You’ve spent hours, maybe even months, pondering the podcast plunge. Armed with facts, stats, and clever hacks, you decided to dive in.

Now, with your first episode scripted, you’re stuck. How do you say goodbye without slamming the door shut?

Don’t fret! You’re not alone, it’s just too hard to say goodbye to yesterday, OK sorry, I couldn’t resist. (Boys to Men song 😊).

Seriously though, crafting a killer podcast outro isn’t rocket science. Once you learn how to write your podcast outro, you will become a master at ending your episodes gracefully. This leads to more new listeners who will tune in for future episodes. 

So, let’s start the journey of mastering the art of scripting a killer podcast Outro.

How to Write Your Podcast Outro

How to Write Your Podcast Outro script

How to Write a Good Podcast Outro

Our goal as podcast creators is to leave our loyal listeners with a good lasting impression. This is where crafting a compelling podcast outro plays a major role in the success of your show.

It’s ideal to start by reviewing key pointers that were discussed in the podcast episode, this reinforces the message.

Include calls-to-action (CTA). CTAs are important because people will only do what you ask. Confused people do nothing.

Similarly, to effective copywriting or sales scripts that use clear calls-to-action like ‘click here now,’ or’ download today’ your podcast outro should also be designed with a specific call to action in mind.

Next, your podcast outro script should encourage new listeners to leave a review, comment, or share your podcast link to their social media network or other platforms.

Podcast outro ideas

To add uniqueness and more creativity watch or view other podcast creators, or even movie trailers. Don’t shy away from authenticity. 

Finally, you can end your outro with edgy guest quotes or comments. Furthermore, be sure to share a teaser for the next episode to whet your target audience’s lip to tune for future episodes.

According to recent trends, podcast outros that add a personal touch resonate better with the target audience.

Now, let’s dive into the 10-step process of crafting an exceptional podcast outro script. These steps will guide you in creating podcast outros

Podcast outro ideas

10-Step Process of a Successful Podcast Outro

What to Include in Your Podcast Outro

Ever captivated by a podcast, only to cringe as it nears the end? Unsure of what’s coming next… will the finale be something that will grab and keep your attention, leaving you yearning for more?

 Believe me, I’ve been there too~

So, what is the purpose of a well-written outro script? A well-crafted podcast script will compel new listeners and new subscribers to eagerly want more.

Unfortunately, many new podcasters get caught on the web of over-thanking and pleading for their audience’s ear.

Get ready to take your outro game to the next level with our 10-step guide. We’ll share how you can sidestep the “James Brown” approach of pleading and begging, to learn key elements of crafting a good outro.

podcast mic for outro

So, grab your metaphorical microphone and prepare to take your outros game to the next level!

1. Recap the Key Points 

Shine a light on the episode’s brilliance by offering a concise synopsis of its main takeaways. Don’t just repeat information; combine the key elements and stress the lasting lessons you want listeners to remember. Think of it as the final words to an audio masterpiece, setting the impact of your content.

2. Craft Compelling Calls-to-Action

Envision your outros as a conductor, guiding listeners toward their next steps. Never leave them hanging – tell them exactly what to do, remember confused people do Nothing.  

Whether it’s to hit the subscribe button, leave a review, or join our online community. Be clear, specific, and action-oriented. Remember, a compelling CTA is the difference between inactive listeners and active fans.

3. Share Social Media Channel Handles & Contact Info

Don’t make it hard. Make it easy for listeners to connect with you.  Be sure to list your social media channels. Invite them to become part of the conversation.

 Finally, provide your social media handles, email address, and website to give listeners multiple options to connect with you.

4. Thank Your Listeners

We all know how a heartfelt “thank you” makes us feel. Like Mary Kay famously said, people won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.

 Let your listeners know that their presence makes your podcast possible, and their feedback is not only welcome but invaluable. Remember people can spot a phony miles away, let your sincereness shine through in the most authentic way possible.

5. Tease the Next Episode

There’s one thing about good promoters, they know how to promote. Have you never watched a movie trailer, or read an article title that left you drooling? Mission accomplish!

 A job well done leaves listeners on the edge of their seats with an exciting preview of the upcoming episode. Briefly touch on the next guest, piquing their curiosity and planting the seeds of expectancy.  

To get more of a visional think about your favorite sequel – did they leave us hanging and wanting more?  Watch the endings and read the preview. Study the style of writing and view the types of words used.

6. Include Bloopers

Have you ever laughed so hard you snorted water out your nose? And bloopers aren’t only shown to be funny, but they’re shown to let audiences know that you are human. This makes you more relatable, trusted and liked. People like people like themselves.

Laughter is the best medicine, and a touch of humor can go a long way in humanizing podcasts to connect with your audience. Share a special instant from the recording session, a funny blooper, or an unexpected outro script.

These behind-the-scenes glimpses offer a sneak peek into your personality and create a sense of likeability that your listeners will love.

podcast ad revenue chart 2023

7. Promote Special Offers or Sponsors

Toward the end of your podcast is the perfect time to promote special offers and sponsorships. Keep it brief and avoid interrupting the outro’s flow. Remember, the focus must stay on your listeners and the benefits you offer. A cohesive promotion can benefit both your sponsors and your brand identity, all the while extending listeners something beneficial.

