How to Segment my Email List Effortlessly

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How to Segment your Email List


Are you asking yourself how to segment my email list?  Or are you like me a few years ago who wanted to know, “REALLY”, is email segmentation important? If so, how steep is the learning curve, and is email segmenting worth my time?

Comparatively, I’m sure we’ve all heard the income choking ROI REGARDING  email list building; for every $1 spent, $51 is made in passive income. In fact, 74% of visitors hate being shown irrelevant content, which makes email personalization extremely important to an effective email marketing strategy.



Although learning how to segment your email list is like everything else it comes with its own set of problems. Those issues such as how to avoid spam trigger words and excessively low bounce rates.  Therefore, included are straightforward solutions to address the pressing questions of how to segment my email, along with other concerns within this post. 


how can email segmentation be improved



Stick and stay as we uncover overlooked simple skills that you can implement immediately. These tactics you’ll need to build an Insane database and earn Smart Passive Income. …Boy, have I got Exciting News for you!


If you ever wanted to be at the right place, with the right knowledge that will undoubtedly walk you through the email segment set up this is it! Additionally, you’ll learn how to EXPLODE your email conversions, improve opt-in rates and increase open rates, you’re reading the right post.

GRAB your glass of Wine and reading Glasses, and get READY to learn how to master segmenting your email database !!! 

Let’s Dive In!…



how to organize email segment

What is Segmentation in Email


Email marketing is a non-intimidating way to send noncommercial or commercially intent communications to subscribers. These messages are designed to drive traffic, nurture engagement, and create leads, hence increasing sales. 


What is Email Segmentation and is it Needed


Email segmentation refers to the process of dividing or segmenting your email audience into more defined categories. By separating the entire email list, you can use personalization strategies to deliver more relevant messages. Those messages capture the attention and engagement of your targeted audience. 


 Email Segmentation Best Practices 


To reiterate, learning how to separate your email drip list is the process of breaking up your email database into smaller groups. Realistically, everyone that signs up to your email drip file isn’t interested in the same info. As an example, let’s say you provide online resources for smbiz owners via a website. 


what is email segmentation



Chances are you’d address different business topics all under one umbrella.  Subjects such as email marketing, social media or digital marketing, SEO and SEM marketing, and more. 




Sticking with that same example. What do you think would happen if you sent one custom email blast to your entire email list? Truthfully, that was the technique used by marketers in the past. Presently, it’s no longer effective.  For this reason, you may have heard that email marketing is DEAD!!! 


Fast forward to today, email marketing, has evolved and high-profit margins have steadily grown.  This has provided not just clues but facts about the effectiveness of email advertising and marketing. Today’s stats also prove that discovering strategic ways to segment your email list is worth its weight in gold. Effective list-building strategies drive higher- CTRs, open rates, and Profits!!!


 So, what does all this have to do with how to create email lists? … Well…I’m a firm believer in knowing the “WHY”, which is just as important or more important than the HOWTo strengthen the above statements…, check out the below email drip list marketing stat:


The research found by MailChimp; users segmenting a list by geographic and job title increase open rates by 18% and CTR by 21% compared to non-segmented messages. 



The first step to building an email list is to select the best email marketing software possible. In fact, a service that offers segmentation. Fortunately, most software platforms offer list segmenting as part of their basic service plans. View the Steps Below:


how to organize email segments


Steps to List Segmentation


#1 Capture necessary info from your targeted audience.

This can be done via opt-in forms, lead-gen, e-Books, pop-ups, etc.

#2. Choose your preferred email marketing software, platform provider.

Pick an ESP that’s easy to use and has list segmentation features and others.

#3. Direct your messages to target smaller specific list groups.

Each group should have a different message relevant to each sub-section

#4. Automate your email newsletter and or message.

Automation is critical, research shows that it increases open rates, CTR, and Sales.

#5. Analyze rinse and repeat

Evaluate your metrics, this displays your customer behavior, past performances, and buying habits. 

email segmentation examples


 Best Email Automation Platform


We’ve discussed how to create an email marketing list.  The importance of email marketing. And why email segmentation is vital to your marketing campaigns. Finally, to supercharge your effects, you can automate the process. 



GetResponse is used to build marketing automation workflows based on customers’ data and behavior. Also, it delivers personalized marketing experiences. Lastly, you can add a personal touch to every message and campaign using robust customer data.

  • Build a connection with your audience
  • Capture and convert new leads
  • Save time and resources


Get more information here including, a free service plan: GetResponse



ConvertKit helps you:

#1. Grow your audience

Promote your latest project and collect subscribers with beautiful landing pages, sign-up forms, and link pages that make your work stand out.

#2. Foster your community

Create lasting connections and promote like a pro with our intuitive email editor and powerful sales funnels.

#3. Earn a living online

Sell digital products and subscriptions directly to your fans and make a living selling your work—no tech skills required.


