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Chatbots for Websites what’s next? Who knows~ BUT, HEAR THIS, Mark Zuckerberg revealed Chatbots will be the secret to Facebook’s success over the next TEN YEARS”. (Hint, Hint Facebook Messenger Bot!) –“Did You Also Know That By The End Of This Year A Staggering 85% Of Customer Interactions Will Be With Bots!”.

Science Fiction is today’s reality. But HOLD on, before you run screaming, the bots are coming! Keep reading because we chat more about this Amazing Future Technology!!! More specifically this emerging trend of Chatbots on websites, AI, ( Artificial Intelligence), Chatbots app, and Bot types. We discuss everything you need to know to grow!!!! But That’s Not ALL!!! We Share How Bots CAN grow your business Quicker, Faster, and in a Hurry. Even While YOU’RE Quietly SLEEPING!!

Although we just dropped the Mic, some of this Stuff is hard to believe. Y’all Keep Reading.  Because, I don’t know about you, but are you going to listen to Crazy Uncle Pookie, Again? Or, in this case, listen to someone who knows just a bot more✔ about emerging technological trends, specifically about the future of AI bots for websites.

Chatbots for Business

After devouring this post, you’ll be light-years ahead of your competition. Not only will you know what Chatbots are; but also, you‘ll understand how imperative ai chatbots for websites will become. Moreover, it will become crystal clear how bots boost business and help build brands, automatically.Facebook page regarding AI bots

In fact, would you be surprised if we told you that customers say they prefer websites with chatbots compared to other interactions? Purely because of the immediacy it offers. Did you know that there are 100ths of Fortune 500 Companies use chatbots ai  (artificial intelligence) to help build their brands? To name a few:  Starbucks, Staples, Facebook, Spotify, Disney (of course), and Amtrak. 

To point out, as small business owners, we never get introduced to the same aggressive marketing strategies that the BIG Boys and Girls use. Usually,  we’re late for the party!!!  The Good News! The internet has leveled the playing field. On the positive side,  chatbots software is relatively new at least for small businesses. (At the very least you’ll be ahead of your competition)!


AI Technology

customer perfer sites that have bots for websitesTherefore, this allows us to jump aboard to claim our share of the Artificial Intelligence chatbots phenomenon. Comparatively, don’t get intimidated thinking you’re competing against big businesses. Because that isn’t necessarily true.

Equally noted, don’t think you have to know the inner workings of your chat bot, any more than knowing the inner working of automobiles. Conversely, all we need to know; it’s almost critical to incorporate an automated chatbot into your website to compete with competitors.  Surprisingly, just adding a little talking bot can Supersize Profits!!!

According to Forbes, 80% of marketers will be more apt to use a chatbot in some way or another by 2020. Forbes


…  Yawl Ready! According to social media experts, it’s proven that chatbots on websites are one of the most simplified affordable automated tools today. All in all, chatbot marketing can streamline business, increase engagement, build an email subscribers list, AND retain customer loyalty, HANDS FREE!!!.


What is a Chatbot and How Does It Work?

Firstly, let’s clarify, what a Chatbot is? A Chatbot is artificial intelligence software designed to assist. To word it differently, a chatbot is “a piece of AI-powered software that is capable of  conversating with a real person using natural language.” Typically, when customers visit a messaging platform the difference as opposed to interacting with a live agent, they talk with a bot.

By the way, here’s a resource on chatbots for websites, specifically designed for small businesses. It shows how to set up a bot without needing any codes.

Remarkedly, chat bots are programmed to simulate the way we naturally conversate. Moreover, conversational bots are designed to mimic written or human voices. Even more, they’re built to be as natural and normal sounding as possible. Unsurprisingly, the more we interact with this bot, the smarter, faster, and more useful they become.


For this reason, who knows what the next generation of chatbot AI  will bring. In the long run, whether we like them or not, artificial intelligence chatbots are taking up a permanent residence within our online landscape. Not only that, because of the advent of technology and machine learning bots, will become permanent guests on our sites for the long haul.