8. End with a Memorable Tagline

What’s the first thing that pops into your head after a great movie or concert? That lingering melody, that powerful quote, that feeling of “Wow, that was exciting!

 You always want to leave your listeners with an audio gift and a tagline that fits the bill. It’s like an audio gift, capturing your podcast show essence that sticks with listeners long after the episode ends.

 Think of “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” from Apple or “Welcome to Night Vale” from the eerie fiction podcast. A strong tagline is unique, catchy, and reflects your show’s core values.

So, challenge yourselves! Get creative and see if you can come up with a great outro tagline.

9. Podcast Outro Music & Sound Effects 🎵


Envision your podcast but muted. You hear the host talking, but no laughter, no background music, no impactful sound effects. Suddenly, it feels bare, incomplete, even a little… dull.

That’s the magic of audio in your outro. The right music and sound effects can elevate your outro from OK to unforgettable.

Podcast outro music

Choose music that complements your vibe. You can purchase beats from online resources or pick your ideal royalty-free music.  Select audio that resonates with your target audience to keep listeners coming. 

Upbeat tunes: Choose energetic rhythms and bright melodies to leave listeners feeling positive and excited for the next episode.

Reflective tracks: Opt for soothing instrumentals or ambient sounds to create a sense of closure and peace after a thought-provoking discussion.

Themed compositions: Tailor the music to your podcast’s genre or specific episode topic for a truly immersive experience.

Subtlety is key: Use sound effects sparingly and avoid overpowering the host’s voice or music.

podcast subscriber stat

Match the mood: Choose effects that complement the tone and emotion of your outro.

Add surprise and delight: Incorporate unexpected but relevant sound effects for a playful and memorable touch.

By adding these visual elements and specific suggestions, you can make your script even more informative and engaging, helping your listeners understand the true power of sound in crafting amazing podcast outros.

 ***Note: Adding Music Intro and Outro Music
Both podcast intro and outro music should follow the same guidelines.

  • High audio quality
  • Create your own music (if possible)
  • Keep music relevant to your brand identity.
  • Use quality editing software to get the best special effects options

10. Publish & Promote Your Episode

It’s finally here! You’ve poured your soul into your entire podcast episode, and now it’s time to hit the button.  

Upload your episode to your chosen podcast platforms. Advertise on social media channels, send links via email marketing, and share on forums to get your listeners’ attention.

 Now that you’ve pushed the publish button, it’s time to advertise it. Remember, promotion isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it!  Continue promoting to keep your audience engaged and informed about your upcoming episodes.

Generic Podcast Outro Template

Podcast Outro Examples

(Background music fades in, upbeat and positive)

Host: Thanks for joining us on The Frictionless Formula, where we dissect the science of success and engineer smoother journeys for your business. In today’s episode, we tackled [podcast title]. Did we grind your gears or grease your axles?

(Music dips momentarily)

Host: Before we shift to the next gear, a quick shout-out to our amazing Pit Crew, the loyal listeners who keep this engine fueled (share listener reviews ). We’re also sending a high-five to [mention sponsors briefly, if applicable].

(Music swells)

Host: Now, for those craving extra horsepower, don’t miss the bonus sneak peek for next week’s episode! Just hit “play” after the credits roll. ️

(Music rises slightly)

Host: And finally, remember, success shouldn’t be a bumpy ride.

Apply the Frictionless Formula to your business, join the conversation on social media channels using #FrictionlessFormula, and hit subscribe to stay in the driver’s seat.

Until next time, keep it smooth. Remember, don’t give too much detail.


Do I Really Need a Podcast Intro? 

100%! It’s your final step, leaving a lasting impression and igniting anticipation for what’s next. Plus, it shows appreciation for your listeners.

Podcast outros provide a structured conclusion, reinforce key messages, and encourage listener engagement, leaving a lasting impact. Like a closing chapter of a good novel.

How do you say goodbye in a podcast?

A: Keep it concise and catchy. Sum up key points, sprinkle in a call to action (subscribe, share!), and maybe tease the next episode.

Don’t forget music and sound effects can create an impactful exit.

What should you include in an outro?

Hit these high notes:

Recap the episode: Briefly consolidate the show notes main takeaways.

Call to action: Encourage listeners to engage further (subscribe, review, share!).

Next episode tease: Drop a hint about what’s coming to spark curiosity.

Music & sound effects: Choose audio that matches your vibe and amplifies the outro’s impact.

Credits roll: Acknowledge contributors and maintain professionalism.

Bonus tip: Ditch lengthy thank-yous and replace them with a quick one-liner explaining the takeaway. You’ll convert listeners and keep existing ones engaged.


“If you’re reading this, thanks for sticking with us. We hope our take on how to write a podcast outro is helpful. Crafting a stellar outros isn’t just saying goodbye – it’s a deliberate dance to leave listeners wanting more.

Forget the awkward fade-out; we offer powerful strategies guaranteed to hook them till the very end!

Don’t be afraid to experiment and challenge your creativity. Looking outside your industry or niche for outro music, sounds, and more will surely pay off and set you apart.

Push it outside its comfort zone and embrace the unexpected.

Learn how to write your podcast outro that hooks them & keeps them coming back. Master our 10-step process and watch your audience return episode after episode.#podcasting. #PYTalkBiz; #businessgrowth.

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