How to Set up Facebook Business Page in Minutes

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Wondering How to Set Up a Facebook Business Page that without a doubt will drive stampedes of customers to your door? What if, we can show you how to setup your Facebook business page in 15 minutes… 30 minutes tops!… Excited?

…You should be especially since according to Facebook there are over 2.5 billion monthly users. Facebook is the largest social media network in the WORLD! In fact, 85% of consumers trust reviews that are posted online as much as personal recommendations according to Bright Local. And that it takes seven read reviews before a customer trusts a business.

Facebook Reach 2.5 Billion Users

You need more arm twisting …keep reading. As of June 2018, 55.1% of the world’s population has internet access. So, your growth on Facebook is immeasurable and the future is even brighter because more people are gaining access daily who will soon join the Facebook Profile.

lady with arm raised,excited about herfuture using facebook

In a 2017 study, it was found that 57% of consumers say that social media influences their shopping decisions. Out of that 57%, 44% said that Facebook of all social media platforms was most influential.

The stats and data are straggling based on current and future digital trends, if you’re trying to promote your local business, increase brand awareness, generate leads, or increase online sales you can’t afford NOT to set up a Facebook page for your small business… and it’s FREE!!!

Keep reading as we tried not to make any assumptions. What you’re going to read is a step-by-step easy-to-follow Facebook setup guide. You can follow through from the pre-Facebook business page to post.

Continue to follow along as we lead you by the hand straight to the end. Even If you’re a complete non-techie. And if the sound of the word “The Facebook” as my mother-in-law calls it, (she’s 91 years young), or any type of digital or social media marketing scares you to death, this simple Facebook setup is especially for you!

Lastly, we’ll explain the importance and benefits of starting a Facebook business page. Why every business page should be uniquely designed for its specific target market.

In addition to that, we have a plethora of tips and tricks to share.

We answer questions such as: How to reach your target audience? What are the simplest ways to promote your page? And, how critically important is Facebook page insights?

Even more important, we share tips on how to optimize, automate, and manage your business page. Yes, suppose there was a way to place your Facebook business page on autopilot? Basically, build your business while you sleep!

man laying on the sofa sleep,while his business is growing

How to Build a Facebook Page for Business

What’s included in this post;
Facebook Business Page Step-by-Step Tutorial
FB Frequently Asked Questions
An In-Depth Facebook Business Page Setup Video
Where to Find Facebook Business Page Help
Facebook Vanity URL and Why it’s Critically Vital!
A Simple Guide to Marketing on Facebook
The Easiest Way to Manage Your Facebooks Page~

Setting up Facebook Page for Small Businesses

So, let’s dive in to start making your Facebook page.
*note, you’ll need a personal account before you can create a business page)


Log in to this will take you to “Create a Page” viewed at the top. You’ll be greeted with several business type options including local business or place, brand or product, and cause or community. Select the type of Facebook business description idea you’re making the business page for. (which is your category) Click on get started

login to


After choosing your category, you should see the page below. Just fill in your information based on the choices you made. Input your business page name and category. As you start typing suggestions will populate. Choose the closest related business description. Type in your business profile information.

afterlogin next choose your topic

In my case, I have a virtual office address, so I use my office address for all my online needs. Additionally, I also have a separate business telephone number, which is needed when applying for business credit. This is recommended if you prefer to keep your personal identity safe and offline. Click on continue

Step #3:

Add your Business Logo or a personal photo for your Facebook cover page. If you are branding yourself, as I am, then a personal photo of your choice will suffice. However, once you click “upload photo” it will ask if you want to set up your business page for appointment booking. It will look like the page below. If you click on “not now” it continues to upload your image. (The example photo is the next photo)

upload your cover page to facebook


Click on “upload photo” there you should see the image you uploaded. Next, Facebook will direct you to optimize your page.
In the little box, Facebook is requesting that you send a request to your friends to like your page. You can also click on the view all button and it will populate all the likes from your personal Facebook page.

Inviting your personal likes to your business page will give you a jump start on promoting your page. Moreover, it’s the gateway to the Facebook vanity URL vault. This hidden advantage becomes accessible when you reach 25 business page likes.

Facebook will ask you to add your friends first

I can hear you thinking, what‘s the big deal about having a Facebook vanity URL? What’s the difference between a Facebook vanity URL versus a Facebook computer-generated URL?

