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Looking for small business marketing strategies that are simple, cost-efficient, and yield a high return?  If that’s  YOU, we got your back. Hi, I’m P.Y. and within this post, you can expect to uncover simple ways to maximize profits and minimize efforts.
 We teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to work less, earn more, and play hard! Addedly, you’ll learn powerful productivity tips, social media marketing strategies,Opens in a new tab. and easy SEO tips to grow your organic traffic. photo of PY from

Further, we’ll help you overcome any fear that may be stopping you from diving into technology and automation.  Finally, we’ll discuss the importance of systems, outsourcing other small business marketing strategies that without a doubt will help you take back your life!

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Continue reading to learn how I saved 5 hours a day by incorporating one small piece of software. Couple that with a 35% increase of income, as a result of OPK, details below. I’m excited, hope you are as well because I’m sure you’ll find our resource helpful!!!   

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“We’re living at a time when attention is the new currency: With hundreds of TV channels, billions of Web sites, podcasts, radio shows, music downloads and social networking, our attention is more fragmented than ever before. Those who insert themselves into as many channels as possible look set to capture the most value.

They’ll be the richest, the most successful, the most connected, capable and influential among us. We’re all publishers now, and the more we publish, the more valuable connections we’ll make. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Foursquare, Fitbit and the SenseCam give us a simple choice: participate or fade into a lonely obscurity”.

– Pete Cashmore, CEO of Mashable



Topics Covered

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Importance of Business Training

Tips for Small Business Marketing

Example of Outsourcing (True Story)

Automation and Technology

What is a CRM?

Tools for Small Business Marketing

Business Insurance Yearly Review

Uncle Sam and Your Taxes 

SEO Marketing for Small Businesses

Small Businesses Marketing Tactics

Marketing Your Small Business via Website

Target Marketing Ideas

Identity Fraud/Thief (My experience)

ACH Services


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Small Business Marketing Strategies

 No longer are Small business marketing strategies Opens in a new tab.just a sound byte or an idle topic of discussion at the local chamber of commerce meetings. In fact, small business marketing has always been a significant part of business growth and development. Moreover, an effective small business marketing plan removes the guesswork,  hence, providing consistent, predictable profits, scalability, and measurable results.

Conversely, omitting a strategic marketing layout will severely impact the success and sustainability of your business. That being said, we decided to share what we discovered from 40 yrs. of business, 1000’s of travel hours, and dozens of business conferences. Hopefully, our bruises and lessons will become your blessings!

Successful Small Business Marketing Strategies


Once upon a time, 25 years ago, 💃🏽💃🏽I worked in the beauty industry, a single mom, no experience, no skills, and NO MONEY!!!  Needless to say, those definitely weren’t the good ole’ days! As you could imagine, being a single mom with a baby to feed was my top priority.  I was hungry in more than one sense.  Like one of my favorite mentors would say, ” You Got to be Hungry” Les Brown.Opens in a new tab.


Ironically, shortly after getting started in the industry, I was invited to my very first hair show in New York, (perfect timing) which opened a whole new world! building and busy street,

While in the Big City, I witnessed young girls my age, arrive in luxury cars, dripping in diamonds, and wearing fur legwarmers (I’ll never forget that!) I instantly knew this opportunity had the potential of being a Big Deal! 

The Importance of Business Training

As an illustration, the hair show was lights, camera, and action. Further, the showroom was Spectacular, lively attendees, silk-rich outfits, and hair-slayed platform technicians elevated me to a new level of hope and possibility!

Straightaway, after my apprenticeship, I realized that I desperately needed more training. As the saying goes,” when the student is ready the teacher will appear”.

Ask and thou shall receive, training became available; (“DCU”).

Dudley Cosmetology University, minority-owned hair care, and cosmetic product line. DCU’s enrollment was marketed by Dudley’s product sales reps.  “Dem” Reps sold the Heck out of that dream! For that reason, I brought into the vision Big Time… hoping to change my future trajectory!

