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email marketing strategies

Email marketing strategies? … WHY Bother Because we’ve all heard that email marketing is ineffective and a COMPLETE WASTE of marketing Dollars! SOME HAVE SAID??? But you may have a change of mind after reading this article.


It’s no secret that email marketing is the #1 most effective way to reach, retain, and engage with your target audience.  Addedly, did you know that for every $1 spent on email marketing, on average you earn $44.00?  I know you’re ready to Devour this post now!


But wait, check out these Data-Driven Stats:



Listed below are top data-driven reasons WHY  IT’S vital to include email marketing to your marketing arsenal~ 


  • 91 percent of US adults like to receive promotional emails from companies they do business with (MarketingSherpa)
  • Email is almost 40 times more effective than Facebook and Twitter combined in helping your business acquire new customers. (McKinsey)
  • According to 80 percent of professionals, email marketing drives customer acquisition and retention. (eMarketer)
  • Email marketing is more likely to drive sales than social media marketing. (Optinmonster)


In this blog post,


we’ll look at a few online marketing strategies that you can use to earn passive income, generate leads, and grow your sales. But if you’re not cautious, you could make common mistakes that could hinder your marketing campaign. In view of that, we’ll reveal the top email marketing mistakes and how to avoid them.  


When it comes to email marketing, many small business owners first thought to create the most beautiful newsletter or message possible. Certainly, beauty does play a huge role but it’s not the most important element.

 Although a great design can attract your target market, a well-thought-out strategy can lead you down a proven success path. So, it’s worth spending time laying out the most organized email marketing plan that will put your marketing endeavors on autopilot! Keep reading as we explain how to formulate an email marketing strategy that gets leads, sales, and engagement.

So just in case, you aren’t 1000%  sold on email marketing 

HERE’s  More PROoOF!!!


“According to Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers made purchases after receiving an email marketing message”.

“Recent research by Emarsys, 2018, 80% of business professionals believe email marketing increased customer retention”

Statista reports in 2019, there are 3.9 billion global email user





Why the latest controversy over email marketing strategies; became of the new kids on the block. Since the new social media players entered the game, people start questioning if email marketing is dead.  First, let’s address the dead issue. Not only are email marketing strategies needed and not DEAD, BUT, they’re tremendously effective, inexpensive, and easy to implement!



Additionally, if you’re wondering who are the new players? Ironically, many are known by their first names: I.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others. Better known as social media networks.

This comparison is similar to the new club opening. The old club’s partiers goers run over to see what’s cooking at the new club. Unsurprisingly 3 weekends later they’re back!


Keep reading because this post is jammed packed with stats, facts, and examples that will help you increase conversions, sales, and customer retention. Implementing these email strategies will catapult your Sales,  into 2023. 



strategy for email marketng, photo showing a train that will take you were you want to be


Email Marketing the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Market to New and Existing Clients


Let the truth be told, an effective email marketing strategy is still one of the most efficient ways of marketing to new and existing clients. However, before getting too deep, we’ll start simply by addressing what is email marketing and offer a few guidelines to set up targeted email marketing strategies.


More importantly, let’s also address the elephant in the room, how to get your emails opened and read. After all, nothing happens until your customers’ click on your email. Lastly, we’ll touch on the ingenious technology of auto-responding… the life-blood of email marketing. 


Let’s get started 


 What is email marketing?


Email marketing is a non-threatening way to send commercially intent messages to subscribers. These messages are designed to generate sales, nurture engagement, and create leads. 


this is the money exchanging hands. representing the perfect email marketing strategy


Email Marketing Example

For example, you owned a restaurant and you want to reach your customers fast.  As a demonstration; say you added a new menu item, fresher ingredients, or daily specials that you want to notify your customer of.  Without a doubt, emailing your customers is the quickest and most direct marketing route to take.


Now let’s break down what just happened. To clarify, not only did you send your customers an immediate update, but you also engaged with them. Maybe unbeknownst to you, this is a subliminal marketing strategy. Very similar to TV commercials. However, done just as efficiently through an email campaign.


Here’s another illustration, a Commerical shows a refreshing, cold Pepsi. Now chances are you won’t run out to buy a Pepsi immediately.  (Which they know) But the next time you walk by a vending machine or soft drink aisle subconsciously, you’ll grab a Pepsi as opposed to another type.  The name of the game is to keep your brand name in your customer’s mouth! 




This method of marketing highly increases your chances of being chosen the next time your client has an appetite for your product or services. Just think if it was a faulty strategy, multi-million dollars companies, wouldn’t spend billions on commercials! Let the truth be told, they also spend a chuck on email marketing.


Online Marketing Email


 Larger businesses started capitalizing on email marketing years ago. Do you remember when every store we visited asked for our email address?  And back in the day, we used to give our URL instead of our email because we didn’t know the difference. OK, that was Me…   🙂   That wasn’t an accident. Retrieving customers’ email addresses was strategic planning. That’s when the BIG Dogs REALLY realized how valuable each captured email was to their bottom line.


