Small Business Website Design Guide for Beginners [2022]

small business website design

 The best small business website design guide, written for online newbies [2022]


Finally, you decided to create and design a website for your small business, that’s progress. Knowing you, you’re excited yet clueless and design blind. Not only that you have no coding skills, lack technical knowledge, and possess limited computer and web development experience.😒


40% of people will switch to a different search result if the first one is not mobile-friendly Click To Tweet


Irrespective of your technological IQ, even YOU can design an eyebrow-raising aesthetically pleasing mobile-friendly, custom-designed website, for your small business


WAIT!!! before you start back flipping and break dancing, you’ll need to know that there are a few other critical elements that play a vital role in your unique website design endeavor.


Candidly, the word webdesign can be a misnomer. Believe me, there’s a lot more than creativity that goes into creating a custom-designed website. Moreover, a professionally designed website is about more than choosing the vibrant colors, images, and font styles.


best small business website builders


In fact, it’s even more than high user experience, delivery of the best website content ideas, tips, and tricks, or website branding congruency, however, there are shortcuts… We Got YOU!


50% of total eCommerce revenue comes from mobile Click To Tweet



Lastly, within our web designer manual, we also included a few other equally important factors that you must know such as Google’s updated mobile-first indexing rule, the high-priority choice of a responsive website theme, and the need for speed page loading. But no worries, our tutorial explains web design development easy enough that a 1st grader can comprehend and execute`



Let’s dive in.



Small Business Website Design




Slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year Click To Tweet




Advantages and Disadvantages of Website Builders


What Is a Website Builder?



A website builder is a setup system that enables you to design, develop, and add content to your website. All this is accomplished through a content management system or CMS. Even better news, it doesn’t require any coding or prior web design skills.


To explain further, a website builder is a website platform that’s quick and easy to set up. It arrives preset so that you can go through and easily add your branding, and content, which basically establishes your online presence, in a jiffy. here we’ll discuss the advantages.


47% of people expect an average site to load in under 2 seconds. Click To Tweet

Advantages of Website Builders


Let’s discuss the advantages. A business website is paramount in today’s business climate. A recent survey shows that 78% of all businesses have a website. Years ago, the biggest deterrent to not investing in a small biz website was the cost.


Unfortunately, only Fortune 500 companies and other multi-million-dollar businesses had websites. Mainly because they were the only entities that could afford to hire a website designer and development content ideas


Today is a new day. Fortunately, things have changed that now allow small businesses to build a custom website without a huge financial obligation.


Website builders had helped changed the game and level the playing field. Every small business owner that wants an online presence today can easily create an online presence, inexpensively!


Econsultancy recently found that slow-loading websites cost retailers $2.6 billion in lost sales each year. Click To Tweet





  •         No coding or web design degree needed
  •         Create, up and running in minutes
  •         Drag and drop features
  •         No technical skills require
  •         Don’t have to hire an expensive web designer
  •         Cheap introductory prices
  •         Easy to use


Disadvantages of Website Builders

Here we talk about the drawbacks and difficulties of site builders. Prebuilds is simple and easy. However, they come with restrictions that keep you in a designed-confined, ill-functional, and SEO-starved optimized box. Website builders are a business in a box, they look great, but they lack features that sophisticated businesses desire.


From a sustainability standpoint, website builders aren’t that suitable for high-income businesses. If you’re planning to build a long-lasting, iconic business, a website builder system could impede your online visibility. As your business grows hence your website. If created with the end in mind your business website undoubtedly can transform into a profit-producing asset.


25% of consumers would stop engaging with content that doesn’t display well on their device Click To Tweet






  • No ownership
  • Poor SEO
  • Slow web speed
  • Single-Page Development
  • Impeded competitiveness
  • Lacks uniqueness
  • Difficult to transfer


Custom Designed Website

Yes, custom-like a custom home. This means you get a specialty design from top to bottom.

Equal to a custom-built house if your money is right, time, and energy, then go for it.  If your preference is a 100% original, higher user experience (UX), and custom website design build-ins up the yin yen, custom build is for you. That will have your site super-fast, SEO and mobile-friendly, and all the other bells and whistles uniquely built for you!


best website builder for small businessesAlthough the almighty Google Loves originality, your other site builders like Wix, Weebly, and WordPress have their fair share of users. Of course, WordPress is the most customizable CMS. Even with a custom-designed website, updates and improvements are required.


An increase in site speed from 8 to 2 seconds can boost your conversion rate by 74% Click To Tweet

The custom build does give you the freedom to start with the end in mind, to set the groundwork, and leaves a gateway for future updates and performance changes.


