51 Amazing Ways to Grow your Email List (2022)

ways to grow your email subscriber list

 51 Amazing Ways to Grow your  Email Subscriber List


In this article, I’ll show you amazing ways to grow your email subscriber list, without any technical knowledge.  If you’re a small business owner or entrepreneur battling with email marketing Woo’s, here are fifty-one examples you can use to build your email subscriber list easily!


We all know how imperative email list-building is, in fact, 90% of successful marketers swear that it has been their saving grace. Lastly, according to more recent research, email marketing is up to $51 earned, for every $1 spent.


Just in case you need that in plain English. QUESTION: How many dollars would you give me if I gave you $51 BACK!!!!    Wat!!!!!!

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  I know that’s reason enough to get to Stepping

………IN THE Martin Lawrence voice 😊


Get to Moving!


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 On Website Implementation


how to build an email list for free

#1 Implement Embedded Opt-in forms-


Embedded opt-ins are the stationary forms you find on websites or other content. Unfortunately, these are the least effective in use today, but better than nothing. They used to be all that and a bag of chips, times have changed. Keeping in mind, that email marketing is still alive, the tactics have evolved.



#2. Employ Inline Forms-

 Inline forms are a step up. They’re non-intrusive and fit in naturally into the conversation. It’s a better option because you can’t miss them if you’re reading the text and they aren’t thought interrupters.



#3. Add a Sticky Bar-

Insert a sticky bar to the top of your website, a sticky bar is a bar that’s stationary at the top of your screen, which includes a sign-up bar.




how to create an email list from scratch





#4. Use Exit Pop up’s-

 Add exit Pop-ups. They are exactly as the name implies. I know, I’m reading your mind… hmmmm you hate exit pop-ups, but research shows that they work. Pop-ups are small info boxes that appear just as your visitors are about to leave the page…. Bagging, Baby, Please, please don’t Go!!!!




#5. Slide Ins-

These are the answer to pop-ups, but they’re sleek and smooth. These suckers slide in on you with the slyness, ask for your name and email address all Cooool!!! And before you realize it, you’re pushing the “Give it to me Button”!  😊.

Slide-ins have a better reputation because they are less annoying. Addedly, they don’t take over the whole viewing screen, which appears less pushy.


Helpful Tools you’re Need to Grow Rapidly

ESP (Email Service Provider)  GetResponse for FREE

A Website- Blogger or WordPress – both FREE

Forms, opt-in boxes, embedded forms- GetResponse for FREE)

E-Book Creator and 3-D book Covers: this is what I use, it cost

but it saves me a bunch of time.

Free option- Microsoft or Canva.

 Images – Buy bulk Images (Get Images here)

or check image sites or, pay per image,

Create images for Freebie -Canva. Free or paid/ recommend paid more choices

*** Note images are imperative especially if you are using visual content on social media platforms



You can download all 51 Email Marketing Growth Tips Here!

email marketing tips for beginners



#6. Place Opt-in Link on the Menu Navigation Bar-

Many website visitors view your navigation bar. That’s a great place to put a link. Naturally, that link will take your visitor straight to your sign-up page. If that page is worded correctly and your readers can understand how your material will benefit them, some of them will sign up for your newsletter, course, or other.



#7. Bold “Subscribe” on your Navigation Bar-

While you’re at your navigation bar if you Bold <b> that tab it will stand out. If you’re unfamiliar with HTML, then ask your web designer or the person that maintains your website to help. This shouldn’t cost, it will only take a few seconds.


#8. Place Links in Landing Page (s)-

This is a given but place links in your landing page (s).



#9. Place Links in Email Messages-

Put links in your email messages. This way when your emails are shared with friends or family members, they will have the option to join your list. And since you will be providing super useful information, you are giving them reasons to share your emails.




#10. Share Unique Content.

Nothing beats authenticity. When you share info that’s unique to you, your visitors are more likely to share on social media. We all know that marketing is marketing and business is business, but we all have a different spin, technique, or method of operation.  Your tactic just may be the one they understand better than any others.


#11. Distribute Exclusive Images.

Using exclusive images in your messages and opt-in will give you a leg up. Having stunning images grabs attention instantaneously. This will give you a buzz. Great for sharing and inducing opt-ins.


