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 Email marketing old dog new tricks. Marketing via email has been around for a long time and it’s been a very effective marketing strategy. Now since the new buzz words: online marketing, digital marketing, SMS, MMS, Text messaging, Facebook and the other zillion social media sites, email marketing has fallen onto the wayside or so some may think. That thinking may not be a wise choice. Like the words to an old song, “don’t believe the hype”!

Email Marketing the Most Cost-Effective Ways to Market to Existing Clients

Let the truth be told, email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways of marketing to your existing client base. Within this post, we will address what is email marketing, why it’s so effective, and guidelines for effective email marketing. Additionally, we will uncover, how to set yourself apart from your competitors using effective email marketing methods, and how to add to your income, even from remote places by utilizing and implementing an efficient email marketing campaign with an autoresponder.

 “I can remember when I was first introduced to email marketing and the auto-responding concept. Constant contact was new on the scene. I could not believe the marketing brilliance of this concept. You take one action and the system repeats the process automatically… that was too exciting. (“I’m telling my age … something a lady never does!!!)

Let’s get started 

 What is email marketing

Email marketing is an amazing phenomenal opportunity to offer information to your existing customers regarding your company’s products and services through email. The entire concept arises around content, information, product, and services regarding your specific company.

email marketing is an easy way to send a coupon like the one displayed for 10 % off

 For example, if you owned a restaurant and you want to send your customers information about your new menu, information regarding fresher ingredients, or daily specials and promotions, email marketing is your biggest asset. That information arrives in your client’s email via an email marketing service provider into their inbox, that’s email marketing. Technology and automation at its finest!

 Now let’s break down what just happened. You not only sent your customers updates and helpful information, but you also engaged your customers. This is a subliminal marketing strategy. Exactly like a TV commercial. They show a refreshing, cold Pepsi and the next time you walk by the vending machine you make a subconscious decision to purchase a Pepsi. The name of the game is to keep your name in your customer’s mouth!  

This method of marketing highly increases your chances of being chosen the next time your client has an appetite for your product or services.

Why it’s so Effective? 

 Larger businesses picked-up on email marketing years ago and have secretly been using it as a part of their marketing mix. Many small businesses weren’t aware of the game being played or thought it would be overly expensive. Others just didn’t understand the benefits of using the service until recently. Nevertheless, implementing email marketing even today will place you ahead of the pack.

It’s easy and tempting for brick and moral marketers to overlook this advertising methodology, especially since it was first introduced to the online marketing mavericks. 

 I’m sad to say that most offline businesses have increased their tunnel vision. They are focusing solely on current marketing strategies such as digital marketing channels.

Keep in mind a single-channel marketing strategy doesn’t deliver the long-term engagement and retention of a multi-channel strategy. Each channel offered takes you down a different pathway through your customer’s lifecycle and business journey. So Yes, social media marketing is vital but so is email marketing. Combining the two can create a marketing makeover. Beneficiary YOU!

 Email marketing is a highly effective marketing strategy for sending emails to prospects and customers. This efficient messaging can convert prospects into customers and turn one-time customers into lifetime raving fans!


1. It’s one of the best ways to automate the process of nurturing your leads and retaining existing customers. 

2. It eliminates the disruption of marketing mania… email marketing is marketing with permission.

3. Your customers must opt-in to receiving your message, which is called a qualified lead, or your target market.

 Guidelines for Effective Email Marketing

Since email marketing is referred to as permission marketing there are a few guidelines you should follow. If we stop to think about how we like to be treated, we’ll do just fine. Below are a few simple friendly tips:

1. Be mindful of the times you set-up your messages to go out. The last thing you want to do is upset your customers by having no regard for their well being.

2. Remember the 80/20 rule which applies to everything. Eighty percent of your emails should be informative, helpful hints, tips, and tricks. Twenty percent should be advertorial or promotional.

3. Keep in mind no one likes a nuisance. So, don’t email too often. What is too often no one knows, it depends on your customer type. We suggest starting with less, maybe weekly or bi-weekly. Take your customer’s temperature, add or subtract accordingly.

4. Don’t hold your audience captive…offer them a way to opt-out if they become disinterested. Quality over Quantity. It’s better to work with a few than to drag a hundred!

lady laying on the sofa reading a book.

5. Lastly, remember you are a guest in your customer’s home. Don’t invite yourself in and put your feet up on their sofa. 

 How to Set Yourself Apart From Your Competitors Using Email Marketing

Since most business owners do what everyone else is doing, monkey sees monkey do…. Just having an email marketing campaign will set you apart. To add fuel to the fire learning to be an effective marketer will ignite your business even more.

So, let’s discuss a few strategies that will help place your ladder on the right building. There’s nothing worse than to climb up a 50 ft building only to discover that your ladder was leaning on the wrong building. Now you’re exhausted and discouraged. 

 Unknown Email Marketing Benefits. 

  1. One hidden truth about email marketing. Yes, getting our message out is super, but what you get from the process is even better! As you start to build your database you will gain customer insights and analytic that would have cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars otherwise. 

2. Segmentation… a big word for a bigger opportunity. Segmentation only means to separate your customer’s type. Using the restaurant example. When sending out coupons and promotion you don’t want to send your vegan customers your pull-pork updates and vice versa …Needless to say, they both would be very unhappy and more than likely pull the plug. Email marketing gives you the option to categorize your customers so that you can target your email campaigns… this way everyone is happy. 

