Rock-Solid Small Business Marketing Strategies that Works

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Looking for small business marketing ideas, shortcuts, tricks, and tips that work? We got your back. Are you hoping to find ways to market your small business that doesn’t eat up a lot of your time and money? Let the truth be told, many of the best income-producing small business marketing strategies are “FREE”, They are just many times overlooked!

Frankly, it’s easy to overlook the obvious. One simple perfectly executed small business strategy can open doors so wide it can induce a stampede of customers enough to crush you. Business is a game and learning a few simple rules can surely place you ahead of the crowd.

Over-Looked Income-Producing Small Business Strategies

What you may find refreshing is that many of the strategies we’ll share are tried, true, and tested. We aren’t hoping, wishing, and praying these marketing tips will work.  Many are the very same business tips that have been working for me for 40 years and I’m NO genius. Many of these ideas came about when I was short on funds but “BIG” on creativity!

Keep reading as I share what I’m certain will help you in your marketing endeavors. Employing any one or combination of the below strategies will IGNITE an income explosion!

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Here’s one of the most overlooked small business strategies that most small business owners don’t think of. On the contrary, big businesses begin with this concept before they open their doors and /or before implementing any new advertising campaigns.

“What makes this one strategy so critical and vital to your business? Bottom line is that it sets the stage for all your marketing messages”

 “OK”, let’s back this train up before moving forward. This one BIG overlooked strategy can put you on the right track.  Remember a straight line is the quickest route to any two points.  A clear, concise, well thought out marketing message is Vital!

an elevator; to represent an elevator speech or USP

What is this little Big thing?It’s a unique selling proposition (USP) or Elevator Speech. You may or may not have heard it before; you may even have one.

What is a USP and Why is it so critical?

One of the first, simplest, and most advantageous marketing strategies for any small business is to establish their uniqueness. We must be able to articulate what makes our business different from the other hamburger shops, florists, doctors, lawyers and so on.   WHY US??? … that answer/message shall be congruent in all your marketing mediums. 

Your USP should be short, succinct and to the point. It should explain who you are and what you do within 18 words or less, give or take. I recently witnessed a great USP on YouTube. This guy knew exactly what he was doing. His business message wasn’t an accident, his message was intentional!

 Read his UPS below:

“I show small business owners and entrepreneurs how to grow their businesses through video”.

shaking hands

WOW!!!!…. what you think…. Do you have to wonder what he does? How will that go over at the local chamber of commerce “Meet and Greet”? Right now, if someone asks you what you do… what will you say? If it’s not clear and to the point, well your competitors maybe!

Once you create your USP what to do with it.

  •     List it on all your marketing material including your business cards.
  •    Verbally articulate it when asked what you do.
  •     Teach it to your friends and family especially your children or grandkids.

Creating your USP will force you to live up to your message. This will help you stay on track and not veer off into other areas of business that’s not included in your original intention.

How Do Small Businesses Market?

 Technology and automation scare many small business owners including me. We think it’s going to take a lot of time and energy to figure out. Well, I must admit, I just purchased and started using a CRM customer relations manager, and my life has changed for the better.

I’ve been writing this article for over an hour. Before the CRM system, I only had time to write one-half of an article. This is my second article today. I’m over the moon!

Yep, it did take time to set-up but that’s called making a sacrifice, giving up something today for something Greater Tomorrow.

To find the perfect system, you will have to do a little research. A lot will depend on your industry. I’m in the real-estate construction industry and PPW is one of the most popular CRMs within our industry. Keeping current with new technology can seem overwhelming but can render big dividends in the end.  It’s humanly impossible to out-work a machine.  Get more info here.

Small Business Website

Speaking of technology, businesses without a basic website is shooting themselves in the foot. Forty-five percent of businesses in 2019 still are without websites.  A website is not needed just to say I have a website. Yet instead, it should serve a purpose…starting with your USP, it should be effective, efficient, informative, and income-producing.

Now that you have a website, let’s discuss the important elements of an efficient website. It’s not what you’re thinking; website design… Right? Nope! Your website can be butt ugly, but if it’s effective, you WIN!

