Virtual Office- Commercial Rental’s Nightmare

Here's a photo that P.Y. took of the inside of the virtual office where she rents a space in Downtown Raleigh, NC located

A Virtual Office could be classified as one of those top 21st-century business innovations. If you’re wondering what a virtual office is…  Or, are they useful and necessary… keep reading as I explain the benefits and advantages of renting a virtual office?

Benefits and Advantages of a Virtual Office

Today is a new day and with technology and automation, the sky is the limit to business improvements. If you’re having a difficult time keeping current with business technology resources, don’t fret! is Here to Help!

 I’d never heard of a virtual office until I needed one.  But if you’re still asking why would I need one, what are they, what services do they offer, and how much do they cost, we will cover those questions and more… so, Stay Tune! 

Why a virtual office?

A virtual office is a cost-efficient way to ascertain office space without the exorbitant cost of the commercial rental. It’s a sure-fire way to impress your clients with eye-catching, top-of-the-line technology, with a centrally located office space.

 chart and graphs showing data

It’s a way to WOW your clients on a budget. Virtual offices bring big-business infrastructure to any business regardless of size.  With the high demand for office spaces and business services, a virtual office eliminates the need to rent space, hire expensive office support or buy or rent office equipment.

There are so many advantages and good reasons you may need or want a virtual office. I chose to rent my virtual office strictly for business credit purposes after according to the expert, I couldn’t use a P.O. box to help create my business entity. More on that in another post.

Someone was thinking when they came up with virtual office space. It’s an absolute way a mom-and-pop business owner can appear to look as large, professional, and attractive as they want to be without the expense of renting a commercial building.

 Keep reading as we explain more about virtual offices, why they are important, the average cost, the advantages and disadvantages, and are legal.

Further, we list five of the top virtual offices nationally and two internationally including the office space I rent. Lastly, we’ll display a few of the most popular big cities locations, details and answer a few more of the most frequently asked questions.

(The photo above is an interior photo of the space I rent in Raleigh. My address is posted on my website in the footer, hint….)

Let’s take a virtual tour!

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office refers to an office space that is its very name “virtual”. It’s a unit of office space rented to operate a business. Space is rented a-la-cart, it offers business services real and automated for monthly rates. The spaces are beautifully and architecturally constructed designed to impress your clients and more importantly offer convenience and comfort.

You can rent space starting basic with just a mailbox if that’s all you need. Or, you can include adding-on. The sky is the limit literally.  

live receptionist service a outsouring office

A few of the virtual offices’ add-on services and features include; live receptionist, call answering services, mail forwarding, access to top-of-the-line business equipment, conference and meeting rooms, and more. A virtual business in a box. 

What are the Advantages and Benefits of a Virtual Office?

  •   A great first impression of your business.
  •   Easy to find and locate your office.
  •   No longer having to utter the words” I work from home”.
  •   It provides personal data and information protection.
  • It offers a quiet space for thinking and developing.
  •  Tax-deductible (consult with your CPA).
  • Access to large office amenities.

How Much is a Virtual Office Rental?

Virtual offices come with an array of products and services. The cost isn’t finite. It all depends on your needs. You can go all-in if you need a large array of business services. Or, stay small with just a mail forwarding service. However, on average you can expect to pay anywhere from $50.00 to $159.00 on average. Full service could be much more.

Are Virtual Offices Legal?

I’ve been renting my office space for three years. To be honest I’m assuming it’s legal.  A virtual office is an office building that rents office space. Regarding, legal validity such as office building ownership, sublease, rental units, etc. I don’t know.  It won’t hurt to consult with your business attorney before making the jump.  I’m not an attorney and I’m not suggesting that you rent a space, but I have one. You must do your due diligence. 

Who Needs a Virtual Office?

Who needs a virtual office? Any business owner who would prefer to work outside their home or who wants to present a more professional appears once, even if it’s just for meetings and conferences. Remember, in business, perception is reality. 

Can I Use a Virtual Office Address as my Legal Business Address?

Yes, a virtual office address can be used as your legal business address. This is great for websites and other business usages. It’s a great way to limit your personal information exposure.

How do I Create a Virtual Office For my Business?

  • 1.    The easiest way to get started, first to assess which services you need.
  • 2.    Contact the office of your choice.
  • 3.    Request a short consultation
  • 4.    Do some comparison shopping
  • 5.    Make your decision
  • 6.    The company does the rest; they will walk you through the process and explain features and benefits.

In real estate…. The key is location, location, location. Talk about location! This San Francisco virtual office is FAB-U-LOUS. How would you like to display this address on the business material…?  One Sansome Street in the heart of the Financial District? Features include frequent mail forwarding services, live receptionist, and much more…for more info Click Below

San Francisco
1 Sansome Street Suite 3500
San Francisco, CA 94104

San Francisco Virtual Office Go Here

Impress clients with a prestigious Brickell Avenue address located in the heart of Miami! This virtual office plans offer forwarding services and live receptionist call answering support, and scheduling services. Thanks to this leading workspace operator, your business will stand out with numerous amenities such as access to on-site conference rooms, private offices, staffed reception, and high-speed internet access.

Brickell Ave Miami, FL
BB&T Building 1200
Brickell Ave. Suite 1950
Miami, FL 33131

Miami Virtual Office: Check Here

This Houston virtual office space is in the prestigious River Oaks area, close to the city’s retail and restaurant amenities. Work remotely or at home and benefit from on-demand services including conference room rental, mail handling, live call answering, and more. Benefit from a flexible solution that gives your business a professional front, without the cost or commitment of a full-time office.

San Felipe Business Center
4265 San Felipe Street Suite 1100,
Houston, TX 77027

Get Details Here

A business address on Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, is as prestigious as they come. Thanks to this Beverly Hills virtual office, that address could be yours. In addition to an impressive corporate location, businesses can benefit from professional services including customized live call answering and receptionist support. Furnished meeting rooms and day offices are available on-demand, by the hour, with access to a full range of amenities.

Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills
Wilshire Blvd. LA, CA
10940 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 1600
Los Angeles, CA 90024

Go Here for More Details

Raleigh, North Carolina is known for its beautifully designed building. Make a bold statement with a Downtown Raleigh Fayetteville Street address. Then impress your client more with a live Receptionist, a local phone number, and much more. Make a lasting impression and never miss a call.

Tower Business Center
555 Fayetteville Street Suite 201
Raleigh, NC 27601

business outsourcing  and virtual help

Details Here

International Virtual Office

Wherever you are located, your business can operate without the high cost of supporting an office and staff in any country we offer. Virtual Office service is a complete office solution for those who do not need a physical office presence for their company. It includes access to the street mailing address, telephone, and fax number. The street mailing address can also be used as your company’s legal address, if necessary.

virtual office world wide

Add’l Info Go Here











A virtual office address gives you an instant presence, a recognizable business address, a flexible workspace, and a functional legal address and headquarters for your business. A few of the most income-producing benefits are live receptionist call answering service and mail forwarding. Just think how much money you’ve missed by not being able to answer your calls.

Lastly, it’s also creating a way to lessen your exposure to personal information. You can print your virtual office address on all your marketing material including your website and business cards. And there are hundreds of virtual office locations across North America and internationally. It’s sometimes one of the requirements needed to create a business entity to acquire business credit and loans.


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