Your Facebook vanity URL will look like this:
a Facebook computer-generated URL looks like


monkey looking in the mirror,

Facebook vanity URL looks neater, easier to remember, and gives your small business a big business appeal.

To create your vanity URL: Look to the left side of the page under your profile photo, and hover over “create page @ username” it’s a live link. Once you click the link a red warning will appear stating that you’re unable to create a vanity URL. I’m not sure if it tells you why or not! But once you retrieve 25 likes, you’ll qualify for your vanity URL

Step #5:

Click on Settings, then General, next Publish this Page…. Finish! That’s all to it. You built your Facebook page for your small business, a major step toward building your brand and hence growing your business!

go to general settings, next click on publish

Now the work begins!!!

Now that your Facebook page is up, it’s time to make it shine!

Stay tuned as we discuss optimization, promotion, and content creation tips: Remember the reason for adding Facebook to your marketing mix is to either grow your brand, sell products or services, or promote an event or charitable function. But nothing happens until you get your hands moving. We’ve listed tips to get you started. Additional strategies, case studies, and stories are available on the Facebook business help page.
Get started with Pages

Wondering how you access your page? Here’s the shortcut.
Look to the left-hand side of your personal page, you’ll see your business page name, (example: pytalkbiz) click on that, and it will deliver you to your business page. Once there. Click on edit page info, there you can insert the below information. Or once you retrieve your vanity URL you can log in directly using your Facebook vanity URL.

Facebook Page Description Ideas

Here’s another opportunity to sell your story. Facebook provides many opportunities for you to add backlinks to your site. Add your business descriptions, map location, website, and business phone number.

page descrition, is where you add a full description about your business, phone number, address menu etc.

Remember the more specific, concise, engaging, and informative your information is the more you’re inadvertently targeting your audience. For example, if you own a vegan restaurant be certain to make it clear in your page description and online menus. The last thing you’ll want to do is waste time and money by marketing to those that aren’t interested in what you sell.

*Tip: one of the most highly repeated marketing mistakes in Facebook advertising is thinking that everyone is your customer. Because when we try to sell to everyone, we end up selling to No one!

Think for a minute, when watching TV early in the mornings? Who were the advertisers marketing to? What products or services were they selling? Now think about late nights. Are they selling to the same target market? Remember the 1-800 hot-line numbers and Trojans commercials? What would happen if advertisers ran Trojan commercials during the early part of the day? It would have created an uproar and loss of revenue. Learn more about target marketing here.

Complete the necessary edit page information will take a few additional minutes but will be well worth the time. If you’re like most small business owners, you’re busier than a bee.

You’re thinking about the time you don’t have to build your business page. Even worse the energy or knowledge to promote it. Trust me, taking the time to make your business page will put you light years ahead of your competition.

Don’t forget the stats, 85% of consumers review online searches before purchasing. According to recent surveys, mobile devices are outnumbering desktop computers. What does this mean to you? Your customers are reading reviews from their chosen social media medium via their mobile devices. If your business doesn’t show up, your competitors will.

That reminds me of a story that Gary Vee (the wine connoisseur) told about a meeting he had with a yellow page sales rep. This rep laughed Gary Vee out of the room when Gary tried to explain how the online search was going to be bigger than the yellow pages. Fast forward 10 years later the yellow page directories days are dead and gone~ Don’t get caught with your head between your legs.

stack of books is being replaced with technology


Add a Call-to-Action Button

Why is Facebook CTA button so important? The (CTA) add a button tab is special because that’s your call to action (CTA). Facebook has approximately 20 different CTA options.

You can create this button to perform different tasks. Depending on your Facebook strategy. There is a drop-down window that opens. Once you click on the button, you’ll see options such as, learn more, shop now, send, apply now, menu, etc. You can find the “Add a Button” tab under your Facebook cover image…click on the button.

this is an example of Facebook call to action button

After clicking on the button, a little box will appear. There you will have choices. Click on your option. I chose “to learn more”. Next, another box will appear that ask where would you like to send your visitors? There I added my website address, so basically, once our visitors click on “learn more” they will be sent to our website:

Facebook Business Page Help

I know some of you are still thinking that you don’t have time to manage your Facebook page. I must admit setting up your Facebook page isn’t a set it and forget it. You will have to work on it. The good news is that there’s Good NEWS!

The good news comes with a learning curve which is another concern for many small business owners. But if you’re hoping to grow your brand, you’re on the right road.

