How to Speed up This Computer: Easier Than You Think

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How to speed up this computer… I’ve asked a few times in my life. Did you know that a slow-running computer can not only drain your energy and productivity but can put a chokehold on your bank account? Well…neither did I! And as a small business owner, there are a few things that get a quicker response, and putting a CHOKE-HOLD on my account is on the top of the list.

 Can A Slow Computer Cost You Money?

So now that I have your attention about how to speed up your computer. Keep reading because we not only explain how to speed up your computer but also discuss the disadvantages of operating a slow running computer. Additionally, we share how something as unassuming as a slow computer can dramatically affect your bottom line. Lastly. we offer a few suggestions as to how to speed up your computer. 

  Before the discussion, allow me to state the obvious, that is, losing computer speed is inevitable… why… Let’s stop to think for a second, anything that we run continuously will eventually slow down. On the flip side, 99% of all machinery can be repaired… worst-case scenario, upgrade, replace parts, and hardware.

 Listed are a few of the guilty culprits that are notorious for slowing down computers: (1) installed plugins, (2) download programs (3) exe files, (4) PDFs, (5) videos, (6) images, and (7) movies. This accumulative virtual debris will for certain slow down or even sometimes crash and burn your PC.

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So, if you’re semi-techie and like to keep your hands moving a little, then you have a challenge ahead. On the other hand; if you can’t spare another second in your already swamped day, we have the perfect solution for you as well. Keep in mind our mantra “simple technological solutions” so if you’re a non-techie we’ll share a simpler way to speed up your computer so you can keep up with the Big dogs. 

Be certain to read down to the end where we’ll share a short-cut…. It’s always more than one way to get the job done, quick, fast and hands-free.

Disclaimer: This information is relayed to the best of my knowledge. I’m a businesswoman of 40 years presently operating a traditional business, 99% of all of which I speak about I’ve experienced. read or learned from others. However, before deleting or cleaning your files… It’s highly recommended to save a copy of all your files. Better yet, leave those services for your computer professionals.

What I’ve learned to do is let the professionals handle the things that I don’t know how to do. cannot be held liable or responsible for any actions taken as a result of reading this or other articles on This site is for informational purposes only and mostly all information is from personal experience.

man in hazmat suit, let professionals do what they do.

Let’s Get Started:

  Issues That Can Keep Your Computer Running Slow 

 1. Too Large File Sizes… such as audio, video, and images. Delete unused audio, video, and image files. These files are Super large and will drag your speed down to a Paulse. Once you delete the files be sure to empty your trash bin. If not, the files will remain on your hard drive slowing down your computer.


 2. Clean your hard drive. One of the quickest ways to reduce your computer speed by 50% is by having your hardware working over 95% capacity. Memory Jobber: have you ever received a running out of space notice from Gmail? Google recommends reducing unwanted files especially, videos and large images? Sometimes Gmail storage can get so crowded they can’t even squeeze another email into your account.

 There are easy ways to clean out your Gmail account: buy more storage from Google, erase or delete your unwanted files or use a file cleaner service. Click here for details

3. Check your browser for Add-ons… everybody likes shortcuts and extensions, but not all add-ons are created equally. Again, most add-ons have additional programs included within their offer. Remember to unclick all the other boxes to receive the program you requested.

Many times, you can have 10-15 other unsolicited programs within the zip, you have the option of de-selecting the unsolicited files, most computer users think it is part of your requested program… I used to!

4. Let’s not overlook the obvious. When our computer seems a little slow running try turning it off and restarting it. This action clears out any overuse of ram that otherwise can’t be cleared. All types of start and stops happen with the computer and the computer gets stuck in the middle of processes which in turn slows them down. So, turning them off as we do with our cell phones can clear all these malfunctions. 

  5. Running too many programs at once. Or you have too many windows open at the same time. Indicative of a small business owner as we try to do a trillion functions all at once. Our computers have the same problems that we have, even though they are not human. Too many open programs can squeeze the juice out of other programs leaving them high and dry which slows them down…

An easier remedy to keep your computer running smoothly when you need to reference websites is to bookmark. This way you will have a shortcut to your best resources at your fingertip. Moreover, that resource will be easier to retrieve the next time it’s needed.  And it eliminates having to install more files onto your hard drive. Go here to uncover the easiest way to bookmark (link)

old out-date computer, the lack of speed will kill your productivity

How to Fix Slowing computer Speed:

 Disable or remove the extensions and toolbars you don’t need 

 For Firefox

Firefox you hit the menu button on the far right select add-ons // extensions then select disable or remove from each item on the list 

 For Chrome

Chrome right-click on the extension button / manage extension then unclick the button to disable an item or click the trash can to raise it goodbye you can also check how much memory each extension is using by hitting the top-right menu button Safari you hit Safari top-left preferences security extension then select an item to uninstall you can also turn on all 

For Internet Explorer

 Internet Explorer 2 / manager add-ons at All Med on selected offenders in Click disable or remove.

