17 Social Media Influencers it Feels Illegal to Know

top social media influencers

🔥17 Social Media Powerhouse Influencers

“whose social media marketing skills could be classified as lethal weaponry.”


When people think about what it takes to become an “Insane Marketer,” they think they need a👩‍🎓👩‍🎓 Harvard Ph.D.


Not necessarily true


In fact, you can become a highly profitable marketer– just by making a few tweaks (but strategic) to your MARKETING PLAN.


Our list of 17 social media influencers share strategies they actively use to build💰 multiple 6-figure businesses.


And some are the same principles I use to build 5 businesses.


The Good News:

You don’t have to be a social media influencer to benefit.


Anyone can add these tweaks to their marketing strategy.


That’s what makes them so Powerful!⚡⚡⚡


Let’s dive in.

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kara e bell brand strategiestKara Bell:



  • Business Forecaster
  • Creative Thinker
  • Analytical Brand Master


Kara quit her $200,000+ NYC law career to start an AGENCY. Her agency is a creative brand that people will fall in love with.

She’s a creative thinker, business forecaster, and very analytical who sees business in a unique simplified way.


 Top 10 Unique Tactics from Kara


A recent study found executives who received both coaching and training increased productivity by 86 percent vs those who received training only, which increased by 22 percent. Click To Tweet


  1.     Words, titles, or impressive credentials in your bio won’t cut the mustard. Everyone is a coach, strategist, or mentor. If you want to be seen as the go-to resource in your niche, help clients see beyond their problems. 


Start Here:


(1). How has your industry changed? 

(2).  How can your clients prepare for the change? 

(3).  Are those commonly known beliefs in your industry still true or are people repeating outdated points of view?


  1.     Two reasons why we fail on Social Media.


                   (1). We try too hard to do something different. 

                   (2) We only film when inspiration hits.


  1.     Entrepreneurs shouldn’t ask family and friends for business advice.

Why? …. Because 


  • They’ll tell you what they think you want to hear.
  • Or try to talk you out of your business ideas.  
  • Friends and family play different roles.


  1.     Listening habits – are a much better reflection of who you are than most conversations. 

            If your customers are gen x don’t try to fit them into any norms. 

               …. Why?

        They aren’t normal. And Neither should your “BRAND BE”.

  1.     Tips to Disrupt an Industry. 
  • Write down all the assumptions about the industry. 
  • Come up with crazy ideas on how you can disrupt it.
  • Record how you can make this happen.


  1.     A brand is not what YOU say you are…

                     …it’s what your customers say you are.


What you should know about “customers’ decision options.”


  • Customers prefer only a few choices.
  • They would rather you decide.
  • Too many choices confuse them. 
  • Confused people do nothing.


  1.     There is one type of business that will stay ahead of its competition in the coming years. 

……. Businesses that combine in-store and digital shopping, will comp their,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, COMPETITORS.



  1.     The reason Nike is the Powerhouse company. 
  • They completed a clear branding message. 
  • The brand clearly speaks to its audience.
  • They simply articulate their category, benefits, and reasons to believe in their product.


  1. What is a brand? 

Jeff Bezos’s definition: of a brand is what people say about your company when you are not in the room. 

It’s the feeling that people take away when they interact with your business. 

According to Forbes:

 There are 5 components of a strong brand.

  • Purpose 
  • Vision 
  • Values 
  • Brand differentiation
  • Brand experience


Kara E.Bell


Brand advisor to personal and businesses



Moving on….


KJMiller social media influencerKJ Miller

  • MBA from Harvard
  • Lectures at Yale
  • CEO and Founder of MentedCosmetics


  KJ shares elite business tips broken down into digestible bite-size pieces.

 If you are tired of hoping, wishing, and praying that your business will work…  check in with KJ, she is on Point!!!

KJ’s TikTok tagline is “I got an MBA so you don‘t have to”.


72% of customers trust a business more after an influencer's recommendation. Click To Tweet

 Top 10 Business Tips from KJ Miller 


 (1) Negotiation: one of the most sort-after classes at Harvard.

 The first strategy you learned in class is BATNA. 

BATNA stands for “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement.” 

When negotiating know your BATNA, worse case, and best case.

 As a result, you’ll know when to hold and when to fold. 


(2) KJ shares a case study of women in leadership, as it was presented at Harvard Business School (HBS).

 The case study is about a woman who worked in a corporation who EXCELLED masterfully. As a result, the students wanted to know more about the woman. 

Further into the study- students began to give their opinions about the female protagonist. 

She was viewed as:

  • Cold
  • Calculating
  • Manipulative
  • and not someone people would want to work with

Later the professor reveal that the case was a fictionalized case. 

Initially, when it was written 2+ yrs. ago it was written in two versions.

  • 1= female protagonist
  • 2= male protagonist

 The male protagonist was deemed as:

  • Confident, 
  • Assertive
  • And someone they wanted to be in business with

The moral of the story: female leaders are Prejudged. 

Labeled as: 

  • Cold 
  • Manipulative 

Men who climb the same ladder are assertive and confident.

40% of Fortune 500 companies use business coaching to train and develop their executives, according to 2011 Hay Group study. Click To Tweet


(3) Porter’s 5 Forces


 Porter’s 5 is a framework used to understand the attractiveness of an industry.

 (1) the first force is industry competition- how many people are you competing against?

 (2) Potential of new entrants- how likely is it that others will enter the market?

 (3) Power of suppliers- how powerful are the people you’ll need to help you get supplies? 

(4) Power of customers- are there customers? 

(5) Threat of substitute products- is there a good substitute for makeup?

                   The industry said no because even during the pandemic, we purchased cosmetics.


(4) Pricing question: How do you price your products? 

3 components of product pricing.

  • Cost 
  • Competition
  • Brand promise


 Cost– what is the bottom-line cost/floor? This should be based on the price of materials, marketing, and profit.

Competition -what are your competitors charging for the same or similar items? This matters because it indicates what your target market is willing to pay. Charging MORE can be RISKY!

Brand promise– what is your USP…   is it low prices, fast service, or, one-of-a-kind, etc. If you are promoting affordability, then your price must “reflect your promise.”

how to choose a social media influencer


(5) The thought of competition, stop many founders from getting started…

…………. If you’re filling a void, Go for it!


