5 Undeniable Content Pages for Business Website


 The Top 5 Undeniable Epic Content Pages Every Small Business Website Can’t Survive Without


Wondering which content pages to place on your business website to catapult your company’s site above the Crowd?


YOU’D WORK HARD getting your website published. Finally, you’re sitting back with a slight high cheek raise because it looks aesthetically pleasing.

….Just in case you didn’t read the fine print….


website homepage content ideas……………***Note  Google doesn’t care how pretty your baby is. If your website doesn’t follow their guidelines, NO ONE WILL NEVER KNOW THAT YOUR BUSINESS IS ONLINE. SORRY!!!!!! SO YOUR Time and or Money was Wasted!!!!




76% of customers expect a business to have a Facebook page. Click To Tweet


You’re not alone. The last thing you wanted to do was waste time putting up a site. Next, throw stuff against the wall hoping to drive a stampede of hungry buyers into your place of business.


Or you may have subscribed to the “Just build it and they will come”.  Hmmmmm. I failed that 15 years ago…… Don’t do IT!!!…. That was painful, frustrating, and aggravating!


According to Google, over 89% of business website owners are SEO clueless. Click To Tweet

The Above Stat should either excite you or scare you!


But Wait!!!!.…    You’re at the right place because we’re going to save you a boat load of time and money, …. Addedly, chances are you’ll out comp your competition……. shhhhh… 😊


5 most important things for a website








Within this post, you’ll discover how to set up your website, how to find SEO keywords, and how to write SEO content that will surely win customers and the almighty “ Google’s vote!


Let’s Dive In         


70% of small business websites lack a Call to Action (CTA) on their homepage Click To Tweet


5 Types of Website Pages for Undeniable Visibility


  •         How to Setup your Website Efficiently
  •         Choose Highly-Relevant Keywords
  •         Include Epic SEO content
  •         Uncover which Types of Pages are Essential
  •         Provide Straight-forward Site Navigation



How to Setup your Website for Mind-Blowing Results



Setting up your website may seem like a laborious task, conversely, it’s not. So, let’s take it one step at a time.

Now that your website is published with your chosen template or theme,  the stage is set for easy implementation. At this point, it’s paint by numbers.

It’s time now to review your strategic plan. In the previous post, we walked you through how to build your site, so if you’re feeling lost be sure to refer to that post.


  •       Start your site-building with the end in mind
  •       Know your CTA
  •       Which content pages to include on your site
  •       Which plugins to use
  •       Plan out your navigation
  •       Gather your images and photos
  •       Choose a headline and sub-headline


Google search your subject in this case, soul food restaurant Norfolk, VA. What I’d usually do is research “soul food restaurants in larger cities to retrieve advanced ideas. (they’re usually more sophisticated because there’s more competition).

Following the keyword research lesson below be sure to use your researched keyword phrases in your content. These should be the same keywords you used in your title and description tags when you created your site.

(Read this post on how to create my own website, if you hadn’t built your site.)


list of pages on a website








…Now you’re ready… start with the steps below



How to Find Highly Relevant Keywords


 In my opinion, this is the most significant part of your website building. Choosing the wrong keywords can leave you on the sidelines…. FOREVER!


To get a better understanding of  “target marketing and keyword research <-click this link


You’ve heard the term keyword research…it’s critical, this will make or break your online success.


Now that I got your attention…. Following the rules below will place you on the right track from the beginning.


Properly research your keywords. The good news is that you aren’t competing against every soul food restaurant in the country, just your target area.


what content a website should haveRemember Google will rank you based on relevance, distance, and prominence.  If you have more than one location each locale will need its own page. (that’s a benefit, we’ll discuss it at another time).


88% of consumers who search for a type of business on a mobile device call or go to that business within 24 hours Click To Tweet


How to Perform Stupid-Silly Keyword Research:


We’ll use a soul food restaurant as an example.

  • Go to your website browser and type in soul food restaurant (your city) for illustrative purposes, I’ll say Norfolk, VA

Once you start typing in your keyword Google will offer suggestions.

  • Browse thru those to get an idea of what your customer is typing into the search bar.

I have a Chrome extension on my site, that’s why I was able to see the DA (domain authority) and backlink numbers. I use Ubersuggest by Neil Patel’s free version.

However, I did start with the paid version. That exercise was to stake out your competition and eyeball your competitor’s site….. There weren’t very competitive at all.

Enough search where everyone can make money…

To capture a list of keywords…


Type in your primary keyword:

“soul food restaurant Norfolk VA”


Here you want to retrieve a list of 25 keywords for now. During our research, we noticed that the competition isn’t that fierce.  And the other website rankings weren’t untouchable. This is one of the best advantages of local SEO, it reduces the competition.


According to the keyword planner tool, soul food restaurant in Norfolk VA gets around 100-1000 searches per month. My question to you is, “How many of those search queries do you want to show up in”?

Following this guide will help.


A few keywords: (Norfolk, VA)


  • Amazing soul food
  • Good soul food
  • Black-owned soul food restaurant
  • Soul food restaurant Norfolk VA dine in


Special ingredients, etc.…. google search the term to see the semantic.

You and your customers may have the same intention, but they may type in the search “soulfood Norfolk VA” and you may optimize for  “soul food restaurant Norfolk, VA”.

These are two different keywords. Ideally, you’ll want to use both. However, the one that gets the most views will be your primary keyword. Still, you’ll want to include both in your content.


If that’s confusing, be sure to ask the question (in the comment section) in a way that will help you better understand. I’ll get back to you.

