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Although you landed🚀 here because you want to learn ‘how to set up GoDaddy Domain on Shopify’, don’t mean your eyes aren’t crossing from the mere fact that you must tackle one more technical task. 

If you’re anything like me, navigating through technical stuff like Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), Domain Name System (DNS) configurations, or even MX records can require a few drinks, some calisthenics, and maybe motivational stories or video, or two. 😊

‘Ok, all jokes aside, if you want to know how to set up GoDaddy Domain on Shopify it isn’t rocket science. It just takes a little patience. And if you follow the step-by-step instructions below, you’ll be good to GO! 

This article provides a user-friendly guide to connect your GoDaddy website to your Shopify store. Recognizing that we absorb information differently, we’ve included, a video and images to facilitate a smoother transfer process.

Ready to enhance your online business by connecting your GoDaddy domain to Shopify, boosting your search engine rankings, and much more?

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What are the Benefits of Transferring Your Domain from GoDaddy to Shopify?

Transferring your GoDaddy domain to Shopify enhances your online store’s presence and usability, making it a strategic move for business growth.

Here are some key benefits:

  • Boost Online Presence: Promoting your website and online store is important for business visibility.
  • Enhanced Visibility: A custom domain increases your store’s findability and professionalism.
  • SEO and Usability Enhancements**: Improve site load times and reliability with GoDaddy’s hosting, combined with Shopify’s responsive, SEO-friendly design.

  What is a Domain Name System (DNS)?

Internet’s Phonebook: DNS translates human-friendly domain names into machine-readable IP addresses, enabling browsers to load internet resources.

Essential for Access: Every time a domain name is used the DNS role is to help systems locate the corresponding internet resource.

Ease of Use: Without DNS, users would need to memorize complex numbers for each website, instead of simple domain names.

what is a CNAME

What is a CNAME & How Does It Work?

What is a CNAME?

A CNAME, or Canonical Name record, is a type of setting within the Domain Name System (DNS) that allows you to alias from one domain name to another.

This is useful for businesses that want to manage multiple service addresses under a single domain name.

  How Does a CNAME Work?

When you utilize a CNAME record, you effectively redirect traffic from one domain to another’s server while keeping the original URL in the address bar.

This process enables seamless navigation; for example, if someone visits a subdomain like ‘’, they are directed to another service without any visible change. 

This DNS configuration is crucial for maintaining a professional online presence and ensuring a smooth and secure user experience. 

Employing CNAMEs helps streamline your online business operations and boosts your website’s reliability and search engine optimization, enhancing overall user engagement and trust.”

  • A CNAME record maps an alias to a true or canonical domain name, simplifying domain management.
  • Allows one domain to be redirected to another without requiring visitors to type the full URL, enhancing user experience.
  • Simplifies web administration by assigning unique IP addresses to every domain alias.

 What are Common Challenges Linking GoDaddy Domain with Shopify

Linking a GoDaddy domain to Shopify can occasionally run into issues, particularly with DNS settings.

Here’s how to resolve one common problem:

1. Disconnect from Previous Platform**: If your domain is still connected to another platform (like Wix), you’ll need to disconnect it first. Remove any existing DNS records pointing to Wix.

2. Update DNS Settings**: Log into your GoDaddy account and access the DNS settings. Here’s what you should update:

   A Record: Replace the existing IP address (associated with GoDaddy) with Shopify’s IP address: ``.

   CNAME Record: Change any existing CNAME entries ‘to point’ to ``.

3. Allow Propagation Time: DNS changes can take some time to propagate. This can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours.

How to set up GoDaddy Domain on Shopify?

To connect your GoDaddy domain to Shopify, follow these step-by-step instructions.

1. Log into Your GoDaddy Account:

godaddy screenshot for homepage

    Go to GoDaddy’s login page

    Enter your username and password to access your account dashboard.

2. Navigate to Your Domain Settings:

  •    Log in, and find the “My Products” section on your dashboard.
  •    Scroll to “Domains” and click on the domain you want to connect to Shopify.

3.  Access the DNS Management Page:

   Click “DNS” or “Manage DNS” from your domain’s details page to access the DNS settings.

how to transfer godaddy domain to shopify

4. Update the A Record:

  •    – Locate the A Record section in the DNS settings. You might need to scroll down or switch tabs.
  •    – Change the existing A Record to Shopify’s IP address: ``.
  •    – Save the changes.

5. Add or Edit the CNAME Record:

  •    – Find the CNAME section. You’ll likely see a record labeled “www” or similar.
  •    – Change the points to value to ``.
  •    – Save your changes.

6. Verify Changes:

   You should expect it to take some time for these DNS changes to propagate (typically up to 24 hours).

7. Connect Your Domain in Shopify:

  •    – Go to “Online Store” and then “Domains” in your Shopify admin panel.
  •    – Click on “Connect existing domain” and enter your domain name.
  •    – Follow the prompts to verify the connection.

8. Check Connection Status:

  •    – After adding your domain to Shopify, the domain will be verified due to DNS propagation.
  •    – You can check the status in the Shopify admin under “Domains”. Shopify will confirm once the domain is connected successfully.

If you encounter any issues during the transferring process you can contact GoDaddy or Shopify, for assistance.

Log into GoDaddy to access your domain settings.

1. Access the GoDaddy Website:

   – Visit GoDaddy’s login page to start the process.

2. Enter Your Credentials:

   Type your username and password into the appropriate fields and click “Sign In” to access your account dashboard.

3. Navigate to Your Domains:

  Once logged in, look for the “My Products” section on the dashboard. Under this section, click “Domains” to view a list of all the domains you registered with GoDaddy.

key takeaway py experience with Godaddy

Key Takeaway

Sure, here’s your text with the inclusion of relevant NLP keywords while maintaining the original style:

“Although I haven’t used GoDaddy for personal projects in over 15 years, I acknowledge that no business is perfect, just as my former pastor remarked, ‘There are no perfect people.’

My last interaction with GoDaddy was less than a year ago when I helped a friend navigate the domain transfer process to a new web hosting provider.

It was a challenging ordeal, yet GoDaddy managed to secure the transfer, demonstrating that it could handle Domain Name System (DNS) configurations and essential steps in domain management.

However, there are more streamlined and cost-effective options available that offer complete control and a user-friendly experience.

For instance, I now advocate for WPX Hosting, having transitioned from a customer to an affiliate.

I commend WPX for its exceptional service, SSL certificates, and inclusive pricing model, which eschews the common issues of extra fees typical with other domain providers.

If you need a smoother web hosting experience, consider exploring WPX Hosting.


1. How long does the DNS update take when transferring a domain from GoDaddy to Shopify?

The DNS update for transferring your domain typically propagates within a few hours, but it can take up to 48 hours to complete, fully.

2. How will I know when the domain transfer from GoDaddy to Shopify is complete?

There’s no file release from GoDaddy to Shopify in a domain transfer; you’ll know the process is complete when your domain starts resolving to your Shopify store.

3. Will there be any downtime when transferring my domain from GoDaddy to Shopify?

There should be no downtime if DNS records are updated correctly, as the domain will seamlessly start pointing to Shopify.


The Simplest Way to Connect GoDaddy Domain to Shopify

As we wrap up our guide on How to set up GoDaddy Domain on Shopify, remember to contact the providers if you have any issues.

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