At that time small businesses didn’t understand the benefits of capturing their client’s email addresses. Needless to say, how using an email marketing blast could place them ahead of the pack!


It’s easy and tempting for brick and moral marketers to overlook this advertising methodology.  Especially if they’re unfamiliar with online marketing email strategies.  


 Good News. Presently, small business owners have started using email marketing, unfortunately, because of Covid 19. In fact, the pandemic forced changes in that area, we talk more about that here


Strategy for Email Marketing


Keep in mind a single-channel marketing strategy doesn’t deliver the long-term engagement and retention of a multi-channel strategy. However, each channel offered takes you down a different pathway through your customer’s lifecycle and business journey. So Yes, social media marketing is vital but so is email marketing. By combining the two can create a marketing makeover. Beneficiary YOU!


 By now, we’ve made it clear that marketing using email mail marketing is a highly effective way for sending emails. What’s even better, this efficient messaging platform can easily convert prospects into customers and turn one-time customers into lifetime raving fans!



1. This system can easily be automatable.   

2. It eliminates disruption, your emails are sent with permission.

3. Your customers must opt-in, which turns a lead into a qualified lead.


Guidelines for Effective Email Marketing



Another name for email marketing is permission marketing. With that being said, even though you were granted permission there are still guidelines to follow. Although the rules are simple. To point out, do you remember the Golden rule? Which is to Treat others the way you like to be treated. Keep that in mind, you’ll do just fine!


Below are a few simple friendly tips:



1. Be mindful of the times you set up your messages to go out. The last thing you want to do is upset your customers. 


2. Remember the 80/20 rule, which applies to everything. Eighty percent of your emails should be informative and helpful hints. Twenty percent should be advertorial or promotional.


3. Don’t be a nuisance. Try not to overdo sending email messages. What is overdoing no one knows. We suggest starting with less, taking your customer’s temperature, add or subtracting accordingly.


4. Don’t hold your audience captive…offer them a way to opt-out if they become disinterested. Quality over Quantity. It’s better to work with a few than to drag a hundred!



lady laying on the sofa reading a book.


5. Lastly, remember you are a guest in your customer’s home. Don’t invite yourself in and put your feet up on their sofa. 


How to Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors Using Email Marketing


Since most business owners do what everyone else is doing, monkey sees monkey do.  Just starting an email marketing campaign will set you apart. To add fuel to your marketing strategy by learning a few more tricks will ignite your business, turning you into an email marketing maverick!


So, let’s discuss a few more strategies that will help place your ladder on the right building. Metaphorically speaking, there’s nothing worse than climbing up a 50 ft building only to discover that your ladder was leaning on the wrong building. Now you’re exhausted and discouraged!!!


 Hidden Email Marketing Benefits 


  1. One hidden truth about email marketing. Yes, getting our message out is super, but what you get from the process is even better! As you start to build your database you will gain customer insights and analytic that would have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars otherwise. 


2. Segmentation… a big word for a bigger opportunity. Segmentation only means to separate your customer’s type. Using the restaurant example. When sending out coupons and promotions you don’t want to send your vegan customers your pull-pork updates and vice versa …

…Needless to say, they both would be very unhappy and more than likely pull the plug. Email marketing gives you the option to categorize your customers so that you can target your email campaigns… this way everyone is happy. 


3. Email marketing to your existing customers allows you easy access to your customers to conduct surveys or to collect other useful information. Sticking with the restaurant theme; let’s say you’re interested in adding new items to your menu. Who would you prefer to gather information from, a stranger or a satisfied customer? 


Your email list will allow you the freedom and flexibility to do things such as: try before you commit.  This one benefit could potentially stop a devastating disaster and/or save you a tsunami about of money. 


How to Increase your Income Through Email Marketing


OK…it’s time to sit back, grab your coffee or favorite beverage because this section of our post will get your creative juices flowing. Remember the old saying there is always more than one way to get a job done…

in this photo the reader is relaxing as they read.


I’m salivating as I write this because this is a masterful business income idea but very few people act on it.  Specifically those in the brick and mortar. However, online marketers implement this tactic all day long. After which they successfully display their massive incomes, offer training, and sadly many people turn up their noses and complain about what doesn’t work.


Marketing Affiliate Programs


 I know that’s not you because you have read down thus far …you are” HUNGRY!!! A quote from Les Brown (a renowned business coach and motivational speaker) LOL!! “


OK, we’re going to discuss some out-of-the-box marketing strategies. THESE CAN BE IMPLEMENTED THROUGH YOUR EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN. however, be mindful that you don’t have to be an expert. Provided that, there are email marketing consultants who can help, reasonably priced. 

READY>>> ready. 


Example #1 eBook Offer: Firstly, you may ask what’s an eBook? An eBook is an electronic transfer of information in a book format. That’s transmitted over the internet.  What to write about? In this case your knowledge.  In fact, online marketing experts use email automation as their primary marketing channel to generate leads via eBooks. Keep reading as we dive deeper.


Let’s say you own a restaurant or any professional business. Chances are if you’ve been in business for any number of years you’ve become very proficient. I dare to say you’ve developed strategies, systems, and shortcuts, that make work easier.