Ready, Aim, … OOHhold on……, did I mention I had one little, itsy, bitsy, teeny, teensy, problem. To put it plainly, I possessed Zero dollars. Adding insult to injury,  I have rent, a high AS#$%%^&  car payment which was $381. 92, and a baby to feed?

 (P.Y.) holding 1yr old baby
That’s me holding Tae on his 1st birthday.


Small Business Marketing Budget


The good news; DCU was up-to-date on small business marketing solutions. Surprisingly they offered small business loans or CREDIT! I could finance the training program.                     WELLLLL …  Boo Boo…. SIGN ME UP!!!

The training was top-notch, although only technical skills were mostly taught. Looking back the missing pieces of the training were business development, sales, and marketingOpens in a new tab..  Basically, we weren’t taught how to transfer our artistic talents into a scalable, predictable, high-income-producing business.



Tell me if you agree? Most small business owners get started in a business and the first skills they sharpen are their production skills. Whatever it is that they do, rather’s it a hairstylist, barber, electrician, lawyer, artist, singer, or whatever.  Yes, we all want to be the best. But we don’t want, is to be the best and Broke-down, because that’s what usually happens when you become the best

small business strategies, team members

 Small Business Marketing Help

 AS small business owners, honestly, how many times have we heard, “if you want anything done right you may as well do it yourself? As entrepreneurs, we develop the mindset that no one can accomplish endeavors as well as we can.!

That’s the reason why for close to 10 years, in our current business unintentionally, I’ve been performing all administrative work. Above all, knowing I’m repeating a painful past. Faintly hearing those deafening words from my mentor:  “if you’re the only person working in your business, you don’t have a business”.  You’re an employee having an entrepreneurial seizure.

All things considered, to grow a true business, a talented team is needed. That’s the only way to build a sustainable business. However, in today’s business climate you don’t have to hire full-time employees there’re other alternatives.

“Do What you Love, Outsource Everything Else”

While continuously working under those unfavorable conditions I finally got completely exhausted, that’s when I decided to bust a move. A decision that should’ve been made 9 years sooner. In this case, by now potentially we could be swimming in millions.  Maybe not millions but probably very easily we missed half a million dollars.outsourcing saves time and money,

On the other hand, mentally, the loss was immeasurable….

                (You can’t put a price on time or peace of MIND!!!).

 My philosophy… follow me on this

 Ok, let’s say; we are smart right? RIGHT…. Do you think there are other people just as smart as us?… Are there others that could be smarter than us?

Could there be those that are Way, Way smarter than us? So, if we’re “smart”, add, “just as smart”, then add “smarter”, and lastly top it off with “Way, Way Smarter”… what you GOT? Mo’ MONEY…. TIME and FREEDOM!!!

Undoubtedly, it’s impossible for ONE PERSON to know it all; it’s NO way we can know the what-ifs and what incidental benefits we will encounter from OPK…                           

                            (Other People’s Knowledge).

Tips for Small Business Marketing

A true story. Within our industry, processors are hired by national companies. Those national companies hire companies like ours. (regional /local companies). Lets’ back up a sec, the national companies are hired by investors, mortgage companies, federal agencies, and big banks.

What we would have never known had we not started the outsourcing process.

Unbeknownst to the processors/outsourcers, as they begin to reach out to solicit work from contractors like ours, they began to show the national company’s hand, metaphorically speaking. Inadvertently, the processors started to teach businesses like ours, how the Game is PLAYED!!!! 

To touch further, the national company’s hired outsourcing processors from across the sea…hint, hint. (outsourcing staff).

Fortunately, those processors started reaching out to local contractors like ours. As a result of their knowledge and expertise, (from working with the BIG BOYS) we increased our income exponentially. More importantly, we wouldn’t have learned the most immeasurable lesson of all, if it wasn’t for the processors. That lesson was how national bid to their client. Remember the processors that worked directly with the nationals, who worked directly with the investors.

                         Thank God for “OPK”.

