Want to Start a Business But Have No Idea How?

starting a business

If you want to start a business but have no idea 🤔where or how to start….our comprehensive article will fill in the gaps!… So,

Ill-regardless of age, gender, location, educational level, or other… trying to identify a business idea can be terrifying,⏱ time-consuming, and self-defeating, What we share are unique ways of spotting opportunities…

 This post isn’t a rehash of all the other pages you’ll find from Google search.

In fact,…


🔥🔥🔥Tip#10 –  OPI, is something I’ve never read in anyone else brainstorming tips.

 We offer examples, mind joggers, free resources, and more….


  …if you want to join the millions of other entrepreneurs that are living their dream, doing what they love, or that which is paying the rent!

 ……Keep reading…

 Because solidifying your business idea is the perfect first step.

And………. If you want to start with EASE and Confidence… you don’t want to miss a single word of this post…

 In fact,

Did you know that? According to the SBA “600,000” new businesses are started each year. Click To Tweet

 But… did you also know that according to an SBA study, 50% of all new businesses fail within the first 5 years

setting up a small business

Now that I put the fear “of your maker’ in You….  Do I have your attention…

The Good  News ‘it’s easier than you may think to avoid getting on the failure list!

 Following our process will help prevent you from joining those numbers and help you get started on the Good Foot!

 My goal here isn’t to scare you away…👻👻👻 Conversely, we won’t paint a one-sided rosy picture either…

 Here’s the thing…

 The “START” is the #1 thing that stops most people. That’s why … within the post we will probe you to think.

 But there is a catch….

Not to think of a weak uninspiring idea….

……  but a strong, solid, wake you UP in your sleep idea.

One that becomes a “MUST.”

 Thomas Watson said it best…. Thomas J. Watson, the former CEO of IBM, is often credited with saying the one-word quote “Think!!!

 So, are YOU ready to?


 Let’s get started…

 “Set your mind on a definite goal and observe how quickly the world stands aside to let you pass.”  Napoleon Hill

        #1 The Critical Starting Point

  Let’s get your creative juices flowing…                             

 Here are two books that I highly recommend you read….

 Without doubt…. I bet they will change your life.

 As a matter of fact, the very last person I recommended these books to… their future was transformed within weeks…

 Don’t believe me…try and see for yourself!


(I’ve been reading these books for over 20 yrs.… I’ve been an entrepreneur for 4 decades, and a single mom for the first 15 yrs. of my son’s life…. more about my journey at another time.)

 You will begin to see things that never existed in your reality before!how to start a business 2023

Book #1:

Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Book #2:

The E-Myth by Michael E. Gerber


         Here’s where you can find books “FOR FREE”.


Even better…. You can read and or listen… Bam!!!!!

 No excuses…

 This is the strongest step, that you’ll reap the biggest benefit from it. ……SERIOUSLY,





#2. Work on Yourself

Here’s another one of those things that you may want to bypass and deem as not important or relevant.

 That is …..  Start by working on you…


 Before you can build a business, you must build your self-confidence and self-belief.

 Did you know……

That small ball of matter between your ears is what’s going to make or break you!

 That’s right…

 If you think about how many famous people were told that they wouldn’t reach their dreams, goals, or aspirations…..

That’s just the way it is….

 To paraphrase one of my favorite motivational coaches… life isn’t just going to let you through…. NOOOOO…. YOU TOO will GET TESTED!!!!

 You will get knocked down as well, but if you can look up, you can get up.


 …if you land on your face, roll over and get UP!!!! 😊

 Increased earning potential: According to the Small Business Administration, small businesses have the potential to earn higher profits compared to traditional jobs. In fact, self-employed individuals earn an average of 42% more than those who work for someone else.


#3. Examined The Passion Philosophy


There are two schools of thought when it comes to trying to find your business startup idea. Some experts are violently against starting a passion business…

 ….. But…

 There are other business experts all for following your passion or that one thing that you are good at.

 As an example, Michael E. Gerber whom I spoke about earlier, offers a logical view about why you shouldn’t do what you are passionate about… (Not to beat a dead horse, but the book is a must-read)       

 On the other hand, there are thousands of others that proclaim that following your passion is the way to go, including Seth Godin. Mr. Godin has authored over 400 business books including best sellers.


How to Start a small business and make money



 5 Pros and Cons of starting your passion business:



  •         Increased motivation and job satisfaction: When you are passionate it’s easier to stay motivated, and you enjoy your work which leads to higher levels of job satisfaction.


  •          A better understanding of the market: You have a better understanding of what your customers want and what drives the market.


  •         Stronger brand identity: A business based on passion can create a stronger brand identity, a more compelling story, and engaging customers.


  •         Potential for greater financial success: If there is a large enough market for your product or service, that can lead to greater financial success.


  •         Limited market size: If your area of passion is niche or not in high demand, it may be difficult to find a large enough market to sustain your business.
  •         Lack of business experience: If you have limited business experience, it may be challenging to navigate the practicalities of starting and running a successful business.
  •         Difficulty balancing work and passion: If your business becomes successful, it can be easy to become consumed by work and lose the joy that originally drove your passion.
  •         Competition: There may be many others who share your passion and are also starting businesses in the same field, making it a highly competitive market.
  •         Risk of burnout: Starting a business is a demanding process, and if your passion is tied to your work, it may be difficult to maintain the level of energy and enthusiasm needed to keep your business running.