Many entrepreneurs including me have a hard time turning over the keys to their fortress. But what’s the alternative? Do everything yourself? If that’s the case, then we aren’t business owners according to Michael E. Gerber (author of the New York bestselling business development book-The E-Myth) we are an employee having an entrepreneurial seizure.

Teamwork makes the dream work. In my “about me” story, I talk about how much money I lost because of business ignorance, lack of trust, and not taking the time to set up systems.


Facebook Business Manager

How to Create a Facebook Poll in 3 Easy Steps

Now that you know it’s vital to promote your Facebook page, you should also know that you can hire a Facebook business manager to manage it for you.

You can add an admin to your Facebook page. There you can assign roles to specific team members. Look to the left of the page below, and view the tab/section. Click on page roles. Here you can issue out roles for each person that will have access to your Facebook account.

Quick Story: For those of you that are naive about protecting your business assets. This is for you. I must admit that I used to be naive TOO! I’m assuming this lesson was taught to me so that I could sound an alert. This is a story about one of my first SEO and web development clients. His website was a transportation website that we both loved!!!! 🙂

We took photos of his vehicles in front of our local convention center which creates a beautiful backdrop. The photos were amazing per my hubby.

Instead of stock photos, we used real photos that were used throughout his entire website. His site was slamming… NICE… we thought… :d). smile But what was even nicer? We killed the SEO! First page, first position, with multiple keywords BAM!

He was a happy camper! Fast-forward a few years later. He enters a new relationship. Ironically, she’s a webmaster as well, who takes over his website admin. Two years later out of the blue, I received a phone call, long story short, she left and took his site with her. The moral of the story to keep your files backed up and limit your Facebook account exposure.

Page Management History

Facebook page management history, the section of your facebook page that gives your the history of who is managing your page


The below image is a “History of Management Page”. It shows the actions taken by the business managers and others who manage your page. You can use the filters to see who’s done what. It’s an easy way to mine your business. There are also settings on the page management section that you can lock.

Facebook Business Page Most Frequently Asked Questions:

Is a Facebook Business Page Free?

facebook most frequently asked questions asnwers
Facebook’s business page cost… Nothing! It’s a free resource. It’s a great opportunity for businesses to increase brand awareness, and generate leads, and sales.

However, there are other services you can pay for such as: boost my post, Facebook Ads, and likes, to name a few. Facebook also has available Facebook vetted partners that will help you build your marketing campaign, for a fee of course.

15 Facebook Marketing Strategies that Work and are Easy to Use

Does a Facebook business page have to be linked to a personal page?

No, your newly created business Facebook page does not have to be linked to your personal page. However, you do have to have a personal page before building a business page.

Time to Write Your Facebook Business Post


Now the time has come, you built your business page, completed your profile, and uploaded your description, location, hours, and phone number. Your business is open. I liken it to a brick-and-mortar business. You secured your business lease, designed your sign, secured your phone number, and now it’s time to fill the shelves. So now you will want to start building your brand by posting relevant information.

You can post images, posters, inspiration, or engaging content. But remember images and videos are viewed many more times than content. Today is the era of entertainment. Everyone wants to be entertained. You can do something simple such as live stream your first visit to the restaurant.

Experts recommend posting at least 3-to 5 pieces of content before promoting to fans. The content will keep your page from looking vacant, abandon, and empty. No one wants to be the first person at the party. Lastly, make certain your content, photos, and images are fun, informative, and engaging.

Pin Your Post

Next, pin your best post. This means you can make one of your posts static. That way every person who visits your page will see the same post. It’s simple. Once you post, right-click on the post, and there you will see your options. Click on pin post and you’re set.

How to Further Optimize Your Business Page:
Below is a short, powerful, and easy-to-follow video. This video will give a HUGE JUMP Start to growing your business page.

Let us recap a few key pointers.. I’m not trying to overwhelm you, just want to make a few mental notes. If things get a little fuzzy, I’m adding a link to the Facebook Business Help desk.

Setting up your Facebook page is simple and can be completed in 15-30 minutes. Your page doesn’t have to be perfect right now, you can always go back and clean things up.

*Remember perfection is the enemy of execution!

And with the changing speed of technology and Facebook’s notorious behavior, there are always going to be upgrades, improvements, and algorithm changes.

That being said you may want to double-check your description and make sure it’s saying what you want it to say. You’ve chosen your best photo and most helpful image post. Click on your links to make sure they are live. Check your grammar for misspellings.

