Deborah Pretty, known as PY, is an accomplished online marketing consultant and coach with over 4 decades of entrepreneurial experience.

Having built and scaled multiple successful businesses, including growing one to multiple six-figures, PY is passionate about helping fellow small business owners and freelancers achieve their goals. 💸

With expertise spanning SEO, web development, content marketing, and automation strategies, PY guides her clients in developing and implementing comprehensive online marketing tactics.👩‍💻

Those strategies boost visibility, productivity, and customer acquisition – without sacrificing personal and family time.

PY’s story began 45 years ago in the beauty industry as a single mom without experience, business skills, or money.

As she puts it, “Those weren’t the good old days!” Feeding her baby was the top priority, but a trip to a hair show in New York opened her eyes to the profits possible in that field.

PY worked hard and quickly became successful, providing for herself and her son. ✍

However, she knew that she wanted more. She wanted to build a business that would allow her to work less and earn more.

Her voyage took a significant turn when she encountered the field of online marketing through a program created by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G. Allen.

As the adage goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

2008, marked the year PY’s passion for marketing was ignited, setting the stage for a journey filled with curiosity and conviction. 

Embracing the ever-evolving digital domain, she honed her skills and acumen, constantly adapting to new trends and technologies.

PY’s relentless thirst for marketing mastery became a cornerstone of her flourishing entrepreneurial career.

She was immediately hooked on the idea of online marketing and what was called “infopreneur” back in the day.

PY began studying everything she could about the topic.

Quickly she became very knowledgeable and skilled enough to assist local businesses in growing their online visibility.

Her expertise included SEO, web development, content writing, backlinking, and directory inclusion.

She realized that online marketing was one of the keys to growing a business in the new economy. PY learned and continued to learn as much as feasible about how to run a thriving business.

“I’ve traveled throughout the USA and abroad to gain knowledge. Marketing is my kryptonite; it’s strange, but I have a fascination for marketing and helping others.”

“My goal is to assist other SBOs in growing a profitable, predictable, scalable, and measurable business. A business that doesn’t suck up all their time and energy.”

Although PY is passionate about helping others succeed, she knows that starting and sustaining a business is not easy.

But she also believes that all things are possible with hard work and dedication.

Finally, PY is also a firm believer in staying abreast of current growth and marketing trends, which are vital to success. And that automation and technology are the keys to increasing productivity and profitability.

Presently, PY is a successful online marketing consultant and coach. She helps businesses develop and implement online marketing strategies. She started a blog and has authored three E-books on related topics.

Deborah (PY) represents hope for every aspiring entrepreneur.

Her journey, from humble beginnings to a seasoned business owner, exemplifies the power of perseverance, passion, and permanent practice.

Through her experiences, she aims to guide others on their path to success.

The transformational journey from the beauty industry to conquering digital marketing stands as an encouragement of the power that lies in passion and perseverance.

As PY enthusiastically embraced the vast opportunities within online entrepreneurship, she charted her course toward infinite success.

Today, PY continues to stand as a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs.

With the right blend of determination, adaptability, and tenacity, she showcases that any dream is not only attainable but also highly achievable.

Deborah Pretty’s journey from the beauty industry to online marketing is an inspiration to us all. She shows us all what hard work and perseverance can do.

She is also a reminder that it’s never too late to start over to pursue our dreams.

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