated with your social media campaigns.

You catch your customers at the optimal time, while they’re on the go somewhere near your locations with geo-tracking. Additionally, you can segment and target your campaign, based on demographics, locations, mobile devices, and more.  It’s cheaper than texting and not intrusive, pushing is easier than pulling, quicker, and more profitable.


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