“With over 2.6 million podcasts on Apple alone as of October 2023, it’s easy to see how your podcast might get lost in the mix. Unless, of course, you have a secret weapon.”

In this article, we release “101 + podcast interview questions”.  Interesting topics, conversation starters, and thought-provoking questions await you inside.  All designed to help you craft dynamite podcast questions that keep listeners hooked and begging for more.

Here, you’ll discover:

  • Thought-provoking conversation that keeps your target audience glued to their earbuds.
  • Create custom question ideas that resonate with your listeners and guests.
  • Gain everything from icebreaker questions to intro and outro questions and everything in between.

Dive in to shorten your learning curve. Watch your target audience engagement skyrocket and new subscribers roll in, drawn by the irresistible power of your interviews.

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podcast interview questions

101 + Great Podcast Interview Questions

Tips for asking great podcast interview questions

Constructing compelling podcast interview questions is critical for those seeking to master the game of podcasting to grow and market their business.

These tips will empower you to elevate and streamline your podcast interviewing process:

As a podcast host, fluidity is your secret weapon. It means adapting to your guest’s responses, allowing the conversation to flow naturally. This nurtures a vibrant and engaging conversation that resonates with your listeners.

While asking the right questions is vital, mastering the art of probing questions becomes even more essential. If your goal is to excel at interviewing, thorough research is key.

Understanding your guest, their expertise, and their unique story enables you to ask thoughtful questions, creating an insightful and valuable listening experience.

 Create Signature Question

To infuse a personal touch into your podcast episode, consider incorporating a signature question. Think of it as your 11 herbs and spices, your Unique Selling Proposition (USP), or the distinctive flavor that sets your podcast apart.

For example, a classic yet effective signature question is, “What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to your younger self?”

While it may be somewhat overused, it remains a powerful podcast signature question that ensures a memorable and engaging experience for both the guest and the audience, leaving a lasting impression.

Great interview questions are thought-provoking, shaped to your audience’s interests, and prompt meaningful responses. They create a captivating conversation that keeps listeners hooked.

Quick tips for podcast hosts include maintaining a conversational tone, actively listening to your guests, and injecting your personality. These practices build rapport and create a more engaging atmosphere. The interview-style podcast remains popular due to its authenticity and diverse perspectives. This format allows for engaging conversations that resonate with a broad audience.

Be Flexible

Flexibility in podcast interviews means embracing spontaneity and adapting to your guest’s responses. As a host, it enables you to stay nimble on your feet, ready to change course at a moment’s notice, and keep the conversation flowing seamlessly.

  Do Your Research

Research, often deemed the most dreaded aspect of podcasting, stands as the most crucial. It serves as the backbone of successful podcast interviews, offering a deeper understanding of your guests, their biggest challenge, expertise, and their unique narratives.

This knowledge ensures you pose relevant and thoughtful questions, cultivating an intuitive and impactful listening experience for your audience. In turn, this intelligence builds credibility, positioning your podcast as a trusted and authoritative source of information.

podcast listeners prefer killer outro scripts

Intro Questions or Ice Breaker Questions

1.   Before we dive into the heart of our conversation, share with us a personal turning point in your life that shaped your journey. How did it influence your perspective and path?

2.  What’s Your Favorite Weekend Escape or Hobby Outside of Work?

3.  To set the stage, let’s talk about your podcast journey. What led you to start podcasting, and how has the experience of hosting interviews shaped your own understanding of thought-provoking conversations?

4. If You Could Have Dinner with Any Icon, Dead or Alive, Who Would It Be and Why?

5.  Before we get into the details, share with our podcast audience an episode that had a significant impact on you. What made it memorable, and what insights did you gain from it?

6. What’s Your Go-To Comfort Food or Guilty Pleasure Snack?

7.  Let’s lighten the mood – if you were to create a podcast episode exploring a unique aspect of your personal life, what would be the topic, and why do you think it would resonate with our listeners?

8. Tell Us About a Memorable Travel Experience or Dream Destination You Have in Mind.

9.  If You Could Possess Any Superpower, What Would It Be and How Would You Use It?

10. For our audience of go-getters, what’s your secret to staying motivated and overcoming challenges?

11.  As a trailblazing entrepreneur, what’s the driving force behind your passion for your business?

12. Entrepreneurship often involves juggling multiple roles. Can you share your strategies for maintaining a work-life balance?

