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Hi, I’m P.Y.,  If you’re interested in a unique marketing strategy, I gotcha!  I’m writing about this particular overlooked marketing strategy NOT 🧡because I have a product or course to sell. But rather to help.  As a matter of fact, there are no targeted keywords, affiliates links. nothing; just thought I would write what I felt and maybe it can help YOU!  


Be sure to read down to the end because my thoughts get deeper the longer I share.  Additionally,  I’ll offer a few nuggets that will help you win this game of online marketing!~


 small business marketing tipsHere you go: There is power in technology and automation, and it has become a “MUST” to learn and use to compete in today’s competitive online world!


We all know that SMM (social media marketing/digital marketing) is one of the most popular and effective ways to grow any business or brand.

Many people think it’s the only way to go. That was addressed in another post. Nevertheless,  digital marketing and omnichannel are critical components in today’s marketing mix

Before moving forward, you may be wondering what is omnichannel?  Omnichannel is also referred to as multichannel. One definition means relating to a type of retail that integrates the different methods of shopping available to consumers, such as online, in-store, or by phone).

Like my mom used to say, you’re a poor rat with only one hole to run into.


When you’re Marketing to Everyone, You’re Marketing to “NO ONE”

Presently our audiences are too large, diverse, and widespread for one channel.  That being said, our messages cannot be delivered in the one size fits all mentality.  Why… because everyone is different. Although you’re marketing to the same demographics within your target market, different people receive information differently.


small biz marketing ideas}

Our customers travel on different highways to reach the same destinations, in this case, different networks.  As an example, some customers prefer Facebook, others TikTok, Pinterest, or Instagram, you get the point. So, when you use only one channel, you’re minimizing your viewing reach. 


What’s this Short Article About? 


I’m sitting here on my favorite bar stool after eating breakfast and as usual, talking to myself.  No one else listens, not as often as I like.  🙂   Even as I travel this online road, I  find myself on information “Overload” …

So, I decided to write a song about it. LOL. (In living colors) … but seriously. There is so much information you can easily get caught up and confused, and confused people do NOTHING~


Let’s Talk Influencers

small business digital marketing toolsYes, there are a few super influencers and pertinent information. And yes, we don’t want to reinvent the wheel, rather, follow success. On another note, we must set some boundaries. If not, we will find ourselves running from shiny object to shiny object.


How do we EXERCISE control?


Don’t Fall Victim to FOMO 

Allow me to be clear,  I’m not saying that the only way you can learn is by living in a vacuum. On the contrary, however, limiting your exposure reduces the chances of getting overwhelmed and from running pillar to pole.

(Something else my mom used to say!

In another vein,  focusing doesn’t guarantee you won’t quit… Like the Gym membership, the most obvious. But oftentimes all we need is that little nudge or “a little dap’ll do ya” and we’re back on track.


Helpful Hint: Sit down and draw out a strategic plan for your next marketing strategy.


All businesses regardless of how successful, are looking for their next dollar. So, draw out your plan. Write how you’re planning to get from where you are to where you want to go.


strategic marketing for small businessesAs an example, let’s say you’re bringing in 5 new clients per month.  The first most obvious question would be, What can you do to double that? Write it out, you may be saying PY, if I knew the ANSWER, I would have 10? … I heard you Smartie!!!



3 Underrated Strategic Marketing Ideas


Check out these 3 Marketing Strategies

#1. Dissect what you’re doing correctly, right now. If you are intentionally acquiring 5 new clients on a consistent basis, then you have a system you just haven’t identified yet. Break it down to find the clue. Success leaves clues.

#2 If you are clueless and are at the beginning of your marketing cycle. No problem. Here’s one way you can get started.

Now is the time to visit and ingest as much Influencers’ information as possible. Try learning each stage of strategy that’s needed.

Remember not having a strategy is like a one-trick pony or similar to throwing stuff against the wall hoping, wishing, and praying something will stick, isn’t strategic marketing.

Remember, all strategies will require more work than you think, cost more than you expected and take more time than originally promised.

Additionally, you’d want to eliminate “See all you GOTTA do is”. Yes, we all get caught up in the “see all you Gotta do is” …  I was notorious and still think that in my mind, behind closed doors, in the closet. etc.… you know what I’m saying! (Work in Progress)

Once you have those who you’re going to follow. Follow them. In the process, you will come across other great influencers. Bookmark them for a later time. As the Great Jim Rohn use to say, when you chase the birds, you leave the field. 

#3 Spend the money for speed. I’m aware that some people are operating from a shoestring budget and don’t have the financial resources to invest in their business. But others do, because like myself, “it’s so much information online why pay when you can get it for “FREE”? hmmmmm….. Why pay??  

Let Me Count The Ways!!!

  1. Many of our competitors are thinking the same thing, trying to save pennies.
  2. You get what you pay for. Yes, some free resources are useful but the meat will usually cost.
  3. Paid resources will save you time and time is money. While others are working on limited resources you’re killing it!… All for a few dollars!keyword research for local seo


My YouTube Example

As an illustration: I just started a YouTube channel.  Immediately after signing my name, I purchased a recommended app,  which was highly favored by YouTube experts. The app is “YouTube Buddy”; there’s a free version, which is where I started. After a few failed attempts, I recognized that the free version was limited as HECK!!!!.

My main purpose for buying the app was to have access to the keyword research tool.  The free version was immensely restricted. Ten minutes I upgraded to the pro plan. This was done for a few reasons, firstly, to leave the 80 percenters crowd, and secondly,  I figured to compete on YouTube I needed every advantage possible. So why would I allow a few dollars per month, to hinder my potential growth?


Lastly, when you pay for services, you have a tendency to stay focused, intentional, and strategic. Addedly, normally courses have a step-by-step format, which is helpful as well. This is an excellent way to help you stay on track. But here’s the silent benefit,  it keeps you away from all the other distractions.

Pssss.. over here…… check this out!


When we scroll our feeds, everyone’s trying to out-face the other. Distraction steals our efforts. The only way to avoid this is by setting your marketing goal for the week/month etc. and “Sticking to IT”… yes there is always going to be the next Big Thing. Do the First Thing First, then move on to the Next Big THANG!!!

Listed are a few Fav Influencers. Just some that I follow and find helpful, maybe you will as well:





Now it’s time to hear from you.
Let me know if you found this information useful?

Which influencer will you check out? Or do you have one that I didn’t mention?  Let me know in the comments now!

Deborah Pretty

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