Learn more about ConvertKit Here! (they also have a Free plan)

Major Pointers for Dividing your Drip File


Now that we talked about the dos and don’ts of how to segment your email list.  If you’ve forgotten everything that you read above, remember the below data-driven facts.  They will fiercely drive you to segment your list.  As you are aware sending email blasts can be very lucrative, and at the same time easy and inexpensive.


Addedly,  email templates, landing pages, and lead magnets are usually included in most marketing software, making the process even simpler.

Two of the top email automation platforms, GetResponse and Convertkit can be set up to automatically segment your list. GetResponse and Converkit both have a free plan for small business owners.


 320% more revenue is driven from automated emails than non-automated emails!


77% of B2B companies use an email marketing newsletter as part of their content marketing strategy 


 79% of B2B marketers find email to be the most successful channel for content distribution.


49% of businesses use some form of email automation. 


74% of people hate being shown irrelevant content, which makes personalization incredibly important to a great email marketing strategy.



email segmentation statistics

Email Segmentation Statistics



On average, a welcome email series drives more revenue than having a single welcome email or none at all


Segmented email marketing campaigns can lead to revenue increases of as much as 760%


An individual email address is worth almost $50 to companies


Segmented email campaigns earn 100.95% higher clickthrough rates as compared to non-segmented email campaigns. 


Segmented emails make readers 50 percent more likely to click on a link within the email. Constant Contact


Consumers believe email is more likely to be around in 10 years than Facebook, Twitter, and cable television


McKinsey reports that retail brands can score 3-5% more sales through campaigns tailored to targeted audience segments.


According to a recent survey by Epsilon E-Commerce customer segmentation and personalization revealed that 80% of customers are more likely to purchase a brand that customizes the experience for them. 

Email personalization produces 6x higher revenue and transaction rates


From examining the segmentation statistics it’s easy to see that email segmentation is vital.  We’ve all heard the adage, it’s not a one size fits all… it’s the same with your email list.


Still need more convincing that email segmentation is worth the time and energy.  Check out even more persuasive email segmentation stats:

  • A survey proved that 56 percent of people who unsubscribed from a business or nonprofit list did so because the content wasn’t relevant. 


  • Campaigns sent to 35 subscribers or less, suggesting more personalized content, saw incredible open rates at an average of 55 percent.


Naturally, you’re probably wondering how to segment an email list to meet your goals. No worries — read on.

In the next sections, you’ll continue to learn how to segment your list and why it matters. Then, we’ll share simple segmentation techniques you can use to drive results for your business. Finally, we’ll review email segmentation examples.


Email Segmentation Strategies


Seemingly, there are countless reasons for companies to segment their email marketing lists. Perhaps you’re looking to improve your open rates, encourage more engagement with your audience or seek out new opportunities that can’t be found in a one-size-fits-all approach.


This list is by no means exhaustive, but segmentation has become an essential growth tool for email marketers, so it’s important to know how to divide your lists to increase email marketability.


So, before you embark further, let’s look at a few of the segmenting strategies that can help grow your email database.

email marketing strategies

What are the 4 Types of Segmentation

Segmentation by Geography 


If you’ve already launched email marketing campaigns in different geographical regions, then they’re likely divided into separate email groups.  If your email lists are segmented by geography, it means that you’re emailing specific geographic groups (e.g., subscribers in Canada or the U.S.), which will obviously lead to better open rates and email delivery because the email list is more localized than if you were emailing everyone at once.


 Demographics Segmenting


Demographic segmentation is when you segment by age, gender, or location without looking at any other segment values.  Target email lists based on email demographics are key when you prefer to market specific products or services.

If someone is in, for example, the 25–35-year-old demographic they might be more interested in an email marketing campaign that’s aimed at their age group, particularly if it involves buying certain items such as a house or car for example.


email marketing best practices

Behavioral Data Segmentation


Segment by Behavioral Data is a way to focus your company’s marketing efforts on customers who behave in certain ways that you consider valuable or important.



Let’s say that you own a men’s clothing company. You segment by behavioral data to target the customers who are most likely to make purchases based on time spent visiting your website, what pages they visited, and how many times they return. This tells you that these are highly engaged visitors who are dedicated to your brand.


 The takeaway from these email segmentation statistics is simple. Segmenting your database not only works it’s essential. In fact, your subscribers expect personalized emails that are relevant to them, this email personalization ensures each group receives only relevant messaging.


Consider this, every day, millions of people go online to watch videos, read blog posts, and interact with other users on social media. And every day, companies are tracking and analyzing their visitor’s behaviors.


Hence dividing groups by behavioral data has become more sophisticated.  If you’re hoping to segment your list using behavioral segmentation which allows you to find your most valuable audience and create highly targeted customer groups.  Read more about Targeted marketing here.


