Password Keepers FTC Technologists Suggest

Password Keepers, uncover what one of the leading technologists at the FTC had to say.  Are they necessary and can they keep our online digital identity away from hackers?  What exactly is a password keeper? 

In a nutshell, it’s a service that stores your logins, PINs, passwords, or any online secure data in one location either online or in the clouds for safekeeping.

Are Password Keepers a Waste?

Back to the questions are password keepers necessary or needed? The answer is yes and yes? According to former chief technologists at the FTC, using a password manager is one of the top safety practices recommended by security experts.

 We now know it’s recommended that we all need safe places to retain our passwords. The next question- how do we choose? Which is the best? Who can we trust with our password vault? ….and the other gazillion questions that come along with any new security claim… 

Read below as we briefly review the top four password keepers.  Additionally, we’ll reveal which two offer AES-256 encryption, that’s used by the federal government to protect classified information. Lastly, follow up with the 15 FAQs to help you make an informed decision.

locks on your personal data

Top 4 Password Keepers

  1. Dashlane:  Trusted by millions to prevent hackers and protect their identity. Dashlane password keeper will not only protect your passwords but also monitor credit cards, autofill, input logins, store all your digital info with patented security, and real-time alert. Check here for more details


  1. II. 1Password is a password keeper known for its business services. Touted to be the best password manager for businesses of all sizes. Listed here are a few of their well-known clients: USA today, the New York Times, The Guardian, and CNN. With 1Password, you can create customizable printable reports, see who has access to what, onboard 50- 50,000, Grant and Revoke access, Manage, Report, and Deploy. For pricing and demo, Go Here:
  2. Kee-Pass is a free open-source password manager.  You can use this free password manager to help manage your logins all from one master key.  You may need your Greek glasses, tech hat, and rolled-up sleeve because it can become overwhelming. Customer support is available and helpful from what I’m told. More info checks Here:   
  3. LastPass and LastPass X for (Mac-users) Free and premium version password creation, stores unlimited logins, can detect known phishing website and refuse to autofill; Easily access your vault from any internet-connection device via; you can add secured cloud storage, advanced two-step authentication and contingency plans in case of an emergency. Get the details here:


1.   Are password keepers safe? There’s nothing safe in this world. Are you safer with a password keeper than without one… YES! According to security experts, everyone should have a password manager.

2. Can password managers get hacked? Yes, one of our largest security data companies was breached. According to (ISE) Independent Security Evaluators unencrypted credentials can be leaked in the background while they are running.

   3. Which password manager is the easiest to use? That’s a matter of your desired level of security, or if it’s for business or personal usage. But we heard more people say LastPass is the easiest. It also offers more requested services on its free plan.

cyber-crime tape up

4. How is a password hacked? With our busy lifestyles, we tend to want everything as simple as possible, this includes our passwords. Many of our passwords are so simple they can be guessed within a few tries. Based on information hackers gain from different sources leaked over the internet, (especially from social media sites), it’s not hard to crack simple password codes. There are also downloadable tools hackers use as well.

5. How do hackers get into your computer?

Hackers use devices such as a keylogger. They are designed to capture a username and password when typed on the keyboard. Once your login info is captured, they can do everything you can. Hackers can withdraw funds from your bank account, send viruses and malicious emails from your contact list, and log in to all your accounts to name a few.

6. How long does it take for a hacker to crack a weak password?

Hackers can crack a weak password code in minutes sometimes seconds. Believe it or not, some people are still using 123456. That’s like leaving your door open, at night in a high-crime neighborhood. Someone will eventually take you up on your offer.

7. How do hackers steal passwords? One of the easiest ways hackers steal passwords is through a technique called phishing. These are websites that look like authentic sites. In contrast, they are fake websites masquerading as the real thing. Once you input your login information the hacker’s gotcha. They have your username and password. They can do anything you can, including detract funds from your accounts and or claim your identity. 

8. Can the iPhone camera be hacked?

photo iphone,identity thief

All devices can be hacked regardless of popular belief. The mighty iPhone can be hacked. The hackers don’t play that! Part of their mission is to show the world that they can hack everything. Locks were designed to keep the honest man honest…crooks will find a way if they want it badly enough. 

Visible Signs of a Hacked phone

•    Unusual activity on any accounts linked to the device.

•    Higher than normal data usage

•    Noticeable decrease in battery life

•    Poor performing device

•    Unfamiliar outgoing calls or texts that are unbeknownst to you …

9. How long should your password be? A good rule of thumb is 12-16 characters long with upper- and lower-case letters and special characters.

10. Does the Password Manager change my old passwords for me? Yes, a password manager can change your password, for a fee I’m sure. If you’re hoping to change all your passwords, it is recommended that you start with the most valuable to the least valuable ones first. 

11. Where will my passwords be stored? Storage is a preference. You can request to keep your files, have them placed in the clouds, or the company you sign up with can manage them. Again, there is flexibility with each company, it just depends on your tolerance.

12. How do I set it all up? The easiest way to set up your password manager is perhaps from the support of your chosen provider. If you are hands-on most companies have videos, demos, and customer support.

13. What is the cost? Password keepers cost from free to less than $10.00 /month for personnel. You can expect to pay a little or a lot more depending on your business needs.



A password keeper is not the be-all, end-all. But it beats the average person’s best password creation. One of the better benefits of a password manager is the password-generating features. It creates rare, unspecific, long unassociated passwords.  If you keep all your digital information under lock and key, that’s the only guarantee a hacker cannot gain access. But according to security experts, you are more secure with a password keeper than without one.

Final note: There are other security measures you can take to reduce the chance of being hacked.  Recent research shows more people are hacked via their mobile devices than desktops, tablets, or iPads. To strengthen your position, you can add a lock screen on your mobile device and add two-factor authentication on valued accounts.  Lastly, only use computers that you trust or have VPN networks. Add this to your choice of a password keeper; this may give a novice hacker a test (s)he may Fail!




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