Example of Outsourcing Bids

For EXAMPLE, One of our obligations is to bid to repair property damages found during inspections. Before the processors, we used to bid just a few items, calculated below-documented pricing, and provide inefficient line-item descriptions.

We didn’t know how to properly bid the way the banks were submitting bids to their clients. Once we started to outsource, the processors would bid damages at the same prices the banks presented to their investors. What you don’t know will Not Only Hurt You but Can Put a ChokeHold on your Profits.

  …Outsource, Outsource Outsource)

Pictures example.

This is a photo demonstrate the pros and cons of outsourcing  of an example of Deborah's bids that was processed by the outsourcing company.
This is an example of the way the outsourcing processors itemize the bids, we would have had maybe 3-4- line items.



Small Business Marketing Ideas

Business projections? What are they and what are they good for…?absolutely nothing… LOL!!!  (Old song) actually your business’s Future Success that’s what!

Projections are about knowing your numbers and should be addressed in your small business marketing plan. Finally understanding this after being drilled by one of my favorite business development mentor’s Marcus Lemonis Opens in a new tab.(The Profit).Opens in a new tab.

In view of that, I got serious about knowing our numbers. Because, undoubtedly, business growth and development are all about the numbers baby! We must inspect what we expect. If a business isn’t growing, it’s dying.

Food for Thought: Do you have suppliers, digital bank fees, ACH fees, merchant account fees, CRM’s automation tools, equipment, and the Biggie INSURANCE PREMIUMS? Do those costs decrease or increase? 

According to recent research, the #1 reason we as small business owners don’t review our financials; is because we don’t want to know the truth. As a result, we bury our heads in the sand.

Realistically, that doesn’t change the facts, running a business can be brutal.  Even more so, if we refuse to embrace fresh, new, small business marketing strategies can suffocate our business. 

Let me put it the way I really mean it!  We can’t act cowardly and expect to run a fine-tune, well-run, income-generating machine. To quote one of my favorite business quotes: “Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.” Elizabeth Gilbert …OOCH!!!

Frequently reviewing your business analytics will help you to know where you stand.  That data will drive you to act. However, the key is to do something! Even if it’s the wrong move. To do nothing, you learn nothing. Even if it’s the wrong thing, you can course-correct! The issue: we don’t want to make mistakes… Errors are Inevitable!!!!

 Small Business Marketing Automation and Technology

Presently, I’ve become obsessed with technology and automation. Another small business marketing tactic that I wanted to implement but never took the time to do so. 


Again “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”. Or to quote the great “Les Brown” You Got to Be Hungry”!!! (Les Brown is a world-renowned motivational and business development leader).

Speaking of hunger pains, within our current business I was overworked, overwhelmed, and severely underpaid. Expressly, I was getting tired of getting tired and needed a fix. What can be done to lighten the load… the solution… Technology!!! 

Certainly, most of you have heard or have seen a CRM advertisement.  Unless you’ve been hiding under your desk, buried beneath papers, or ducking sales reps. CRM (customer relationship management) is a piece of business software designed to condense workflow and place operations under one umbrella.

What is a CRM?

Imagine is a Super Helpful piece of technology designed to help you manage multiple tasks with only a few clicks.

 PPW CRM screenshot
This is the CRM we use

Most industries have one CRM that’s more popular than others. Therefore, it’s hard to say which company is best because it depends on your industry. Our new technology gave me life. I have more free time hence, I’m writing this article at 2:30 in the afternoon, which wasn’t possible before the implementation of automation.  

Currently, we work for seven different companies. I would have to visit each company’s portal to view work orders, invoices, bids, estimates, push orders to subs, etc.… it was a Nightmare!

Tips for Small Business Marketing. …

Yep, I’ve incorporated our CRM and I’m…. “Loving IT”!!!!… (Speaking it in the Living Colors voice). Our chosen software made it easier to keep up with completions, invoicing, tracking subs, and more.

