Are you one of those entrepreneurs who’s busier than a bee? (Me too! 😊)

Every time you work through that to-do list, it magically grows longer. But what if there was a magic wand you could wave that could slash your workload?

 Buckle up because Bing CoPilot AI is the magic you’ve been wishing for!

I stumbled upon AI experts who spilled the beans. Check out these five task-crushing hacks that’ll have you working smarter, not harder.

From a one-click video summarizer, AI art prompts examples, content creation, and fact-checking templates; Microsoft CoPilot will soon be your new ‘BFF’.

 Say goodbye to wasted time and hello to unbelievable productivity!

Let’s dive in and see how Bing CoPilot AI can take you from slaving at your computer to lounging on the beach! 🌴☀️

Bing Copilot AI

Unraveling the Confusion: Bing Copilot AI, Microsoft AI, and Chat GPT

 Bing Copilot AI, Microsoft AI, and Chat GPT– it’s like a techy riddle, right? Let’s untangle this web of acronyms and unveil their secrets.

Bing Copilot AI: Imagine it as your trusty digital co-pilot. Copilot is the friendly chatbot that lives in your browser, ready to assist. Whether you’re hunting down cat memes or researching the top astrophysicist, Microsoft copilot ai’s got your back. It’s like having a Bing search engine with a personality – like if Google had a twin.

Microsoft AI: Think of it as the big brain behind the scenes. Microsoft’s AI wizards work tirelessly to make Copilot smarter. They feed it data, train it on the internet knowledge, and sprinkle in magic. So, when you ask, “What’s the meaning of life? Copilot won’t give you a philosophical dissertation.

Chat GPT: This is the secret sauce. Chat GPT is like Copilot’s language guru. It’s why Copilot can understand our rambling sentences, decipher your obscure inquiries, and even tell jokes (corny ones, but hey, it tries). Chat GPT is the wizard behind the curtain, pulling strings and making Copilot work.

image of iphone showing Bing logo with colors in the background

Chat GPT’s Role in Copilot

Picture Chat GPT as Copilot’s brain cells. It’s the part that interprets ours “What’s the weather like in Narnia?” and responds, ‘Sorry’, wardrobe malfunction—try again.” Chat GPT helps Copilot understand context, follow up with questions, and pretend it’s not judging your search history.

How to Access Copilot?

image of chatbot working on computer with headphones on

Setting up a Microsoft account is Easy peasy!

Bing Copilot AI, also known as Microsoft Copilot, is an AI-powered chatbot accessible through the Microsoft Edge sidebar.

To access it, click the Copilot icon in the upper right corner of your browser. It’s an early access feature designed to enhance your web experience. Feel free to explore its capabilities and enjoy the seamless integration! 🌐

Bing Ai chatbot home page image

Add’l Entry Points

1. Bing Home Page: Head to the [Bing home page] (yes, it’s still a thing). Click that Chat link in the upper menu. Bam! Copilots at your service.

2. Microsoft Edge: If you’re a big-time Edge user, open any webpage. Spot that Bing sidebar button in the upper right corner? Click it. Now choose your conversation style. Voilà!

3. Other Browsers and Mobile Devices: Chrome and Safari users can join the party. Add Copilot via addons or downloadable apps.

Microsoft ai secrets  filer with files

Unlocking 5 Killer Bing Copilot AI Secrets

1. Automation: Automate social media content generation

Struggling to write captivating social media captions that cut through the noise?

Forget just scheduling pre-written posts! Microsoft copilot can be your hidden gem for crafting content that ‘truly’ grabs attention. Imagine generating catchy headlines that stop the scroll or crafting follow-up questions, getting the inside scoop on trending emojis and hashtags to skyrocket engagement.

‘Feeling stuck with writer’s block? Microsoft copilot can brainstorm creative post ideas and formats, and even ensure your voice shines through, whether playful, informative, or persuasive.

It’s like having a data-driven content sidekick, ready to help you write social media posts that get noticed and results.

Here’s a prompt to create highly scrollable content.

I’m a [your industry] business owner struggling to write captions for [social media platform]. Can you help me brainstorm 3-5 creative post ideas and catchy headlines that will stop the scroll and grab the attention of my target audience? My target audience is [describe your ideal customer.

screenshot of Bing copilot  prompts response

2. AI-Powered Video Summarization: Overview in Motion! 🎥🤖

What Is Video Summarization? Video summarization is like a magic wand for busy business owners and content creators. It condenses lengthy videos into bite-sized nuggets, capturing the essence without losing impact. Imagine turning a 30-minute presentation into a 2-minute highlight reel.

Direct Link to YouTube Video Summarizer

Why Is It Impactful?

