Eye-Catching TikTok Bio Ideas for Small Business

tiktok bio ideas

Within this article, we share Tik Tok bio ideas from some of the most influential Tik Tokers to help stir your creative juices. These concepts you can use as a template or examples.


Wondering how important is your Tik Tok bio? Well on a scale of 1-10 it’s an eleven simply because; according to online marketing experts, stats, data, and influencers, TikTok is the fastest route to where you are to where you want to go. 


Not to mention, TikTok has 1B monthly users, is currently the #1 social media platform, and if those stats weren’t impressive enough, their visitors use the TikTok app Every Single day and stay on the app for an average of 59 minutes!



tiktok bio ideas



Now that I have your attention, back to your bio, think about your tik tok bio like this. Liken it to the title of a book. It’s not fair but we’ve all heard the adage, don’t judge a book by its cover. Unfortunately, it’s better said than done. Because that’s exactly what happens. But don’t get bitter, get better and that’s exactly what this post is designed to do!


Let’s Get Started!


TikTok Bio Ideas


Your TikTok bio is just the beginning. But you’re wondering what’s the purpose of a bio or maybe not since all social media networks follow the same format, create a login, and complete a profile and or bio.  Remember, your TikTok bio is one of the first things people see and or read when deciding whether they want to follow you. Since I’m sure this isn’t your first rodeo, we’re starting at the first-grade level.


The perfect bio consists of a few elements such as offering a quick personal overview, explaining your offer and including a call-2-action. (What you request them to do i.e., Click the link, visit YouTube, etc.) the paragraph below offers a few more details:


tiktok bio ideasWhen crafting an effective bio, make it simple hence enticing enough so that visitors can learn who you are and whether they should trust you. Never overlook the obvious. This may sound apparent, but some of us are old enough to remember that one  MLM company that made Millions, not revealing who they were. So be sure to not only reveal who you are but also what does that means to your target market Basically, what’s in it for me? “WIIFM”.


TikTok Bio Ideas for Small Business


As a small business owner hoping to market on TikTok; a profound and appealing TikTok bio is imperative! So, let’s narrow down what it is you want to get across to your audience. Keep in mind there are many different angles or roads to get you where you are trying to go.

Many businesses small, medium, and large, including Fortune 500 companies play on TikTok! Many have found their uniqueness and have attracted like-minded followers that are interested in their products or services.


 A few more TikTok Bio Tips

  • Write your strongest points at the beginning of your bio
  • Avoid trickery, tell your audience exactly what purpose
  • Be strong in your delivery


Below are a Few Real Bio Ideas from some of the top influencers:


YouTube: Erika Kullberg

Business: erika@creatorsagency.co



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How to Create an Effective TikTok Bio


Your TikTok bio is super important and constructing the best bio requires a clear mind, knowing your purpose, and some creativity. To help, below are a few tips. These pointers are designed to help you produce a slogan or spill that will offer insight into your personality, brand, and vision. Therefore, those that resonate with your vibe will follow you.

Examples of Tik Tok Business Bio


Financial ninja. Retirement sherpa. Yogi. Grandpa. Moisturized and melanated.

Small Biz Marketing tips and Motivation Ask me a question ⬇️

Consultant contact@thestrategista.com Cornell Law + 🇺🇸🇫🇷🇨🇿 👇freebie


tiktokmarketing for business

What is the purpose of your TikTok Videos?

Are you trying to grow your brand, increase sales or increase visibility?



  •  Know your “WHY” this is vital. It’s sort of like your USP      which is what differentiate you from your competitors


  • Although TikTok seems like all fun and games it’s used for business and there’s a method to the madness.


  • Keep your bio light, simple, or of course Humorous!


  •  Add a call to action to your bio ex. Visit the website, click on bio, or link tree


  •  Brighten up your bio with a splash of color, Include an emoji or two.


  •  Be direct and straightforward, don’t be afraid to tell visitors who you are.



TikTok Bio Link



What is a bio link? A bio link is a link that is included in your bio. You are granted this privilege if you have a business or creator account. The good news is that anyone can qualify for either. It’s highly recommended to have a business account to qualify for the different perks.


Below is an example of a bio link.

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Small Business Bio Examples

Financial ninja. Retirement sherpa. Yogi. Grandpa. Moisturized and melanated.

Small Biz Marketing tips and Motivation Ask me a question

Consultant contact@thestrategista.com Cornell Law + freebie

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Bio Ideas with Emojis


Eat 🍽️ Sleep 💤 Create 🤳🏼

Not your copycat TikToker 🙃

To the metaverse 🚀 👨🏼‍🚀 🦾

My relationship status? Netflix 🍿 Oreos ⚫⚪⚫ and sweatpants 🩳

Need 📹 ideas? DM me

Throwing kindness around like confetti 🎊

I’m not savvy. I simply wear glasses 🤓

Having the time of my life ⏰🎉

Just going with the flow 🌊

Treating every follower like family 👌❤️



As you can imagine trying to grab the attention of onlookers can be challenging, but an appealing tik tok bio can help convert visitors into followers or even customers. TikTok is truly the best and easiest avenue to boost brands, drive traffic, and more sales. But ONLY if you can intrigue visitors to click on your bio., which is simple but not easy.


This post was designed to help you write a killer bio. The above examples were from real Tokers! Knowingly, the wrong thing that we want is to spend time on niffy videos that NO one clicks on.  So, taking some time to craft an attention-grabbing or interesting bio is key.



In this commentary, we shared the purpose of a TikTok bio idea and offered bio ideas that are sure to bring followers.  So how can you make sure you grab people’s attention and turn them into followers, fans, and even customers.

Hopefully, this article on TikTok bio ideas has piqued your interest. But just know that it was written to inspire you. Remember, we are only limited by our imagination.

Addedly, the greatest thing about TikTok is its creativity, authenticity, and innovation, which are all designed to set you apart from the competition.






  •         Find your unique style.
  •         Use all 80 characters
  •         Target the right audience.
  •         Incorporate silliness, fun, or edutainment.
  •         Keep your bio short, sweet, and light.
  •         Include a CTA
  •         Inspect and make necessary changes when needed


Now it’s time to hear from you. 

Will you set up your TikTok bio today? Or do you not have enough info to get started?  To learn more about TikTok, check out this article <- it offers even more info about TikTok marketing for business!


Let me know if you found this information useful…leave your comments now! 

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