(6) No shade meant….  KJ created a TikTok stitch on a luxury T-shirt brand. 

KJ noted she has luxury pricing knowledge. 

There are two principles of luxury pricing:

  • Quality
  • Scarcity

 Unfortunately, that product line doesn’t meet either of those.

They should consider going back to the drawing board. Regarding quality, you can find the same quality on other sites for less. The same goes for the designs.

 (You must see and judge for yourself).

 I agree the T-shirt doesn’t look luxurious=$142.00 for a basic-looking T-shirt.🧯


(7)    KJ, was business school pivotal, and did it change your trajectory? 

 KJ noted – the network changed her trajectory. 

Her first round of funds came from a Harvard alumnus. 

She avoided downsizing, because of Harvard friends who were partners.

When big hairy questions arise, she calls on her alumnus.


(7) KJ does a quarterly zoom call with her team, called a sprint.

 They address projects that could take weeks or months to complete. The sprint requires everyone to focus on one project for 5-6 hours in one day. 

It’s highly Effective.


(9)    Congratulations KJ on MentedCosmetics Ultra’s Launch…. 

The setup looks beautiful. I’m sure you’ll disclose how you accomplish this feat…. 

……(Oh, your makeup looks beautiful, clean, and natural with a pop of color).


(10) What a great way to end, KJ’s 10. 



We know this article was a mouthful. And can be used as a critical asset to include in your strategic marketing plan.

For your convenience, we created a PDF to make it easier for you to save to read later.


Story Time:

KJ shares a story about when trying to raise her first round of seed money. She tells of one investor who went AWRY.    

 The investor basically, showed his ASS#$% over the phone, (Figuratively Speaking).

His issue- he had another preferred marketing concept.  His preference wasn’t KJ’s

                    …homeboy got belligerent ….

Praytell, he wasn’t the primary investor; KJ was introduced to him by another investor.

The primary investor wanted her to toss over the idea to his friend. 

……KJ thought if this is the kind of company you keep -I don’t want any association with either of YOU!!! she walked away.

The moral of the story, 

                                            Don’t Take Shi## ((((💥 from anyone!


TikTok @iam_kjmiller

CEO and Founder of MentedCosmetics|Yale Lecturer|Harvard Grad


That leads me to….







Kasey brown tiktok adsKasey Brown

  • Founder and Owner
  • TikTok Ad Strategiest
  • Offer Free Advice on TikTok 


 Kasey confesses leaving her $200K job to start her business was SCARY! 

However, she remained steadfast with her mantra …

                “You can only receive abundance when working in alignment”.  


 Top 10 NO-Fluff Tips from Kase 


tiktok ads greenville nc


(1) Breaking News!!!

 The person with the best product or service is not the winner. 

                               … it’s the person with the most attention.


(2)    Kasey suggests that until you hit 7- figures💲/ stick to one product and one platform.



(2) What do confused people do? …NOTHING.”  

When customers land on your site and see 10+ options.

…………. They do nothing. 

                   Simplify your Offer…..


(3) Question:  how to go from 0-$50,000 a year?

  Conversion average 3%

Average customers sell $40

 3200 pageviews needed

How do you get 3200 monthly customers to visit your site?  


  • Create 3-5 TikTok videos /per day/ 30 days,
  • One should go viral  
  • 3200 visitors to the website
  • Rinse and REPEAT.


(4) Brilliancy!


  Get Drake’s attention.  

But anybody can use this strategy.

 Drake has a candle business – Kasey notices a gap in their marketing strategy.

 Drake is losing millions of dollars EVERY DAY!!!!,

                                ……he could earn more MONEY without any extra work.!

Even if you’re not Drake – follow these steps.

 16,000 visitors per month X 3% conversion the average order value is $100 = $50,000/ per month.

How to Improve…


  • Improve his Facebook and Google Ads
  • Add user-generated content.
  • Build an audience off Drake’s IG account
  • Market to your 116 M IG followers (include an ad)
  • Set up TikTok ads
  • Incorporate email and text marketing

Here’s an email platform great for beginners

💹  This could 10x their revenue.


  If you see Drake tell him to get in contact with my girl Kasey!!!!


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what is a social media influencer




(5) TikTok Algorithm Change: 


  • They’re showing creators content to new users/not followers


 Add a brief intro to each video, assume everyone is new.


(6) To business owners- email marketing should equal 30% of online sales. 

Need help?

 View hundreds of email marketing campaigns @ (Milled.com)

Hadn’t built your email list YET here’s one of the easiest platforms I come across.  


tiktok marketing

(7) Are you an online marketer? 

Here’s a lethal weapon…. It’s called Thieve. It provides the best trending products on AliExpress.   …. It connects you straight to the vendors.


(9)    Reviews help your conversion rate by 30%.!!!


 (10) – Kasey left her cushiony job in the middle of the pandemic. 

Two weeks later she had 3 clients

 After three months – she earns $30,000 in recurring revenue

  Less than two years later, over 1M / twenty team members


Kasey Brown

TikTok @marketingkase

TikTok Ad Strategist


70% of teenagers say they trust influencers more than traditional celebrities. Click To Tweet

Latasha brooks small biz grantsLatasha Brooks

  • Owner of Moneybaggs623
  • Specializing in government contracting
  • Passionate and LOVES helping Others


GET “Government contract ready.”

Latasha is well-versed in many arenas, but she’s the go-to

person if you’re interested in government contracts and grants.

 Her slogan:

“Paid and free not booked and BUSY”. 

(Bonus she’s my homegirl in NC but from VA…)


 Top 10 Helpful Tips from Latasha


grow your business


  1.     The Songs you Sing will MANIFEST.

                      ……. It’s a whole lot of money in this motherfuc#@@er 

      …………………….(Looking in her wallet) 😊😂😂


  1.     STOP paying for “FREE” Stuff!

 The government has free Grant resources.

  Juicy Tip…

 Another 1.5 trillion-dollar spending bill was recently signed. 


how to grow your business

  1.     Questions: How to grow your business?
  • Audit your business- to determine where you are  
  • Create a game plan or business marketing strategy
  • Learn your target market desires
  • Market directly to your target audience



  1.     Business Credit Info 

3 Pillars of Business Credits. 

  • Tier#1 -obtain 5 net 30 accounts
  • Tier #2- secure store cards or credit cards
  • Tier #3- get revolving accounts.
  • Lastly, pull your business credit profile monthly


  1.       Significance of a Business Plan. 
  • A requirement before securing traditional funding
  • Contain marketing and advertising tactics
  • Keeps you focused on your USP 


 3 different plan levels, basic, standard, and investment plans.


