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WAIT!!! Let me guess you arrivED here because you’re looking for small business marketing strategies?  Right???


😜😜OK. Just Kidding,  you’re here because you’re hoping to find a way to Boost your Business presence on the World Wide Web. (www) 


….without spending a Mint or Sacrificing time away from FRIENDS AND FAMILY????…   RIGHT??? 


Moreover, you’re hoping to learn how to “get your Business on Google’s top Page …. to Boost Customer Acquisition and Retention ~


👀👀 IF YOU’RE LIKE MOST SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS, who’ve tried everything to get listed on Google’s FIRST Page and FAILed!!!🤷‍♀️ …Then …. you’re at the right place… So Don’t Move a Muscle! 


                               DID you Know

53.3% of all website traffic comes from organic search. (BrightEdge) Click To Tweet

                                And that 

  Over 80% of website users search with the intent to purchase within 24 hrs some within minutes of searching!!! 



✔✔Assuming you ALREADY have a website…

Start Here First!!!!




Ready to Grow your Business, improve Google Rankings and Gain Respect and Credibility?


check your on-page SEO first… 

  • Meta Tags (Title and description)
  • Images for alt tags
  • Keywords Selection
  • Images for the appropriate size
  • Website speed 
  • Page loading speed 


You can check those items HERE for FREE!




Top 10 Small Business Proven Marketing Strategies, you can APPLY TODAY for “FREE




Small Business Marketing Strategies That are FREE Click To Tweet


Let’s Dive In!



marketing ideas for small businesses






Within this post we’ll discuss 10 Proven Marketing Methods, you can Employ NOW …. FOR “FREE”


  1. Incorporate a Business Website 

Your website is a permanent marketing billboard. It can conveniently display your company products and services around the clock, without extra cost. Your business website is a piece of real estate that has unlimited resources.


On your site, you can attract and retain your ideal customers in a fun and creative way.


Addedly, it offers the opportunity to expand regionally or globally from home. The icing on the cake, your website can be created and managed at no cost. 




Advantages of a Business Website


  • FREE to Create and Maintain
  • Extends instant business credibility
  • Amplify Global Marketing Exposure
  • Deliver stable visibility Open 24/7
  • Saves time and money
  • Eliminate or reduce print advertising
  • Use as a lead generator
  • You own your marketing assets (Not a 3rd-party)


  1. Merge social media

Social media is here to stay. So, the time to get Social is NOW! Many businesses by now would have moved on to bigger and more traditional forms of marketing. ..

Time has adjusted that theory. Other small business owners think they’re too late, but that is also not true. There’s no time like the present and your customers are joining and purchasing from reviews read and product images posted every day from your competitors!

Lastly, most business owners are overwhelmed by the magnitude of social media networks and don’t know which platform to use, we understand. Pick one and start from there.

As a Small 'biz owner you're only competing against your direct competitors, who may or may not be as savvy as you! Click To Tweet

Rewards of social media


  • Gain Instant customer feedback
  • Maintain customer loyalty and engagement
  • It’s FREE to use
  • Easy way to spread content, promotions, and events
  • Can retrieve unsolicited testimonials and reviews


8 Establish your Brand

Building brand recognition used to be expensive for small businesses. In the past, only Fortune 500 companies made that attempt. The reason was it was EXPENSIVE, and an Enormous marketing budget was needed.

Thank Goodness for the internet which has leveled the playing field. What used to take years to establish now can be done one-third of the time, sometimes, even within months.

Brand awareness helps to


  • Build customer trust 
  • Keeps your company’s name top of mind 
  • Establish familiarity 
  • Reduces product or service returns
  • Increase repeat business


marketing for small business owners


  1. Content marketing 

Content marketing isn’t sexy, but it works. Especially, since most entrepreneurs really don’t understand the features and benefits. Learning to write content can be easy because you’re writing about something that you love to do. Regardless of your profession if you share high-value knowledge your audience will love and Reward You!


Publish high-quality content


  • Easily Educate customers
  • A straightforward way to test new markets
  •  An effortless way to  gain reviews
  •  Increase email subscribers 
  • A fixed platform for giveaways and coupons


  1. Include hybrid marketing 


We’ve all witnessed and have used BOPIS (buy online pickup in-store). A Covid-19 forced change which has become a permanent marketing stable in the retail marketing arsenal. Customers love the idea of freely browsing online and then driving up to the store to have their products or grocery loaded in their vehicle. What’s NOT to like about that!