As small business owners, sometimes we must back- up before moving forward. Those thirty minutes it took for training, made running our business 5X more efficient. Additionally, many of the tasks that took hours now can be completed in minutes!!! Purchasing our CRM ended up being more than worth the time and money! 

Tools for Small Business Marketing

Within the next few paragraphs, we’ll discuss how to grow your business easier, this is going to be an eyeopener, short, and sweet. But, on the other hand, it’s the simple things that we overlooked that become massive game-changers.

 Starting with Computers… OK…before starting, I must admit… I’m a little tight with money…. I hold it longer than I should and pinch more than most!  I’m happy to announce; I’m a changed Woman~ …The older I get the more aids I’m reaching for… pun intended.  Comparatively, as things age, they slow down, people too! So, if you’re using antiquated, outdated office equipment or worse, if you have employees using inefficient equipment, you’re shooting yourself in the foot.

best computer for small businesses

Go here for computer specs and ratings.Opens in a new tab.

In fact, research shows employees waste three hours per week complaining about their inability to complete work because of outdated equipment.Opens in a new tab. To add insult to injury we stand a greater chance of losing Good talent to our competitors.  

Skillful employees won’t stick and stay if we fail to provide quality office equipment. More devastatingly, we’re potentially strengthening our competitor’s army. Slow equipment …slows down productivity…. as well as help our competition.


Small Business Budget- Mind your Business

Mind Your Business. As I’m sitting here writing, our Next-door neighbor is having approximately 15- 80-ft pine trees cut down. Me being me, I go outside every once and a while to check on the progress. I watched them grind one stump which took about 20 minutes.

If one stump took twenty minutes (curious minds want to know) with this in mind, how long will it take to grind 15 stumps? And the flip side, what if the equipment was old and outdated?… it could take FOREVER!

insurance for small business neighbors house
Still watching my neighbor’s trees being cut down

Still watching the construction next door, from my office window trying to figure out how much can they reasonably charge for their services?

Surprisingly, a few years ago, we had fifty-two trees cut down. Believe it or not, I still remember how much we paid. However, what I can’t remember is them using all those huge, gigantic pieces of heavy equipment.

 In view of insurance, the father of the business and I talked about business insurance. Long story short, his insurance company Opens in a new tab.recently notified him that they were going to eliminate parts of his coverage and increase his premium… Huh????? For that reason, he called around to find another insurance carrier. Conversely, the new insurance company offered increased coverage and better rates. Moreover, he ended up saving $30,000/per year in the process. Boo-yah!

 Business Insurance Yearly Review

On another note, I still can’t figure out how much they would have to charge to make money for this job. Today is day seven, it rained yesterday, and there are about 15 stumps remaining, at least five workers, about six huge, gigantic pieces of equipment, a climber, and more.…. WOW…. Ok…I’m just wondering…

 Considering this, businesses should perform yearly insurance and other business services check-ups. In essence, don’t fall in love with your insurance or other service providers unless they love you back.  After all, the only way you’ll know is if they love you… is when it’s Claim Time! … that’s another story…I know… I keep me some stories...LOL!

 Business Insurance companiesOpens in a new tab. and other services providers know business owners are very busy and would prefer to keep things simple and the same. In the same vein, ironically, my insurance company sent me a letter last month, informing me that they were increasing my insurance premium.

They bumped their heads. (Right now, we’re paying 6.5 times more than our peers. And we’re all earning around the same amount of money, and No claims have been paid out.) Remember to review your Business insurance rates Yearly, not just insurance but on all business services.

  Create Business Allies!

Let’s be clear, many people go into business and the first sign of another business owner looking over their shoulder, they try to hide their hand. Keep in mind, all business owners aren’t our enemies. Undoubtedly, we can learn more about improving our business from an ally than from many other endeavors.