If you’re like most small business owners, you have very little time and mental energy to fuss with a slow computer. So, if you want microwave results… here’s what I do. Call 24/7 tech support and let them clean your computer, scan it, check for malware and antivirus, and place malware and antivirus protection on your system while you’re sleeping. {Wake up to this “Verbiage stating thanks tech support. }

 Now that’s what I call High-Tech… LOL!!! (Laugh out Loud!)

Antivirus Programs are a computer’s lifeguard… they can also be the answer to “how to speed up a computer”. Antivirus programs are Notorious for running in the background which is a good thing however those scans can run all day. If your anti-virus program is set to weekly scans this can take a while to scan. Another option could be a shorten your scan time by selecting daily cleaning… hence taking less time! 

7. You Could Have a Virus…. Although you may have antivirus protection you still can contract a virus. Just like the human body. Even though you opt for the flu shot that inoculation doesn’t guarantee you won’t catch the flu.

 ( * True story, one of my friends that I spoke with a few days before writing this post. She relayed she had been sick for 4 weeks. Ironically, shortly after she received pneumonia and flu shots. She returned to the doctor, and started trash-talking her favorite doctor… she asked “how did I get sick after receiving both pneumonia and flu shot!!!

He stated Yep! You were inoculated for pneumonia and flu. But you have bronchitis!!!… (in July) oh that was funny…not that she had been sick with bronchitis… but you know what I mean. ) Our computers are the same way, just because we install antivirus, malware, or any other types of antivirus protection, doesn’t inoculate it from all viruses~

picture of speed test score for website: score is 95
This is website speed score.

 More Tips…to Speed up Your Computer

  • 1. Launch your troubleshooter
  • Turn on “troubleshooter” in Windows 
  • The troubleshooter program will identify performance problems and fix them. It’s easy to do.
  • To launch the program:
  •  Click on the control panel >
  • Select system and security,>
  • Security and maintenance >
  • Troubleshooting>
  • Run maintenance tasks>
  • Screen Titled “Troubleshoot help prevent computer problems” will appear.>
  • Click Next > 

At this time the computer troubleshooter will do what it does. It will look for all outdated unused files and shortcuts you hadn’t used in a while. Likened that too, putting aside all the dated clothes you haven’t worn in years, condensed, packing, and putting away. 

Additionally, it will identify any performance issues it uncovers and places everything it identifies as unnecessary out to the waiting area to await your permission for disposal. The system will ask do you have the authority to delete these files. ..Windows does the rest. 

 Remove Bloatware; First, if you’re wondering what is bloatware? Bloatware is an unnecessary software that computer manufacturers install on a computer and mobile devices. It’s one way they generate extra income. They add the software (bloatware and adware) in hopes that you will use them. 

Bloatware Fiesta

Bloatware will certainly slow down your desktop, laptop, and cell phones. Decreasing bloatware can increase your speed…some say as much as 50%. Good News … when purchasing new electronics… you can purchase bloatware-free devices.

The other good news, you can have all the bloatware removed from your devices. While some business owners are a little techier than others if you prefer to remove the bloatware go for it.  But before starting; check your operating system manual for instructions. 

But here’s what worked for me for the last 15 years. (link) 


Yes, a slow computer can cost you not only loss of income but more importantly loss of talented staff. Technology is one of the most vital components of running most businesses. We all use some types of technology in our businesses, the quicker and leaner it performs the higher your productivity portion. 

picture of young man with his hands on his head

Remember, over 79% of employees have high frustration and complain about how their computers are slowing them down. Higher levels of stress are reported as slow computers are creating project delays. Reports show that 25% of employees waste 3-6 hours a week because of outdated and poorly performing computers. 

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur that searches for simpler ways to out-hustle your competition a speedier computer could be the answer. It’s another one of those overlooked strategies that’s certain to put you ahead of the game.

An efficient working computer induces happier and less-stressed employees, can improve productivity, and increase the chances of retaining great talent all from learning how to speed up your computer


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