Existing Email Subscriber’s Tips


#12. The Best Location for Live Links-


When inserting links in your email message – Place live links on their own separate line. It reads better on mobile this way. Recent research indicates that mobile viewing is up over 50%. This means that more than likely your visitors will view your email messages from their mobile phones. (Which has a few sets of different rules).


#13. Use Surveys and Quizzes-


Incorporate surveys and quizzes to capture email addresses. Visitors enjoy interactive sites. They can be interesting and fun.  YOU CAN USE TOOLS LIKE INTERACT OR QZZR for more info.


#14. Insert Bold Banners

Insert a banner in contrasting colors on your web page. This banner should include an image, headline, sub-headline, and opt-in form line.





#15. Add a Floating Social Media Button

Install a floating social media button to your content. The floating buttons move with the reader, as they read or scan the page. This makes it easy for them to click on the info that they deem important enough to share, at that very moment.



Email List Building Advance Tips


#16. Check Your Numbers

This is the Era of what’s called Big Data. If you notice numbers and stats are everything. Computer analytics has gone to a different level. Here’s how you can utilize your personal analytics from your social media platforms. 

Check the stats from your social media networks. This is a great place to get demographics and accurate data on your customers. This will tell you what your customer’s likes, and dislikes are, which eliminates the guessing game. As the old saying goes, numbers don’t lie, people do!



#17. Optimize your SMM Analytics

So, now that you’ve learned the importance of social media analytics, how do you use it. Here’s one way to benefit from the data. As an Example, let’s say you receive high traffic to one of your posts titled “how to drive traffic to my new blog post”. 

Obviously, since a high number of people visited and reads that post, this indicates that it’s popular with your readers. As a result, you can offer them even more value by adding additional information within that same post, such as adding a checklist, a step-by-step guide, or something else of value within that topic.




#18. Add a QR code-


 Collect sign-ins with a QR code. QR codes were a marketing strategy that was short-lived. What’s ironic is that there’s a resurgent of the code.  Ironically, I visited the “Fresh Market” the other day. The manager stopped to inform me how I could save money!  See all you have to do is, take this little card, scan the QR code, and follow the instructions.  Basically, they’re rebuilding their email list.


Adding a QR code could be cool, and customers seem to like or at least think you are top-notch if you have a code.  I think you can even generate them for FREE online… (Google QR code to learn more)




how to start an email list for business


#19. Use Ex-large popups.

Yep, if you think pop-ups are intrusive, then an ex-large one is out of the question. Yes, pop-ups are annoying and now super-size pop-ups are popular and effective. Remember it’s all about the numbers, and numbers don’t lie.


#20.  Paid Advertisement

Use paid ads to drive targeted traffic to your opt-in landing page. If you have more money than time, by all means, pay for movement. Conversely, if you don’t have experience with buying ads, you may want to hire an ad agency. You can lose your shirt messing with Google or Facebook. Sshhh…. Don’t tell them I said that!




#21. Practice Content Up-Grade.

A content upgrade is optimizing a subject topic that your visitors are already experiencing. Basically, you’re going to offer premium or even better info behind the gated community.  This material is only offered to your email subscribers.



#22. Guest Post

Guest posting is a super cool way to gain unlimited subscribers. One reason, it’s overlooked, is that many people don’t like talking with strangers or being on video. So that leaves us who will bite the button and keep it moving. What you can expect after the podcast, you can expect a huge surge of website visitors. Some will opt-in.

small business email marketing


#23. Add a Call-to-Action Button-

Add a call-to-action button on your About Me Page.  People enjoy stories and also they read your “about me” page to get to know you better through your storytelling. Ask your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or whatever freebie you’re offering.


#24. Reach out to your Facebook Followers

Send out a blast to your Facebook followers, let them know that you started a newsletter. You can send them a link to your website or directly to your landing page. And you can use Facebook Lookalike audiences.




#25. Add a Signup Button to your Facebook Page-


Here’s how to do it

  1.   Log in to Facebook from a computer.
  2.   At the top, click, then click Switch Profile.
  3.   Select the Page you want to use.
  4.   Click your Page in the left menu.
  5.   From your Page, click, then click Add Page Button.
  6.   Select a button, then click Next.
  7.   Follow the instructions on the screen.
  8.   Click Save.




