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how to promote on googlee


Wondering how to market your business on Google? …STOP… scrolling RIGHT now, BECAUSE Girllll, we have some results getting tips for YOU!!!

how to improve your google business page

Within this post, we’ll show you how to advertise your business and how to set up a Google Business profile utilizing some of the features Google has added to its arsenal. Google has an extensive menu designed to help small businesses get noticed and to stand out in the crowd.


Discussed is one strategy that is Powerful, Free, and most importantly, Easy to Set Up!


****Side note: (Google my Business renamed by Google, to Google business profile…according to Google by 2022 (gmb) will phase out.)


 Firstly, allow me to explain why a Google profile is imperative.  For starters, setting up your Google profile gives your company authority and credibility. As today’s clients/customers are savvier than ever.  Not taking advantage of this resource raises eyebrows and places doubt in your customer’s mind.


Let’s Dive in…

Listed below- Google by Business Secrets Covered in this Post:


  1. Sneaky image tricks that increase views, sales, and visitors
  2. Overlooked SEO citations secret
  3. Google pop- posts method
  4. Categories selection hack
  5. How to override Google image choice


Why you Want your Business Listed on Google:  

88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations, according to recent research.

Businesses with Google my business listings are70% more likely to be visited by consumers. 

50% of consumers visit a store or business twenty-four hours after performing a search.

  It’s also sad but true that 80% of consumers lose trust in local businesses without an online presence.



google business profiles seo optimzation



Naturally, as small business owners, we’re always looking for creative ways to grow our business. Hence to rise above the crowd which online marketing allows us to do that. 


On another note, digital marketing also opens a layer of authenticity and transparency. Todays’ consumers are sharp and if we are “NOwhere to be found online, that seems suspicious, DATED, and doubt creeps into the minds of the clients.


Let the truth be told, not only do our clients want us to be present, they also expect us to be at the top of our game. The internet has created a monster that has a gigantic appetite that demands attention, our job is to give it.


What you Need to Know about Google Business Profile that will Drive Traffic to your Listing.

Provides Discoverability

Setting up a Google profile enables business listings to appear in local search results. As an illustration, you sell fine jewelry.  When a potential visitor search for fine jewelry, and if you’re properly optimized, you could get higher rankings in the search engine result pages (SERPs).  Your position depends on how well optimized you are.




Create Frequent Posts


Creating posts is a double whammy. Content writing about your products or services is great for SEO (improve page rankings).  Also, it’s a free way to engage with customers, provide updates, new product offers, events, and specials. Frequent posts can maintain a fresh profile, boost sales, and drive visitors to a physical or digital storefront.



Add Attributes


Attributes display as snippets of text in GMB listings. They add more content hence value to your listing. Differently from justifications these can be added or edited from your GBP. The name of the game is to differentiate your business from your competitors.


Such features as:

Are your premises wheelchair accessible?

Are you a woman or a veteran-owned business?

Do you have outdoor seating?

Product in stock

To name a few:


how to improve my google business profile listing



Enhance with Justifications


What are website justifications? Justifications are snippets that Google pulls from your website, profiles, or reviews. This is another powerful reason to fully optimize your Google business profile, especially your descriptive pages. Because as it stands now, we don’t know where Google will pull information from.

You just want to BE READY!!!


google justification example

google business profile map

Google my Business Optimization Tips

How to Spruce up your Google Profile that Makes you Look Like a Rockstar!


Add Photos, Photos, and More Photos

The more images included within your profile the better.  Adding splashes of images brings life to your business landscape.

Photo ideas:

Interior and exterior of the establishment

Happy customer experiences

 Product making processes

Celebratory and events

Food and menus

Products and designs


Invest in a professional photographer. Research shows that higher-quality images attract more views.


Cover all bases…


  • Claim your business listing
  • Completely optimize your page
  • Create posts to engage your customers
  • Ask and answer reviews
  • Get verified 


Below is a step-by-step video on how to set up your Google business profile:

This process will be the same if you were looking for Google my business for beginners. This video is an easy walk through the updated business listing setup.


Local SEO Optimization Tips


Why Optimize your local business listing? Simply, because local search is becoming more challenging by the page. Suppose there was a way you could nudge the search engine to push your business listing to the head of the class? Would you take 2-minutes to read to the end?

Heck Yeah!.. Let’s go!



  • Regularly add content/new keywords to your website, stay updated and current
  • Geotag photos and images with business location and keywords
  • Name your products, and or services your keywords
  • Maximum Google posts schedule- you can post every 7 days
  • Optimize google maps (more info below, how-to)
  • Totally complete your profile set-up                                                  
  • Claim and verify your listing
  • Create high-value relevant content on Google profile posts 
  • Retained consistency throughout your backlinking



google maps, how to market


 How to Rank Higher on Google Maps 2021


Competing in local search is becoming more and more challenging. Partly, thanks to Covid-19. Established businesses that thought they would never need a website are now scrambling to get a foothold on Google.  Although the competition is getting fierce, don’t fret.


Following the below ranking Google maps tips will place you head of the class.


