Unlock These Three Silly Secrets to Flood your Email Inbox

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Why all the latest controversy over email marketing? Could it be because of the new social media networks that arrived on the scene?

Frankly, ever since the latest players arrived in town, many are questioning the validity of email marketing.  Okay, First, let’s address the dead issue.


NOT only is email marketing not DEAD, BUT it’s outrageously effective, inexpensive, and easy to EXECUTE!

However, BEFORE YOU START TO SALiVATE, just because it’s easy doesn’t mean it won’t come with its own set of problems and confusions.

Fortunately, it’s nothing this post can’t handle. So be sure to read down to the end because you don’t want to miss an ounce of knowledge and there you can

…….pick up your FREE GIFT. This will help you more than you can imagine~.


Now back to the new players? Ironically, many are known by their first names:

…..I.e., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, “Tik Tok, and others. Better known as social media networks.

Comparatively, this is like the new club opening. The old club’s partygoers leave their old familiar stomping grounds.

Excitingly, run over to see what’s cooking at the new club.

.😜…..Unsurprisingly 3 weekends later they’re back to the old club! Hmmmmm been thee done that…LOL!!!

Let’s Get Started, as we guide you through the bows and arrows of email marketing. Here you can also expect to uncover the pro’s secret to effortlessly adding additional income without additional output!




Unlock the Hidden Email Marketing Gems Pro Marketers Use             



Have you ever heard the adage; the fortune is in the follow-up?  However, according to research very few small business owners exercise this option. It’s also known as leaving money on the table…

… Why would anyone do THAT?  IT ALL STARTS WITH knowing where you lean your ladder.

So, let’s start by placing your ladder on the right building, metaphorically speaking.


Imagine climbing up a 50 ft building only to discover that your ladder was leaning on the wrong building. Now you’re exhausted, discouraged, and Broke!!!


Below are some Encouraging Truths



  1. One hidden truth about email marketing. Yes, getting our message out is super, but what you get from the process is even better!  As you start to build your database you will gain customer insights, buying habits, and analytics that would have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars otherwise.



  1. Segmentation… a big word for a bigger opportunity. Here’s a post that covers segmentation in detail.

Segmentation is the process of separating your entire customer list and dividing it into smaller subcategories.

As an example, you own a very popular restaurant, and you have a database of 1000.

In this case, although your customers like your food, every customer doesn’t like the same types of food… this is where segmentation comes into play.

As a further illustration, what would happen while sending out coupons and promotions, you sent your vegan customers your pull-pork coupons and vice versa …

email marketing strategies

…Needless to say, they both would be very unhappy and more than likely pull the plug. And to add fuel to the fire, according to experts each subscriber in your database is worth $30/month…



Email marketing gives you the option to categorize your customers so that you can target your email campaigns… this way everyone is happier!


  1. Emailing existing customers allows you easy access to conduct surveys or to collect other useful information.


Sticking with the restaurant theme; let’s say you’re interested in adding new items to your menu. Who would you prefer information from, a stranger or a satisfied customer?


Your email list allows freedom and flexibility to do things such as: try before you commit.  This one benefit could potentially stop a devastating disaster and/or save you a tsunami about of money.


How To Avoid Basic Email Marketing Blunders?


Email marketing isn’t rocket science but there are some landmines. and overlooking your subject line is one of them.

Keep in mind, your message is more than likely to arrive in a sea of other emails. Therefore, your subject line is ferociously competing for your subscriber’s attention.

Did you know that 105 billion emails are sent daily? Conversely, half-cocked, subject lines could easily end up in the email cemetery, spam, or even more disastrous, deleted.

Addedly, while not trying to rain on the parade, before getting to the subscribing part we must convince visitors to join us.  This isn’t necessarily as easy as it seems.

Knowing that we brought you some reinforcement-  FREE headline templates. These templates have been scientifically tested to attract attention and click-through.


So be sure to Grab your Free 9 templates, edit to taste, and use.




👍Before you can Collect your First email marketing subscriber you must master this ONE Skill.

How to write an “Attention-Grabbing Headline”.

Whether it’s to create a Pinterest pin, IG story, article, blog post, video, or TikTok, an Enticing headline is crucial.

Learning the proper skills to attract your visitors takes time, but it isn’t super complicated. Like anything else, if you keep at it, you’ll succeed.

We’re giving away 9 “FREE” tried and tested Headlines you can use as templates. These are not on our site anywhere; this is our special gift to you.  Just for dropping by, reading, and sharing this post. Thank YOu !!!


For more examples you can use for a template; check here




Not only is email marketing not dead, but it’s tremendously effective, more now than ever.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other marketing strategy. The #1 reason why is because people prefer to do business with those they like, trust, and know.


A few key pointers:

  • Edit and use your FREE template
  • Keep your email subject line short and concise
  • Segmentation increases conversions and open rates dramatically
  • Choose the best ESP your money will buy
  • Email marketing ROI, for every $1 spent, $51 is MADE!

So do everything within your power to start collecting your raving fans’ email addresses. To stay engaged with your target audience.

We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if you have any questions. If we missed any key pointers, we’re all ears.

If you found this article helpful, please share it with like-minded individuals like yourself.

Thanks for reading


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