3. Email marketing to your existing customers allows you easy access to your customers to conduct surveys or to collect other useful information. Sticking with the restaurant theme; let’s say you’re interested in adding new items to your menu. Who would you prefer to gather information from, a stranger or a satisfied customer? 

Your email list will allow you the freedom and flexibility to do things such as: try before you commit.  This one benefit could potentially stop a devastating disaster and/or save you a tsunami about of money. 

How to Increase your Income via Email Marketing

OK…it’s time to sit back, grab your coffee or favorite beverage because this section of our post will get your creative juices flowing. Remember the old saying there is always more than one way to get a job done…

in this photo the reader is relaxing as they read.

I’m salivating as I write this because this is a masterful business income idea but very few people act on, especially those in the brick and mortar. However, online marketers implement this tactic all day long. After-which they successful display their massive incomes, offer training, and sadly many people turn up their noses and complain about what doesn’t work.

 I know that’s not you because you have read down thus far …you are” HUNGRY!!! Les Brown (a renowned business coach and motivational speaker) LOL!! “

OK, we’re going to discuss some out of the box marketing strategies THAT CAN BE IMPLEMENTED VIA YOUR EMAIL MARKETING CAMPAIGN… be mindful that you don’t have to know how to do everything. There are new businesses designed specifically to assist small business owners with missions such as this at discounted prices. You will be surprised how little you can hire help, don’t get me wrong, it cost but not like it use too.

 On another hand, check with family members, a spouse, your kids or grandkids, the super smartphone ninja’s users for help. Additionally, this may be a way to pay them for work, this could potentially be a tax deduction (check with your CPA) … 

READY>>> ready. 

Example #1 eBook Offer: Firstly, you may ask what’s an eBook…. Space, air, nothing… a better question?… what’s in an eBook? In this case your knowledge. Let’s say you own a restaurant or any professional business. Chances are you have some type of specialized knowledge. Chances are even greater, if you’ve been in business for over 10 years you’ve learned strategies, systems, and a few shortcuts to do the jobs that others find confusing and complicated.

Not only that, chances are you have knowledge that people will pay for. It’s amazing how some people can perform jobs that come very easy to them. But to their counter-partner, it’s hard as He**&&!!. 🙂

dentist chair. an example i'm using to explain a marketing strategy.

Let’s say you are a dentist that runs a very well-ran practice. Working in your business you can only work so many hours a day. Trading hours for dollars? But what if you could help other dentists start and run their practices, hmmm…dentists from all over the world…. (WWW-World Wide Web) via an eBook… how much money could you earn? What other services could you Sell…

How else could you help them? Could you do webinars, live conferences or conference calls? My 1st year in dentistry eBook, how to side-step the needles and arrows of dentistry? Would you have paid for an eBook like this when you first started? How Much?

Example #2 Affiliate Programs: If you don’t know what affiliate programs are… it’s a brilliant idea someone thought of to earn money passively. Companies are earning money from people they don’t know, never seen, and languages they can’t speak!

  An affiliate program is a company’s way of allowing similar businesses or marketers to sell and promote their products or services. The affiliate company does all the heavy lifting and you collect the check, a commission on each unit sold. 

Example: sticking with the dentist example, there’s a super-sonic electric toothbrush that speed brush your teeth and whiten them simultaneously… the product is a little costly at $290. As a dentist, you’re uncertain if they will sell. Ironically, the company that sells that product has an affiliate program. You sign up to be an affiliate (free) and every time one of your clients purchase one of those super-sonic toothbrushes you are paid a commission. Boo-yah!

Wondering how to introduce your clients to the service or product? … via your email marketing campaign. You forward a link, that link has a tracking code that connects that buyer to you. The commission is paid to you. A new way to make money… even while you sleep!

Example #3 Product Creation: I kind of touched on this for example #1 …you’re a Dentist with Great Marketing skills. You put together a program that can teach other dentists, doctors, lawyers, how to effectively market their services.

From personal experience, many professional service providers are great at their chosen professions but stink at selling. This strategy is now being taught by a few of your Biggest personal development and business coaches around.  

Autoresponders… Email Marketing on Steroids

robots male and females

Lastly, there’s no way I could speak on email marketing without talking about autoresponders. What are autoresponders? Autoresponders are pre-set automated messages. As we spoke earlier; you can schedule to send messages daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly, or more. These messages are preset and loaded into an autoresponder.

The pre-written message will be delivered into your customer’s inbox at your chosen designated time and frequency. You can even set your autoresponder years in advance. This is a way to keep your clients engaged for years. Not to mention informed, encouraged and spending***

 There are many autoresponders to choose from I will link a few below.

Conclusion: Running a business is like building a house. You’re the Licensed General Contractor…. Now, although you are the LGC you can’t and shouldn’t want to do all the work. According to NC laws, you aren’t qualified to perform services such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC unless you have a separate specialized license. Your job as LGC is to find competent subs. 

The same goes for your email marketing if you enjoy like some contractors do, working in your business and you have the time and energy, you’ve probably the best (wo)man for the job. 

In contrast, if you’re like most small business owners and entrepreneurs that are already working 60-80 hrs. a week and there’s no way you can add another thing to your plate you can always outsource. Do the things you love; outsource everything else! 

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Hi Everyone! I hope that the article you read today will be used as another building block to further grow your small business empire. was solely designed to help you reach your business goals, quickly and more efficiently!

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