Outro Interview Podcast Closing Questions

podcast name generators

1.  What’s one question you’ve never been asked in an interview but would love to answer?

2.  As we wrap up, what’s one thought or idea that you find yourself buzzing about after our conversation?

3.  What single insight or perspective surprised you the most during our discussion today?

4.  Before we close, is there one parting sentiment or piece of advice you’d like to leave our listeners with?

5.  What one concrete step are you inspired to take after hearing your own words and reflecting on our conversation?

6.  Is there a lingering question or topic we didn’t explore that you’d be interested in delving deeper into in the future?

Connecting with the Audience:

7.  If you could directly address your listeners right now, what message would you share with them in just one sentence?

8.  What single action can our listeners take to engage with your work, support your mission, or connect with you further?

9.  Is there a seemingly unrelated topic or question you’d like to leave our listeners pondering as they move on from our conversation?

10. Share a brief teaser or hint about an upcoming project or idea that will keep your listeners intrigued and eagerly awaiting more.

11.  Is there a cause, initiative, or individual doing inspiring work in your field that you’d like to shine a light on for our listeners today?

Lighthearted & Engaging:

12.   If you could master one random skill just for fun, what would it be and why?

13.   What’s your favorite quote or motto that you live by and resonates deeply with you?

14.   Is there a secret talent or hidden skill you possess that most people wouldn’t guess about you?

15.   If you could swap places with anyone for a day, who would it be and what would you do with that unexpected perspective?

16.   Imagine If you could teleport anywhere in the world right now, where would you go and why?

Podcast Questions to Avoid Asking

podcast questions to avoid asking

1.       The Rehashed Routine: “What are your hobbies and interests?”  This might be a classic, but it often leads to generic answers. Instead, personalize it! Try:

2.       The Personal Pitfall: “Tell me about your family/relationship/childhood/etc.” 

Opt for a focus on transferable skills or lessons learned, like: “Has a personal experience ever shaped your approach to your work or leadership?

3.       The Overly Intimate Inquiry: “What’s your biggest pet peeve/ biggest fear/biggest failure/regret/personal struggle?” 

4.       We know your professional life, but what hidden passion or personal interest keeps you buzzing outside of work?” (Focuses on “personal interests” beyond the usual resume details)

5.       Life Lessons & Legacy: “Looking back, what’s one unexpected experience from your personal life that shaped your work ethic or approach to success?

6.       Same Questions, Different View: “Instead of the usual interview questions, if you could ask yourself one thing about your personal journey, what would it be?

Sample Podcast Interview Fill-in-the-Blanks:

podcast episodes

Guest: [Guest Name], [Guest Title/Accomplishment]

Topic: [Podcast Topic]


Host: Welcome back to [Podcast Name], where we explore [Podcast theme]. Today, we have the privilege of interviewing [Guest Name], [Guest Title/Accomplishment]. [Guest Name], thanks for joining us!

Guest: Thanks for having me! I’m excited to be here.

Personal Growth & Impact:

Host: Looking back, [Guest Name], what’s one thing you’ve learned or a personal growth moment that significantly impacted your [work/life/field]?

Guest: [Sharing a vulnerable or significant experience, highlighting their growth and impact]


Host: [Guest Name], it’s been fascinating learning from you today. Where can listeners find out more about you and your work?

Personal Questions

1.  If you could travel back in time to give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?

2. Behind the scenes, what one surprising or unconventional habit or practice fuels your creativity and success?

3.  Imagine waking up tomorrow in a world devoid of any technology or digital tools. How would you adapt and leverage your skills to thrive in this analog reality?

4. If you could collaborate with any historical figure, living or dead, who would it be and why? What kind of project or endeavor would you embark on together?

5. Fast forward ten years into the future. What excites you most about the potential advancements and transformations in your field?

6. If you could replay your career path on a film reel, knowing what you do now, where would you press pause?

7.  Imagine you wake up tomorrow in a parallel universe where you pursued a completely different career. What would that path look like, and what hidden talents or passions would you unleash in this alternate reality?

8. If you could leave one piece of advice etched in stone for future generations in your field, what timeless principle or guiding philosophy would you share?

9. Write a heartfelt letter to the younger you, addressing the biggest insecurities or anxieties you held back then. What words of encouragement and self-acceptance would you offer?

