Ever wonder how to ask a question on Facebook? You’re not alone! Tired of outdated info, our updated content dives into Facebook’s features and how to use them for personal or business purposes.

Facebook’s “What’s on our mind Question” allows you to ask engaging questions to build communities of friends and followers or boost your business. It’s more than just fun and games—

Although Facebook was initially designed for fun (and even games have rules), you still want to know the quickest and most efficient way to achieve your goals, as it’s easy to get lost in the Facebook sauce.

That said. Our guide explains how to ask a question on Facebook using a step-by-step format. Our guide also pairs with a helpful infographic with step-by-step instructions.

Let’s get started…

Why are Facebook Questions Valuable for Engagement?

 Facebook Questions are a powerful tool for sparking meaningful interactions and building relationships on social media platforms. They allow you to directly engage with Facebook users by posting open-ended questions that will appear in their News Feed, making your interactions personal and engaging.

This method increases visibility through the Facebook app and ensures your audience feels valued and heard, encouraging them to share their answers.

For example, crafting a great question involves choosing the right “type of” questions. If you manage a coffee shop’s Facebook Page, an effective question might be,

 “What’s your go-to coffee order on a Monday morning?”

This open-ended question invites specific answers, relates directly to your audience’s interests, and boosts engagement by prompting users to interact directly with your post.

Asking questions is key because it encourages a two-way conversation rather than a one-sided broadcast. This interaction significantly boosts engagement, it makes your audience feel valued and heard.


How to Ask a Question on Facebook

Mobile Instructions

Step 1: Open the “What’s on your mind” section.

Launch the Facebook app on your phone or tablet.

In your News Feed, locate the box at the top that reads “What’s on your mind?” or a similar prompt. This is where you’ll compose your question.


Step 2: Craft your engaging question.

Tap inside the text box and begin typing your question. Remember, the goal is to spark a conversation, so make it clear, interesting, and relevant to your audience.

Step 3: Add visuals (optional).

If you think visuals will enhance your question, tap the camera icon next to the text box. You can upload a photo or video from your device to accompany your question.

Step 4: Share your question.

How to Ask a Question on Facebook

Once you’re happy with your question and any visuals, locate the “Share” button. Depending on your device, this might be a blue button with a white arrow pointing right, or it could simply say “Share.”

Tap the “Share” button to post your question. It will now be visible to your friends, followers, or group members depending on where you decide to share it.

How to Ask a Question in a Facebook Group

First, log into your Facebook account and access the specific group where you want to engage with members to ask a question in a Facebook Group.

 Once there, locate the “Write something…” box at the top of the group’s main page.

 Here, you can post a direct question or, for more structured feedback, use the poll feature to set multiple-choice answers. Once your question is posted, staying active and engaging with the responses is important.

Responding promptly and thoughtfully to comments can advance a lively and interactive discussion, encouraging further participation and building a community within the group.

This proactive engagement not only keeps the conversation going but also helps you understand the perspectives and needs of the group members better.



1. How do I Ask a Question in the Facebook Help Center?

To ask a question in the Facebook Help Center, visit the Help Center through your Facebook app or page, then use the search bar to type your query or browse the frequently asked questions for guidance.

2. How to ask a question on Facebook Messenger?

To ask a question on Facebook Messenger, start a new message with a contact or a group and type your question directly into the chat window.

3. I want to ask a question in a Facebook group, but there’s no “Poll” option! How can I get feedback without one?

While Facebook Groups don’t always offer the official “Poll” feature, you can still create engaging, poll-like questions to gather feedback from your fellow members. Here are two creative workarounds:

Multiple Choice Question with Instructions:

Frame your question in a multiple-choice format within the text box. Present your question and several answer options (e.g., “What’s the best hiking trail near town? A) Rocky Ridge, B) Sunnyslope Canyon, C) Waterfall Trail”).

Instruct users to respond to the comments with their chosen answer. Encourage participation by mentioning something like “Comment ‘A’ for Rocky Ridge, ‘B’ for Sunnyslope Canyon, etc.”

This method creates a DIY poll experience within the group. While it’s not as visually polished as a formal poll, it lets members participate and it allows you to easily track responses, by looking for specific answer letters in the comments.

 Emoji Reactions:

Phrase your question in a way that allows users to react with specific emojis. For example, you could ask, “What’s your favorite movie genre? for Comedy, Action, or Drama.”

Try to keep it simple and visually appealing. Choose emojis that correspond to your answer options.



As we wrap up our exploration of “How to Ask a Question on Facebook,” it’s clear that mastering this skill is crucial for enhancing engagement and interaction on one of the world’s leading social media platforms.

Understanding how to pose questions on Facebook, you can:

Encourage meaningful connections with Facebook users through open-ended questions or polls in your Facebook group or page.

Use the Facebook Help Center and Facebook app to explore new features and questions.

– Increase visibility in the news feed, encouraging more specific answers and driving active participation.

Now, it’s your turn to implement these strategies.

Whether you’re posting for the first time or regularly interacting on your page, adapting these methods can dramatically boost your interaction on Facebook.

What are your thoughts on these approaches? Have they changed how you engage with your audience on Facebook?

If you find this article useful, please share it across your social networks and consider leaving a comment or bookmarking it for future reference.

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