  1.     Question:  Do new businesses need, insurance, and a website …. Yes..

To learn more get Latasha’s checklist, it addresses those questions.


  1.     Getting “government ready”, can take from 24/hrs. to a week.


The government has free classes and Latasha has free and paid resources.



  1.     Visit Latasha’s website; she has a wealth of resources including grant and government contracting info.


  1.     MBE certification fees?
  • Most states don’t charge
  • Beware of those third-party companies.


  States that charge, the cost is around /$2-$300. 

if you see $900 or more, you are dealing with a 3rd party.


  1. WOSB Authentication

Business owners can apply directly through the SBA for FREE…. 



small biz influencers

Latasha Brooks

TikTok @moneybaggs623

Mult-6- Figure Business Coach


Even More….


On to another great…



tiktok influencer

Todd Collins 

  •   Coo@beamedmedia
  •   Social Media Marketing 
  •   Branding Specialist


Todd is down-to-earth and treats everyone the same.

He believes your best investment is to invest in yourself! Todd’s tips are actionable, easy, yet highly Effective



how to edit a video

  Top 10 Impactful Tips from Todd 


  1.     When creating videos if you say the word “YOU” in the first 5 seconds your overall views increase by 97%.


  1.     Creating TikTok videos isn’t as difficult as most people think. 

Cameron’s seafood success story:

  • Cameron’s followers went from 4K to 170,000 followers per month.
  • Replaced their $5-10,000 monthly Google/ Facebook ads budget with (“FREE”) TikTok videos. 

Cameron’s most viewed video shows them packing their seafood for delivery….





  1.     The vital first 3-5 seconds:

 How to create a successful video?

  • Think about what gets your attention. 
  • Stop thinking like a creator.
  • Start thinking like a content consumer. 

 Start there and things will get easier.



  1.      One overlook TikTok strategy: promote a video feature. 

Todd promotes his videos that have 20,000+ views but are trending down. He spends $20 to retain engagement.


  1.     Close your eyes… visually stroll down your TikTok feed.

Using audio only, which words got your attention? 

Usually, it would be hype words like:

  • Unexpecting
  • Shocking
  • Unbelievable



  1.     To grow TikTok followers. Volume is important but volume + consistency is even more Important.


  1.      A quick fix to low views.

 Get controversial, your followers will grow. You don’t have to give your opinion, but just by posting the info, people will begin to express their views.


  1.     Post your content everywhere. 

If you post just on LinkedIn and Katy doesn’t like LinkedIn. You’ll miss out on the Katy’s of the world. Spread your content across all social media platforms.



todd collins tiktok



  1.     Be mindful of the words you use in your hooks.

 Add power words:

  • Greed 
  • Safety
  • Lost
  • Fear
  • Encouragement
  • Forbidden



  1. Be patient. Many creators desire to obtain notoriety fast. Todd created 672 videos consecutively, before gaining traction.



Todd Collins

TikTok @toddcollinsofficial

Coo@beamedmedia|Social Media Marketing|Branding



More Top Talent…


49% of consumers rely on products recommended by influencers before purchasing. Click To Tweet


Bellah RozeBellah Roze

  • Business Coach
  • Dropshipping Specialist
  • Social Media Influencer



Bellah, from Homeless to NY Journal Top 30 Business Coaches.

What excites her more is helping others. Bellah has students who earn 6-figures.

Bellah went from working at the hospital earning minimum wage to starting a drop shipping business, generating 7-figures.


My Fav Bellah Roze Helpful Tips


bellah roze top influencer



(1) Dropshipping solution:

Alibaba and EliExpress have great prices but slow delivery. 

Alternative- USADrop:

  • They find winning products
  • 2–5-day shipping
  • US fulfillment
  • Unbeatable prices, and 
  • offer custom brand-building options


(2)    Bellah, is at it again, she sells vendors list for $1. Now the other drop shipping Tik Tok-er’s doesn’t like that but that’s Bellah!



(3)    The one thing all successful businesses have in common, is great marketing skills.


(4) You must follow Bellah to learn how she went from food stamps to a millionaire.    ……    It’s a 7- video series.

You can check her out on her TikTok channel.


(5) In part #2 Bellah gives an active example of affiliate marketing.

 Bellah ordered a 15-lb lobster for her mom. She shares it on TikTok. The video goes viral with/ + 2M views.

 Later that evening she visited the seafood website. The company sold out of lobsters. She goes on to explain how much money she could have made if she was an affiliate. 

The lobster was $400 each.


(6)    Three reasons why you aren’t where you want to be in life:

  • Listening to people who tell you what you should do.
  • Caring entirely too much about what others think.
  • You have very little faith in yourself.



(7) The difference between a 9-5 & making money on social media


 You clock in/ exchange dollars for hours. 

Social media marketing

  • Create a video
  • Distribute it across the social
  • Monetize it
  • Collect while you sleep


(8) True reality….

 Bellah, advises viewers about drop shipping, and people complain about the HARD WORK. 

However, THOSE same people will work 8 hrs. daily for $9.00/per hour.

MetrixGlobal LLC conducted a study that showed companies who paid for coaching earned $7.90 for every $1.00 spent. Click To Tweet

(9) The pros and cons of drop shipping:


  • You don’t have to buy inventory or store products or
  • Make or build anything


  • You do have to deal with customers
  • Via customer service


(10). When bruises turn into blessings:

  Bellah got fired because of a sexual harassment claim. 

Now, look at her. 

…She landed on her feet.

bellah roze influencers tiktok

Bellah Roze

TikTok @bellahroze

NY Journal Top 30 Business Coach


rob Gill, wealth manager

Robert Gill

  • Financial Strategist
  • Mindset Manager


I love this guy; Rob is one top influencer who tells you like it is.

He talks from experience and expertise. Robert provides world-class information as a financial strategist who shares how you can become wealthy.


