Ever heard the term “Patreonized” and wondered what it means? You’re not alone! Thousands are exploring this platform, and according to Patreon’s website 275,000!

So, I did what most people would do. “Google it”. Patreon is being used as a verb but it’s a proper noun, and it’s beginning to make a name for itself.

Thousands are using the service but thousands more are curious about Patreon, but the noise on the street is navigating its intricacies can be confusing. So, if you’re a content creator, blogger, or run a marketing podcast or vlog, you may want to listen up.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss what is Patreon, how it works, and uncover everything you need to know whether it’s the right fit for your creative journey.

Let’s get started and by the end of this post, you’ll understand “How does Patreon Work” and ask yourself if it’s the best option for you.

how does patreon work

What is a Patreon?

If you’ve been online for 5 minutes, chances are you’ve heard the buzz term ‘Patreon.’ But what exactly is Patreon? Think of it as an amplified version of your favorite creator’s social media page, offering special perks, exclusive prices, early access to projects, and behind-the-scenes content, all in exchange for monthly financial support.

As a creator of any kind, rather than relying solely on ad revenue or sporadic donations, creators set up custom membership tiers on Patreon, each offering special perks, to attract patrons.

For just a few dollars, paying subscribers can unlock bonus episodes of their favorite podcast, gain early access to the latest music, and exclusive merchandise, or receive personalized shoutouts.

It’s a win-win situation: creators gain stable income to fuel their passions, while dedicated followers enjoy deeper connections and exclusive content. And Patreon isn’t limited to artists!

Creators from various fields, ranging from YouTubers and bloggers to educators and scientists, are thriving on the platform.

So, if you’re looking to cultivate special moments for your enthusiastic fans and foster closer connections with those who truly resonate with your work, consider starting a patron program.

You might be surprised at the unique experiences and sense of community you’ll unlock!”

How Does Patreon work

Ditch the days of relying exclusively on ads or donations! With Patreon, an innovative shift in fan support has started. Imagine your favorite creator’s social media channels on steroids: exclusive content, early access to creations, and intimate behind-the-scenes content – are what you’ll get in exchange for your monthly subscription.

With thousands of creators and millions of patrons strong, Patreon has become the go-to membership platform where fans directly invest in their passion projects.

Patreon creators can set up membership tier subscriptions, each releasing exclusive content. For as little as $5 a month (the average Patreon pledge), you could snag bonus podcast episodes, early access to music, or even exclusive merch. Isn’t business better when everybody wins?

What Does Patreon Mean?

patreon industry breakdown- inforgraphic

But what’s in the name? “Patreon” is a nod to the historical patrons of art, who provided monetary support to musicians and artists.

Today, the Patreon platform encourages potential subscribers to become patrons, supporting Patreon creators across various industries – from vloggers, YouTubers, and content creators, to educators, and celebrities.

So, whether you’re a serious music fan or a curious fitness enthusiast, Patreon provides an exclusive way to show appreciation and uncover private experiences.

Join us, connect with other like-minded followers, and enjoy being a dedicated patron! Remember, it’s not only about financial gain; it’s about community building and nurturing creativity!

How to Start a Patreon

how to start a podcast

1. Sign Up: Joining Patreon is effortless; simply navigate to their website or download the app to initiate the process. Sign up using your email or social media accounts to establish your profile.

2. Create Your Patreon page: Customize your page according to your brand’s visual preferences, and use the page editor to create a visually appealing design. A clear profile picture and engaging description are vital to attracting potential subscribers to your Patreon content.

3. Set Membership Tiers: Create your membership tiers to cater to the diverse interests of your audience, providing free today discounts and exclusive merch at different levels. Offering a range of benefits improves the appeal of your subscription service, enticing paying subscribers to join.

4. Promote Your Page: Amplify your marketing efforts by leveraging your existing social media platforms to promote your Patreon page. Engage with your followers and encourage them to support you through a monthly subscription.

5. Offer Incentives: Provide special Patreon offers and exclusive merchandise to entice future subscribers and reward loyal followers. Ensure your offerings align with the desires of your audience to maximize your monthly earnings.

6. Launch and Engage: Once your page is live, maintain regular engagement with your patrons by updating them with behind-the-scenes content and exclusive posts. Building a strong relationship with your supporters promotes loyalty and encourages recurring payments.

Patreon Account Benefits

what is Patreon- infographic

Patreon accounts offer creators the opportunity to connect with their audience on a deeper level through exclusive content and engagement.

