The internet can be a good thing Or bad…. but one thing for sure, it increases transparency. Over the course of 40 years in the business, I’ve had great reviews and some oops!!!!

Within today’s environment with social media, there’s not much we can get away with. You can piss off a customer and in a matter of minutes, it’s news.

Customer satisfaction is key now more so than ever. No longer can we run a business and treat our customers less than courteous.  The way many businesses were run back in the day, won’t cut the mustard Today!

Since we’re always trying to share lessons learned, we encourage you to read and share with your peers… and even your competitors!

Biggest Lesson 


pytalkbiz customer review page

This is a letter of recommendation that was needed, to be considered to take the state boards to become a licensed General Contractor…. did I pass? ….well…. see what had happened was!!!…LOL!!!

Listed are a few testimonials… This isn’t 40 years worth LOL!…. I’ll add more once I come across them.  These are some of the most recent ones.

This is from a vendor that needed an estimate… NO one likes giving estimates because the banks require a detail itemized list and it’s a great chance they’re just kicking tires… but I do them anyway…sometimes.

I know you’re busy, Deborah.
I wanted you to know that this is one of the best examples of a field evaluation I’ve seen from any of our contractors.
I want you to know how much it is appreciated to have all of the
information we need in order to provide an accurate bid for our client.
Thank you, again, very much!

... everyone stops speaking to me after this innocent…LOL!!! we were performing a trash-out… which means everything left at the property is considered trash and is approved to dump. For some reason, I decided to ramble through the debris which we never do because it’s too time-consuming. But this time something nudged me to ramble a little .

Guess what? I struck gold,… not really, but I did find diamonds... technically, I could have kept them…. morally… I couldn’t…

……now the crew wasn’t excited about my decision to return the diamonds… We arranged a time to meet with the previous homeowner, I gave her the diamonds she takes the boxes and threw them in the back of the truck! ($20,000 worth)

Another testimonial from a vendor, unsolicited!

Hi Deborah, This email is in appreciation of all the hard work you’ve been doing for us. Moreover, the work orders have been submitted in due time, with minimal errors. So, thank you for all the top-notch work and we hope that we can continue working together in this caliber.


You have provided us an excellent bid! I wanted to say thank you and that the detail is wonderful and leaves us knowing exactly what the property will look like if approved. This is what we wish every vendor gives us back! My only question is about the carpet -FHA grade, is there a brand name or similar we can plug in?

Thank You
Construction Coordinator

To Whom It May Concern:

As the NC Vendor Coordinator/Manager for US Best Repairs, I thoroughly enjoyed working with Deborah Pretty of First Choice Property Preservation. Deborah is efficient, responsive and timely. Deborah is proactive in anticipating problems and eagerly makes necessary adjustments.

I would like to share three different situations that come to mind when I reflect on Deborah’s work performance:

(1) Deborah facilitated an entire roof replacement in Bath, NC. This location was in the Historic District and a very affluent neighborhood. The bank was concerned about the contractor’s choice and their craftsmanship. The job was completed top-notch, and the bank was very pleased. 

(2) This story displays Deborah’s integrity.  Deborah was assigned to perform a trash-out.  During the debris removal process, she spotted valuables (diamond rings and earrings worth in excess of $20,000 (appraisal papers attached). She informed us of her findings and returned the valuables to the previous homeowner. 

(3) Deborah was given a work order to kilz all walls at an REO property in Rocky Mount, NC.  Once the job was finished the photos were viewed by the real estate agent. The agent noticed a few flaws and notified us. We discussed the matter with Deborah.  She fixed the issues right away and explained that she decided to Not only just kilz the walls but paint the walls as well.  In her own words, “We knew the property was for sale and wanted the house to look presentable”.

Unbeknownst to the agent, Deborah’s job wasn’t to paint the wall but rather kilz the walls… Deborah went beyond the call of duty.

I am very pleased with Deborah’s quality of work, her tenacity and lastly her ability to do whatever it takes to over-deliver to her customers. I highly recommend Deborah Pretty as a candidate to the NC General Contracting licensing Board.  Please feel free to call with any additional inquiries.

Respectfully yours,

US Best Repair Service, Inc.

Michelle P


9:49 AM (50 minutes ago)
to me
This is from a sub-contractor that was working with us… I appreciated him as well!

This is from a sub-contractor that was working with us… I appreciated him as well!

Ok, thank you, Mrs. Debra. Sounds good to me. I want to let you know that I really appreciate everything you all have done for me. I really enjoy working for you and your hard work is not going unnoticed. Thank you again

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