  10 no-Nonsense Money Tips from Rob


top influencers on instagram 2022


  1.      The mindset between the poor vs the rich people…

 Poor people: ask for permission. They don’t expect to get or achieve it. 

 Rich people: expect it to be done. They map out how to do it.  But never ask permission. 

If they hit a roadblock, they immediately look for an alternative route.



  1.     Rob’s 9-5 views:   Think beyond the nine to five. Think about what you can do to help your family outside of the 9-5.


  1.     Question? Is it too late to take risks in your 30s? 

No, level up, surround yourself with people who have successfully done what you are trying to do. 

Don’t be the smartest person in the room, Team up with a success coach to high jump into success.


  1.     How to properly manage money in your 20’s?  


  • An accountant
  • Fiduciary
  • Or insurance agent

 Someone to help you manage your money.


do influencer's help small businesses


  1.     Three reasons why you’re still broke: 

(1) You pay for everyone’s dinner. 

(2) The people you hang with aren’t leaders.

      (3) You don’t have a financial game plan.


  1.     In his own words:  If Rob had to start all over again, here’s what he would do:


  • Fire everyone that surrounds him now.
  • Replace them with those who have experience and specialized knowledge.


  1.     How rich people use debt to make money. 


  • You purchased a 1M dollar piece of real estate.
  • Spend $200,000 on your down payment.
  • $800,000 is a loan that your renters pay monthly.


funding for small businesses


  1.     Rob’s recommendation for the 25, 35, and 45-yrs-old. 

Start saving monthly.  Begin with 10% of your income.

 Work towards increasing to 20%.


  1.      Let us Debunk the “Life Insurance Myth” 

People’s biggest mistake. 

Trying to get the highest dollar amount for their death policy. The rich invest in whole life insurance vs term insurance. 

Use insurance gains as a vehicle to make purchases or investments. 

Then pay it back like you would the bank.

17 top influencers on social media

  1. Mind transformation:

Before transforming our businesses, we must transform our mindset.

 How do we do that?

 (From the people we meet and books that we read.)


Robert Gill




IG influencer. Adrian EwingsAdrian Ewings 778

  • Business Coach
  • Financial Strategist 


Adrian is stupendous, he has a wealth of financial knowledge.  Addedly, he has a calm peaceful delivery. Even a 3rd grader can understand his teaching. 

adrain ewings

  Top 10 Money Tips from Adrian


  1.     If you never heard of an IUL

 … check this out. 

An IUL gives you the capacity to earn with high rates of return. Here’s the caveat, when you withdraw your funds, its tax “FREE”. 

Check the IRS code (7702) (A). WHAT?????? 


  1.     The difference between the way rich people use life insurance versus the poor.

Poor people use life insurance for death purposes. Rich people use it as a tool to finance their lifestyle or as a bank. Hence, borrowing their own money. 

(Not making the banks richer.)

business coaching for truckers


  1.     Investment Options for W-2 workers:
  • 401K
  • 403B
  • FIA, (fixed index annuity) 
  • 401 trusts

401 trust earnings can be invested anywhere. 


  1.     Use life insurance while you are alive. A strategy the rich has implemented for years.


  1.     The smartest way to build wealth is to not depend on banks. Use your insurance to fund your deals and pay yourself back.


  1.     Three reasons to use an IUL:

(1) It has tax-free benefits.

(2) The death benefits are tax-free, and.

(3) You can create an additional income stream.


leader on social media


  1.     Did you know there are investment products that can grow without the risk of losing your Initial Investment?

 Knowledge isn’t power, applied knowledge is power. 

Get the knowledge!!!


  1.     There are two types of life insurance:

 (1) Term- you can purchase 5,10, 15, 20, 25 years/ strictly insurance.

 (2) Universal or IUL – which is death insurance with benefits.


  1.     How to become your own bank?

 What do banks do? 

They receive deposits and extend loans. So, if you want to be your own bank, invest in IULs or whole life insurance to grow your account. Borrow your own money.

 Pay it back, just like you would the bank, rinse, and repeat.


  1. Adrian’s mantra. “I don’t own anything”, but “control everything”. 

Allow your trust to own 100% of YOUR holding company. The holding company is taxed as an S Corp. 

Your holding company owns your individual LLCs. The LLCs own your assets, I.e., your Businesses and Real estate. 

Another sneak peeks from the millionaire’s playbook.



 Adrian Ewings

TikTok @adrianewingssr

Business and Financial Coach


Here’s more….

According to the 2020 IFC Global survey Millennials are the largest segment of the market who are open to coaching. Click To Tweet



Erin influencer on InstagramEcomera, Erin

  • Business Extraordinaire
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Social Media Influencer


 ERIN at 27 years old had $752 in her bank account.

 Zero invested.  Her total debt was $78,639 while working two jobs.

In 2017 she sold everything, moved to Thailand, and lived in an RV.

A few years later made millions.



tiktok ecomera erin


My Favorite Top 10 Tips from Erin



  1. Erin’s mindset- is bold and audacious. This was Erin’s job criteria. 
  • Salary between $300K-800K per year
  • Part-time hours
  • Stock options
  • 100% remote work
  • The company must agree, her kids came first every time


  1.     Three failed attempts: 

Entrepreneurship, back to work, entrepreneurship back to work.

 In between working a job and working for herself, Erin needed $700 to pay her rent. She accomplished that goal.

 She never looked back!


  1. Erin at the age of 27 worked two jobs at her lowest. At 32, she works her business part-time.  Today she travels the world. 

All because she invented a job (Instead of Settling for One)!


  1.     A major part of manifesting is believing you’re worth what you’re asking for.



  1.     How did Erin learn marketing and sales? 

She studied YouTube videos and online marketing compulsively. Next, she put her knowledge to work. she got into the game.

 Boyah…. And WON…BIG TIME!!!


  1.     Erin’s 5 tips for working less and playing more:
  • Stop caring about things
  • Lower your cost of living 
  • Seek out internet-based re-occurring revenue 
  • Invest aggressively in ETFs & real estate
  • Live presently in as many places as possible



We know this article was a mouthful. And can be used as a critical asset to include in your strategic marketing plan.

For your convenience, we created a PDF to make it easier for you to save to read later.