But just in case you need a little more convincing whether or not it’s worth it. Ranking on Google maps allows customers to briefly view all the company’s info, all in one place. In addition, you can easily connect with customers create posts, offers, and responses. Which done right, gives detail to encourage a buying decision. 

google maps example

Shadowing the below guidelines will help your business display at the top of the SERPs. Higher rankings also bring more views, visitors, and vacations! 😊   




  •  Ensure you have a responsive website: A responsive website adjusts to the size of the device. I.e., Desktop, mobile, or tablet. Omitting this can also hurt your SEO rankings.


  • Consolidate duplicate listings: Google demands law and order, and it’s against their law to have duplicate websites floating around the world wide web. You can have multiple businesses but not duplicate website listings for the same business.


  • Ask and answer reviews: What are reviews good for? Google doesn’t trust what we say about our businesses but rather trusts what others have to say…it’s just the way that it is.  In SEO terms, it’s called backlinking.


  • When choosing your business categories, pick the most relevant ones. Try sticking with 2-4 max.


  • Add local keywords to your website. Include your city and state. Incorporate them on all pages throughout the site.


  • Insert photos and posts to your Google profile listing on a regular basis. Google is jealous and wants all our time. So, post often and consistently.


  • Be sure to stay consistent with your contact and business info. Keep the info the same across all your networks, directories, and other sources.


  • Include an embedded Google map on your website.


  • Be certain to address every section of Google’s business profile.




 Tricks & Tips to Help You Grow Your Business -on Google


 Want to increase views, sales, and visitors.  Hire a professional photographer. It’s sad but true beauty sells. Research shows that Airbnb photos taken by pro photographers see a 40% increase in earnings, 24% more bookings, and 26% higher nightly prices.  Google business listings with photos receive 35% more clicks through to their websites and 42% more requests. Lastly, posts with photos, videos, or GIFs.


Hoping to grab Instant ATTENTION?  Google offers a variety of ways to enhance and optimize your listing.

As an illustration, you can add the below line items.


  • Funny or descriptive photos
  • Explainer videos
  • Business hours
  • Detail company description
  • FAQ
  • Book appointment
  • Read and reply to online reviews
  • Directly communicate with customers via messages


Google Pop Posts

Content is still “King”!!!! Google allows businesses to post content, which is equivalent to adding mini ads. The good news is that you are allowed to update the post every 7 days. The even better news is it is “FREE”. Lastly, you can completely optimize the post with images, videos, maps, and the like. Make it shine!


SEO Optimization Tip

One of the most overlooked local SEO optimization tips, “Google citations”. We all know Google has millions of bots that crawl the web analyzing links. To make the bot’s job easier our content on all platforms should be consistent.


Our websites should be easy to navigate and relevant before the search engine Goddess will reward us.  So, one of the best things we can do when trying to rank is to attempt to be as systematized as possible.  


Google prefers data that’s simple and the same. What do I mean by that? Be consistent with your info, description, business hours, and photos across all content especially when backlinking. Not only that but when uploading to directories Google bots crawl all the directories, there shouldn’t be any inconsistencies.  


Profile Image

local seo optimization


Google runs the world even which photo they think is more suited for your profile. (They changed mine!)… The gall of them. So, you’d uploaded a photo. A week later you notice it’s not the one you chose. Google algorithm decided that their choice was more suited. Here’s what you may want to do. (Keep in mind Google has the last say so. … it’s written in the guidelines as well)


  • Check the photo: minimum size: 480 x 270 px| maximum 2121 x 1192 px| or 1068 x 608
  • Simplify your image, too busy photos could signal chaos
  • Pick the best image that represents your message
  • Make certain the photo has a high resolution
  • Try re-uploading your desired photo


Add content…. bite-size content is becoming more popular. And Mr. Google is trying to sneak that in under the radar. But guess what? Not only do reviews give businesses instant credibility, but also, those comments and replies do as well. 



 Google Business Profile Reviews Help Build Trust



88% of searchers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.



This is an easy way to engage and connect with customers. Some businesses shy away from evaluations, because of the fear of negative remarks. That’s not the solution. Reviews help identity problems. The best way to combat negative reviews is to address them. Better yet, drown them out with thousands of positive ones.


Build Trust by Responding to Reviews


While on the other hand, consumers including me look for those that have lots of reviews. As an example, on our last trip to Florida, I researched the best seafood near where we were staying. I found one listing that had over 4 thousand reviews.  Can you guess which restaurant we visited, yep, you guessed it. THE FOOD WAS AMAZZZZZZZZZZZING!!!!!!!

optimized GBP to stand out -target market

Google my Business for Local Business Owners- (Google profile)



Setting up your FREE Google profile is extremely powerful. Especially since the almighty Google attaches a credibility factor. Visitors are 38 % more likely to visit and 29% more likely to buy.  That’s reason enough! Now factor in it’s free, easy, and even Google has resources to help you get up and running.





 To market your business on Google is one of the most effective approaches to improve a business’s local search engine optimization and online presence. Without a doubt to properly set up and claim your listing if key.



  •         Choose your categories – 3-4 Max.
  •         Claim and verify your listing
  •         Incorporate keywords in the description
  •         Ensure you have a responsive template
  •         Add content to posts – Google business listing
  •         SEO optimized for desktop, mobile device, and laptop
  •         Include photos, videos, and Gif’s to your profile
  •         Incorporate high-quality content to maps and posts


Frankly, it’s not as hard as one would think to rank your Google business listing. Additionally, a well-executed profile of Google My Business helps with local rankings and SEO, which can help put your business on Google’s maps with the quickness!



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