How to Write Email Marketing Copy That Sticks like Glue

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 Does Your Email Marketing Copy Pack a Punch!


…………if you’re wondering what email marketing copy has to do with Glue… keep reading. ….

Ideally, if you’re hoping to drive enormous traffic or boost business engagement then email copywriting is one of the Top skills you need in your to-do basket.

If your goal is to get a tsunami of subscribers to click on your messages, you’re at the Right Spot!… follow me…

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To send an outrageous email copy, follow the tactics below.


If you’ve been around this planet for at least 18 years, I’m sure you’ve heard the news before.  (world news) But what you may not realize is that the news uses copywriting tactics to draw attention and keep you glued to the T.V. for the duration.

In fact, many of the same copywriting techniques we layout in this post.  Especially, the psychological triggers. This will blow your mind you don’t want to miss this! 


…..So, what does that have to do with this post? nothing… LOL… just kidding 😜.

…….Everything…. However, there’s one major challenge—most people haven’t learned how to include effective copy into their messages…

(How many emails a day do you ignore that arrive in your email inbox?)


….If you want to write Attention-Grabbing emails then you’ll have to learn a few of these strategies.


‘Dive in’ as we guide you through the maze of email marketing copy so that your emails…. will spread like a virus


5 Ridiculously Simple Key Traits to Get your Subscribers to Click


email marketing copy tips


#1. Know your Target Market

First things first, if you don’t know who you’re talking to, how do you know what words to use?  …

I.e… Do you talk to a 6-year-old… the same as a thirty-year-old?

… Knowing your audience helps prepare you to write laser-target copy.


#2. Create a “make you feel Stupid” Subject line

Since nothing happens until your potential subscriber clicks on go… your email subject line is vital.

…..Your subject should be written to make your readers feel unwise for not clicking.


  •   Personalize as much as possible
  •   Use Power words
  •   Speak in an active voice
  •   Include keywords
  •   Make it value-driven


#3. Don’t overlook Your Preview Text

The preview text is what appears directly below your subject line in some cases besides. It has limited characters.

However, it’s an opportunity to strengthen your subject. It’s another opportunity to reinforce your email’s purpose.


#4. Easy on the Eyes

Make your copy easy to read. People are busy. Try writing your email copy so effortlessly to read that it almost requires no energy. Do this by:

  •         Shortening your sentences and paragraphs
  •         Using simple words and no industry jargon
  •         Implement numbers and bullet points


Easy-to-read emails are more engaging and your readers will read them.


#5. Influence with Storytelling

Stories are a powerful way to grab attention and get your message across. That’s why you should leverage storytelling in your email copy.

 Psychology is a large part of storytelling.

Since we’re all human, we act and react the same to specific messages. Madison Ave. found that out years ago. There are psychological triggers that marketers use to get certain points across. It’s not always what you say, it’s how it’s said, or the triggers.

Triggers Examples:

  •         Scarcity
  •         Color psychology
  •         Social proof



Addedly, triggers can fortify your email copy.  Social proof is one of the most popular triggers eCommerce and top marketers use in their sales copy.

There’s even a product called proof; you may have seen it on websites; it works! You can check it out here: Proof






Will you implement good email marketing copy tactics? Especially, #5 the psychological triggers, which will enhance your email copy.   If you still have questions, check out the Related Articles links below.


Learning to write effective email copy will without doubt future-proof our business. This one skill is worth its weight in Gold… Don’t miss out!   If you found this post helpful… Please share with other like-minded people like yourself.






  •         Implement the skills to induce psychological triggers
  •         Email Marketing Copy is an essential element to email marketing
  •         Email marketing is the most cost-effective method to advertise
  •         The entire process can be automated
  •         Marketing via your database is easy to do


Now it’s time to hear from you.  If you found this information useful, Please Share it

If you have any questions, ask in the comments section now!


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Email Marketing Copy that Sticks Like Glue






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