😉😉🤑 Click here to download the PDF



  1.     Growth Hack:
  • Go to Canva, and search for TIKTOK infeed ad templates. 
  • The template has 3 slides, hooks, a pitch, and a call to action.
  • Go to pexels.com to find a free video
  • Create a video using the chosen template 
  • Repurpose the video in 12 different formats
  • Distribute it on as many platforms as possible


  1.     Seek experts’ assistance when building your business.

 You aren’t supposed to know how to do everything. You will need to learn how to delegate.


  1. How to use short-form content videos to build your business:
  • Create a hook
  • Build authority
  • Address 3 pain points
  • Provide a sneak peek of the value
  • Ask for the sale


success quote for ecomera



  1. Erin’s story is courageous, she quit her financial advisor job saved $2300 and purchase a ticket, and moved to Thailand all because she desires freedom.




TikTok @ecomera


40% of people say they have purchased a product online after seeing it used or demonstrated by an influencer on social media. Click To Tweet



Dathen Fairly engagement rateDathen Fairly

  • Business Coach
  • Influencer
  • Google Ads Specialist


Dathen Fairly Mr. Google Ads specialist:

 He is a beast in advertising, marketing, and copywriting skills 

Yep, he practices on his visitors, (me for one) I wanted to know the answer, the technique he calls a hook, line, and sinker. 

 I sunk!!!! Even after he explained what he was during I still wanted to know. 

(Check his TikTok channel for clarification)


My Favorite Top 10 Tips from Dathen


how to get engagement



  1.     How to write killer converting Google ads copy that converts. Here’s 


Dathen Step -by-Step formula:

  • Shovel your customer’s problem in their face to stop the scroll. 
  • To get their attention the more shocking the better.
  • Provide an easy-to-use solution.
  • Keep it simple.
  • Finish it with a call to action. 
  • Three words or less. Less is better.


  1.     The real way to use Google Trends is just to be more specific. 

Ex. for a YouTube solution on Google trends. Change the dropdown from Google to YouTube.


  1.     YouTube Search Secret:

 YouTube Pro Tips:


  • Go to YouTube and type your niche in the search bar.
  • View the searches and choose the closest match keyword. 
  • Observe the competition. 
  • View the recent video. 
  • Check the level of competition. (If it’s too competitive),
  • Return to search and add an underscore. 
  • The best searches related to your topic will show up.
  • View the #1.
  • Study what they’ve done.
  • Duplicate their video but with your own spin.


  1.     Google keywords Search Tip:

Select keywords on an upward swing. 

High search volume only, doesn’t make it a good keyword.


  1.     Seven mistakes most YouTube creators make that stop them from going viral.


  • Not being relatable
  • Neglect checking Google trends first
  • Avoid not ethically hacking the top video’s title
  • Omitting to include trending tags in the description
  • Excluding, ethically stealing competitors’ keywords
  • Disregard split testing thumbnails
  • Asking for too much 

(I.e., subscribe, link, smash notification, follow me, etc).… 


  1.     SEO Secret:

 Check competitors’ links to copy their backlinking strategy.

 Go to the incognito window. Type in site: competitor keyword.com. Next, you’ll see all the links Google uses to rank the site.


  1.     Use Behind the Overlay:

 The behind the overlay is a chrome extension that helps you get rid of annoying overlays. Those webpages that are difficult to x out of.

  • Download the free extension. 
  • Just click on the icon that will show up on your toolbar.


micro influencers



  1.     Avoid annoying YouTube ads from videos.

Here’s how:


  • Click on the video you want to view. 
  • Look at the address bar.
  • Put a dash after the “t” in YouTube URL. 

This will eliminate all the extra stuff away from the video.


  1.     Google has a support phone line:

 ….answered by humans 24/7….

  • Signup for Google one-store. 
  • Download and open the Google One app
  • Click the support page at the bottom right.
  • Click on the phone
  • Click the topic
  • Then type in your phone number 

Expect a call back almost immediately


unsecured business lines of credit

  1. Google search content hack to catch early trends.
  • Open your chrome app
  • Click on the search bar
  • A list of the hottest new trends will appear
  • Make videos on those topics, ASAP!


TikTok @dathanfairley



Jeff lerner wealth secretsJeff Lerner

  • Founder of ENTRE
  • Speaker
  • Author
  • Podcaster


Jeff shares the secrets of the rich. 

He has a clever way to turn perceived unattainable achievements into “I can do it”. Early in Jeff’s career, he struggled with his self-image. 

His accomplishments prove that “FEAR” is only false evidence appealing REAL!!!



            My Top 10 Favorite Tips from Jeff

jeff lerner podcast influencer marketing

  1.     One wealth secret of the rich is called infinite banking. 

A type of life insurance policy you fund. As it grows, you’re allowed to borrow from the policy. The money can be used for purchases and investments.  

 You borrow against the death benefits, not the cash value.

 The cash value continues to accrue interest.


  1.     Younger generation vs the older generation. 

The younger generation is skeptical about taking old-school advice. Although the sage of the elder can shorten learning curbs and accelerate knowledge.  

Equally true is that the older generation can learn to break free of outdated habits. There are more efficient ways of performing tasks. Ex., Productivity apps, Automation, and Technology. 

There’s plenty we can learn from each other.



  1.     How to maintain a healthy happy marriage?

 Marriage isn’t just about raising kids.  Addedly, it’s no longer the wife’s sole responsibility to manage the kids and household. Wives should be encouraged to find their passion.

 To pursue a purposeful life. Amen!!!


  1.     Jeff’s confession. 


 Before creating content and introducing himself to the world, Jeff was terrified. His fear was people would finally realize he was a loser.

                                          But He Did It Anyway.


jeff lerner -engagement rate

  1.     Questions are the answers.

Set a big hairy goal. 

Next ask yourself, what must be true for that to happen? 

Keep digging down and asking yourself questions.

                         ” What must be true for that to happen”.


  1.     #1 Marketing Tip.

 I learned marketing had nothing to do with ads, mechanics, or the yellow pages…

….. it has everything to do with deep pain and fear. Find your customer’s pain and fear.  Get to the humanity of people. 

Genuinely want to help people solve their problems and you both WIN!



  1.     Want to change the direction of your life? …Follow this rule!

 The largest parts of the human brain are the parts that control vision and language. 

There are only 3-time spans, the past, present, and future. 