Presumably, this stinkin thinkin came from our educational system, which calls this cheating. CHEATING IN BUSINESS IS GOOD…. STEALING IS A NO-NO!

hanging sign of Coca-Cola

For example, look at our Fortune 500 companies. There are many similar businesses often referred to as (“me too businesses”). To point out a few, Pepsi, and Coke; McDonald’s, and Burger King; Android, and Apple… OK Wait… that’s going too far …Android and Apple are like comparing Adidas to Nikes … don’t hate. Just saying… LOL!!!…

You get the picture. There’s plenty to learn from studying our competition. Additionally, a point often overlooked, we can also study business trendsOpens in a new tab. from companies across the globe or other business sectors. The sky’s the limit.  So, remember when we keep our hands shut tightly, Yep, nothing can get out. In contrast, nothing can Get in as well!

Tax Accountant Found Unexpectedly

With this in mind… I think I found my best and most knowledgeable tax accountant yet. Surprisingly, from speaking with the service rep at an auto repair shop. However, that person turned out to be the owner. During our conversation, he started to speak very highly about his current accountant. Conversely, he spoke about how his prior accountant/CPA Opens in a new tab.performance wasn’t up to par.

A few months later; one year back taxes down, one to go, only two years behind.  The lesson within a lesson Pay YOUR TAXESOpens in a new tab. ON TIME… THE UNCLE DOESN’T PLAY…. HE WILL DELIVER A KNOCKOUT PUNCH!

  Pay Estimated Taxes

Another key pointer; never stop recruiting. Keep searching for the most knowledgeable and talented team members possible, especially for key positions.

 copies tax returns for 7 years.

Small Business Marketing Tools

In as much as I’ve ranted about our CRM and the amount of time it saves; in the same vein, mixing technology with automation takes business to an even higher level.

The first time I was introduced to an autoresponder I was simply amazed. Automation at its finest. Automating the mundane, routine components of your business saves massive time and resources.

To automate such routine tasks as, follow-ups, friendly reminders, scheduling, and so on.  Even schools are using automation to alert parents of school closings, school events, and other pertinent events. 

There’s another way to automate the routine, mundane tasks; according to Mark Zuckerberg this unknown secret will dominate within the next 10 years; Chat automation secret! Opens in a new tab.

 What’s cooler than a client scheduling an appointment and paying for service, all electronically. After which you send an E-acknowledgment of both without interrupting your flow.  Automation and technology are game-changers!

 SEO Marketing for Small Businesses

Within the next few paragraphs, shared is what was learned from running our SEO business. Mistakes were made. On a positive note, they’ll help you, especially since Covid-19 Forced business practice, of every business, must have a website.

We’ll begin with, SEO, Target Marketing, Keyword Research, and a few other online marketing strategies that are critical to having an effective web presence.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 

Beginning with the story of my very first SEO client, a wedding photographer, whom I met online. (Cold Call) It all got started from a failed attempt with online marketing in 2006. Just as I was giving up, I noticed I inadvertently learned SEOOpens in a new tab.. Thinking quickly, I decided to put up a quick website to test what I thought I had learned.  BINGO!

Long story, short. Yes, it worked! I learned SEO. So, my first thought was to help others. Being naive, I started calling businesses. Excitedly, telling them of this newfound help. Honestly sharing how this could help get their business on the first page of Google.

In my ignorance, the reply was do you know how many times I heard that? For Real!!!! OK, new approach. To cut to the chase here’s what happened. Firstly, hunting for clients I came across some of the most beautiful wedding photos ever. One HUGE Problem, they were on the second page of Google. To clarify, why was I searching on Google’s second page Because I knew that the businesses that were on the second page wanted to be on the first page.

seo letters  search engine optimization


Small Businesses Marketing Tactics

In short, after a brief conversation, he hired me to perform SEO services. To translate, he wanted his website to show up on the first page of Google. In essence, when searchers typed wedding photographer, in his city his website would show up first. In a few days, his website went from the second page to the first page second position.  Bam! (***it takes longer now…Google changed the rules)

In this case, how much were my services worth to him?… Mind you, his wedding packages started at around $5000.00. The takeaway here is that having a web presence is vital, however, it must be properly optimized!

