Entrepreneurs & Mental Health- What, Why, and How, to Cope?

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  In this article, we address a problem that society has intentionally or unintentionally chosen to overlook for decades. (entrepreneurs and mental health)

In 2015, a viral article in Inc Magazine titled: The Psychological Price of Entrepreneurship shed light on the issue.


Two years prior, in 2013 an article in Business Insider about Faigy Mayer,

…who jumped from a rooftop bar and died, showcase the potentially detrimental connection between mental health and entrepreneurs.


how does mental health affect business


 Here we discuss ways to identify poor mental health and show how simple behavioral changes can combat a damaged mental state quickly and privately.


Let’s get started:


Based on a study from UC Berkeley 72% of entrepreneurs struggle with some type of mental health issue. Click To Tweet


Of that 30% had a history of other forms of mental-health-related issues such as depression, substance abuse problems, bipolar disorder, and ADHD.



 Signs of Deteriorating Mental Health



We’ve all heard rags to riches stories and many of us crave those same euphoric business achievements. Conversely, what we’re unaware of is the potential dark side of success.


The loneliness, detachment, stress, health issues, and alcohol and drug abuse.


Even worse, extended work hours, unpredictable income, tax burdens, and family issues. There’s no shortage of challenges when trying to reach business success.


Signs of Poor Mental Health                      


  •         Insomnia
  •         Extreme emotional ups and down
  •         Withdrawal from family activities
  •         Rapid weight gain
  •         Increase substance intake (alcohol and drugs)
  •         Concentration difficulties
  •         Feeling sad or empty
  •         Lack of energy, fatigue
  •         Thoughts of death or suicide



depression and stress chart, greenville



 Delegation Mindset

As business owners, especially, women, we tend to think we’re superheroes and must do everything, work and family-related. Comparatively, men think financially everything relies on them and they’re solely responsible.


In fact, just because your name is on the door doesn’t mean you have to do it all.

According to Michael E. Gerber, if you’re doing it all technically you don’t have a business, you’ve just brought yourself a JOB!!! Correspondingly, you’re an employee suffering from an entrepreneurial seizure!


  Stress Relief…    


Firstly, for startups don’t throw all your eggs in one basket. Yep, you want skin in the game but don’t remove all the skin. Leave money in your nest egg for living expenses and to maintain your sanity.


Existing businesses should build a team. Teamwork makes the dream work! Hiring competent, qualified managers and employees is vital.


Profitable companies: when “The good times roll”, roll with it, but don’t spread the dough too thin.


Remember to put some coins aside for rainy days, because it will rain, it always does. TRUTHFULLY, we don’t mind the rain when we’re armored with an umbrella, galoshes, or rain hat!



 Relaxation and Recreation Ideas


Now that we’ve learned that we’re not superwoman or Ironman, it’s time to kick back and gets some” ME Time”!



Building a super gigantic business means you’ll have competition. Oddly, one of the most overlooked ways to compete is to de-stress and exercise mentally and physically.  


Listed are a few more tips:


  •       Start Yoga
  •       Incorporate cardiovascular exercise
  •       Take daily walks
  •       Join a local meetup
  •       Meet for Happy Hour (don’t get too happy😊)
  •       Dance
  •       Learn new forms of dancing
  •       Take classes
  •       Attend conferences
  •       Vacation
  •       Attend family events
  •       Show up for kid’s activities
  •       Learn a new skill



 HEALTHY-MIND  Resources


  •       Crisis Text Line is a non-profit association that offers FREE confidential mental health services.  Services are available 24/7, help is accessible via text messaging, text HOME to 741741. Availabilities throughout the US, UK, Canada, and Ireland.




Business ownership can take you down a lonely path. But there is more than one route to success. Get creative and social. Garner social support, even if it’s through online resources.


Hence you can network with others from around the world. Just know whatever you’re feeling chances are that millions of others are experiencing similar feelings. 


Lastly, if your spirits began to drop, reach out and talk with someone.  Better yet call or text one of the hotline numbers above. We’re all in this together!



PY is a Fun-Loving Small Biz Coach who teaches small business owners simplified ways to boost online visibility and proven tactics that increases customer acquisition without abandoning friends and family!  pytalkbiz|Greenville, NC



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