  • Use the past language for the purpose of learning.
  • The future language is used for creating.

 Most people live in the past and stifle their future.



  1.       The word retirement is a SCAM!

The word and meaning were invented in 1889 by the Chancellor of Prussia.

 The word was created because of a revolution in France. The Prussia Chancellor feared his country’s youth would revoke.

 He retired the 70 yrs. old males.  Then gave the younger generation their jobs.

 In some countries, there isn’t a word for retirement.

what is a nano influencer


  1.     3 Simple Steps to Create your Dream Life.
  • Get really, really, good at something. 
  • Use whatever you’re good at using those skills to help others.
  • Now it’s time to get the world’s attention.


  1. Why you should set a bigger goal.
  • Small goals inspire small actions. 
  • Big goals inspire big actions.
  • Insane goals inspire insane levels of action. 


When you set small goals, those goals look too much like your present life. 

Huge goals push you to become the person you need to be to reach your goal. 

Insane goals: even if you miss the target, the effort made usually impacts your present life. This could inspire you to set another goal.



Jeff Lerner

TikTok @jefflernerofficial




the rich black woman 

The Rich Black Woman


  • Influencer
  • Speaker
  • Strategist


Social media influencer, “The Rich Black Woman”,  speaks realities of running a million-dollar business.  

She refuses to only glamourize entrepreneurship.  Along with hype and hoorays, she wants to fair warn entrepreneurs to expect some risks and setbacks. 

The good news is there are others who have walked the walk and she’s one of them.


what is a social media influencer

 My Favorite Motivation Help from The Rich Black Woman


  1.     God works in mysterious ways.

 He wanted me to see people, places, and things outside my norm. He positioned me at a job where one colleague wore a 6-figure diamond ring. 

 Addedly, I rubbed shoulders with affluent movers and shakers. 

I even boated on one of the biggest yachts in the Fort Lauderdale harbor. 

She believes God wanted her to know what was possible.


  1.     I hated my voice, my smile, and how loud I am. But once I accepted myself and that everything about me was designed to assist me in my purpose.


  1.     Quote:  

We must stop getting mad at people that treat us the way we treat ourselves. 

Stop counting yourself out. God gave you a vision and many times we sabotage our blessings.


  1.     Don’t listen to the nay-sayers, too many people told us to quit.  


I remember the first time I heard myself during an interview on the radio.  They even mentioned my hubby. He’s from Elm City, NC, they don’t even have a Wal-Mart… 

 All things are possible!  It doesn’t make a difference where you come from.


top influencers coming to greenville nc soon



  1.     This rich black woman is always cooking, I love her food videos, crabs, and seafood gumbo, you will learn to be rich and how to cook southern food.


  1.     The rich black woman helps comfort a young viewer battling addiction.

She is such a trooper and totally transparent. …Great words of encouragement! 



  1.     The rich black woman believes in manifestation through visualization. She gave her husband an exotic car tour as a gift. That moment changed his life. I’m sure that increased his belief and vision.



  1.     The rich black woman talks of her health journey, in which she was recently diagnosed with MS.  I pray for a medical miracle…(God Intervention)


  1.     Some people will leave you because they couldn’t handle what you are about to become.



  1. Another issue with small business owners is that they see themselves as smaller than they are. 

You can tell by how they talk about their little business. Other people see your light. 

……….It’s only you who don’t believe in YOU! 







wealth expert-aaron valley




business focused influencersLifeIQ Coaching (Aaron Valley)

  • Business Coaching
  • Stock Market Strategist
  • Relationship Extraordinaire


Mr. Life IQ has a wealth of digital marketing knowledge. 

He has been designing websites since 1994. Every day from 7:30-9:30 he does a TikTok live on the stock market for that day.  Mr. Life IQ is well-rounded.

 You can expect a daily dose of everything business in one “Tok”!


 My Favorite Top 10 Tips from LifeIQ

expert marketing influencer



  1.     Five Website Design Mistakes.  
  • Not using a .com extension, they’re easier to remember.
  • Have audiences click more than twice before getting to the offer. 
  • Including one + call to action per page.
  • Domain not matching your social media handles.
  • Neglect having a mobile responsive website
  • Not checking how the website displays on all devices


  1.     Is your content R.E. A.L. There are 4 types of content you can create: (1) Relaxing, (2) Entertaining, (3) Accepting, and (4) if you cover all the bases your audience will grow.


    The 4 Cs of the business relationship. The need for a quality relationship to succeed in business for connecting and partnerships.



  • Connection
  • Commonality
  • Complements
  • Currency


  1.     Acronym for SOCIAL, to build connections and partnerships, you will have to be social.


S be simple in your approach and interaction

O Be open to who you are and what you have to offer

C You must be consistent

I  Be inspirational so others will gravitate toward you

A  You must be authentic so that you can gain the trust and loyalty of others

L Be likable, by being reasonable and respectful to all


  1.     When setting your goals, you must be S. M. A. R. T.


S be specific so that you’ll know what you’re trying to achieve

M your goal should be measurable, setting milestones along the way

A It should be achievable

R Addedly your goal should be realistic

T Should be timely, set time limits


  1.     Most of the time your Fear isn’t real. Fear is false evidence appearing real.


  1.     You increase your chance of greatness, by always asking for help.     A.S.K  ….. “Always Seek Knowledge”.



  1.     The key to success is to K. E. Y. “Keep Educating Yourself”


  1.     If you want to win. you must focus on “What’s Important Now”


  1. Sometimes you must push yourself, Persist Until Something Happens



Aaron Valley

TikTok @lifeiq

Coaching|Stock Market|Business|Relationship


success secrets leslie levito


leslie levito influencer marketerLeslie Levito

  • Business Coach/w MBA
  • Social Media Influencer



Leslie broke free from the 40/40/40/ plan. 

Get a job, work 40 yrs., 40 hrs./wk. and retire on 40%,

of what wasn’t enough from the beginning. 


After getting her master’s and climbing the corporate ladder, something was missing. 

 Ding, ding, a good job wasn’t the solution….  After 2 years of working in her own business…

 Leslie replaced her salary.

Then, she started coaching others.


  Top 10 Marketing Tips from Leslie


  1.     Three strategies to escape the nine-to-five. (Not a one-size-fits-all)

 Addedly, your route will depend on your mental health, risk tolerance, and finance.

