Hooked on podcasting but feeling stumped by social media? You’re not alone! If you’re here, you’re likely one of the millions of podcasters who want to effectively promote on social media platforms.

Starting a podcast is easy, but promoting new podcasts poses unique challenges.

Putting up a sign in the middle of a desert won’t bring in more listeners or new fans. Discover our 11 simple social media marketing tactics to create a listener-loving frenzy.

Learn the advantages of marketing your blog post, podcast directories, RSS feed, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Start promoting effortlessly once you learn how to promote a podcast on social media without scaring off potential listeners!”

how to promote a podcast on social media

Let’s get started….

Why is Podcasting so Popular?

 Investing in podcasts isn’t just about trendy audio clips; it’s about forming authentic relationships with your podcast audience, nurturing trust, and ultimately, driving brand growth.

Why Podcasting Marketing?

Think about a world with minimal distractions. It’s a place where you, as the podcast owner, get to control a piece of a multi-billion-dollar industry when you press publish. With the decreasing attention span of today’s consumer podcasting fits the bill perfectly.

Podcast Benefits:

  • It is easy to fit your engaging content to your target audience.
  • Listeners say podcasts make them feel more connected.
  • Podcasting has a low barrier of entry making it affordable for most.
  • Podcast listeners as more likely to become raving fans and purchasers.
  • Can repurpose older podcast episodes into bite-size content to reach new listeners.

How to Promote a Podcast on Social Media Platforms

To effectively start podcast promotion on social media, optimize your profiles on multiple social media platforms and use relevant hashtags for brand consistency.

Create visually appealing graphics and audio snippets related to your podcast content. If this is during your launch, publish at least 3 podcast episodes.

Afterward, regularly share engaging content, next-episode teasers, or behind-the-scenes glimpses to keep new and existing listeners eagerly anticipating new episode updates.

The podcasting industry’s secret is leveraging. Learn to leverage your guest’s audience through collaboration and cross-promotion. This is a simple way to tap into their audience.

Finally, use various content formats like:

  • Blog Post
  • Social Media Pages
  • Podcast Audio
  • YouTube Videos
  • Post Links
  • Visual Content

Social Media Promotion Strategy: 11 Proven Tactics

apple podcast

1. Top Tactics to Hook Listeners on Apple Podcasts

Optimize your Apple Podcast presence by securing compelling positive reviews from satisfied listeners.

Similar to other reviews, customers trust fellow listeners more than content creators. Consistently release high-quality episodes to sustain audience engagement, climb the charts, and boost your podcast’s visibility and reach.

2. Build Your Podcast Tribe on Instagram Stories

To cultivate a devoted podcast community using Instagram Stories, share authentic stories, tips, tricks, and more, such as:

  • Share engaging behind-the-scenes content
  • Create listener shoutouts
  • Reveal podcast episode highlights to foster connection
  • Utilize polls
  • Ask questions

Consistency is key—maintain a regular presence to keep your tribe engaged and excited for upcoming episodes.

3. Supercharge Your Podcast with RSS Feed

When we think of RSS Feeds, we often associate them with a mom-and-pop marketing strategy. However, RSS Feeds provide a straightforward way to disseminate audio content efficiently to millions.

Ensure your RSS feed remains up-to-date with new podcast episodes to consistently reach your target market.

how to promote a podcast on youtube

4. How YouTube Video Clips Can Skyrocket Your Podcast

Explode your podcast audience and light up the YouTube search bar!

Dive into these 5 sizzling YouTube marketing tips to skyrocket your podcast discovery.”

•              Double exposure: Grab your portion of YouTube’s massive audience (2.3 billion monthly users) by sharing curated podcast audio snippets from your podcast. Think of funny moments, mind-blowing insights, a successful podcast, or guest highlights.

•              SEO synergy: YouTube videos rank higher in search, boosting your podcast discoverability. A win-win for organic reach!

•              Visual storytelling: Show, don’t just tell. Short video clips add a visual dimension, sparking curiosity and hooking viewers into full episodes. Maybe not Gary Vee; leve; but more engagement for your podcast!

•              Trailer power: Craft a captivating trailer using your best clips. This “podcast preview” lives on your YouTube channel and social media, enticing viewers to dive deeper.

•              Engagement machine: YouTube comments, likes, and shares fuel word-of-mouth marketing. Get viewers chatting and your podcast buzzing!

5. Spreading Your Podcast Across Multiple Platforms

Tired of podcasting in a box? Break free and conquer the audio universe with these multi-platform domination methods!