Benefits of Custom Website

  •         100% Original
  •         Search engine friendly
  •         Mobile friendly
  •         Created by a pro web developer
  • Built-in SEO
  •         Readily scalable
  •         Better user experience


Mobile-Optimized/Responsive -Ready



A one-second delay in site loading speed might mean a 7% dip in conversions. Click To Tweet



What’s all the hype about mobile optimization? Unless you’ve been under a rock, the world is changing, and all things are mobile. Just think about how often you use your mobile device.

Research shows that 56% of consumers search and purchase through mobile methods.

mobile-friendly design


Even Google has changed its SEO rankings rules. Starting back in 2019 Google begin enforcing mobile-first indexing. What does this mean to you and me? Simply that the mobile versions of our websites, determine our search position, hence our visibility and sells. Google is positioning itself to stay ahead of the game and mobile is the future.


 Listed are a few of Google’s mobile best practices



–                     Make it as easy as possible for Googlebot to see lazy loaded content. If your lazy-load content requires the assistance of a user, such as swiping, typing, or clicking the bot won’t load the content. (According to Google)


–                     Stay consistent with your meta robots’ tags across the two different versions, Ie. desktop and mobile. Google doesn’t like confusion!


–                     Make it easy for Google to gain access to and translate your content.


–                     Keep content the same on both versions


–                     Use high-quality images


–                     Incorporate Google’s preferred image format is SVG


–                     Place videos higher up on your page.


–                     Avoid placing ads at the top of your pages


43% of site owners plan to invest in improvements to better website speed and performance. Click To Tweet


Website Cost

How much should you pay for a fully loaded website, that’s a loaded question? The answer is as little or as much as you can afford. Likened to a car purchase, you can purchase a Yugo or Benz, they both serve the same purpose.small business website cost


The Yugo is strictly transportation, and the Benz is traveling in style. However, the outcome is the same. Chances are you’ll arrive at your destination safely. Comparatively, I’ve seen both on the side of the road with the hoods up. 😊

Back to the question at hand, let’s break down the cost.



28% of small businesses spend less than $500 on a website Click To Tweet


There are 3 ways to build your business website:

Hire a professional web designer, DIY -WordPress, or use a drag and drop platform.


Types of Websites

  • Drag and drop (Wix, Weebly, Squarespace)
  • CRM -Word Press (DIY)
  • Custom-built (Pro website designer)


–                     Drag-and-Drop- are all-inclusive, you pay one package price on a monthly or annual basis. Many small businesses chose this type of website because they’re simple and easy to start and run. Keep in mind that there are drawbacks which we discussed a few paragraphs back.

As you know the name of the game is to make money and marketing is money. That being said, many of the drag-and-drop business pricing is confusing and hard to understand. You can expect to pay from 20-$150/month. The more add-on the higher the cost.


–  A CMS PLATFORM is one of the most popular content builders. And 40% of all CMS users are on the WordPress network. WordPress is Great if you’re a DIYer. I prefer WordPress for many reasons. You can literally build a website in an hour, for under 50 bucks. Additionally, it gives you space, design freedom, and easy integration.

For simple integrations I use plugins. WordPress has over 55 thousand plugins, so for many new features and performance upgrades, there’s a plugin. Unfortunately, all plugins aren’t free. (But usually, you can find free alternatives).

Even if you’re a beginner you can build your own site.


–         Lastly but not least expensive. The priciest way to get online is to hire a web designer. For sure you will end with a unique website. There is a multitude of advantages to having a custom-built website. You get to create your unique vision and include the built-ins that are most specific to your needs.


Addedly, you can capture space for future expansion, less /no junk codes, HTML, and JavaScript. Usually, a professional designing agency collaborates with marketers, web design developers, and SEO optimizers to ensure you get Max benefits. The price tag can start from $2000- to $100,000 or more, depending on if you want a Lamborghini or a Lexus!!!


how to build a website no coding


Website Branding Tips

Branding is the new buzzword. The internet has leveled the playing field and information and knowledge are readily available for those who want to learn. Plus, the celebs have educated us as well. Business is all about branding.


Why is Branding Important

Proper branding gives your business a leg up. Let’s think for a minute of one of the easiest industries that demonstrates strong branding signals. Hmmm… the car industry, each make has an easily identifiable element and a USP that differentiate its business from its competitors.


You can spot that brand from a mile away. Sometimes we even purchase because we trust the brand. In essence, if you get proficient in branding, selling, and engaging with your ideal clients becomes simpler.