Fed up with your 9-5: 

Strategy #1.


  • Save 9-12 months of income
  • Have a network to pull from
  • You need a medium to high-risk tolerance


Leaving in 3-12 Months


 Strategy #2. 

  • Start a side hustle
  • Build while maintaining your JOB


Planning to leave but not now



  • Start freelancing while you still work


  1.     Have you been tricked by the system?

You brought into the “Get a Good Job and Retire Rich”.

 We watched our parents fall for that. 

A JOB stands for,” just over BROKE!



  1.     Leslie’s favorite productivity hack.

  Use a calendar block. 

Color code your activities. Include within your calendar, family time + days with no activities

Don’t overextend yourself…


  1.     Want to quit your job but health insurance is a concern:
  • Check Healthcare.gov.
  • Google how to get health insurance on Investopedia. 

 Leslie went directly with a company called Oscar. 

Depending on your business, or side hustle, your insurance premium can be a tax deduction (consult with your CPA or legal advisor) for details.


leslie levito Instagram


  1.     Do you like ghosts???


 Have you heard of a ghost, virtual, or cloud kitchen? 

This concept helps restaurateur work on their business concept without spending a mint. Customers can visit the establishment for takeout orders. It’s a great way to test out your idea.


  1.     LOL!!! I found this on Leslie’s TikTok page! 

Fuc#$$%!!! your work deadline. If you make it, you make it. If you don’t make it, you don’t make it. 😮

They call it a deadline, but nobody fucking dies🚑 if you miss one!!!!



  1.     Soft skills are used to create Leslie’s new reality.

Leslie intentionally manages her spoken words.  

Those words you speak to yourself. And those that come from the external environment. 

  • Read motivational and inspirational books
  • Listen to podcasts
  • Hang out with people that’s where you want to go


  1.     Tips to run a hands-free business!
  • Incorporate automation and technology
  • Choose a scalable business
  • Pay your team above-average compensation

If you treat them well, they will reciprocate.



  1.     33 years on the job/than being forced out!

My sister’s story. She worked at a company for 33 years. New management came in…. forced her out. 

And we think Business Ownership is Risky…


  1. If your life isn’t what you dream of as a child, and you’ve done everything….
  • Read all the books
  • Attended the seminars 
  • Purchased expensive education

 But life remains unfulfilling?  Stop… find your passion and act.



Leslie Levito

Business Coach/w MBA







  micro influencers top businessDr. Sonja Stribl`ing



  • Life Strategist
  • Business Coach
  • Retired Army Veteran


list of social media influencers dr. sonja

Dr. Sonja is one of the best-dressed entrepreneurs who rocks a snazzy haircut and style.

 The Dr. talks real talk for women. I love her mantra, “mind your own business”. She teaches manifestation, greatness, abundance, and wealth strategies.


She’s a strong, black, bold, and brilliant business developer, who treasure’s her relationship with her husband. 

While many businesses struggled during the pandemic her business 10X. She had to scramble to hire, to support the growth explosion.

Although Dr. Sonja is loving and kind some women perceive her as intimidating.

In her own words “No, all I’ve done was shown up. You have low self-esteem and are very insecure.”




  Top 10 Action Tips from Dr. Sonja


social media marketing


  1.     Poor people exchange time for money. Rich people spend as much money as they must to buy back their TIME!


  1.     You may have not come from a wealthy family, however, let a wealthy family come from you!



  1.     Stop doubting yourself.


  1.     Don’t be a catty Patty. 

Catty Patty talks way too much.

Say what’s needed in the least number of words possible. Get to your point

                              … and be done.



  1.     Ladies, everything we put our hands on grows. Women have been given something inside us that can multiply anything.


  1.     The real conversation Dr. had with herself. 

When she decided to move forward with her business, she compared herself to others.

 I’m not Tony Robbins or Oprah Winfrey. Suddenly she realized she doesn’t have to be.

 There are people waiting for you to show up. The world already has Tony and Oprah!



  1.     The Dr. wanted to be (unemployable). Not unemployed. She wanted to work harder and smarter on her business than she would work on any organization or company.


  1.     Most perfectionists are:
  • Broke
  • Spiritually
  • Mentally and 
  • Financially

Don’t strive to be perfect, instead go for progress.


influencer for hire

  1.     There’s never going to be a perfect time to start your business. The bigger the goal the more distractions. 

                            There’s never going to be a perfect time.


  1. It’s easy to quit on yourself, but when you realize who else needs to benefit from what you’re doing; can’t nothing stop you.


Dr. Sonja Stribling

TikTok @iamdrsonja

Life and Business Coach




loral langemimer, wealth expert

Loral Langemeier


  • Integrated Wealth Systems CEO
  • World-Renowned Money Expert



Loral is a straight-shooter/ NO BS.  

She tells it like it is without beating around the bush.

 To be wealthy you must earn like the rich. Learn to play the game. 

 So lean in!!!!


 My Fav Top 10 No-BS Tips from Loral


loral langemeier

  1.     The worse language rich people never tell their kids is, “We can’t afford it.”

 Because they know you can afford anything you want, you only need the mindset and psychology.

 Secondly, “don’t ask for anything”, 


 They are two of the most psychologically damaging statements you can say to your kids.  

That teaches your kids to not ask.


  1.     Loral and direct sales companies?

 According to Loral, direct sales companies,

  • Usually don’t increase prices, and
  • Are more inflation-proof, than traditional businesses.


  1.     How to make money as the wealthy do? 

The wealthy play the game. Not one toe in. They utilize the systems that are in place, legally. 

Many people want to play a little bit. 

Unfortunately, there are some who would rather be right and poor. than LEARN.


traditional lending


  1.     Why do so many athletes go broke?  

They don’t understand money and business. 

Once you turn 18 you can:

  • Create a company
  • An LLC
  • S Corp
  • C Corp or
  • Limited partnership. 

This opens 1800 pages of tax advantages that you can legally use!


instagram influencers


  1.     Kids and credit cards:

 Don’t wait until your children turn 18 years old before teaching them how to use credit cards. 

Start with a small budget maybe $200.

 Let them be totally responsible for their credit card.


  1.     Why debt is good? 

Only good debt is good….

 Rich people don’t shy away from debt. 

