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Is live chat software and technology all that it’s cracked up to be? According to experts, if you haven’t implemented a live chat service on your site you are missing a HUGE Opportunity. We believe once you uncover the stats, benefits, cheap pricing, and ease of implementation you may do a skeet in the street and B-line back to the office to get started.

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We’ll cover in more detail in the lower sections exactly what are live chats, what is the business implementation, what added benefits can you expect, and we will explain the benefits of uncovering the responsive analytics. Analytics is an erroneously overlooked component and is one of the hidden gems to Live Chat business success.

Adding a live chat to your website can create amazing rewards. On the other hand, to not keep up with simple technology, we’re giving our competitors a massive leap to the finish line.

Leading research shows customers love to be acknowledged. That’s why as we enter stores, sales associates’ yells’ out welcome!!! Often unaffected, we fail to acknowledge the greeter and keep it moving.


But what happens when we pass a smiling face with a sincere caring voice that says “Welcome to Wally World” we brighten up with a warm and fuzzy feeling. Suppose there was a way we could make our customers feel warm and fuzzy when they visited our site? Do you think that would increase conversions? Suppose there was a way to reduce missed opportunities and make your customers feel welcome and important? These are a few of the benefits of having a live chat that we will discuss.

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What is chatbot technology?
Chatbot technology is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Chatbot software allows you to instantly communicate with your site visitors via instant messaging. Your online visitor can type their message within a box that appears on the page. Most visitors feel unthreatened when the box pops up because no personal information is requested.

Why is Live Chat important?

Live Chat is important because it helps to greet your customers upon arrival at your site. The live chat support quickly addresses any questions or concerns the visitors may have. Additionally, live chat assistance can answer pre-sales questions which could be just the nudge your buyer needed. Customers love the double-duty of a website and live chatting. They get the freedom to browse and the convenience of a quick response to their specific questions and needs.

Live website Chats

Listed are 7 benefits of a live website chatbot?

  1. Immediate acknowledgment of a site visitor.
  2. Reduced bounce rate.
  3. A faster and more personal way to engage clients.
  4. It helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings.
  5. Increase leads and email subscriptions.
  6. Visitors can retrieve answers quickly.
  7. Engaged customers spend more money.

Hidden Website Chat Support Benefits

 Instant visitor analytics becomes available.
 Capture new leads effortlessly.
 Easy to duplicatable replies.
 Uncover consistent answers to frequent issues.
 Reviews can be used for staff training.
 A direct way to identify problems.
 Retrieve feedback opportunities from chat transcripts.

Why do Customers Prefer to Live Chat?

Ecommerce customers especially prefer Live chats. Because many times while purchasing, a question may arise that the customer wants a quick response to. He who can answer the question the quickest wins. Research has shown that abandoned shopping carts are caught before shoppers leave the site a percentage will return to complete their sell. Live chat support during the checkout process will increase conversion rates and sales.

Does Live Chat Increase Sales?

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Not only does Live Chat increase sales. According to research, thirty percent of visitors are expecting to see a website with a chatbot. The good news is that companies that incorporate chat software on their website get better results, including an increase in sales, better customer satisfaction, and service.

What is Live Chat Used For?

Live chat is one of the more flexible tools you can use on your website. It helps you support customers in need of help. It allows you to increase your sales by engaging the right prospects at the right time. Additionally, it can generate a ton of new leads. Visitors are busy, everyone’s in a rush these days, it’s just not enough time in the day.

How Much Does a Missed Call Cost You!

Here are a few questions that may induce thought. What happens when a customer calls? More importantly, what happens when they call and you’re unavailable to answer? How much can an unanswered call cost you? How many times have we heard, I called but was sent straight to voice mail?

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Perfect example: In our line of business, we employ 3rd party contractors to ascertain estimates and quotes. We’re given a small window of time to find a professional service provider to render the quotes and estimates. If you are a contractor; missing this call can cost, you any amount from $100’s to $1000’s dollars. Because if we call for a quote and you don’t answer … Next! That contractor not only potentially lost that sale but all future sales.

Staying with the same scenario, we’re also given a short turnaround time (normally 2-3 days) to find, hire, and retrieve quotes, estimates, and bids for any given service. I can honestly say, we usually call from a list of contractors. The first one to answer the phone is the first one that potentially secures the job. Time is money!


Live Chats makes it easy for visitors to get questions answered or find the information they are looking for. Surely a great way to set your business apart from your less tech-savvy competitors.

Chat software and apps can be used to replace contact forms. Opposed to having a static contact form, many site owners are mobilizing the contact box for easy accessibility. One of the best advantages of a website chat software is they are inexpensive, fast and many are free of charge. As small business owners, we get so busy working in our businesses, we miss simple money earning opportunities by not working on our business… Learn more about Live Chat

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