 Listed below are 5 critical components of a business website:

1.    Site Navigation–Your client-customer shouldn’t need a tutorial to maneuver through your website.

2.    Fast Loading— Now for the first time in history, more people are searching via their mobile devices versus their PC.  Research also shows that if it takes your website more than 4 seconds to load your potential customer is off to door #2.

3.    Website Security— Makes certain your website is a secure site: it should read HTTP (s)…. this is your visitor’s concerns, the (s) states it’s secure or the little lock you see within the search bar when you type in a URL.  There are spoofing sites designed to look like original sites and “https” is one indication of a secure website.

4.    Content Creation— What is your headline screaming? Is it your USP? Your visitors should know what your site is about from first glance, four seconds or less.

5.  Avoid Annoying Sites—Those with bells and whistles, horns, people moving and more. They are called distraction sites. The purpose of your business website is to help visitors find what they come for. Not to get distracted and confused.  Confused people do Nothing! KISS…Keep It Simple Sweetie!

What are the Four Basic Marketing Strategies?

old tv on stand with newspapers.

I love this question because in the back of my mind I can hear Marcus Lemonis. Do you watch the profit on TV starring Billionaire Marcus Lemonis? He’s brilliant in my opinion. He knows business growth and development like the back of his hand.

I also love watching the T.V. show because it’s inspiring. We get to see that all business owners aren’t the sharpest tool in the shed.  Some don’t have a clue. Others have absolutely NO PEOPLE’S SKILL…zilch, NADA. You just got inspired. I Know! 

I mention that not trying to be disrespectful but rather to induce hope. The show demonstrates how simple adjustments can render huge profitable turn arounds. I’ve learned soooo much from watching. I think he’s an amazing business owner and if anyone knows him, tell him that I would love to pick his brain. Yep, I’m Serious, Thanks!!!

The Four P’s in Marketing. People, Product, Price, and Promotion.

How are You Working Your P’s?

Meaning how do you plan to incorporation the 4 Ps into your marketing mix?  The four P’s: People- identify your target market, Product- choose correct products or services offerings, Pricing- identify pricing, and finally Promotion – how will you promote your product or services?

photo of google words

Example#1 Promotion:  You can list your business on online directories; there are zillions with Google’s online directories being one. Use the most popular ones such as Yelp. Create a Google business listing; you can also create coupons within that listing. You can consider flyers, radio advertising, content marketing, email marketing, social media, and other digital marketing strategies

Example #2 People: A website can tell you a lot about people. If you have a web designer, discuss your site analytics. If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, then do it yourself… don’t be afraid to hire help when needed. By analyzing your analytic, this will tell you a lot about your customers, popular pages within your website, how long your visitors stay, your bounce rate, the number of visitors, and a multitude of other useful information. This info is used to strategize.

Example #3 Price. The easiest way to determine price is to duplicate. Think about other similar products:  Pepsi and Coke. Their prices are about the same. Unless you have a superior product that demands higher pricing which people will pay for; I.e. Apple products… simulate your competitors.

Example #4 Product. Choose your product carefully. A similar product or me-too products is an easier way to start. But if you have a super-duper product or service idea that you would love to bring to market, then go for it. Nothing beats a failure but a try.


Marketing doesn’t have to be hard. But it will take some time, time well spent. A few helpful tips: look at industries outside yours. How do they market? Look for clues, patterns, and ideas. Dare to be different, release your creativity. Most importantly, to remain congruent.

Identify, learn, and repeat your USP…It’s one of the more vital marketing advantages you have. This will keep you inline such as to not sell on price when you’re the highest price. Especially, since when your USP pledges the highest quality, not the cheapest price. Remember, a confused consumer does nothing!

Deborah Pretty

Hi Everyone! I hope that the article you read today will be used as another building block to further grow your small business empire. was solely designed to help you reach your business goals, quickly and more efficiently!

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    1. I know what you mean… we all have to find ways to incorporate automation or time to stay up-to-date.
      Trust me.. I talk about that in my 21 devastating mistakes.
      Good read, you may want to check it out.

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