Small Business Website…a vital component


Components for Small Business Website Marketing

 Maintain Regular Website Check-ups

SEO and Page Ranking… is Critical

Choosing Highly Relevant Keywords

 Market Research the Secret Weapon

Contact Marketing Tips


In this lesson, we deal with small business websites. Since Post Covid stats were made available which offered conclusive data that a business website is essential! Recent research shows that businesses that incorporated a hybrid system or the BOPIS (buy online, pick up in-store) were the companies or retailers that thrive and /or survived, during the Covid pandemic.

Optimizing your business website isn’t hard, this is easy for me to say that now.  Comparatively, back in the day when I was tucked away in what I called the “dungeon” trying to start my online businessOpens in a new tab., that was a horse of a different color.

Additionally, there were times when I wanted to snatch the computer cord from the wall, violently throw it out the window, and surrender to self-pity. LOL!!!

 Today your web presence plays a vital role in today’s small business marketing mix. Although in contrast, recently I read a staggering statistic that even in today’s technological age over 40% of all businesses don’t have a website. I still find that hard to believe in today’s tech environment.   Despite all the functions and important tasks of a website such as:

  • A convenient way to display products and services.
  • An easier way to educate clients or customers.
  • One of the quickest ways to inform customers of upcoming sales and other promotions.
  • Portrays a professional business image.
  • Offers potential additional income stream, with less overhead. 

 Furthermore, having a small business website increases your business credibility. This even helps when applying for business credit or other business services.  A professional-looking website gives the appearance that you own a legitimate business.  

What Should Your Local Business Website Look Like

website printed on a monitor

Now that we know websites are a critical component of small business marketing, keep in mind not just any website. Please resist the noisy websites, those that sing, and dance. You’re sure to turn off some of your visitors. Unless you are advertising movies, music, etc… 

On the other hand, a $20,000 web designer won’t necessarily get you more customers or sales either! All things considered, you can DIY if you’re up to the challenge or hire a web designer for cheap.

Alternatively, you can obtain an efficient business website for $500.00 or less. Bottom-line we must stay current with technology to keep a competitive edge.

 Marketing Your Small Business via Website 

Equally important, did you know your web speed, is a huge factor? Ironically, just today I was reading a newspaper article my hubby brought to my attention that touched on this very issue.

Surprising, while reading an article, there was one thing that stuck out that I found humorous. The writer commented that he didn’t want to wait for a slow email… “Slow Email”… he didn’t say slow snail mail… Freaking Email….  Times are changing, did you know there are people that think microwaves are too slow …one of them is writing this post… 🙂 web page speed test. graded at 95
PYTalkBiz.comOpens in a new tab. website page loading page is at 95% today

That being said, if your website takes longer than 4 seconds to load, you stand a great chance of losing potential customers. Fortunately, that’s an easy fix. Have your website speed tested by your web designer or test it yourself. Your website loading speed should be at least 93% or above.  Top sites are loading at 95% or above. You can test your speed here: Opens in a new tab.

    Maintain Regular Website Check-ups 

While running my SEO business, I learned a lot about website design, SEO, content writing, and email marking. Yep, plenty of bruises! I also recognized whenever people talk about websites, SEO page rankingOpens in a new tab. isn’t too far behind. Especially, since everyone’s goal is to rank on the first page of Google.  

Ever wondered how important is SEO page ranking… it’s critical?  Did you know that 67% of all online searchers view only the first, second, or third positions on Google’s first page of any search? Provided that, if you own a Dental, CPA, Attorney, or Real Estate firm, or other, it’s vital to your business health to secure one of the top three positions.

  SEO and Page Ranking… is Critical 

Given these points, don’t get too discouraged, SEO page ranking is for organic searches only. If your website is to educate or inform consumers, chances are your clients may already know your business name. As a result, they will type your name into the search bar and your website will pop up.

For websites that you’re wanting to rank for or just building one, Market Research is your new best friend. This one overlooked component can keep you off the first page of Google forever!