  #4. Compartmentalize the Process


 What stops most people from finding their business idea? In simple terms  FEAR and Overwhelm! The feeling of feeling overwhelmed is real, even for those big strong 290-pound, weightlifting, linebackers….

 or a female business executive who helps run a multi-million-dollar company…   We’re all emotional beings,

 Your emotions don’t care if you’re a woman or a man…. 😉😉😎




 So, ONE surefire way to alleviate the twin’s (Ms. Anxiety and Mr. Frustration) is to work in compartmentalized sections.

  Try not to think ahead….Or reconfirm what you can’t do or how you’re going to get it done…… like my boy Les Brown…..used to say and still does…


 “HOW”….. IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS…. At this point….


 Now that we got the fundamentals out of the way,

 Moving on …


#5 The Easiest Way to Eat an Elephant

business to start from home
Click the image to read more

Brainstorming a business idea can be compared to eating an elephant. Just as eating an elephant seem impossible to accomplish, coming up with a successful business idea can seem just as challenging.


However, just as you would break down the task of eating an elephant into smaller, manageable bites-size pieces… on the flip side…., you can break down the process of brainstorming a business idea into smaller, manageable steps.


To start the process


  •  Make a list of all of your strengths.
  • What do you do that others find difficult?
  • What are you passionate about?
  • What do you do at work that you’re good at?
  • What frustrates you, about a service/product?


The idea here is just trying to induce you to think,

 think in ink… (write it down)


 #6 Deep-Dive into Other Companies


 Do you find yourself thinking about how you can improve a company, product, or service? I know, we all do, all the time. I’ve often heard that everyone has a million-dollar idea in their mouth.

What does that mean?

 That means that you know something, or how to do something that very few people are good at. Or they would rather pay someone else to perform the service. Many times, we overlook the obvious. What comes easy to us…. There are many people scratching their heads right now trying to figure it out… that which comes naturally to you!


…..your book, resource. service or product could be their answer. It could be the next big thing… a… 6-figure or million-dollar idea.


 #7 Be the Difference Maker


Starting a business doesn’t mean you have to start from scratch. You can pick up where someone else dropped the ball. There are many products or service ideas that are half-done. You can use those as templates. This can inspire you and spark ideas.


#8 Seminar, Webinar Hop…

Like bar hopping or church hopping. Hopping is hopping. The idea is to gain the knowledge you’re unaware of. Both seminars and webinars are ideal. You’ll learn from both.

setting up a small business

Of course…

Webinars are more convenient, you can apply speed to the process, and go through them quickly, to find the information/material that best suits you.

Equally important….

 Seminars are a whole other ball game. They are hands-on, interactive, entertaining, and engaging. A silent reward for attending seminars is the people that you meet. Those ‘after seminar’, lunches and dinners are where the secrets are shared.

That brings me to…

You’ll never know who you’ll meet. My hubby met two of his best friends at a conference and after 15 yrs. they still talk on a regular basis.

As for me…

….I found my passion, and that‘s what I do now!!!!!


 #9.  Purchase an Existing Business

Here’s a sneaky way to start a business.

Purchase an existing business. There are local small business owners who are ready to retire. Check around your local communities and ask friends and family members if they know of any such event.

One of our friends is in that process as we speak. He knows an older gentleman who owns a large number of rental real estate that he doesn’t want to sell to large investors.

His preference is to sell locally. The reason is to hopefully maintain affordable housing for his local community.


#10.  Get Down with (OPI) Other People’s Idea

 There are all types of people in the world. To name a few: creatives and analytical. Creative people think of solutions all day long.


 …, Truthfully, going beyond thinking doesn’t excite them.

                          (Not every creative person, but many)


Conversely, …

There are analytical people. Those who will complete what the creative people started. Listed below is one marketplace that lists businesses for purchase. Basically, existing businesses that are for sale!


 Success Story:  Michael Dubin, the founder of Dollar Shave Club.

 Dubin was a regular guy with no business background, working as a brand manager for a packaged goods company. He came up with the idea for Dollar Shave Club after struggling to find affordable high-quality razors.

With just a simple humorous video, He was able to launch Dollar Shave Club. Within a few years, the company had hundreds of thousands of customers. Eventually, it was acquired for over a billion dollars.

 Dubin’s story is a testament to the fact that starting a successful business can be done by anyone, regardless of their background or education level, as long as they have a good idea and the drive to make it happen.



  I hope this article helps you to come up with a business idea. Although brainstorming is vital there are other elements that are equally important. Just because it’s important doesn’t mean it has to take all day, month, or year.  …

 Truthfully the #1 place to start building your business idea… is by working on yourself.


 Before you can build a business, you must build YOU. Building your self-confidence and engaging in personal development is crucial. Starting your own business can be extremely lonely.

 In fact, …

 The competitive edge or the difference between those that win and those who lose is perseverance, with all other things being equal.


 Grab your favorite beverage… glass of wine, cold beer, ginger tea, or soda pop, and sit down with pencil & paper and get started.


 Don’t worry about how you’re going to do it… To quote Les Brown again… “How”….. is none of your business…just decide what you want …Your subconscious mind will do the miraculous. The ideas, people, money, and everything that’s needed will come because of your decision. The most important thing is to make a decision

                                    START Today!


how to start your own business

























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  2. Great information shared.. really enjoyed reading this post thank you author for sharing this post .. appreciated

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