  • Go multi-channel: Cast your podcast netwide! Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Stitcher – be where your listeners are. Each platform has a unique audience, expanding your reach and diversifying your listener base.
  • Spin and repurpose: One podcast episode, endless content possibilities. Create blog posts, social media snippets, email newsletters, and even short videos – all fueled by one podcast.
  • Cross-marketing magic: Leverage platform integrations to automatically share your podcast updates on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other social channels.
  • Clinch the niche: Join one or two platform online groups and forums on Reddit, Discord, or Facebook groups. Share your podcast expertise, engage with potential listeners, and build bridges to new audiences.
  • Team up and strengthen: Collaborate with other podcasters in your niche for guest appearances, joint episodes, or cross-promotion opportunities. Two voices are stronger with a bullhorn!
how to promote your podcast on RSS Feeds

6. Mastering Relevant Hashtags for Podcast Marketing

Hashtags: they’re not just random letters, they’re the magic dust of social media categorization. Incorporate them correctly and watch your podcast audience engagement increase.

·         Laser focus: Research niche-specific hashtags related to your podcast topic, guest expertise, or target audience. Think beyond the generic #podcastlife!

  • Mix it up: Use a combination of popular and less competitive hashtags. Think high-reach #productivity alongside niche #timemanagementgems.
  • Stay consistent: Include hashtags in every single social media post, website mention, and even your podcast description. Repetition is key!
  • Track and tweak: Monitor your hashtag performance using analytics tools. See what resonates, ditch what flops, and keep refining your hashtag strategy for optimal reach.
  • Don’t overdo it: Remember, quality over quantity. Stick to 5-10 niche-related hashtags per post to avoid appearing spammy.

7. Craft Social Media Posts that Amplify Your Podcast

Craft Social Media Posts that Amplify Your Podcast: From Silent to Shouts

Navigating the wilderness of social media can be daunting for podcasters where posts may echo in silence. Fear not, aspiring audio aces! There’s a proven process for crafting posts that captivate your audience.

Intrigue without reveal: Tease future episodes with secret excerpts, cliffhangers, or thought-provoking questions. Picture the suspense if Joe Rogan dropped a single line from his interview with Elon Musk on Twitter!

Visual intuition: Ditch text walls and opt for eye-catching graphics, short video scenes, or even memes featuring your guest – social media catnip. Imagine BuzzFeed-level virality, tailored for your niche.

Chat, don’t broadcast: Engage with your audience by responding to comments, answering questions, and actively participating in discussions. This mirrors Gary Vee’s constant engagement strategy with his audience.

Hashtags connect: Research relevant, niche hashtags to attract the right listeners – think of them as keywords for hungry ears searching for your audio feast.

Cross-promotion mastery: Share links to your podcast across all social platforms, thinking omnichannel instead of siloed silence.

Clear calls to action: Direct your audience with clear and enticing calls to action – share, subscribe, and leave a review. Confusion often leads to inaction.

Bonus tip: Track what works and ditch what flops. Analytics act as your social media compass, guiding you toward content your audience loves.

Remember, consistency is key. Keep posting, keep engaging, and watch your social media endeavors place your podcast in the pod of fame!

8. How to Promote Using the Next Podcast Episode

How to Promote Using Future Podcast Episodes: Think Ahead, Win Big

Imagine waiting for all lights to turn green before embarking on a journey – you’d never arrive anywhere.

Similarly, the optimal time to commence podcast promotion is after wrapping up your first three episodes. Proactive promotion distinguishes between silents and sirens!

Here are tips to ensure your podcast stands out.

The guest fan is an audience fan: Leverage your guest’s social media expertise! Tag them in teasers, share their bios, and encourage mutual promotion – think influencer marketing for podcasts!

Sneak peeks are peak interest: Share short audio extracts, GIFs, or behind-the-scenes clips from the latest episode. Envision a promo for your podcast, akin to The Empire.

Polls and predictions: Spark conversations with engaging polls about upcoming episode topics. Allow your audience to predict outcomes, choose guests, or suggest titles. Think interactive entertainment, not a dull business lecture.

Early access is a golden carrot: Reward loyal fans with special access to the new episode a day or two early. Exclusivity breeds excitement, like early screenings of blockbuster movies.

Contests and giveaways: Who doesn’t love a chance to win? Offer fun contests or giveaways related to the episode’s theme. Think free stuff, guest collaborations, or even virtual meet-and-greets.

Pre-release press blast: Reach out to relevant blogs, websites, or podcast aggregators with exclusive teasers or interview snippets.

Imagine landing a pre-release feature on Small Business Expo for your small business marketing podcast – instant credibility!

By planning, you build anticipation, attract new listeners, and set your next episode up for success. Remember, podcast marketing is as vital as content creation – growth only occurs when a customer is conquered.