Hybrid marketing Method


  • Enable seamless and faster shopping  
  • Is cheaper than home delivery
  • Adds a layer of safety
  • Less store traffic but more income
  • Reduce labor cost
  • Easy ordering from the store app
  • Simple to implement
  • Great for customer retention




  1. Lead Magnet

What is a lead magnet and are they effective? WOW!!! Lead magnets have been around at least since autoresponders. What’s funny the same techniques are used today that were used over 20 years ago. 

A lead magnet is a product, service, tool, eBook, or something of value that’s given to your target audience in exchange for their name, email address, or other information.


The higher quality of the giveaway the more info you can request. The name of the game is to capture your audience’s email address to stay in contact, encourage engagement, and boost customer retention. 


Lead Magnet Advantages


  • Excellent tool for customer acquisition
  • Turn leads into raving fans
  • Can Create an additional income stream
  • Free or cheap way to keep in contact with existing client
  • Great way to share stories and build a relationship
  • Constructs a path for partnership and joint ventures


  1. Improve Web presence and ROI

Now that you’re certain that having a web presence is vital, what are you going to do?

Everything! Your website is your space, and you can do whatever you want. In contrast to other marketing mediums. I.e., social media… they are great but there are rules and guidelines you must follow.

In fact, you don’t own your content or material vs your website. Of course, your goal should be to maximize every avenue of business building, however, you never want all your eggs in one basket.


Ways to increase ROI


  • Nurture your customer through value-driven content
  • Remain as personal as possible
  • Speak your target marketing language
  • Connected and re-engage with follow-ups and emails
  • Appoints your company as an industry leader


  1. Builds overall trust

Would you believe that customers trust online review recommendations equally as much as recommendations from friends or family?  I never thought about it like that. In fact, before purchasing I normally read reviews. 

You too Right? Amazon proved that. They use their client base to grow their business. Jeff knew the deal…LOL…

He knew if he could get the customers to leave reviews, other customers would be more apt to trust them and make purchases…  it Worked!!! Now he’s the richest man in the world… (Don’t quote me on that, but I think that’s true)


Improved customer acquisition


  • Reduces advertising cost
  • Creates instant trust and integrity
  • Produces more sales  
  • Harnesses the power of social influencing


  1. SEO Optimize your website

Having a website is great. Optimizing your site can be income-producing. It’s sad but true that 90% of all websites are not optimized according to AHREF.


Optimization doesn’t have to be done all at once. You can work on your website or do a little bit at a time. Or assign it to in-house staff. Keep in mind most people would rather speak in public than tackle Search engine optimization. This gives you a leg up! 

SEO 3 main components


  •  On-page optimization
  • Off-page optimization
  •  And the technical component 
  • Go here to check your on-page optimization 
  • Or read “Think with Google”  
  • Easier to find your company on Google
  • Establish brand authority in the market
  • Improve search rankings
  • Enhances organic traffic


  1. Email marketing

Email marketing is often overlooked because it’s been on the leaderboard for over 20 years. The attraction is that everyone has an email and is familiar with the process. Moreover, businesses can easily personalize messages which boosts trust and engagement. Without a doubt, email marketing is the #1 best way for a small business to boost its brand and business.

Benefits of Email Marketing


  • Customer Familiarity
  • Trusted by Clients
  • You own your email list
  • Increase customer retention 
  • Instant Feedback and Reviews



Small Business Marketing Stats







In today’s Reality, Every business must have a website. Not only that, but the website must be mobile-friendly, and SEO optimized. (The new one Optimal small business marketing strategy and can’t grow without).


Thanks to Our Unwelcome Guest Covid-19; the pandemic has changed the way we do business… FOREVER!!!! They say, once a rubber band has been stretched it will never return to its original shape! Ignore the stats and you could potentially lose 75% or more of your sales. 


Small Business Marketing Strategies That are FREE Click To Tweet


The Good News is, that growing your online presence isn’t hard to do. If you’re a DIY’ er, that’s even greater, you can easily learn.

However, if you lack time or patience then you can hire a digital marketing strategist.

We take the fear out of online marketing, and the stress from social media marketing. Lastly, you’ll learn to incorporate technology and automation into your small businesses with ease.

We bumped our heads, so you won’t have to!👩🏽‍🔧

Now it’s time to hear from you.

Which section of interest was most helpful to you.

Leave your comment below now.

To Your Success!



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