How Bots Are Use

example of chatbots, a lady with a headset on using AI powered softwarePresently, there are only one of two ways ai chat bots are offered:  standalone apps or through web-based applications. Surprisingly, they’re easy to set up. Most companies’ application processes are simple. All that is needed to install your custom chatbot on your website is just one piece of code. This can be completed by you or your web designer.  Similarly, others make installing your web bots even easier with WP plugin installation.

All things considered, before getting started, there are a few things you need to do. Such as, identifying which bot type to buy. As an example, pre-trained or custom-built. Further, since a bot’s distribution is a downloadable app or an unloadable plugin, once downloaded, you’re almost ready to go.

Chatbots Creation

To demonstrate, a pre-trained bot is set up and ready to go. In other words, your online chatbot is pre-coded and ready for use. It has all the necessary information regarding your niche or category. Favorably, your bot is ready to meet and greet your website visitors. On the other hand, with a custom-built bot, you get to design your website chatbot for your specific task or brand.  Lastly, keep in mind once up, this advanced bot does all the of chatbot indicating the benefits of using bots on websites

From this point, your job is to manage your customer’s response gained from your help bot. Once up your chatting robot takes commands with a smile and no back-talking.  At the same time, your ai chat bot works as hard today as it did the first day on the job. In essence, once it’s completely trained, it’s on and bopping!


What are Chatbots used for?

Chatbots software is nearly expected but most definitely useful. In like manner, when a customer visits a website and a help bot appears.  This greeting turns what’s normally a one-sided activity into an interaction, or two-way exchange. Additionally, the customer knows that if a question arises, the website chatbot got its back. On the flip side, if the visitor doesn’t want to be bothered by the automatic chatbot, then they know to look for the (sometimes hard to find) X to shut it down.

chatbots for websiteConsequently, chat bots are now considered a “must-have” communication aid for any business website. Chatbot apps are quickly becoming the minimum requirement for businesses that want to offer the best customer experience. For this reason, it’s fair to say that many small business owners are getting used to web bots.  I know I’m. However, initially, they were annoying.  But, even if you don’t like talking to strangers, chances are you’ve had at least one conversation with an ai chatbot.


Uses of Chatbots

Customer Service

Lead Generation

Build Email List

Consumer Engagement

Marketing Awareness

Early-Stage Sales Development

Post-Sales Customer Support

Customer Support


 Chatbot in Marketing?

I don’t know, but All I know is, that Facebook, Spotify, The Wall Street Journal, MasterCard, and many other Fortune 500 companies all use Chatbot artificial intelligence software. Or some type of Artificial Intelligence to grow their brands. I call this a Clue. On another note, I guess the question would be equivalent to the companies that asked, why do I need a website?

Generally speaking, the global pandemic changed that mantra for good.  After all, the new business norm is technology and automation.  And AI is leading the way.  In the long run, businesses have always been about change and fluidity. Notably, as small business owners (SBOs) we’re used to when one door closes another opens.

That being said, help bots are an excellent tool for simplifying interactions between humans and computers. Significantly, it makes dollars and cents to add the best bot chat to your websites and other social media platforms asap! Web-bots are a NEW but powerful way to potentially explode sales.

Best Chatbots for Websites 

Web bots not only build email lists but also encourage customer engagement, all on autopilot. In summary, bot ai are capable of doing more than supporting your front line. They can interweave throughout every system and process.


Chatbot Benefits


Cloud-based technology and faster internet speed are without doubt the two biggest advantages for a site bot’s quick responses. Moreover, text bots can handle hundreds of customers at once. Unfortunately, this severely outpaces the human customer service support rep.



It has been proven, that customers expect to receive the exact same service at each visit to your business website. To your rescue, website bots can deliver consistency from every visit. Additionally, the ai bot also addresses another issue; customer compatibility. Hence, this problem becomes none and void. Unsurprisingly, online chatbots never have a bad date!


What’s the Difference Between a Live Chat and a Chatbot?

At the most basic level, let’s start with the obvious.  A live chat agent is a real human being. Alternatively, what makes live chat services different from traditional customer service reps? Namely, the biggest improvement is the efficiency and speed. Unbeknownst to most,  a live chat agent can engage in up to 6 chats at a time.  Complimentary chat software.