Ask as many friends and family members that you know to like your page. Remember you’ll need 25 likes in order to earn your vanity URL. Once you have your Facebook Business Page URL (vanity) add it to all your marketing material. Your goal is to grow your followers and fans. Share the best information possible. Be helpful, and informative, answer questions, and openly address criticism.

To grow your fanbase quicker consider paid Facebook ads or boost a post. Your business finance either falls under 1 or 2 categories, you either have a lot of time or a lot of money. If you have more money than time, then hire a Facebook Business Manager. If you have more time than money…. get to working :)… Remember the art of a successful business owner is to hire the best talent your money can buy. Or you will have to provide sweat equity until you can afford to hire a page manager.

Facebook Business Page Tips

Now that your FACEBOOK Page is live below are a few more FB posting strategies. In your next set of posts, you can incorporate a few of these ideas.

Below are 13 quick tips to help engage your Facebook followers and fans:

    1. Page Stories: Page Stories let you share pictures and short videos that bring your audience behind the scenes, giving them an intimate look into your business. Talk about your new Story in your post.
    2. Since one truth for making a Facebook page is to connect with your fan base, then really connect. Find out their likes and dislikes, what will fly, and what’s a flop. Staying connected to your target audience is another FREE way to perform market research that can be used to make better business choices.



    3. Employ your CTA: (call-to-Action button) If your CTA is to book an appointment then you’ll want to write a post encouraging your target market to book their appointment now. Another advantage of correctly optimizing your CTA in this example, your clients can book their appointment by clicking your CTA. Clicking on the book now button takes them directly to the Facebook Editorial calendar. This is a tremendous opportunity that saves massive time and increases conversion rates.


    4. Post a video: This is the era of edutainment, so post videos, videos, and more videos. Facebook users watch 1.8 billion videos daily you may as well add yours!


    5. Post testimonials and reviews: According to recent research consumers trust reviews just as much as personal recommendations.


    6. Announce news: You can post business announcements via Facebook Messenger. You can post events, sales, or community affairs on your Page to reach your customers at scale for FREE!


    7. Pose a question: Ask your audience a question to encourage conversation. A fun choice or pick a favorite between 2 scenarios.


    8. Post inspiration: Post inspirational and motivational quotes. If they are unique and highly engaging, they will be shared throughout other social media platforms.


    9. Share related news: When you share the news that is relatable and of interest to your target market, it gives them a warm and cozy feeling. They feel that you don’t just care about promoting your products or services BUT YOU HAVE A GENUINE INTEREST IN THEM.


    10. Holiday Post: Post Holiday celebrations either nationally or on recognized holidays such as Sister, Pet, or Best Friend Day.


    11. Boost a post: Sometimes you may hit the nail squarely on the head. You upload a post or video that strikes a chord. This creates a highly engaging post. Those are the ones to boost. The validation is in the numbers.


    12. Create an Event: An event can be anything you make it. Create a stir and promote it.


    13. Crowdsource feedback: Ask your page followers for feedback and use it to improve your business. This is a great way to create transparency and openness with your audience and build brand trust.


Learning how to Set up your Facebook business page takes less than 30 minutes. It’s easy to create and well worth the time. Encouraging stats to keep you motivated: Recent research found that 78% of American consumers say they discover products on Facebook. Facebook is considered one of the top advertising channels online, and digital ad spend accounts for a whopping 51% of total advertising spending in the US.

With 2 .5 billion users per month surely your potential customers are included in those numbers. 65 million small business pages and 4 million advertisers on its platform, it’s the biggest social media network on the planet.

  • According to Facebook, visual content is 40X more likely to get shared on social media than other types of content?
  • Posts with images have 2.3x more engagement than those without, and it’s by far the easiest way to increase the share-ability of your posts.
  • People watch live videos 3x longer than regular videos and they comment 10x more.

The good news again is that you don’t have to do the work yourself. Our #1 motto is to Do what you love and outsource everything else. It’s only 24 hours in a day and to compete online you must be open 24/7. Since that’s impossible, you can either hire a Facebook account manager or incorporate technology and automation. Facebook has a built-in business management center that allows you to pre-post your pages, videos, and contents in advance.

To learn more about how to promote and grow your Facebook business page check out our other resources below. 🙂 I hope this guide to setting up your Facebook Business Page was thorough and helpful,

More Helpful Resources

How to Setup a Facebook Poll in 5 Minutes

15 Facebook Marketing Strategies that Work and are Easy to Use

3 Essential Steps for a Successful Facebook Set-up


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