5 Easy to Implement Marketing Hacks

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Hi, I’m P.Y. a business owner of 40 years and through the process, I’ve overcome a lot of bumps and bruises. I’ve founded and started five businesses in five different industries. What I’ve uncovered about business growth and development are profound and fascinating. That is, once you grow one business you can use those same transferable skills to grow others. (with a little tweaking).

5 New Ways to Super-Size Your Business

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Currently, I’m still running a traditional business but decided to build this site to help others overcome some of the frustrations I’m beginning to overcome as a small business owner. To name a few of those frustrations; overpaying taxes, I’ve learned to keep more of my hard-earned income. And I’ve reduced my working hours. Basically, I uncovered ways to Earn More and Work Less I.e. Work Smarter, Not Harder!!!

I’ve come across a few solutions that may help you as well. According to research, the top two reasons for starting a business is to earn more and work less if that’s you, you’re at the right place so let’s get started!

(I’m not an accountant or CPA…this info is written based on my 40 years in business…  please consult with your tax adviser before the implementation of any of the ideas expressed within this article or entire website.)
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5 Actionable Growth Strategies Designed for Small Business Owners

#1. Tax Deductions are the quickest and most cost-efficient way to add to your bottom line. So why most people just don’t get it? Because we as business owners and entrepreneurs are so busy working in our businesses, we lack the time and energy to work on our businesses. We erroneously think it’s our accountant or CPA’s job to reduce our tax bill.

Or, we just don’t know what we don’t know. Today, I’m sharing with you how I was able to save tens of thousands of dollars over the course of my business lifecycle. Get excited as you’ll discover how to increase your tax deductions which can reduce your taxes legally, morally and ethically!

#2. Push notifications are a non-pushy strategy that drives customer engagement, stabilizes customers retention, and boost revenue. Push notifications are short automated messages sent by an app to the desired user. These users are people that downloaded your app and are interested in your product or service. They are potential customers that raised their hands to say Yes, I’m open to more information or ready to purchase your product or service.

 Push notification is another digital marketing strategy you can get super excited about, for several reasons which you can find here. Big businesses have had tremendous success using push notifications for years. Finally, today small business owners have grabbed the baton and are running with it!
  #3. SMS messaging three small letters that can produce a Massive Growth Explosion What is SMS Messaging… it’s the new or not so new way to quickly communicate the desired message to groups of people, in our case customers. Short Message Service aka SMS, a technological advance system that sends text-only communication between the sender and receiver.

Don’t get caught up with the man behind the curtains or technical stuff. The Bigger Deal is to uncover how SMS and MMS messaging can be used for business marketing.  As business owners, our job is to try to keep up with current technology which can increase productivity, decrease man-hours and out-perform those competitors who are technologically frightened. 

Short Message Service A.K.A SMS

This technology was designed to send short messages over our mobile carrier connections up to 160 characters. If more than 160 characters your message is automatically separated into smaller chunks. We’ve all received a long text that has been split-up but remained in sequential order.

Realistically, as the old saying goes; “if we’re not growing, we’re dying.” The same runs true for our businesses. If you’re not growing, you’ll be somebody else’s lunch~

That being said; there are a few things you will need to know about SMS marketing. Everything from what’s the cost, to how to drive customers, where to drive customers, and other income-producing benefits of MMS messaging. Uncover that info here!

Email Marketing the Most Effective Way to Market to Existing Clients

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  #4. Email marketing old dog new tricks. Marketing via email has been around for a long time and it’s been a very effective marketing strategy. Now since the new buzz words: online marketing, digital marketing, SMS, MMS, Text messaging, Facebook and the other zillion social media sites, email marketing has fallen onto the wayside or so some may think. That thinking may not be a wise choice. Like the words to an old song, “don’t believe the hype”!

  Let the truth be told, email marketing is still one of the most efficient ways of marketing to your existing client base. Uncover how to set yourself apart from your competitors. When using an effective email marketing campaign with an autoresponder you can add to your income, even from remote places. Get More Here:

  #5. Is live chat software and technology all that it’s cracked up to be? According to experts, if you haven’t implemented a live chatbot on your site you are missing a HUGE Opportunity. We believe once you uncover the stats, benefits, cheap pricing, and ease of implementation you may do a skeet in the street and B-line back to the office to get started.
Chatbot technology is a computer program that simulates human conversation, or chat, through artificial intelligence. Chatbot software allows you to instantly communicate with your site visitors via instant messaging. Your online visitor can type their message within a box that appears on the page. Most visitors feel unthreatened when the box pops up because no personal information is requested.

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Listed are 7 benefits of a live website chatbot?

1. Immediate acknowledgment of a site visitor.
2. Reduced bounce rate.
3. A faster and more personal way to engage clients.
4. It helps SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rankings.
5. Increase leads and email subscriptions.
6. Visitors can retrieve answers quickly.
7. Engaged customers spend more money.

 Live Chats makes it easy for visitors to get questions answered or find the information they are looking for. Surely a great way to set your business apart from your less tech-savvy competitors.
One of the best advantages of a website chat software is they are inexpensive, fast and some are free.  Learn more about Live Chat