Choose Highly Relevant Keywords

Prior to building your website below are crucial components often overlooked.

  • Choose low-competitive but highly relevant keywords.
  • Thoroughly research your business idea before diving too deep. 
  • Remember, just because your idea sounds good to You, doesn’t mean it going to make dollars and cents!!!! 

Henceforth, research, research, and more research. For existing businesses, it’s never too late to re-research your market which can improve rankings, clarify your target market, and maintain marketing messaging congruency.

 Market Research the Secret Weapon


letters blocks spelling out SEO

Components and Ideas for Small Business Website Marketing 

Web-Design, SEO Strategies, Effective Marketing Research, Content Creation, and Keyword Selection are all equally important components of an effective website. Although this may be true, I know many off-line marketers don’t talk much about these elements, but they are Extremely Relevant.

Without going into many details, I’ll disclose another massive mistake that can decimate any chances of your website ever reaching Google’s first page for your desired search term…EVER!!!!

 Yours Truly, Painfully Proved it …LOL!!! …during my first years of online marketing. Chiefly, my SEO Massive failure and personal frustrations were the main reason why I started the SEO Business. The silver lining… as mentioned earlier. .. I Learned SEO masterfully!!!

 In brief, on my first website, (2006) I chose the wrong keywords. Those that I would never rank for in a million years. To make matters worse, reaching the first page wouldn’t have made me any money. The keywords had no commercial intent. Sometimes people with Good intentions give Not So Good Advice!

  Contact Marketing Tips

Quick question? What’s the difference in search volume between these two search terms: used cars and pre-certified cars? I don’t know today but the last time I checked, used cars were searched 10’s of thousands of times more monthly, versus pre-certified cars.

In this case, if you’re writing content which term would be more profitable to use “used cars” or “pre-certified cars”? Would it be fair to say that some used car seekers were looking for pre-certified cars? This is the kind of information you’ll want to address with your SEO strategist.  Your small business advisor or consultant can help you write highly relevant content.

As another illustration, would you prefer to fish in a sea of 1000’s or in a pond of 100’s hungry fish? 

 … Overlooked Website Testing Trends 

More compelling website strategies. Since a title is the first contact your reader will have when approaching your site, it has to be GOOD!!!! . Researchers have shown that just testing the title or headline of a website can sometimes improve your viewership by 40-50-60% or more. How does that equate to dollars, only testing and analytics can reveal the truth?

Analytics is the easiest way to follow customers that visit your website. It also offers an accurate forecast of their behavior. Furthermore, it reveals their likes and dislikes about your content. It displays which pages they like, how long they stay, and much more. 

  Determine Your Customers Likes and Dislikes Through Analytics 

On the other hand, knowing this information can dramatically improve customer experience? Discovering your customer’s footprint can give you the ability to offer them more of what they want and less of what they don’t want. The difference between baiting your fishing rod with filet mignon or worms, we can feed the fish what you like or feed the fish what they like! 

  Target Marketing Ideas

In short, when writing website content, focus on writing with your ideal customer in mind. Who are they? What problems or pains are they trying to solve? Speak clearly, concisely, and succinctly.

Try to avoid the need to impress your clients. If your current customers are your target marketOpens in a new tab., then the way you say what you say is good enough. Be authentic and helpful, they will appreciate your sincerity.

However, that information should have been identified during your preliminary business plan and marketing research. Respectively, your business plan should also have included the 4 Ps.  Understanding the 4 Ps of business is a crucial component of business development. Below is a brief overview:

Four Ps of Business

  • People
  • Promotion
  • Products
  • Price

 Unfortunately, as time moves on in business, we get away from the fundamentals. I wish I had learned and implemented this years ago… it’s more helpful than most think. If we know who our clients are, this can dramatically save time, frustration, and money. 


yellow and black tart bullseye

Learning your target market will positively impact your marketing endeavors. It doesn’t pay to deliver the wrong message to the wrong person. It cost More!