Examples of Email Segmentation


Now that we have talked about ways to segment your list, until you are blue in the face, below are some real examples. Additionally, I’ll share a few that arrived in my inbox and offer a brief explanation. However, you can do the same for ongoing training. Go through your inbox and look at the email subject lines, the email body, etc, and see what interests or grabs your attention.  Try using them as real-case studies. Be sure to view the well-established companies to see how they do what they do.


how to organize email segment


 Diff’s Eyewear


 At DIFF, we believe VISION IS POWER. That’s why we are committed to creating a world where everyone has access to the vision care they need. Since our launch, it’s been our mission to use fashion as a force for good. It’s because of YOU that we are able to reach this mission. Your purchases have made a global impact.


 This email was addressed to me: Hey, Gorgeous. Yep, they are talking to me…LOL!!!

I’m all ears or eyes… It’s very personal and they know exactly what I like.

email segmentation ideas

BrandCrowd online branding company 


Create a stunning business card in minutes. Browse thousands of professionally curated designs and edit them with our business card maker. Whether you’re an accountant or hairstylist, we’ve got a business card that’s perfect for you. Our business card maker lets you edit the colors, font, and layout, then download the card instantly.


So based on my entry into their autoresponder they know that I’m a small business owner or entrepreneur, that’s interested in branding. The email sent was focused and to the point. It includes one link and a call-to-action button, which is textbook email marketing. Using an email marketing strategy like this is a great way to target people who fit your ideal customer persona.  


So, to delight customers and create messages that are more relevant to them, 77% of marketers say they use email to send personalized content to their subscribers. 


You can personalize your emails in a number of ways. For instance, many marketers personalize emails based on their demographics like gender and age; 66% of marketers personalize their emails based on age data.


email marketing target audience

Scribble Online Marketing Company


Scribble sells software to make online marketing easier and more efficient. I love, love their emails. Usually, they are humorous. This one is hilarious. 

 How comfortable are you right now?

Yeah, I mean right now, wherever you are.

Are you sitting or standing at your desk…waiting in line at a store, sitting on a porcelain throne? (that’s not for me to judge).


how to segment my email list


They address everything with humor, rarely are his emails serious, but his material is helpful. As you can see they’re promoting another service. Quite frankly,  we receive many sales emails… but the products are normally something I need. Hmm, he’s got my number.


 Advanced Email Segmentation 

Since we all have different businesses and styles, the way we segment our list will differ as well. Nevertheless, there are basic rules… read below.

  1. Email Segmentation Software: First things first, you’ll need the right software to make your job as easy and time-efficient as possible. This is called an ESP or email service provider; this will allow you to segment your list.
  2. Page-Level Targeting: Next, you’ll need a means that will allow you to produce targeted email opt-in forms for certain website visitors, and then add them to the correct email segments. You can do this with your ESP, which you can get in more detail here.
  3. Lead Magnets: Finally, we’ve all heard of lead magnets, this is what is used to attract your visitors. It self-identifies your target market. Chances are if they opted in, they like your product, service or at the least want more information. 



Your email list is valuable. Addedly, it is likely the most important asset within your marketing arsenal.  So, since you took the time to build a quality email list, let’s go a few steps further to learn how to keep your email drip file clean, fresh, targeted, and up to date. 


 In fact, an analysis of 13 billion email messages by “ReturnEmail” marketers should know who they’re sending email campaigns to and build relevant email campaigns that address customer needs and preferences. For example, marketers often use email segmentation and custom emails to identify and send relevant email drips to their customers.




 Segment List Ideas


 Still, ask yourself how to segment my email list?  AS a reminder, segmenting or email drip marketing can benefit companies large or small. the bottom line is the deeper you can connect with your client the more trust and authority you create as well.  The goal is to have the subscriber take the desired action better known as a (CTA) call-to-action. The more they like, trust and know you the better the results.


In fact, dividing your list into targeted concise groups to educate, motivate, inspire or edutain your audience is ideal. This method is also designed to build rapport that turns subscribers into raving fans! 






The takeaway is simple. Email segmentation works. Your subscribers prefer personalization. Because when to talk to everyone you talk to no one. When businesses identify specific subscribers drip campaigns are unlikely to fail no matter how poorly designed your newsletter is or if the content may or may not be included.  


Today, it’s the norm for visitors to subscribe through a targeted email marketing service provider (ESP). These ESPs include automated email segmentation capabilities. Those visitors opt-in based on the information that was most relevant to them.




Hopefully, this report on how to segment your email list delivered value.  If you don’t remember anything else, try remembering that segmenting your email creates super-targeted audiences, hence higher conversions and or sales!  And the bigger benefit is that you can automate the process.  Start compiling emails from your targeted audience today, you’ll be glad you did.






  • Email segmentation is one of the most overlooked strategies out there. 
  • People love the sound of their name,  and personalization is the cousin to segmentation, both are critical. 
  • Engage with your followers with their interests in mind
  • Incorporate; informational, inspirational, fun, and educational material.  
  • Keep your email messages laser targeted to maintain engagement.


Now let’s hear from you. 

Will you start segmenting your emails list to compile a more focused list? Or do you not have enough info to get started? 


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