10. Recall the most significant turning point in your life when you faced a major decision. If you could stand at that crossroads again, knowing what lies ahead, would you choose the same path? Why or why not?

11.   If you could unlock one hidden talent or skill you haven’t yet explored, what would it be and why? How do you think it would impact your life and career?

12. What one misconception do you find yourself constantly fighting against? How do you use your platform to challenge stereotypes and redefine your field?

13. What book, podcast, or most influential person radically shifted your perspective and ignited a new passion in your life?

14. Share a moment where you felt deeply vulnerable and exposed yet used that experience to fuel personal growth and build resilience.

15. Who played a crucial role in shaping your path? What was their most impactful piece of advice or guidance that you still carry with you today?

best podcast interview questions

Best Podcast Interview Questions to Ask

Best Business Podcast Questions to Ask

1.  Reflecting on your entrepreneurial journey, can you share an important moment that shaped your journey?

2.  For our audience of go-getters, what’s your secret to staying motivated and overcoming challenges in your business endeavors?

3. In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, what exciting projects or ventures are currently on your radar?

4. Navigating the entrepreneurial landscape, have you encountered a particularly interesting or unexpected challenge that sparked personal or career growth?

5. Entrepreneurship often involves juggling multiple roles. Can you share your strategies for maintaining a work-life balance?

6.  As an entrepreneur with a wealth of experience, what’s one question you’ve never been asked in an interview but would love to answer?

7.  Reflecting on your entrepreneurial journey, can you share a pivotal moment that shaped your career choice?

8. In the dynamic world of entrepreneurship, what exciting projects or ventures are currently on your radar?”

Podcast Interviewer Questions: Notes to Myself- Podcast Episode

1. Imagine your podcast show gets a frozen moment for future discovery. What one question, not yet asked in your interviews, would you love for future listeners to hear your answer to?

2. We all know your podcast narrator asks insightful questions, but if you could choose any other podcast host to interview you and delve deeper into your niche, who would it be and why?

3. In a world without podcasts, how would you leverage your interview skills and storytelling prowess to captivate your audience in a purely analog format?

4. If you could create a video podcast show with any historical figure, past or present, who would it be and what fascinating topic would you delve into together?

5. Ten years from now, what do you hope your podcast will have achieved for your listeners? What impact do you envision it having on your field and the personal growth of your audience?

Thought-Provoking Interview Questions 

podcast questions to avoid
  1. Imagine a universe where one small decision changed everything. Describe a key moment in your life where a different choice could have sent you on a completely different trajectory.
  2.  Recall a seemingly random encounter that unexpectedly unlocked a new opportunity or ignited a passion. How did this chance meeting impact your life’s journey?
  3. If you could take a year-long sabbatical to pursue a completely unrelated passion, what would it be and why? How do you think it would enrich your perspective and fuel your future endeavors?
  4.  If you could swap roles with any fictional character for a day, who would it be and why? What lessons or experiences do you think you would gain from stepping into their shoes?
  5.  If you could travel back in time to your early career days, what one piece of technology or resource would you bring with you to give yourself a head start?
  6.  Describe a seemingly small action you took that had a surprisingly far-reaching impact. How did it ripple outwards and touch the lives of others?
  7. Ten years from now, what do you hope your work will be remembered for? What lasting legacy do you aspire to leave in your field and community?
  8. Who, outside of your field, inspires you the most and why? How do their values and achievements ignite your creative fire?
  9. Describe a moment where you boldly challenged the status quo in your field and paved the way for positive change.
  10. What initiative or mentorship program are you most passionate about and how are you contributing to the advancement of others in your field?

Meaningful Relationships:

  1.  What hidden emotion or personal experience fuels your passion for your work? How does it infuse your projects and connect you to your audience?
  2. Share a time when you let down your guard and connected with someone on a deeply personal level, either through your work or personal life.
  3. Describe a situation where you had to step outside your perspective and truly understand someone else’s point of view. How did this experience change your outlook?
  4. Recall a moment when you found a surprising common ground or shared passion with someone you initially considered very different.
  5. Tell us about a time when you communicated something powerful without saying a single word. How did you use nonverbal cues or actions to convey your message?
podcast interview questions

Innovative Flashes:

  1. If you could team up with any artist, thinker, or innovator from any era, who would it be and what groundbreaking project would you tackle together?
  2. Describe your ideal creative flow state. What triggers your inspiration and fuels your most impactful work?
  3. Share a story of a time you took a creative leap of faith and ventured outside your comfort zone. What did you learn from the experience, and how did it shape your approach to creative problem-solving?
  4.  What seemingly mundane or unexpected source sparks your creative process? Is there a particular object, routine, or environment that unlocks your imagination?
  5. If you could paint a picture of your future, what would it look like? What creative ambitions and aspirations do you hope to fulfill?