  Target Marketing and keywords

Target marketing is a hot topic of discussion for my hubby (Fred) and me. Despite what the uninitiated will have you to believe… Everyone is not your customer.

Fred’s theory is incorrect! I had to learn this the hard, painful, slow, money-losing way! When you talk to everyone you talk to no one.

In the final analysis, we talked a bunch about business websites are one of the most critical components within our small business marketing strategy arsenal. All things considered; a website isn’t everything but it’s right up there with oxygen.  The most compelling evidence found in the new business terminology; Is hybrid business, and BOPIS...Post-Covid Pivots

In contrast, unfortunately, there are a few serious issues arising out of technology. The purpose of speaking on this issue isn’t about trying to induce fear, just awareness. Our government, mobile carriers, and many other business entities are trying to do their part to help protect us.

Threat of Cybersecurity

This fast-growing issue is the threat of cybersecurityOpens in a new tab.. If you knew me personally, you’d know I’d be the last person who talks about security-cyber threats. If not for my recent attacks.

Thank God I caught the mayhem quickly. Frankly, I was a little naive, probably like most people. We all think it won’t happen to us. But yes, I was spoofed.  I still cannot tell you how or when. I had the card, but someone else used the number. 

Illustrated below is an inexpensive way to protect your credit cards. After MY ordeal and speaking with the teller who informed me of what’s called “electronic pickpocketing”. Thieves use scanners and RFID readers to lift your credit card numbers. Using a metal protector credit card holder is one way to block the scanners. It worked for me…*** True Story: I was almost victimized again, if not for this protector case. Click on the case for details.


  a blue credit card protector case, protects form electronic pickpocketing, indentity threft another long story, I’ll share that in another post. 

I also purchased this book as well. The Art of Invisibility, written by a best-seller author and a former Hacker. Now working to protect us.  Click on the Book for a sneak peek!indentity thief book, best selling author




Within this last section…. I’ll go over a few recommendations of precautions you may find helpful. Regarding business account logins, viruses, and computer protection.

Regarding logins, I incorporated hard-to-guess passwords; most are computer-generated. So now I just copy and paste them into the logins because they’re too hard to memorize. We use a few pieces of software that generate passwords. But you can use a password manager service, Opens in a new of their many features, are computer-generated passwords.

indentity fraud, photo of a lock gate

In addition to that, my hubby talked me into placing an additional layer of protection on my phone; two-factor authentication. Before every call, I had to unlock my phone. Hmmmmm…. not feeling that at All !!!…. I have a new phone now and it locks but isn’t as cumbersome as the Android…Sorry!

Another one of my husband’s responsibilities is to keep our computers secure, malware, and virus-free….… as you can see all things dealing with Security is Fred’s responsibility…

 I call him Security Patrol behind his back… I guess he knows it now…LOL!!!

In all, I must admit… I used to attract viruses frequently a few years back. Years ago, Freddy signed up with a program that keeps our computers safe.  I cannot remember the last time we had a computer virus. The great news… this service handles everything…they take control of the computer, clean, install and protect. All while I’m asleep… learn more here

ACH Services

 Here’s the last order of business, truthfully, I haven’t implemented this system yet… I’m funny with my money…. But I am thinking hard about it and after researching, it’s a much safer option than what I got going now. ACH services,Opens in a new tab. many of you are familiar with the terminology. ACH is an electronic transfer of funds. You can read more about it by clicking on the link above. I must admit I love the companies that pay us via ACH …and dislike the snail-mailed payouts.


 mail box with a red flag snail mail


Since our last conversation, I decided to incorporate ACH services… easy-peasy. Wish I had done that years ago. It saves time and money. It’s simple to set up and the application is instantaneous.

If your small business bank offers digital banking, you can easily set up the service online. 



If you’d like sound advice on how to grow your business effortlessly …bookmark this site. Here we offer simple solutions for quicker and more consistent growth. We take the fear out of online marketing, social media marketing strategies, and incorporating technology and automation into your small businesses. We bumped our heads, so you won’t have to!👩🏽‍🔧

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