With customizable membership tiers, creators can provide unique benefits to patrons at different levels of support, enhancing their membership platform’s appeal.

Patrons can expect early access to content, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and personalized videos, harnessing a sense of belonging within the creator’s community.

 For Creators

For creators, Patreon provides a reliable source of monthly income, allowing them to monetize their content and pursue their creative passions.

By offering paid memberships, creators can generate recurring payments directly from their dedicated subscribers, diversifying their revenue streams beyond traditional ad revenue or sponsorships.

Additionally, Patreon’s transparent fee structure ensures creators know how much Patreon takes from their earnings, enabling them to make informed decisions about their membership pricing.

Patron Case Study

According to a case study conducted by Patreon, creators who actively engage with their patrons and offer compelling exclusive content can significantly increase their earnings.

For example, a popular podcast creator saw a 30% increase in Patreon earnings within six months of implementing exclusive bonus episodes and personalized shoutouts for patrons across various membership tiers. Continue reading “how does Patreon work” and discover how to create engaging rewards for your supporters.

What Percentage Does Patreon Take

what are the precentage of patreon fees

Patreon takes a percentage of the monthly earnings from all creators. This varies based on the membership tier selected by the patron. The platform charges a flat fee, in addition to a percentage of each pledge made by patrons.

This fee structure enables creators to earn money on Patreon while allowing the platform to cover operational costs and continue providing services to Patreon subscribers.

Creators should consider how much Patreon fees are when setting up their membership pricing.  By offering informative Patreon-exclusive content and engaging with their audience across other social media platforms, creators can maximize their Patreon earnings while providing value to their patrons.

In short, while Patreon does take a percentage of creators’ earnings, the platform provides significant resources and support to Patreon creators, enabling them to monetize their content and bond with their audience effectively.

Patreon top podcasters

How to Delete a Patreon Account

  •  Navigate to your account settings.
  •  Locate the option to close or delete your account.
  •  Look under the account management section.
  • Follow the prompts to confirm the deletion.

To Cancel a Patreon Membership:

  •  Log in to your Patreon account.
  •  Navigate to the membership settings.
  •  Locate the option to cancel your membership.

 Unsubscribe from the Patreon membership tiers or pages you wish to discontinue support for. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation, ensuring that you understand any implications regarding access to exclusive content or benefits associated with your membership tier.

How to Unsubscribe on Patreon

To unsubscribe on Patreon from a paid membership:

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Go to the membership settings of the creator you’re subscribed to.
  3. Find the option to cancel your membership.
  4. Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

Remember, Patreon allows creators to offer multiple membership tiers, so make sure you’re canceling the correct tier if the creator has more than one.

membership software for podcast


1. How to see how many patrons someone has on Patreon?

– Visit the creator’s Patreon page.

– Look for the number of patrons displayed on their page.

– This will show you the count of people supporting them.

2. How to unsubscribe from Patreon?

– Log in to your Patreon account.

– Go to the membership settings of the creator you’re subscribed to.

– Find the option to cancel your membership.

– Follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

3. How to add Patreon to a podcast app?

– Open your podcast app.

– Search for the podcast you want to support on Patreon.

– Look for the option to add or subscribe to the podcast on Patreon.

– Follow the prompts to link your Patreon account to the podcast app for exclusive access.


 Whether you’re a devoted music fan, a curious learner, or a strong supporter of creative endeavors, Patreon opens a unique door offering creators a way to sell digital products whether you’re a marketer, artist, educator, or content creator.

By offering exclusive content, early release, and behind-the-scenes glimpses, Patreon nurtures a sincere connection between creators and their audiences, while providing a sustainable income stream for creators to pursue their passions.

More than just a membership platform, Patreon is a community. By subscribing (or “Patronizing”) to your favorite creators, you’re not just giving them financial support, you’re actively participating in their journey. The benefits of becoming a patron are as diverse as the creators themselves.

While Patreon unlocks fantastic opportunities, it’s not one-size-fits-all. Before diving in, creators should do their due diligence. Consider your audience size, engagement level, and content format. Can you consistently offer exclusive value for various tiers?

Are you prepared to nurture a community and engage regularly? If you find these aspects exciting, Patreon might be your creative haven. But remember, success requires dedication and strategic planning.

We hope you learned how does Patreon work for creators. podcaster, and beyond.

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