  1. Time Efficiency: Summarized videos save time by delivering key insights swiftly.
  2. Audience Engagement: Address shorter attention spans with a concise summary to keep viewers engaged.
  3. SEO Boost: Summarized videos improve discoverability and can increase search results.
  4. Shareability: Bite-sized videos are shareable across platforms, expanding your reach.

How Can Business Owners Leverage It?

screenshot of  notegpt summerizer

Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose Your Tool: Microsoft copilot
  2. Upload Your Video: Add video URL
  3. Set Parameters: Specify summary length (e.g., 2 minutes).
  4. Analyze and Refine: Review the generated summary. Trim unnecessary parts.
  5. Add Context: Introduce the video’s purpose and key takeaways.
  6. Embed or Share: Post the summarized video on LinkedIn, your website, or social media.
ctrl and z controls with stars

Remember, ‘succinct’ videos resonate. So, embrace the magic of video summarization—it’s your shortcut to impactful content! 🚀🎬💡

3. Create AI Images: Tap into creative content generation.

Certainly! Creating an effective image prompt is essential for generating meaningful and imaginative content. Here are some tips on crafting a good image prompt:

  1. Clarity: Be clear and concise in your description. Avoid ambiguity and provide specific details about the scene, objects, or characters you want to see in the image.
  2. Vivid Language: Use descriptive language to evoke a mental image. Engage the reader’s senses by incorporating colors, textures, emotions, and spatial relationships.
  3. Emotion and Story: Consider the ‘mood or emotion’ you want the image to convey. Think about the story behind it. A compelling prompt often hints at a narrative or invites curiosity.
  4. Constraints: Set limitations if necessary. For instance, specify a particular style (e.g., surreal, retro, futuristic) or request a specific composition (e.g., close-up, panoramic).
man sitting at desk working with papers scattered

Here’s a sample prompt:

“In a mist-shrouded forest, a lone figure stands at the edge of a moonlit clearing. Their face is obscured, but their outstretched hand holds a delicate glass key. The key reflects the moon’s glow, revealing intricate patterns etched into its surface. What does this key unlock? Write a tale of mystery, magic, or forgotten secrets.” 🌟

4. Content Creation and Fact-Checking: Master the process.

image of sign post with facts and myths; displaying fact checking by bing

Fact-checking prompts:

Fact-check the claim that [insert claim here].”

This will prompt AI to verify the accuracy of the given statement. 🤖📝

5. Impersonating Effective Email Content: Craft compelling messages.

chatbot standing behind phone showing emails

Certainly! Emulating success is crucial. It allows us to learn from proven strategies and fast-track our progress. Now, imagine receiving an email from Frank Kern after opting in:

Sample Prompt:

“Hey [User’s Name]! Frank Kern here. Thanks for joining our exclusive community! Brace yourself for epic content, insider tips, and game-changing strategies. Buckle up, my friend. The journey starts now! 🎉”

Remember, authenticity is key, even when impersonating. 😉


  1. What is Copilot with Bing

Copilot is Microsoft’s AI companion that combines conversational chat capabilities with generative AI tools. It allows you to search for information, generate text, create images, and write code based on your prompts.

2. How do I access Copilot

To access Copilot, you can use it on the Copilot website, within the Windows sidebar, or through Bing search. Each platform offers unique features and options.

3. How much does Copilot with Bing cost?

Copilot with Bing is free to use, making it accessible to everyone.

chatGPT inside phone


Ready to fall back in love with your business, working reasonable hours on tasks that excite you? If you’re anything like me, you should be doing backflips.

I rely on AI chatbots daily, I rewrite countless iterations during content.

The key to artificial intelligence lies in the input—like the classic “garbage in, garbage out” scenario.

As entrepreneurs, we have a golden opportunity to stay ahead by mastering key AI features and capabilities. Let’s recap:

  •  Summarize Content: Use AI to distill lengthy articles, reports, or research into concise summaries. It’s like having an efficient digital assistant at your fingertips.
  • Write Product Descriptions: Crafting compelling product descriptions is crucial for sales. AI can help you generate clear, persuasive content that resonates with your audience.
  • Automate Social Media Posts: Save time and maintain a consistent online presence by automating your social media updates. AI tools can schedule posts, analyze engagement, and suggest relevant content.
  • Generate Content: Blog posts, newsletters, or marketing materials, AI can spark creativity and provide fresh ideas. Collaborate with Bing Chat to create engaging content.

Now it’s your turn to put these features to work! What’s on your list to streamline workflows, answer questions, or write articles?

Share your biggest takeaway in the comments below, bookmark this page, and spread the word in your network! 🚀💡📈

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