Manifestation & Insight:

  1.  Tell us about someone who significantly impacted your life but doesn’t get enough recognition. How did their actions or guidance shape your journey?
  2. What’s the biggest misconception you had about life that you’ve since learned to let go of? What valuable lesson did you gain from this experience?
  3. If you could share one piece of timeless advice with anyone starting in your field, what would it be?
  4.  Take a moment to express your gratitude for something significant in your life. What unexpected treasure are you especially thankful for?
  5. How do you define success on your terms, beyond traditional measures like fame or fortune? What truly brings you fulfillment in life?

Witty & Engaging:

  1. Imagine you accidentally travel back in time and encounter some earlier days. What hilarious advice would you give them to avoid future blunders?
  2.  If you weren’t in your current field, what completely outlandish or unexpected career turn do you think you’d thrive in?
  3. If you could choose a spirit animal to embody your strengths and personality, who would it be and why?
  4. If your life had a soundtrack, which three songs would be on it and how do they reflect your journey?
  5. Imagine you’re creating a time memory stash for future generations. What one quirky or personal object would you include to represent your life and times?
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Remember the 5 Ws

In podcast interviewing, the 5 Ws are a handy tool to remember when crafting engaging and insightful questions. They help you explore different aspects of your guest’s story and expertise and keep the conversation interesting for your audience.

1. Who:

Ask questions about your guest’s background, their journey, and who they are beyond their accomplishments.

Examples: “Tell us about your path to becoming a [guest’s title/occupation]?” or “Who has been the biggest influence in your life and why?”

2. What:

Focus on the specifics of their work, ideas, or experiences.

Examples: “What’s the most groundbreaking project you’ve worked on and what did you learn from it?” or “What’s one misconception you often encounter about your field, and how do you address it?”

3. When:

Explore the timeline of their journey, successes, or important events.

Examples: “When did you realize you were passionate about [their field]?” or “What was a pivotal moment in your career that changed your approach?”

4. Where:

Go beyond physical locations and consider the context or environments relevant to their experiences.

Examples: “Where do you find the most inspiration for your work?” or “Where do you see your field heading in the future?”

5. Why:

Dig deeper into the motivations, reasons, and driving forces behind their actions and beliefs.

Examples: “Why is [something related to their field] so important to you?” or “What drives you to keep pushing boundaries and innovating?”

Using the 5 Ws as a guideline, you can create questions that go beyond the surface and uncover the unique stories and perspectives your guests have to offer.

FAQ for Podcast Interview Questions

Should I Send Podcast Interview Questions Upfront?

Yes, knowing the questions in advance eliminates the element of surprise. Moreover, it allows your guest to better prepare, resulting in more thought-provoking answers. This, in turn, benefits the podcast host by facilitating planning and ensuring a more engaging and fluid interview.

How can I be a Better podcast interviewer?

To become a better podcast interviewer, our initial inclination is to focus on refining our hard skills. However, the reality is that we must invest more effort in personal development than in honing our business skills and personal experiences. Journalism is centered around authenticity and connection; you can establish better relationships when you are comfortable with yourself. Addedly, we must become good podcast listeners.

How do you come up with a podcast question?

We spoke earlier about research being vital to podcasting success. That’s where you learn about your guest’s expertise and experience. The more you know about your podcast guest the less your own perspective will seep through. The better your follow-up questions, hence podcast episodes

 Final Thoughts:

“As mentioned earlier, in today’s crowded podcast world, mastering a few key elements will set you apart. We believe our 101+ Good Podcast Interview Questions can achieve just that. Feel free to link, share, and leave comments.

Be sure to visit often as we release three articles weekly to assist you in reaching your marketing endeavors. #podcastquestions #PYTalkBiz”

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