How to Practice Perfect Website Build Branding


Usually, when we think of branding our brain instantly starts seeing the website, font, design colors, and logo design. Truthfully branding is also intangible. Oddly, branding is also about how your product or service makes your ideal customer feel.


Everyone has their own uniqueness. What gifts and talents are you bringing to the marketplace?  What makes your business unique, and why You?


Answering the following questions can create your mission statement/ Branding. Hence, this will be the reason why your target audience chooses you over your competition.


Erin’s formula can be found @ Be Aligned Web Design. I found her formula very helpful. She’ll walk you through the formula with examples.



So, if you’re trying to figure out your uniqueness /USP or mission statement you may want to check her out.


Website Branding USP


-What you do + who you serve+ what they’ll get from working with you + what’s your unique adjective that sets your business apart.


***Check out what I came up with, found in the conclusion section.


-If you’re tripping about fonts and colors etc.… don’t. Most drag-and-drop website builders have templates you can choose from.


So does CMS – such as WordPress. There are thousands to choose from, free and paid themes. For established businesses remain congruent with your existing branding.


website content ideas



Worse best case, if you’re going with an agency, they retain the knowledge, experience, and know-how to create a cohesive look. Those services cost enough… LOL!!!


Website Content Ideas


Did you know that your website content plays a major role in branding?  You can have the most visually pleasing website ever built, however, neglecting certain factors will have your website residing in a ghost town. Visitors, once they find you, will drop by just to take pictures and leave.


Your content is what engages your community.

So, what’s the most compelling info to add to your site? Hmmm. Let’s think for a minute. What would you want to know if you visited your site?

Let’s say, you’re looking for a specialty item or health care product. What would you want to know?


Website Content Examples

–      Add video of clients, products, or events

–      Display menu and price list

–      Include contact info NAP (name, address & phone)

–      Unveil Big Reveals and Announcements

–      Display community involvement

–      List services or products

–      Share photos of your establishment

–      Introduce your staff

–      Add images or videos of product creation

–      Include your mission statement


ideas for small business website designs


5 Small Business Website Design Examples


44% of B2B buyers abandon a website because there’s no visible contact information available. Click To Tweet


Hopefully, you can find a template that resonates with you. Sharing the below website templates is a good way to get your creative juices flowing. Viewing the examples should not only offer design ideals but also show what content should be included on your home page. In fact, your homepage is the most critical page to get right. Your homepage is the gateway to your website.


Since we know that a picture is worth a thousand words, we decided to share some creative designs. You can use these for inspiration.


website design examples

Nice, clear layout very enticing

example of website designs

Simple and to the point, everything you need to know!

website design tips for small businesses

Great photography and easy navigation

how to design a small business website

Eye-Catching Image- Very Creative

small busines web design templates

A likable web design approach for the subject matter 

business design templates

Vibrant and Well-Organized

web design development examples

Very Professional, left no stone unturned


How important is small business website design, according to Clique, 93% of people say that they mistrust an online company because of website design. So, if you’re planning to build or remodel your business website keep in mind your site should represent your company’s USP and brand as much as possible.


I truly hope that our guide was helpful. Our goal always is to simplify small business solutions.


Remember, reading without acting doesn’t produce results. Conversely taking action will help you to build an income-producing, product demonstrating, customer gathering website, so, get to moving!


43% of small businesses plan to improve their website page speed, and 30% plan to embed videos. Click To Tweet

Especially since no coding, technical skills, or design knowledge is required. Even still if you’re as color-blind as a bat you can build a fancy-dancy website to help you grow your small company.


We‘re aware to find the most creative small business website design ideas can be overwhelming. Our sincere wish is that our roadmap takes you from scare to death to massive success!


Final Thoughts: now you got web design skills under your belt, you’re going to need to use them. Because setting up your site isn’t a set and forget it, you will have to maintain it. Imaginably, nothing as intimidating as building your site. Simply, update regularly, with fresh content, updated photos, emerging trends, and customer testimonials and reviews.



 Websites  Templates 

ColorWhistle teams

Web flow




Now It’s Your Turn

I’d like to hear what you have to say:

How soon before starting your website?

 Leave comments and your mission statement 🧡🧡t below.



 My Mission Statement:

Fun-Loving Small Biz Coach who teaches small business owners simplified ways to boost online visibility and proven tactics that increases customer acquisition without abandoning friends and family!  


If you’re in our database once I reach 1000 subscribers, I’ll drop some ASTONISHING NUGGETS!!

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Small Business Website Design Guide 




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