#26. Host a Local Meetup-

Offline marketing works also. Let’s not forget. We can offer a freebie in exchange for email addresses:

A freebie is a great way to entice those you’ve given business cards to, to take the desired action. People love FREE. Me Too!



#27. Use Text Layover Techniques-

 This is a fresh tactic. A text layover is a pop-up sort of, but the text covers the entire page, which forces your visitors to sign in or go home! That’s cold but it works.


#28. Partner with Influencers-

Partner up with influencers or cross-promote services in exchange for exposure. This is a big one, you can either buy influencers’ partnerships or barter products or services.


#29. Host a Giveaway-

 The giveaway works well. You can give away anything, your visitors or readers find value in. The giveaways will require the participant to opt-in to participate to receive their gift.


#30. Place your Opt-in Link in your Social Media Profiles

When setting up your social media profile you can connect your website or usually can add one link.

This link can be a direct link to your landing page.


#31. Host a Webinar-

Webinars are still hot. It’s been that way for a minute. Naturally, registrations are normally required which consist of you establishing an account. Chances are if your visitors sign up for your webinar, they are interested in what you have to offer.


#32. Offer Coupons-

Offer customer coupons. As an example, like Bed, Bath and Beyond you must sign up to receive your coupons. Signing up to receive their coupon gives them permission to continuously market to you.


email marketing tips and tricks


#33. Offer Discounts

This is done the same as coupons. When purchasing online products or services, you can offer a discount but to capture the discount code you have to opt in.


#34. Provide Multiple Roads to your Landing Page


What does that mean? Increase the number of opt-ins and or landing pages on your website. The more opportunities the more subscribers.


#35. Include Links within your PDFs or upgrades

Set up PDFs on your website, for a content upgrade, PDFs are an easy way to create a FREEBIE to give to your visitors.


#36. Set up a Private Gated Community

Set up a gated community for high-interest website content. Keep your valued content behind locked doors. Only to give to those who sign up for your special offers.


#37. Offer Software or Tools

Offer a free tool or software that requires your visitors to opt-in.


#38. Pin on Pinterest

Pin your opt-in landing page on Pinterest.  Your profile link can be direct to your landing page.


#39. Create Idea Pins

Make pins to drive readers to your post or articles. This post will have opt-in accessibilities.


 #40. Purchase Pinterest Ads

From my understanding, Pinterest ads are very reasonable (right now). You can spend as little as $5.00 per day to drive visitors to your landing page. The pins will drive traffic to your desired content.


#41. Use your-😘😘 Click here to read the rest and Get 2 Bonus





   Helpful Tools you’re Need to Grow Rapidly

ESP (Email Service Provider) You can use GetResponse for FREE

Website creator- Blogger or WordPress – both FREE

 Opt-in boxes, embedded forms- (GetResponse for FREE)

E-Book Creator and 3-D book Covers: this is what I use, it cost

but it saves me a bunch of time.

Free Book Cover option Microsoft or Canva

Images – Buy bulk images here (Get Images)

Free images site, Pixabay; or for exclusive photos pay per image

Create Freebie -ebook cover -Canva Free or paid

Using the same images as everyone else doesn’t give you a competitive edge. (Especially if you are using Pinterest and IG)








Did you know that the first email was sent in 1978, which generated 13M in sales? In fact, even today email marketing is one of the most cost-effective and efficient marketing channels, even dwarfing social media marketing. The average ROI (Return on Investment) for every $1 spent $51.00 is earned. Better yet, you can start for FREE.


Key Pointers Click To Tweet


  • Email marketing ROI, for every $1 spent, $51 is EARNED!
  • Try to incorporate as many opt-in options as possible
  • Be certain to test your email subject line
  • If you get stuck with forms etc.… reach out to your ESP, they will help
  • Email marketing is 40X more effective at acquiring customers than SMM





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P.S. “We Care About your Business


Now I’d like to hear from you…

I hope you found our 51 ways to grow your email list helpful.                                                                                                                 

Now I’d like to hear what you have to say!

Which tactics will you use to increase your email subscriber list?

Or are you planning to use them all?

 Did I miss your fave? Or do you have one to share?

Either way, let me know in the comments below right now before you forget!

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 Ways to Grow your Email Subscriber List







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