So how this live chat software allows website visitors to get immediate support or information. Usually, via a handy chat window. Next, the website visitor types a message inside the live chat session.  Then an operator types back.  In fact, live chat services are expected to continue to grow by as much as 87% in the next 12-18 months. (In some industries, chat growth has increased by as much as 150%).

 ChatBots 4U

As technology improves, as are chatbot apps. Chatbots services are seriouslychatbots competing with live chat service reps. At the end of the day, business is getting more aggressive in streamlining systems, reducing budgets, and becoming more efficient. Technically speaking, chatbot technologies are playing a huge role in achieving those goals. Not only are there smart chatbots, but faster and perfectly consistent. Additionally, bots ai can identify customers’ intent. Thus, they can even seek out information to better assist customers, such as asking clarifying questions.


Emotional Intelligence

Did you know bots talk and are emotional? There are natural language understanding chatbots. Hence, I refer to it as a smart bot. Mainly because they’re able to understand a customer’s tone and sentiment during a bot conversation.

With this ability, they can give a more personalized website user experience. Also, emotionally intelligent bots will know when it’s time to transfer your web visitor to a live agent when necessary.



Chatbot Example 

chatbots for small business websitesThere are many different  Chatbots apps. With that said, we’ll cover the most common types of messaging bots. To reinforce, the most popular ai bot type is customer service support. Not only are bots for customer service becoming excessively popular, but it’s also the #1 bot type. Equally as popular are chatbots that are used on social media networks.  As an example, you can set up a Facebook messenger chatbot that will address your visitors upon arrival.



Chatbots Niches

Customer Service

Lead Generation

Customer Support

Build Brand Awareness

Client Engagement

Customer Follow-up


Chatbots for Small Businesses

Finally, small business owners like us can implement the same strategies as the Big Dogs!!!!  AI is the future of customer support. Respectfully speaking, our customers are spoiled, and they want replies, results, and responses NOW! And an online chatbot delivers on TIME!!!

To demonstrate, firstly, our customers visit our website, secondly, they see what they want, thirdly, a question arises, and finally, they request a response, and expect an immediate reply! In this case, a website bot is a win-win. Especially since research shows that 45% of customers prefer a chatbot on their visiting website.

Ironically, bots give visitors a “someone cares, or we know how you feel”webbot for websites sentiment, which is immeasurable. A website bot can address complaints and direct visitors to hard-to-find services. Your customers are happier and you’re no longer chasing them. Now you’re engaging with them.

Now the message goes from they’re trying to sell me something to they’re sharing something. The duty of your web bot and content marketing plays into the hand of the old saying,

“Customers don’t like to be sold to, but they Love to Buy.”


How to Create a Chatbot for your Website?


Now knowing what a chatbot is and what is it used for, let’s take our lesson to the next level. Naturally, now you’d like to know how to use this latest AI technology?  Would you believe it if  I told you that building a  chatbot for your Website takes minutes? That’s right.

Within a few seconds, you could be increasing sales and building your brand in the time it takes to make tea!  Both are easy to do.  On the whole, as SBO we struggle with time issues and information overload. In essence, asking us to build an ai bot for our website is like asking us to perform open-heart surgery.  However, let the truth be told, Smart bots are doing that too!

Done For You Chatbots…Point and Click

Back to the point, there is a range of “Done-For-You” Chatbots.  Yes, you can install a text bot on your website point and click. Imagine, not having to learn code or know code to use them. Similarly, to modern website builders; drag and drop!

Also, like website builders, they are affordable! Much like most technology, it improves over time and it gets cheaper.  Add smarter and Faster as this goes without saying. With that in mind, can you remember the first smartphones? Or not so smart looking back now.  Technology is always on the move and a website chatbot is today’s emerging trend!


Chatbots for websites is growing at a rapid rate. Companies that use AI-powered chatbots within their websites or other instant responses and messaging platforms are seeing great results. It’s only a matter of time before your competitors are on board.

To recap: harnessing the power of chatbots ai, will:

Provides quicker customer support

Increase sales and revenue

Enhances a better customer experience

Improves customer retention rates

Makes happy customer

Is now accepted and preferred

Do you have a chatbot on your business website? If so, has it improved sales?  Let us know by leaving a quick comment below.

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