Loral borrowed $200,000 @ 2% to purchase a laundry. She kept it for a few years. Then sold it at a profit. 

Paid off the debt with money to spare.

small business loans


  1.     Paying your kids an allowance is likened to teaching your kids to be employees. 

If you give kids money with no structure or budgeting component… You’re teaching them to do what you’re doing. Make it, spend it, make it, spend it…. Rinse and repeat!


  1.     In Loral’s opinion, striving to become debt-free is an outdated way of thinking. 

No wealthy people follow that principle. Rich people use debt to make money. Good debt.



  1.     Don’t fear a recession. 

What does “recession” mean? …

Huge opportunities. Bottomline- make money and invest. 

She doesn’t believe in savings, what are you saving for… a rainy day? 

Delete savings and start Investing.


  1. The #1 mistake people make during a recession is NOTHING!

They become paralyzed and freeze.  Some of your most amazing companies grow in volatile times. 

So, what do you do? You look for investment opportunities.



Loral Langemeier

TikTok @lorallangemeier



how to work smarter


A dad of 4 with his back against the wall and the bills with no end in sight. Chris was 44 years old with no retirement. So, he Googled searched “how to make money online”. He got started with his side hustle that started earning him an extra 5 figures per month part-time.


Today he’s going and blowing and passionate about helping others because he knows what’s possible. Chris is a great fit for those who want to make an extra 1-5k per month working on the side. Chris was an ordinary factory worker. Now he is living the good life with more to come!



  1.     In his own words, Chris noticed a lot of people were interested in affiliate marketing but were looking for the perfect product and people to work with. Chris recommends looking for a person who’s successful and who you resonate with.


  1.     Chris’s remedy for success on social media. Choose one product and one platform to market it on. Put your head down for 6 months and create content. Do this and you may never have to go back to your 9-5 EVER!!!



  1.     Even when you become successful online you will still have to continue working. Not a problem since I’ve been broke all my adult life, I now never want to feel that pain again.


  1.     LOL. A skit Chris did.  In a lady’s voice…. hello, how are you… I’m Successful, …. how are you???


  1.     When someone shows you, their true colors don’t try to repaint them.



  1.     Chris made 189K in 2021, and his goal for 2022 is a half-of- million…


  1.     Chris’s secret to marketing is posting 3 times daily which has made him $200k in 14 months.

17 top social media influencers


  1.     How will you handle success? There are two things that define you. Patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything. Will you let it change you?


  1.     Chris earned $200K using TikTok and has shown people every day how to do the same and still receives hateful comments.



  1. Many online marketers go from program to program looking for a magic pill that does everything for them and hands them the money! Good Luck!




pytalkbiz social media influencer

 PY @PYTalk Biz.com



  • Business Owner & Coach
  • Strategic Marketing Specialist
  • SEO and Digital Marketer


influencers on social media

PY is a small business owner of 4 decades. Recently realized she’s been an employee having an entrepreneurial seizure … according to Michael E. Gerber.



Honestly, what she began to understand is that she never owned a business. 

Even worse, when talking with other small business owners (SBOs) she wasn’t alone.

 Most owners are working in quiet desperation


Not to mention the sacrifices made, neglecting family and friends, missing events, and special occasions.


In her last traditional business…


The straw that broke the camel’s back.

She worked all day,⏱ and once she got home, PY had to invoice the completed orders.


pytalkbiz social media influencer


She stayed up all night long.⏳ That encounter broke her spirit, and she knew she had to find a solution. 


She promised her next business …. would be a REAL BUSINESS.  

A business that allows freedom, flexibility, and predictable funds.


Although PY earned multiple 6 figures. 🤑🤑🤑 With the potential to earn unlimited income…her time was more important….


………………….. Some things money can’t BUY!!!!)😎😎😎


 This time around she promised to start and grow a business where her involvement or lack of it, wouldn’t dictate her income….


 And she would share those strategies with the millions of SBOs who are lying awake at night praying for a better way!


 PYTalkBiz was created…  There you’ll find simple solutions to effortlessly Boost Business without sacrificing family time!


   (Read PY’s story here PY’s Story)




Truthfully, almost every business on the planet is wondering how to keep up with the “new norm” of digital marketing.

Covid -19 has forced even moms and pop’s businesses to get online.

So, if you are hoping, wishing, and praying for guidance to grow or retain your customer base, online marketing is non-negotiable.

Addedly, if you’re asking if social media or online marketing is worth your time.


Customers trust influencers 94% more than friends and family when making purchasing decisions. Click To Tweet


If you ever wondered do influencers help small businesses?


Check out the stats:


  • Three out of every four searches start on Google
  • Customers trust influencers’ recommendations 94% more than family/ friends
  • 70% of teens believe influencers more than traditional celebrities
  • 40% of people purchase products online as seen used on social media
  • 49% of consumers rely on product proposals from influencers before purchasing


We know this article was a mouthful. And can be used as a critical asset to include in your strategic marketing plan.

For your convenience, we created a PDF to make it easier for you to save to read later.


 Click here to download the PDF



I hope you found our list of social media influencers helpful.


Now I’d like to hear from you!

Which strategy will you use immediately?

Or are you planning to use them all?

Did I miss your fav influencer?

Or do you have one to share?

Either way, let me know in the comments below!

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17 Top Social Media Influencers



















Deborah Pretty

Hi! We know that starting your own business can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be. I started my first business at 19 and now 4 decades later have 5 businesses under my belt. So, if you always wanted to work for yourself, be your own boss or to start a small business working from home, we got YOU! At https://PYTalkBiz.com we provide articles and other up-to-date resources to help you start, grow, and market your new or existing business quicker and more efficiently. Be sure to read, execute, and share on social. Lastly, I would love your feedback. Please ask any comments and questions. Cheers P.Y.

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  2. This content is inspirational. Dr. Sonja’s top ten action tips spoke to me; especially. “You don’t have to come from a wealthy family; however you can let a wealthy family come from you”.

  3. Thank you so much for all of the helpful strategies, information, tips and business plans, I’ve learned a lot and you mentioned Les Brown he was one of my favorite motivational speakers as well. Thank you for sharing your story with us it helped alot of us to keep pushing and that one of the”Best investments is to invest in yourself” thank you@Pytalkbiz

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