Conversely, there are others who would find your shortcuts and systems a game-changer and would be willing to pay for your knowledge.  Even better, the entire process is completed online. And the eBook is usually sent through an autoresponder or some type of email marketing strategy.


dentist chair. an example i'm using to explain a marketing strategy.


Automation Email Marketing

As an illustration,  say you are a dentist that runs a very well-ran practice? Remarkedly so, you’re successfully Trading hours for dollars. However, THERE are only so many hours a day. What do you do? You could help others!!!


What if you could help other dentists start and run their practices? Those from around the globe? Even more so you can train without leaving home.  Yet, another reason to set up an email market system. It allows for many opportunities.


How else could you help them? Could you do webinars, live conferences, or conference calls? What about this; My 1st year in dentistry ( eBook), how to side-step the needles and arrows of dentistry? Would you have paid for an eBook like this when you first started? How Much? All this gained from setting up and sending emails, that are automated!👨‍⚕️


Example #2 Affiliate Programs: If you don’t know what affiliate programs are,  it’s a brilliant idea to earn money passively. Once your set up an email marketing campaign, the sky is the limit.  Envision earning money from people you don’t know and have never seen, and languages you can’t speak! That’s the beauty of email marketing.


 Sticking with the dental example; there’s a super-sonic electric toothbrush. This brush speed cleans your teeth and whitens them simultaneously. Unfortunately, the product is a little costly and the dentist can’t afford the inventory.


Ironically, the company that sells that product has an affiliate program. You sign up to be an affiliate (free) after purchases you are paid a commission. Boo-yah!


Wondering how to introduce your clients to the service or product? This is where your email marketing skills kick in. You forward a marketing link through an email message. That link has a tracking code that connects that buyer to you. The commission is paid to you. In effect, you’re making money while you sleep!


Autoresponders… Email Marketing on Steroids

robots male and females



Lastly, there’s no way I could speak on email marketing without talking about autoresponders. What are autoresponders? Autoresponders are pre-set automated messages. As we spoke earlier; you can schedule to send messages daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or more. These messages are preset and loaded into an autoresponder.



The pre-written email message is delivered to your customer’s inbox at your chosen designated time and frequency. You can even set your email autoresponder years in advance.


This is a way to keep your clients engaged for years. Not to mention informed, encouraged, and spending*** There are many autoresponders to choose from I will link a few below. Listed here are two:

GetResponse-FREE -forever-(small business plan)

Active Campaign- FREE Trail


Email Headline Examples

Properly chosen email subject lines can boost your open rate up to 60%! Undoubtedly, He who has the best rap Wins… in this case” the best email subject line” 


Are you wondering why email subject lines are so vital? One big reason, that they have to ferociously compete for your attention.  With this in mind, how many emails do you have in your inbox? As a fact, 105 billion emails are sent daily.


Unfortunately, around 50% never get opened. That being said, unless you have an effective email subject line, your best email message is none and void.


Henceforth, take time to construct an email subject line that nudges your subscribers to open.  Conversely, half-cocked, subject lines could easily end up in the email cemetery, spam, or even more disastrous, deleted.

In case you need a little more convincing. Did you know that your “one” sent email was 1 out of more than 269 billion, according to Statista? In other words, 64% of all emails don’t even get an impression, a finger-touch, nothing, just overlooked and passed over.


Below are a few Email Subject Examples:


Catchy Email Subject Lines

  1. I bet you’ll LOVE this!
  2. All 101 Free Gifts in this Email
  3. Life happens. And so do surprises.
  4. There’s a Reason They’re Called Best Buys
  5. 10 Reasons to Open this Email
  6. Plenty for your Thoughts
  7. Your Money is on its Way!
  8. Here’s Another Sweet Freebie just for you!
  9. Today’s Deals-Yours to Steal!
  10. Another COVID email, NOT!professional Email Subject Lines


Thank You Email Subject lines

  1. You were God-sent! Thank YOU
  2. Our 100th Consecutive Yes…We Thank You
  3. Dearest, PY- Thank You for sharing
  4. You stuck like Glue- We Appreciate You!
  5. ★★★ Thanks for subscribing! Open to get your gift! ★★★
  6. ~ Bonuses INSIDE… Just for YOU!
  7. Amazing…Thank You for Being YOU!
  8. A little Something, Something Just for YOU!
  9. **Attention required so you won’t Miss Out! ** Special Thanks
  10. Hola! Here’s a little FREEBIE for joining the party!

For more examples you can use for a template; check here




Not only is email marketing not dead, but it’s tremendously effective, more now than ever.

Email marketing has the highest ROI of any other marketing strategy. The #1 reason why is because people prefer to do business with those they like, trust and know. 

So do everything within your power to start collecting your raving fans’ email addresses. They will love hearing from you stay engaged.

We hope you found this article helpful. Let us know if you have any questions. If we missed any key pointers, we’re all ears.






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Hi Everyone! I hope that the article you read today will be used as another building block to further grow your small business empire. was solely designed to help you reach your business goals, quickly and more efficiently!

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