9. Produce Buzz for New Episodes with Your Podcast Website

Light the Fuse on New Episodes: Your Website as a Launchpad

Don’t let your latest podcast episode fizzle out in the wilderness. Turn your website into a launchpad, propelling it into the ears of eager listeners!

  • Hooking Headline: Craft attention-grabbing headlines that spark curiosity without revealing spoilers. Remember, BuzzFeed headlines aren’t just clickbait – they’re masters at grabbing attention!
  • Visual Devour: Replace text walls with visually appealing images, short excerpts, or GIFs. Think visuals that halt scrolling thumbs, reminiscent of MrBeast’s over-the-top thumbnail game.
  • Transcriptions, Anyone? Boost SEO and accessibility by providing episode transcripts. Google loves text, and this gesture benefits hearing-impaired listeners.
  • Remember to Call to Action: Clearly state what you want listeners to do – subscribe, leave a review, or share with friends. Don’t leave them wandering in the digital desert!
  • Email Boost: Develop email newsletters promoting your new episode. Consider bonus content, exclusive interviews, or sneak peeks to make your existing audience adore you.

Remember, your website isn’t merely a digital home – it’s the business hub for every new episode. Optimize it, energize it, and watch your podcast audience take flight!

google podcast

10. Optimize Podcast SEO to Magnetize Your Target Audience

Want your ideal customers to discover your podcast like gold in a river?

Master SEO, and watch them come running! 

Keyword Transformation: Research and strategically sprinkle relevant keywords throughout your website, episode descriptions, and podcast titles. Focus on specific words your audience would search for, avoiding generic terms.

Backlink Galore: Reach out to similar blogs, websites, or even other podcasts for guest appearances or joint ventures. Each backlink has the potential to boost your search engine ranking.

Social Signals: Encourage listeners to share your podcast on social media. Retweets, mentions, and shares are SEO currency, enhancing your online presence.

Web-Tech Tune-up: Optimize your website loading speed, mobile responsiveness, and internal linking structure. Google values a smooth user experience, and so do your listeners.

Blog Like a Pro: Offer your enthusiastic fans more than just episode updates – create engaging blog posts related to your podcast topics. Think of useful content that keeps listeners hooked and discoverable.

Remember, SEO is a marathon, not a sprint, but well worth the journey. Implement these strategies consistently, track your progress, and watch your podcast climb the search engine ranks. Soon, your perfect audience will be knocking on your digital door!

11. Expand Your Reach with the Power of Podcast Directories

Expand your influence beyond your website. Dive into directories to increase visibility and reach more earbuds.

  • Cast a Wide Net: Submit your podcast to major directories like iTunes, Spotify, and Google platform. Each platform unlocks a door to a new set of listeners.
  • Category Dominating: Choose relevant categories and subcategories within each directory. Think laser-focused targeting to attract listeners actively seeking what you have to offer.
  • Reviews are Rocket Fuel: Encourage listeners to leave positive reviews on directories. Social proof is like word-of-mouth on steroids, boosting your ranking and attracting new ears.
  • Cross-Platform Alliances: Collaborate with other podcasters in your directory niches for guest appearances, joint episodes, or cross-promotions. Think of relationships, expanding your reach without breaking the bank.
  • Engage with Directory Communities: Many directories have active forums and communities for podcasters. Join the conversation, answer questions, and build relationships with potential listeners.

Remember, directories aren’t just distribution channels – they’re vibrant communities waiting to be explored. Engage, contribute, and watch your podcast become a familiar voice in a whole new world of ears!


What is the best day to publish a podcast?

Unfortunately, there isn’t one single best day. Each niche and platform’s target audience is different. Once you start podcasting your platform will generate data.

Analyze and use your existing podcast listeners’ metrics to adjust your podcasting schedule for peak engagement and brand identity.

How do I advertise my podcast on social media?

Firstly, social media channels are supposed to be social. Podcast audience listeners don’t like to be sold to but will listen to engaging helpful content.

 Here are a few ideas: Start promoting with social media posts featuring relatable audio clips, your YouTube video channel, and mouth-watering upcoming episodes.

Where is the best place to promote podcasts?

Start podcast marketing where your social media presence is the strongest. Prioritize online platforms where your existing audience lives.

Explore podcast directories like Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts to reach new listeners. Consider collaborating with other podcasters and cross-promotion opportunities.


In conclusion, the surge in podcasting’s popularity goes beyond mere audio clips; it’s a journey of building authentic connections, nurturing trust, and steering brand growth.

Podcasting stands as a versatile marketing tool for small business growth. Effective promotion on social media serves as the incentive for releasing its complete potential, showcasing “How to promote a podcast on social media” successfully.

Want to learn more about how to grow and market your small business with less effort and stress? Check out my blog at

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