 5 Undeniable Content Pages for Business Website Click To Tweet


Include Epic SEO Content


In brief, your content will serve double duty. Your website content should follow the same route as indicated in your business plan. What you want to do is to stay as congruent as possible with your brand.


Keep in mind, that you’re writing to add value to your visitors, display products, or services, or provide helpful resources. Moreover, don’t forget your website is the perfect place to promote events, add menu changes, and offer promotions and discounts.


Addedly, you should include your researched keywords and phrases. But don’t let that frighten you, just remain authentic and be yourself.


As an example: if you own a soul food restaurant, you naturally talk about your food, the ingredients, menu changes, and more. Additionally, you make note of your business atmosphere, store hours, accessibility, etc. Stay congruent with your business plan and USP.

***Hint Google search your competitors who are online. Look at their website. Analyze it. Does it make sense? Does it answer the questions you’d ask if you looking to dine out? What if you were traveling?

what to put on a website for business



In that case, what would you want to know, does it provide that information? This will give you a Great idea of what’s needed on your site. FINALLY, view their website design layout for ideas and inspiration.


Which Page Types are Essential



Your homepage is the most important page on your website. This is the hub and should be structured so that:

  •       Your visitors can easily get back too.
  •       Easily get to all other pages
  •       Display an Attention-grabbing headline and sub-headline
  •       Visibly show your NAP (name, address, and phone                        number)
  •       Share your accolades or accomplishments
  •       Present a brief description of what you do


Keep in mind your chosen template is used as a guideline, so basically you’ll paint within the lines. Google search your keyword to find a similar business website to use as a template. Don’t copy!!! Google will spank you. Truthfully the reason for optimizing your site is to obtain one of the first 3 positions.


As a matter of fact, if you copy the existing site, then why would Google rank you over them. Especially, since they’re already in position.

what should a website include

About Me Page-

Tell your story. How and why did you get started in your profession. It’s true, people love stories. Stories sell … people tell

Also include:

  •         Photos of you (business owner)
  •         Images of the Front of your establishment
  •         A Google map of the business
  •         Links to your social media page


91% of searchers have visited a store because of an online experience Click To Tweet


Services Page-

This is where you’ll discuss and break down your services. In our example, you’ll display your delectable dishes with professional photography (if affordable). Indeed, beauty sells. Perception is a reality that can make a huge difference.


In this case, there are 100-1000 people searching for soul food in Norfolk. You wouldn’t want your customers visiting your competitor’s restaurant only because the food looked better online!


Contact Page

To make this silly simple you can add a contact form plugin.

Additionally, add your NAP. Adding the contact form will take 2 minutes. We cover that in our plugin post, be sure to read that. It will save you an eye-straining headache and Mad time!


70% of consumers compare prices from reading reviews Click To Tweet


Reviews and Testimonials


Always, always, always, ask for reviews and testimonials. Many small business owners don’t for several reasons, including the ones below.


  1. They don’t know to ask
  2. Non-professional management
  3. They are afraid of what they’ll hear
  4. Don’t understand the role it plays in SEO
  5. Don’t understand how it affects sales


Disclaimer and legal

Here you’ll want to check with your accountant or attorney for the verbiage. You want to keep your business away from liabilities as much as possible.


what does my small business website need


Site Navigation Tips


As we’ve stated previously, your navigation is vital. When visitors arrive at your site and it looks like a magnificently manicured UK maze, they’ll “next” you…  If you don’t know what “next” mean. They’ll keep swiping.


Or depending on your age, to the left, to the left!

Another rule we learned from one of our mentors: confused people do nothing. In this case “nothing with you”. Remember in our restaurant scenario, your potential customer could be traveling, on their lunch break, or other.  That being said, they don’t have the time or are unwilling to look for info that shall be readily available.


Keys to a good navigation setup

  •   Set your navigation in a typical location
  •  Insert simple, succinct, and significant titles
  •  Include Drop Down Menus (if needed)
  • Use a Button for your Main CTA
  •  Make hypertext obvious


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I’m super stoked that you’ve built and added content to your small business website  This is a major accomplishment. Periodically, it will require twerking oops tweaking, or regular checkups like us all.

Now that you’re a website builder, designer, and copywriter, you possess the skills needed to keep your site updated with,  fresh new ideas, sales notifications, and other events. Google Loves FRESH, Updated content.

Now we’ll discuss a few advanced tips that can help you to monetize your site, that discussion will be in a future post. Be sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Consequently, we share the stuff that we can’t always share in a public setting!



Congrats, you’ve finished your website and are now feeling proud of your newly developed permanent business presentation.

As you’re aware having a website is non-negotiable.  You must have a website that gets pageviews to compete in today’s business climate. One of Bill Gates’s most popular quotes is “if you’re not ONLINE, you’re not in Business”!

39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won't load or take too long to load Click To Tweet



The Good News is you’d done most of the heavy lifting.


As a reminder, subscribe to our newsletter, we leave no stone unturned. Stay up to date with changing algorithms and emerging trends. I’ve traveled the country and abroad to learn strategic business ideas that I’m willing to teach you for “FREE”


But not in a public setting. Be sure to follow me on Pinterest and subscribe to our newsletter. If you’re in our database once I reach 1000 followers, I’ll drop some ASTONISHING NUGGETS!!!


Now It’s Your Turn

I’d like to hear what you have to say:

Have you built your small business website yet?

Did this content implementation guide help?

Either way, let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

Be sure to connect with me on Pinterest…


If you’re in our database once I reach 1000 subscribers, I’ll drop some ASTONISHING NUGGETS!!!

Small Business Webdesign Examples

How to improve local SEO Search

How to build your own website from Scratch


 Content Pages for Business Website


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